Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Blind Stupidity of the Hero Worship of Ron Paul

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Perhaps the most amusing of responses to my arguments that Ron Paul represents the interests of the Jewish bankers has been that from the neo-Nazis who rush to Paul's defense by asserting that Paul represents values consistent with National Socialism and I am just a dumb "K**e" trying to trick the Goyim with the facts. I won't delve into their arguments which so obviously misrepresent the facts and my statements and which so obnoxiously violate fundamental logical principles, that they are false on their face. Forgive me for suspecting that these "neo-Nazi" groups are by and large the product of the FBI and Jewish organizations.

Let me state for the record that I believe National Socialism is also the product of Zionist Jewry [see, for example: Rome and Jerusalem: A Study in Jewish Nationalism by Moses Hess] and I oppose its racism, totalitarianism and warmongering. That said, let's examine the blind and stupid support of the neo-Nazis for Ron Paul, assuming for the sake of argument that it is not a contrived front, but is instead genuine.

Adolf Hitler sought a classless society and was vehemently opposed to laissez faire Capitalism. [See, for example: Triumph des Willens (Triumph Of The Will)] Hitler also asserted that the State had absolute control over property rights and that it was the State's duty and right to ensure the living standards of its citizens. [See, for example: The 25 Points of Hitler's Nazi Party] In addition, Hitler was vehemently opposed to the gold standard. [See, for example: Speech by Chancellor Hitler to the Nazi Party in Munich] Ron Paul, to his credit, is no Nazi, but he is supported by neo-Nazis who embrace him as their candidate without realizing that Paul represents precisely the Jewish capitalistic model against which the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party) supposedly fought. Paul is also supported by the most radical Zionist Jews. These "neo-Nazis" would describe Hitler's beliefs as "K**e liberalism" if they had adequate knowledge of what Hitler actually believed. These same people embrace the Jewish Capitalism against which Hitler spoke.

Neo-Nazis are not the only group to embrace Paul and his policies in direct contradiction to their own Party's platform. Many environmentalists support Paul not realizing, or not caring, that Paul would hand over the care of our environment to international corporations that are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to exploit our resources, steal our wealth, and pollute our world; and Ron Paul would deny the People the right to intervene through our government to stop the destruction and pollution of the environment. [Listen to Dennis Miller's interview of Ron Paul] Ron Paul is setting us up for exploitation by the Jewish bankers, just as Boris Yeltsin set up Russia for the exploitation by Jewish oligarchs, based on the same false premise that the Jewish bankers' laissez faire Capitalism will protect us from exploitation.

World Jewry has made us so fearful of war, that many of us embrace their stooge as if a solution to the problems World Jewry are causing us, a timid and mediocre stooge who has made it clear that he will not confront the source of our problems. Similarly, many members of the "911 truth movement" fanatically support Ron Paul, who openly rejects them.

I attribute the foolish support of the enemy to many factors, the most influential of which are Jewish advertising and the desperation to which World Jewry are driving us through war and impending economic calamity. People who childishly call other people "Sheeple" are themselves playing the game of follow the leader and they are being led right off the cliff.

The Jewish bankers' plans are working well. They needed a populist leader through whom they could infect the mob with false beliefs so that the mob would attack those of us who are warning them of the danger. It is impressive to see how effective these simple strategies and tactics are for controlling the mass psychology of the gullible mob. It is my hope that we can seize control of this movement and place an authentic leader at the head of it. This will require that those who sincerely oppose the Zionists' plans to destroy our lives grow up and exercise sounder judgement.