Friday, December 14, 2007

Pawning Off America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

China has a huge investment in American debt and American cash. This prompts the question. Why are they not major players in the banking industry?

China produces a large quantity of stuff. They make money through production. They are not yet masters at making money with money, but they will soon have to learn this simple art.

What can the Chinese do with their dollar holdings and investment in American debt? If they simply start buying stuff with the paper they own, and purchase land, businesses, bonds, stocks, etc. and put that money directly into circulation before it becomes worthless, they will cause inflation and thereby diminish the value of their remaining dollar holdings. Add to that the fact that few things, at least as things stand at the moment, are as liquid as cash. But then it is better to convert dollars into something of value before it is too late, unless a means of protection can be found, such as adjustable rate loans secured with easily seized assets.

Heretofore, the Chinese have missed out on many potential profits to be derived from the cycle of loosely financing America's debt. They have allowed the Jewish bankers to glean these profits. As banks begin to fail, the Chinese will have the opportunity to fill the void that will be created in the credit markets. They will learn to control business cycles and to use them to monopolize markets and gain near total domination of the World's industrial production. By strategically loaning and then forcing foreclosures, they will takeover businesses, trade secrets, and entire industries.

Should the World sink into depression, and should the West and especially America turn to protectionism, the Chinese will lose many of their costumers abroad, but they will learn to ameliorate this condition by promoting consumerism at home, something the Communists have not yet tried, but which would be easy for them to do. From each according to his ability (at the point of a bayonet), to each according to his need—and a Communist government could make the citizens very needy and greedy, if it so chose. The Chinese will also learn how to colonize other nations and themselves profit from the protectionism meant to harm them.

There many reasons why we are still living higher on the hog than the Chinese. For example, China has missed out on the automobile industry and China has missed out on the banking business. China has not learned how to rob the Third World or take advantage of its consumers at home.

I suspect that China will have to learn to enter the banking industry in a substantial way. If we try to counter with protectionism, we risk inflation due to the higher cost of imports and the Chinese will dump our dollars causing more inflation and a precipitous drop in the value of the dollar. If we lower interest rates to ease credit, we again face similar problems and set ourselves up for a doomsday drop in the near future.

I guess that the Chinese will cast out a safety net of loans of their dollar holdings directly to the American People, which will harvest in more of our wealth, earn the Chinese a place in the world of international finance, and afford the Chinese with the opportunity to take advantage of more of the profits to be derived from their trade with us and the use of credit in that trade. They will have to play a more intelligent role in the control of our money supply than simply buying debt without profiting from the many mechanisms of debt.

We have to start fighting back against the Israeli fifth column which is destroying us from within and without, and we have to more equitably distribute wealth to our People. If we could only persuade Americans to take this course of action, we can rescue ourselves, repair the damage Israel has done to us, and emerge stronger than ever before, freed from the yoke Jacob has placed on our neck as we plow our fields for his profit.