Thursday, December 20, 2007

In Order for Ron Paul to Win, His Supporters Must Take the Offensive

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ron Paul's base appears to be a bit naive when it comes to politics. Politics is a dirty business. To win, you have to fight.

For example, when Ron Paul is attacked as if a racist, his supporters should point out that the media is largely silent on Mitt Romney's Mormonism. They should expose the racist beliefs of that religion, and its ties to Zionism. Let people know that Glenn Beck and many other Zionists are Mormons. The media will lose credibility, as it should. Romney will lose support, as he should. And Ron Paul's fans will defend him by taking the offensive.

If people accuse you of making religion an issue, tell them that they have confused you with Mike Huckabee. And why hasn't the Zionist media slammed Huckabee for pimping religion at a time of crisis in American politics? Why haven't they raked Zionist John Hagee over the coals for stating that Jesus was not the Messiah and did not come to be the Messiah?

Paul supporters can point out how racist Zionism is and that the media, which is in Zionist hands, is silent on that issue. Demonstrate their hypocrisy, instead of apologizing to them.

When Ron Paul is attacked as if a conspiracy theorist, his supporters should point out that John McCain is Islamophobic and believes that Moslems are responsible for all the woes which Bush's Islamophobia has caused. They are the real conspiracy theorists, and the media does not report on it. The media instead sponsor these Islamophobic conspiracy theories, which have caused the deaths of millions of innocent Moslems and cost us lives and 3.5 trillion dollars. Talk about George Bush's conspiracy theory that Iran has a nuclear weapons program, a theory he still advances even after the NIE debunked it. Accuse McCain of McMadness for sponsoring this lie and calling for us to "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran!"

When Ron Paul is attacked for his associations, point out Rudy Guilian's associations. For example, point out Guiliani's support for former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik. Accuse Romney, Guiliani and McCain of disloyalty to America for their associations with top Zionists.

When Paul is attacked for allegedly not being a Republican, point out that John McCain is endorsed by the liberal Democrat Joe Lieberman. Why? Because they are both agents of the Israeli Government.

Prove to people the Zionist corruption of Romney, McCain and Guiliani. Emphasize their warmongering rhetoric. Show their speeches at Jewish organizations and messages to Herzliya.

In sum, it is not enough to cheerlead for Ron Paul. You also have to discredit his opponents. It is important to not fall back on your heels, but rather to charge forward. Do not appear to be on the defensive, but rather force the openly Zionist candidates to defend themselves and their traitorous support of racist Israel. In this way, even if Ron Paul does not win, his candidacy will accomplish a great deal and it will show the power of the American People to counter-attack against the Israeli fifth column that is destroying America. If they want to make racism the issue, it will be easy to bring down Romney, McCain and Guiliani and in so doing expose racist Zionism and the Israeli infiltration of American politics.