Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a. k. a. Emmanuel Goldstein

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a real life Emmanuel Goldstein. His uranium enrichment program promises only to serve as a pretext for Zionist aggression meant to annihilate innocent Iranians and to spark World War III. Consider the following article:

Nuclear plans in chaos as Iran leader flounders: Boasts of a nuclear programme are just propaganda, say insiders, but the PR could be enough to provoke Israel into war

Why, other than to ruin Iran and trigger World War III, is Ahmadinejad forwarding his fruitless plans? Consider the following articles:

Peres grateful to Nasrallah, Ahmadinejad

Ahmadinejad good for Jews

We have to defang Bush and Ahmadinejad in order to end this Jewish orchestrated march to the Battle of Armageddon. We must lay the blame for this tragedy on Israel and its agents, not Iran or the United States of America. There is more than ample proof that Israel is behind this push for nuclear world war:

Ahmadinejad Is a Crypto-Jewish Pied Piper

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been asked to write something about the evolution of Communism and Zionism from the common root of Jewish apostasy.

The apostasy of the Jewish masses is itself a part of the religion of Judaism. Judaism teaches Jews that the world will turn to evil before the arrival of the Jewish Messiah (see, for example, the Talmud in the Tractate Sanhedrin 97a-99b). The leadership of World Jewry confronted several problems in its ceaseless campaign to keep the Jews segregated and to "restore the nation to Palestine". One problem was that Christianity prophesied the arrival of the anti-Christ, and the Jews did not want to be viewed as the arrival of the anti-Christ. Christians believe that those Jews who will constitute the prophesied "remnant" "restored to Palestine" will have accepted Jesus Christ as their Messiah, will have converted to Christianity.

After printed versions of the Talmud appeared in the 1500's, Catholics became increasingly suspicious of the intentions of the Jews. In response to this "attack" from the Catholics, World Jewry created disunity in the Church by instituting the Reformation and developing the idea of the Pope as anti-Christ, so as to take the eye of suspicion off of the Jews. World Jewry, through false Christian crypto-Jews, initiated several movements which we would today call "Zionist movements".

These Zionist movements often sought to convince Jews to pretend to convert to Christianity, so that the Christians would not view Zionism as an evil force, and so that Christians would in fact help the Jews to steal Palestine from the Moslems.

At the time, Jews were highly religious, one could even say fanatically religious, and these attempts to gain false conversions were largely unsuccessful. More successful were the economic incentives given to Jews to convert by laws which required conversion to Christianity before a Jew could become a teacher, lawyer, civil servant, etc.

Another far more sinister force for Jewish apostasy was the Shabbataian-Frankist movement, which taught Jews to convert, or abandon Judaism, and instead embrace evil and only evil as their religion; so as to provoke God to grant the Jewish Messiah universal power, destroy the world, and "restore the Jews to Palestine". This Jewish group ridiculed Judaism, and especially the Talmud, in order to ingratiate themselves into the Christian and Moslem faiths, so that the Jews could destroy both from within, and in order to fulfil the prophesies of Jewish apostasy, which actions would supposedly usher in the Messianic Age.

These subversive Jews and crypto-Jews embrace Cabbalah, which is revolutionary in nature, and which incorporates empirical science and the Jewish Dualistic belief that evil is good. These highly influential, highly religious, and unimaginably wealthy Jews fabricated Communism and secular Zionism from the Talmud and Cabbalah. They intended that Jews fall into apostasy in order to get the Christians off of the Zionists' back, and to provoke God to destroy the world.

The movement of Jewry towards apostasy was planned and orchestrated by religious Jews. After World War III, you can expect that they will anoint their Messiah King of the entire Earth; and then, by design, turn Jews back to Judaism, if any are left alive.

As for the crypto-Jewish pied piper Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he serves a vital role in the artificial fulfilment of these prophesies. He is the Persian King who foreshadows the battle of Gog and Magog of Ezekiel. He is deliberately bringing Iran into a devastating war on behalf of World Jewry.

Consider the situation logically. Iran's nuclear program is obviously not worth the death of the nation and will be of no value whatsoever after Iran is annihilated. Ahmadinejad's actions would be completely irrational if we were to suppose that he truly intended to forward the best interests of the Iranian People. He does not, but is instead deliberately forwarding the genocidal plans of the Frankist Jews, who own most of the wealth of the human race.

Consider the fact that Bush, who leads the most powerful nation on Earth, is an obvious stooge of the Frankist Jews and openly defies the American People, and perhaps you will find it easier to believe that Ahmadinejad is doing the same to the Iranian People. The Iranians know what Ahmadinejad is doing. They are not so stupid as to believe that it is righteous to stand in front of an approaching train on a matter of principle which gains the nation nothing and leads directly to its death. The moral imperative to save the nation and prevent the genocide of the Iranian People is far higher than the moral imperative to assert Iran's right to a peaceful nuclear program. Ahmadinejad, if he were "for real", would be nothing more than an immoral jack-ass hell bent on devastating Iran in the name of a legal right to enrich uranium, which will be denied in any event. In reality, he is a traitor.

Ahmadinejad has done next to nothing to expose the organized efforts of Israel and America to destroy Iran. He has done next to nothing to win world public opinion over to the Iranians' side. He has instead played into Israel's hands and assisted them in their goal of mass murdering Iranians. He has focused attention more on the USA than Israel. He has not pointed out Netanyahu's blatant hypocrisy, nor has he put to use the vast resources of the Iranian nation to wage a massive public relations campaign to expose the Jewish genocides of innocent peoples and their plan to aggressively attack Iran. He has instead unified Jews and cast scorn upon Iran. His actions are deliberately self destructive and Iran would be far better off with secular leadership which holds Iran's best interests at heart, instead of Israel's.

The Iranians are caught in the same bind as the Americans.

Friday, January 26, 2007

A Clear Pattern Emerges from the Rubble

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I caution Moslem nations to consider the clear pattern of Zionist aggression against your countries. Note especially the use of treacherous "Moslem leaders" and false flag terrorism to provide the Zionists with an illegitimate pretext for illegal aggressive war, and to incite Moslems to kill other Moslems.

The Jewish-led attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine each followed a similar model. The Taliban, Saddam Hussein, Fouad Siniora and Mahmoud Abbas were each products of the Mossad, CIA, British Intelligence and subversive Jewish influence. Each rose to power under the pressure of foreign attacks on sovereign peoples. Each provided pretexts for Jewish leaders to attack the peoples each were duty bound to protect. Following these orchestrated attacks, the peoples suffering under the rule of each of these "leaders" were led into civil war by false flag terrorism and deliberately misguided "leadership". Each of these "leaders" have helped World Jewry to scapegoat the United States for their destructive actions, and to force nations other than Israel to pay for Israel's crimes.

We can expect this pattern to repeat itself for as long as it continues to work. The next target on the Zionist hit list is Iran. Chavez and Ahmadinejad both focus on the USA and work with World Jewry to scapegoat the USA for illegal actions which clearly emanate from orders from World Jewry. Their statements correspond to and bolster statements by Israeli politicians. They are agents of the Jewish bankers who help the bankers to start wars and blame Goys.

After World Jewry has annihilated Iran, and assuming World War III does not begin, Israel will start beating the drums for war against the Sunni, and will use their control over the media to create world-wide hatred for Moslems. Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt talk of nuclear development today, because the Sunnis are next on the Zionist hit list after Iran, and the "leaders" of these Sunni Arab nations are Zionist agents and are working for World Jewry to provide it with a series of pretexts for the next series of attacks on Moslem countries. In order that these Zionist agents not be overthrown, they will turn to their peoples and say that they need nuclear weapons for self defense, and offer up the example of Iran, a country they themselves will have helped to destroy. In reality, they will be deliberately providing World Jewry with a pretext to mass murder more Moslems and ruin more nations.

Moslems can seek to protect themselves by promoting Moslem unity and calling for peace and stability in the Middle East. You should offer rewards for the capture and conviction of anyone seeking to commit acts of violence. You should offer especially rich rewards for the capture of foreign intelligence agents and those working with them. It will be much more difficult for Mossad to operate if they face a public with a substantial financial incentive to catch them and turn them, and their agents, in for a large reward. When agents are captured, the events should be highly publicized with emphasis on the heroic persons who turn in the spies, and on the large amounts of money and fame they receive.

Moslems can further protect themselves by increasing the transparency and by diminishing the authoritarian control of their governments. In other words, Moslem peoples should exercise greater popular control over their governments. Be advised that one of oldest and most effective means World Jewry has for subverting and destroying a society is to place dictators in power on a Jew-baiting platform, who are secretly working for World Jewry to help World Jewry to gin up a war against the target nation. World Jewry will usually first build up the nation economically so that it buys up enough arms and builds an army strong enough to dare war. Then World Jewry will weaken the nation through economic means and comparatively minor wars. When it is sufficiently softened up, they will then instigate a major war to utterly destroy the nation.

Watch for the signs and act when it is comparatively easy to act.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

More on Edwards. . .

In the News:

Edwards Veers Hard Right

Read the Whole Edwards Speech

Senator John Edwards, Head, One America Committee; Candidate for the 2008 Democratic Presidential Nomination – via satellite

The Golden Trap

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Consider a hypothetical situation. What if a specific group of fork manufacturers, working in collusion, had a lock, a monopoly on the production of forks. Suppose they then used their influence to corrupt politicians and have them base our money on forks.

The price of forks would skyrocket and people who had no intention of using forks as a medium of exchange would be forced to do so, if only to pay their taxes. The fork you group, covertly run by Jewish bankers, would hire a feted Jew to lead a populist movement "against the Jewish bankers", who have thus far controlled the Federal Reserve System and inflated our currency, and this Jew would sucker the American People into demanding that bankers give up control of our currency by instituting the fork you standard. He would say that the American People must have the "FREEDOM" to enslave themselves to the fork you standard, thereby covertly taking away the freedom of the American People to issue their own currency through their Government and enslaving them to the hypothetical fork manufacturers covertly run in our hypothetical example by Jewish bankers. Gullible Goys would cling to their new savior and blindly extol the virtues of being forked by their feted Jewish Messiah, who promised to lead them into a new Utopia of "FREEDOM".

The Jewish bankers, who initially secured the Goy debts they manufactured through unnecessary wars and other destructive means, while quietly robbing the treasury to ensure that those debts would accrue and could never be paid off, those same Jewish bankers who initially secured the debts with Federal Income Taxes, debts they deliberately created and increased, would seek to secure those debts with forks, and land, and the property and wealth of the American People. The Jewish bankers know that American incomes will soon diminish in value and that they will soon have the opportunity to foreclose on America. They want to secure the debt they created with property they can steal, instead of increasingly devalued Federal Reserve Notes and Income Taxes, which are becoming an increasingly risky means of securing debt for the Jewish bankers.

After suckering the American People into adopting the fork you standard in the name of "FREEDOM", the Jewish bankers would confiscate all the forks in America with little or no compensation given to the fork holder—how can one confiscate forks by giving forks in exchange? They would then circulate these stolen forks as currency and continue to sell the American Government more forks at inflated prices, thereby increasing the national debt substantially. They would secure this debt with the wealth of America, as opposed to Federal Income Taxes.

At the opportune moment, the Jewish bankers would then hoard all the forks and cut back drastically on all forms of loans. Without money available with which to make purchases, there would be a dramatic deflation of the currency, which would be increasingly held by the Jewish bankers. Businesses would fail, foreclosures would increase further causing prices to fall, and unemployment would rise dramatically, but the value of forks would sharply rise. There would be dramatic deflation.

In other words, the Jewish bankers would be able to buy up the wealth of America with their forks, while the American Government went bankrupt. The Jewish bankers would then be able to foreclose on the American People, and steal national lands, and other forms of irreplaceable wealth from the American People, in addition to directly foreclosing on American property held in private hands. When the American People cry foul, their feted Jewish Messiah will say, no, we must have "FREEDOM", meaning the Jewish bankers must be allowed to fork the American People and the American People must not enjoy the freedom to issue their own currency through their Government. Only a card carrying Communist would deny the benefits of being forked or would allow the Government to issue its currency independent of the fork you group! or so say the feted Jew will say.

The gold standard is a trap, a pitfall that enslaves Goy nations to Jewish bankers. Jewish bankers first inflate currency they issue as notes, by instituting a fractional reserve banking system and charging the Government, the American People, an unnecessary fee for issuing these notes. Then the Jewish bankers create a controlled opposition which decries this banking system and demands a gold standard to replace it. The Jewish bankers hold the gold and will confiscate the gold held in private hands to provide the stock needed to start off the scheme. In so doing they have already made a profit by selling the Government gold, gold they have stolen from the American People long ago, and gold they will confiscate. Though they will pretend that the Government is in control of the money system, they will maintain a firm grip on it from beginning to end.

The Jewish bankers will secure their investment in American debt with property they can confiscate, as opposed to income taxes they know will never be able to pay off the debt, by design. After again depriving the American People of the means of issuing their own currency through the American Government, the Jewish bankers will hoard the gold and cut back dramatically on loans, increasing the value of the gold they hold and making it impossible for the American economy to function. After collapsing the American economy, the Jewish bankers will foreclose on America and steal our wealth with the gold they hold.

A new feted Jewish Messiah (secretly working for the Jewish bankers) will appear, who will loudly decry the gold standard as the criminal enterprise of the Jewish bankers that it is. This new agent of the Jewish bankers posing as an "American patriot" will promise the gullible Goys that a Federal Reserve System and a Federal Income Tax will save them from the Jewish bankers. "FREEDOM" will now mean the freedom of the Jewish bankers to control the issue of notes to the detriment of the American People. The Jewish bankers, in the name of "FREEDOM", will again take from us the freedom to issue our own currency through our Government. The Jewish bankers will then again collect and hoard the gold and send it off to Jerusalem, and the American People will again have jumped from the golden frying pan to the inflated fire of crackling notes.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"Leadership" in Lebanon

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Lebanon suffers under the "leadership" of unimaginably wealthy traitors, who conspired with the Israelis to bring Lebanon under attack, to ruin Lebanon, and then to profit from plans to reconstruct Lebanon. Some of the leaders and ruling families grew wealthy off of previous Zionist aggression. Others are bankers with intimate ties to World Jewry.

Instead of demanding that Israeli war criminals be prosecuted, and that Israel pay war reparations, the leaders of Lebanon seek to throw Lebanon deeper into debt and conspire with world finance to do it. Even if Lebanon does not live long enough to begin reconstruction, the money will flow, much of it into their pockets. The unprovoked and genocidal Israeli attack on Lebanon promises to be a very profitable opportunity for Lebanon's leadership, one that was planned from the beginning.

Naked Hypocrisy and Genocidal Plans

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

World Jewry makes many allegations that Iran and Syria are subverting the interests of the nations of Lebanon and Iraq. Israelis allege that Iranians and Syrians are funding and supporting warmongering groups in Lebanon and in Iraq and instructing them to wage war on Israel and America. The Israelis claim that this supposed activity is illegal and that it constitutes a casus belli for the world to attack Syria and Iran. However, the Israelis offer no proof to substantiate their dramatic claims.

Contrast this with the fact that the Israelis openly subvert the political processes of the United States of America by creating, funding and promoting warmongering Zionist puppets, who illegally bring America into aggressive war against peaceful nations. In addition, the Jewish controlled media both promotes Zionist warmongers and attacks loyal and decent Americans. The same can said of many other Jewish controlled institutions of influence in America. World Jewry plans to launch an aggressive nuclear attack on Iran, which is a peaceful non-nuclear nation. A fifth column of Israel-first disloyal Jewish Americans and their shabbas Goys intimidate Moslems to keep them out of the political process, and these disloyal, warmongering Jews are deliberately creating a very dangerous atmosphere of irrational hatred towards Moslems with the goals of eventually imprisoning them en masse, then mass murdering them. Warmongering Jews call all Moslems "terrorists" and "anti-Semites" in order dehumanize and criminalize them—in order to take away the humanity of Americans and the right of Moslem people to exist.

Americans must wake up and see who the real enemy is. Though we don't yet realize it, we are not only being used to target innocent others, we are ourselves the targets of ancient Jewish bloodlust.

It Still Shocks Me. . .

VIDEO: Now Playing: Gov. Romney Concludes Remarks on Iran Threat

"Israeli billionaire and media mogul Haim Saban is at the top of the list of donors to political campaigns in the US."Itamar Eichner, "Israeli billionaire Saban biggest donor to US politicians",,,7340,L-3355786,00.html, (23 January 2007).

"Republican US presidential aspirant Mitt Romney summed up the sentiment of four US presidential hopefuls who addressed the Seventh Annual Herzliya Conference over the last two days by saying, 'Iran must be stopped, Iran can be stopped, and Iran will be Stopped.' [***] Another Republican hopeful, Sen. John McCain, said the US should 'intensify' its military support for Israel to ensure that the country maintained it strategic edge over those who were bent on destroying it, such as Iran. [***] Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. John Edwards, meanwhile, said by video conference that stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons 'is the greatest challenge of our generation.'"Herb Keinon and Tovah Lazaroff, "US politicians rip Iran in Herzliya", The Jerusalem Post,, (23 January 2007).

"New York's junior senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is expected to snare the lion's share of the Jewish community's substantial political donations in the race for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination."E. J. Kessler, "Hillary the Favorite in Race for Jewish Donations", The Jewish Daily Forward,, (23 January 2007).

"The Israeli people are facing the threat of a nuclear Holocaust, former US Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich warned the Herzliya Conference held by the Institute for Policy and Strategy at IDC Herzliya on Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, he said, the United States could lose a few million people or a number of cities to a terrorist attack with weapons of mass destruction."Yaakov Lappin, "Israel faces nuclear Holocaust warns Gingrich",,,7340,L-3356103,00.html, (23 January 2007).

"Former Massachusetts governor and GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney laid out a five-point plan for preventing Iran from going nuclear at the Herzliya Conference in Israel today."Campaign Confidential, "Iran Hawk: Mitt Romney", The Jewish Daily Forward,, (23 January 2007).

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Let Israel Collapse from Within

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Iranians should know that the Jews of Israel want you to hate them so badly that you will destroy yourselves simply to attack a few Jews. Hating Jews is immoral and it won't help you, it will destroy you, and the Jews of Israel know it. Nothing good will come from a war with Israel. Have faith in human morality and pursue peace.

The Jews count on the mythology of the Pharaoh and Amalek to destroy their enemies. They depend on the power of hate to consume the hater. Consider the historical analysis presented in the following article:

Vayeira: The Power of Hate

Israel is a terribly corrupt country that is crumbling from within. Let it fall from its own sinful weight. World Jewry want a war to unite the Jews and create Jewish support for the withering "Jewish State". Let Jewry's occupation of Palestine again be a short blip in human history, which historians will again record as a vile occupation fraught with violence and degeneracy, that fell by its own corruption. Don't allow World Jewry to unite Jews (and Christians) against Moslems. Instead, let them turn against one another by their own will.

Instead of allowing immature bravado to lead you into suicidal action, fight your enemies with a message of love. Prove with the readily available evidence that World Jewry is waging a world wide campaign to incite genocide against the Iranian People. The Jews are basing their cruel and inhuman campaign on their lie that Iran is supposedly developing a nuclear arsenal with which to attack Israel. Disarm World Jewry by cooling your nuclear program. Turn the world against aggressive Israel and wage a campaign of peace and love that will result in the slow suicide of the racist and criminal "Jewish State" by the self inflicted wound of their own Jewish hatred of humanity. Israel will fall from its own corruption. Without the unifying force of a common enemy, real or in this case imagined, it will collapse by demographic realities alone.

Buy yourselves and the world time to expose the Zionists as the existential threat they are to themselves and to the rest of humanity. We are at long last beginning to win that victory. Don't undermine our efforts by playing into the Israelis' hateful hands. Every day of peace and stability in the Middle East is a day closer to the "Jewish State's" implosion by its own hatreds.

The way out is simple and honorable. Simply say something to the effect of,

"We have abundant proof that Israel and the United States are planning to attack Iran on the false pretext that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. In order that there be no room for confusion as to Iran's peaceful intentions, we will voluntarily halt our uranium enrichment program in the interest of world peace, which can only be preserved by disarming the warmongering Israelis of their lies. We call upon the world community to condemn Israel and the United States for their aggressive plans to commit genocide against our people."

Then make every effort to accumulate the facts which prove this plan to annihilate you. Publish a report and produce documentary films which you can post on the internet for all the world to see. Win yourselves time with the truth. The world is growing increasingly disgusted with unprovoked Israeli aggression. You will lose nothing with this approach and just may save your people from a vicious attack. It is your responsibility to the Iranian People to do everything in your power to prevent this war which is being imposed upon you. There is no dishonor in the truth. The dishonor belongs to the genocidal warmongers. Do not give them their victory. Do not give the Israelis the opportunity to kill Iranians.

Monday, January 22, 2007

John Reid Edwards' Loyalty to the Enemy Nation of Israel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

John Edwards spoke to the Herzliya Conference and enunciated his loyalty to our enemy Israel. Will he pay a political price for his pronouncements?

In the News:

Sen. Edwards discusses Iranian threat

Senator Edwards: Bond between Israel, US will never be broken

Jews Have No Right to Illegally Occupy Stolen Land

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

One wonders if World Jewry will soon attempt to make it illegal to "deny Israel's right to exist". The phrase "Israel's right to exist" is an unfortunate and misleading one, which deceitfully implies that anyone who acknowledges the reality that the Jews' theft of Palestinian land was illegal and immoral, also wants to exterminate the Jews. Of course, World Jewry has been violating Palestine's right to exist for a very long time now, though World Jewry, which largely controls public opinion, would deceitfully have us believe that anyone who recognizes Palestine's right to exist also wants to exterminate the Jews.

These facts further clarify the truth that the criminal enterprise known as "Israel" exists through theft, lies, mass murder and parasitism. Jews have confused an existential individual "right to exist" (read "an individual human being's right to life") with a criminal enterprise's "right" to steal, lie, and feed off of, and mass murder, others. "Israel" is a violent, highly destructive, deliberately destabilizing and corrosive Mafia, which openly threatens the continued existence of humanity.

Mafias do not have an existential right to exist. Mafias, including the "Jewish State", do not enjoy the right to repeatedly throw the world into war and economic depression for the sake of the small numbers who constitute World Jewry. The Jewish Mafia does not have the right to destroy nations and exterminate peoples, despite its manual of death supposedly written by the mythological and demonic "Hashem".

It is true that sovereignty ultimately exists in the individual. The racist Jewish thieves who stole the land of Palestine have a right to life and a right to be citizens of a sovereign nation. They do not, however, have the right to steal land. They do not have the right to practice genocide. The Jews do not have the right to practice racist and religiously intolerant apartheid. This is why the racist, genocidal, thievish, and corrupting criminal enterprise known as the "Jewish State" has no right to commit its crimes, nor does it have a right to confuse sovereignty with theft and genocide, nor does it have the right to prevent the investigation and prosecution of its crimes, nor does it have the right to prevent the restitution of the land and rights of the Palestinians through the historically Jewish tactics of intimidation, genocide, corruption and subversion, or by any other means.

Palestinians and the rest of us should abandon the deceitful rhetoric of "Israel's right to exist" and instead simply tell the plain truth. Jews have no right to illegally occupy stolen land.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

War Will Come Sooner Rather than Later

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

By simply keeping his mouth shut, Ahmadinejad could have bought Iran precious time to attempt to head off this war with an international diplomatic effort aimed at exposing Israeli and American aggression. Instead, Ahmadinejad gave the Israelis the excuse they want to not wait to attack Iran. Ahmadinejad has declared that his nation will not negotiate on the nuclear issue and will not be affected by sanctions. Ahmadinejad has purposefully made the UN and diplomacy non-issues. The only issues left now is when to attack, who will strike first and how.

Iran can save itself and the world from this imminent threat. So can the US and Israel. Will the people of the world do anything to save themselves from the coming disaster? If not, it will come sooner rather than later—I fear much sooner than most suspect. Bush, Olmert and Ahmadinejad are working together to accelerate the schedule.

Iranians, Beware of Chavez

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Hugo Chavez is a Communist agent working for World Jewry. He is currently aiding Jewish bankers to spread Communism throughout Latin America. Chavez is also helping the crypto-Jewish pied piper Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to bring Iran into war with America and Israel.

Chavez knows that he will not have to make good on economic pledges to Iran, because Iran will soon be attacked, isolated and ultimately destroyed. The American and Israeli attack on Iran will likely cause oil prices to soar, which will benefit Chavez—note that he has already called on OPEC to cut production and an attack on Iran will certainly accomplish that goal. The American-Israeli attack will also weaken the United States, which will help Chavez and World Jewry to spread Communism across the Americas and destroy the USA. Beware Greeks bearing gifts, especially when they are red-shirted, Che Guevara / Fidel Castro worshiping, beret-wearing Communists working with Jewish bankers to destroy your nation.

I wish the South Americans well, but not at the price of a nuclear attack on Iran followed by World War III. I wish that we can work together to end the imperial injustice the Zionists impose on the South Americans through the USA and the World Bank, but not by means of Communism, which will ultimately only worsen their lot and ours.

Iran, Chavez does you no service by encouraging hostilities between the USA and Iran. He is instead working with Ahmadinejad to destroy your nation, the USA and to spread Communism. He is doing these things on behalf of the Zionists who want a one-world government led from Jerusalem, and the death of all Moslems.

Iranian "Leaders" Fundamentally Misunderstand (or Deliberately Misrepresent) the Situation

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Iranians are pretending that the USA has been humbled by its experiences in Iraq, and that Israel has also learned its lesson in Lebanon. Iranian leaders confidently assert that the neither the USA or Israel would dare attack Iran, because they have learned that such aggressive wars are self destructive.

In reality, the lessons those who were behind the criminal attacks learned from their unprovoked, aggressive, Jewish-led neo-Conservative war on Iraq, is that an ungodly amount of money can be made from aggressive war on Moslems, and American Goys are too cowardly and too stupid to demand that their politicians and Israel pay for their crimes. Jewish leaders reaffirmed how easy it is to blame America for their crimes against Moslems. Experience has taught Jewish leaders that they can annihilate Iran and profit from the crime.

Surely rational Iranians must realize that loyal Americans are not in control of the American Government, and the disloyal Jews who are in control of the American Government want to destroy it, and America with it, so as to force assimilating Jews to flee to Israel. These Jews also want there to be a world war, which will fulfill their religious and political objectives, and for the world to sink into a deep depression so that unimaginably wealthy Jews can buy up the wealth of the world at deeply discounted prices, as they have in the past depressions which they have manufactured for the purpose.

Iranians are also pretending that Israel learned not to attack Moslems by their failure to exterminate the Lebanese. They point to the resignations and calls for resignations of Israeli leaders who led the unprovoked aggression. Iranians are misinterpreting Israeli discontent with these Jewish leaders. The Israelis are not calling for these leaders to resign because these leaders attacked Lebanon, but rather because they failed to kill every Lebanese and destroy every standing structure in Lebanon. The lesson the Jews of Israel took from their attack on Lebanon, and from the covertly Jewish-led American aggression on Iraq, is to exterminate Moslem populations in death camps, and to utterly destroy all Moslem property, which they will be happy to do because their genocidal Jewish God Hashem tells them that they must eradicate the Moslems.

All of those reasons which Iranian leaders are pretending are reasons why America and Israel won't dare to attack Iran, are among the very reasons why disloyal Jewish Americans are planning to attack Iran.

Instead of pounding their chests like adolescent idiots, Iranian leaders should point out the inhumanity and illegality of American and Israeli plans to attack them, and insist that they will not allow Iran's peaceful nuclear program to serve as a false pretext for illegal Zionist aggression. Iran should then engage the UN and cool the nuclear program and call on the UN and the world community to halt the illegal American and Israeli build up to an attack on Iran. If Iranians have any desire to survive, they should rid themselves of Ahmadinejad, and take a mature and reasoned approach to world politics, instead of deliberately playing into the Zionists' genocidal hands.