Monday, December 31, 2007

Is the White House for Sale?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg may run for President as an independent:

Bloomberg Moves Closer to Running for President

It appears that the politicians smell blood. The current list of Republican and Democrat candidates are very weak and the best of bad is still bad. Bloomberg is obscenely wealthy, but are his wealth and media contacts enough to secure him a win? Let's hope not.

Americans are going to be concentrated on issues in 2008. Personality and persona are also always strong factors in an election. A third party candidate with the right issues just might stand a chance.

Third party candidates are notorious as spoilers. If Bloomberg throws his hat in the ring, the base of support needed to win a four way race becomes smaller than that needed to win a three way race. He has serious money and he will pull votes away from both the Democrats and Republicans, no matter who they run.

An anti-Zionist candidate could catch fire if the economy tanks, inflation hits hard, and war spreads. He or she could run on an anti-war, anti-media and anti-big money platform. The issues of jobs, credit, housing, health care and education are bound to be major issues in 2008. A Huey Long type of candidate who points the finger at the source of our woes might also bring out so many new voters to the polling booths, and the same old stale rhetoric from the other candidates might cause so many regular Democrats and Republicans to stay home on election day, that I believe there is a real chance for an anti-Zionist to win, especially if Bloomberg and others clutter the field.

How many anti-Zionists are there in America? How many more will there be come election day? How many disaffected and disgusted Democrats and Republicans will sit out the election, or turn to third party candidates? How many new voters can we register?

Anti-Zionism is beginning to resonate across America. The right conditions for a victory are bound to arise. We need a candidate and we need to organize. We also need to start interviewing genuine, viable, and gutsy candidates and get those interviews all over the internet. If we can do that, then you will see what a timid and shallow creature Ron Paul is by comparison, and perhaps we can draw his support to a real candidate who will fight for us. Paul is succeeding off of the efforts of others, not by way of his talents or charm. If we can hitch that team to someone who can deliver an honest speech telling the American People how we have been attacked and what we need to do about it, then we can win the presidency for our cause, or at the very least make it easier for anti-Zionist politicians to win in the near future.