Saturday, February 03, 2007

More on 2/11/07. . .

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

World Jewry has built up Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as their latest international bogy. But they are worried that their campaign to destroy Iran could be derailed if the Iranian People deposed Ahmadinejad and the theocratic regime above him. World Jewry is not out to depose Ahmadinejad, who is their man, nor are they out to put an end to Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program. World Jewry wants to wipe Iran off the map and annihilate the Iranian People. Therefore, it is important to World Jewry that the Iranian People in general be seen as a supposed threat to humanity.

Ask yourselves why it is that Ahmadinejad wants the Iranian People to rally around and support Iran's primitive and suicidal uranium enrichment program. Ask yourselves why Ahmadinejad is not only doing nothing to defuse the situation, but is instead fueling the march towards war. Consider how bizarre it is that the crypto-Jewish theocratic leadership of Iran is dedicating itself, and the staged events planned for 2/11/07, to fooling the world into believing that there is unity among the Iranian People in support of him and his government, and unanimous popular support for Iran's uranium enrichment program. A national unity movement for uranium enrichment? What an odd thing for them to focus on!

They are ensuring that the Iranian People at large become the target of the coming attack. They are ensuring that even if Ahmadinejad and the crypto-Jews above him are deposed, that the nation of Iran and the Iranian People will still be destroyed.

The primary responsibility of the Iranian Government is to ensure the survival of the Iranian People. The government of Iran is instead working to destroy the Iranian People. The Iranian People must therefore reject their government and rally around the virtue of peace.

The Iranian People should demonstrate for peace and prosperity on 11 February 2007. Offer the world images of Iranians holding signs calling for peace, not images of goosestepping troops. Offer the world images of Iranians in business suits with their families calmly and reasonably explaining to the world that they are not a threat to anyone, but simply want to live out their lives in a peaceful and prosperous modern Iran.

Do not allow yourselves to be tricked into becoming the general targets of genocidal Zionist aggression! Rally around the beautiful virtues of PEACE, not Ahmadinejad's primitive centrifuges!

Friday, February 02, 2007

2/11/07: A Date That Will Live in Infamy?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The crypto-Jewish theocratic leadership of Iran is lying to the Iranian People. These leaders form a third world style religious junta, soon to turn into a third world military junta, led by Communist Jews calling themselves the "Islamic Revolution". Following the Saddam Model, they are threatening the US with the mother of all battles, and reassuring the Iranian People that Bush is bluffing, and in any event the US is powerless to harm Iran. These are Jewish Communist propaganda techniques used to lead the cattle quietly into the slaughterhouse.

Both the US and Iran are led by Zionist puppets following the common objective of a war between America and Iran, which will escalate into World War III. The ground is being prepared for this event, which will occur very soon. Blair, Bush and the political leaders of Israel, all of whom are subservient to the leaders of World Jewry, are each threatened with criminal prosecutions if they do not obey orders to instigate a nuclear attack on Iran.

Another key event in this deliberately accelerating march to war, are the planned events of 11 February 2007, in Iran (and around the world?). The crypto-Jews who lead Iran are planning to provide World Jewry with a staged circus that will give World Jewry the material they desire for world wide propaganda to defame the Iranian People. While Iran should be doing everything it can to defuse the situation, its traitorous leaders are instead deliberately quickening the pace towards conflict at the behest of World Jewry.

As the United States military prepares for war by moving Naval forces into the Gulf to secure the flow of oil, and as a platform from which to bomb the hell out of Iran, the American Congress tapdances around the issues and follows a script designed to calm the American Public as the Zionist traitors lead us into unnecessary and illegal aggressive war. Once the war starts, it will be an accomplished fact and even if the traitors are tried, it will be like throwing a pile of marionettes into the fire and will not undo the genocide of the Iranian People. Rest assured that the Jewish leaders, who are but the latest in the countless generations of Jews who have planned this war for thousands of years, will go unpunished.

No matter what the government says, the Iranians should not goosestep in lockstep before the cameras of the Jewish controlled international media. They should not give Nazi salutes, nor tote weapons, nor parade missiles which connote nuclear missiles. No one should hint that the Iranians have been forced to turn their nuclear program into a military program. Anyone planning terrorist acts should be turned in to the authorities. Any of these actions will be used by the Jewish media to promote an attack on Iran.

Iranians who want the Persian People to survive should counter demonstrate on 2/11/07 against the Jewish Communists calling themselves the "Islamic Revolution", if not overthrow the traitorous regime currently in power, who are intentionally ruining Iran and cooperating with Israeli and American Zionists to bring the country into war so that they can annihilate it. The Iranian People should let the world know that they do not support Ahmadinejad, and simply want to live out their lives in peace. They should point out to the world that their nation and their People are being betrayed by Zionists from within and without. This may be their last chance to prevent the coming cataclysm.

War is coming to kill you. Do not cheer on your own demise. Instead protest against Ahmadinejad, as well as Bush and the other Zionists who are planning to mass murder you.

Sunnis Are Being Set Up to Fall. . . into Their Graves

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jewish leaders have dark plans for Sunni Moslems. They are setting up the Sunnis for extermination.

World Jewry long ago decided to destroy Iraq. One of their objectives was to pit Sunnis against Shia. They knew that a Balkanized Iraq would result in a conflagration, because the Sunnis would lose out on oil revenues. They also knew that they could use a Sunni versus Shia conflict to create civil wars in Lebanon, Syria, and in Palestine, by dividing Palestinians between Arab States loyal to Israel, and Iran, which is the only nation calling for relief for the Palestinians. Both sides are setting up the Palestinians to kill each other, then in their weakened and utterly desperate condition, the Palestinians will be provoked by Zionist agents provocateur to launch a suicidal attack on Israel with arms given to them at the behest of the Israelis for the purpose.

I, and others, have long ago predicted these revolutions and civil wars, and the rise of a Sunni versus Shia conflict across the Middle East. I also predict that when these forces weaken one another, attention will turn from the Shia to the Sunni, and World Jewry will attempt to exterminate both in death camps. Egypt is already being set up to fall.

We hear traitorous Zionist agents in the American media beginning to create a manufactured hysteria over the supposedly emerging Egyptian threat. The Jewish controlled media do not mention that huge portions are Egypt are a part of "Greater Israel". They do not mention that Jewish apocalyptic literature calls for the annihilation of Egypt and extermination of the Egyptians in the last battles of mankind. The do not say that Jews have always despised Egyptians and called for their extermination. They do not say that Jews call the Egyptians animals, the seed of asses, crocodiles, snakes, etc. Zionist agents in Egypt are calling for Egypt to acquire nuclear weapons, so as to provide Israeli pretexts for the next series of Zionist attacks on Moslems.

With World War III, we will face a world wide economic depression, the likes of which we have not yet seen. We have seen famine an the African Continent take the lives of millions of people. World Jewry will create worse famine by artificial means, as they did in Russia and the Ukraine after the Jews took control of Russia. They will kill off the Egyptians through war, through famine and in death camps, and the world will do nothing to stop them. They also plan to kill off the rest of the Arabs, and the Iranians. The Turks, Kurds, Armenians, and Pakistanis are also on their short list. The rest of us come next.

The Twentieth Century was far more violent than the virulently violent Nineteenth Century, which was bloodier than the bloody Eighteenth Century. World Jewry, with increased power over the purse and media of the world, artificially created these wars, civil wars and revolutions, so as to artificially fulfill Jewish end times prophecy. If we follow their plans, we will find that the Twenty-First Century is due to produce the extinction of the human race and the living environment of the Earth, not by "Hashem's" hand, but through the deliberate machinations of World Jewry (Isaiah 65:17; 66:22).

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Jewish Art of Deception Has Gone Impressionistic: "How Dare You Accuse Us of What We're Doing! We're the Victims Now Go Get 'em Goyim!"—Tribal Jew

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As World Jewry press for war against innocent Iranians, they seek to hide what they are doing and scapegoat others. This has been a pattern for World Jewry for thousands of years.

In the News

"While Jewish communal leaders focus most of their current lobbying efforts on pressing the United States to take a tough line against Iran and its nuclear program, some are privately voicing fears that they will be accused of driving America into a war with the regime in Tehran."Forward Staff, "Groups Fear Public Backlash Over Iran", The Jewish Daily Forward,, (1 February 2007).

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Drive a Wedge Between Turkey and Israel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

World Jewry wants to make trouble for Turkey and escalate tensions in the Middle East. They want to defame Moslems and liken them to the Nazis. World Jewry wants to pit Christians against Moslems so that they will annihilate one another and leave the Jews standing in Jerusalem.

We have a good opportunity to drive a wedge between Turkey and Israel, and to in part reconcile the rift between Turkish Moslems and Armenian Christians, and more broadly between Christendom and Islam, by exposing the fact that World Jewry perpetrated the genocide of the Armenian Christians under the guise of the crypto-Jewish "Young Turks":

Armenian Jews applaud genocide bill

I have documented the facts which prove that Jews were responsible for the genocidal murder of 1.5 million Christian Armenians in my book:

The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians

Turkey is a wild card in the upcoming conflagration in the Middle East. While it is a predominantly Moslem country, it has strong ties to the West and Israel, is a member of NATO, and seeks to join the EU. It is vital for the survival of Islam that Turkey remain loyal to its roots, and not be provoked into warring against fellow Moslems, including the Kurds. Turkey has long suffered under crypto-Jewish leadership, who regulate the business, government, finance and mass media of the country. The Turks should be woken up to this history, and to the fact that World Jewry continues to scapegoat Turkish Moslems for vile Jewish crimes against humanity.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Bush's State of the Union Address of 2003

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The following quotation is taken from George W. Bush's State of the Union Address in 2003, when he was ginning up a war with Iraq:

"Twelve years ago, Saddam Hussein faced the prospect of being the last casualty in a war he had started and lost. To spare himself, he agreed to disarm of all weapons of mass destruction. For the next 12 years, he systematically violated that agreement. He pursued chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, even while inspectors were in his country. Nothing to date has restrained him from his pursuit of these weapons — not economic sanctions, not isolation from the civilized world, not even cruise missile strikes on his military facilities.

Almost three months ago, the United Nations Security Council gave Saddam Hussein his final chance to disarm. He has shown instead utter contempt for the United Nations, and for the opinion of the world. The 108 U.N. inspectors were sent to conduct — were not sent to conduct a scavenger hunt for hidden materials across a country the size of California. The job of the inspectors is to verify that Iraq's regime is disarming. It is up to Iraq to show exactly where it is hiding its banned weapons, lay those weapons out for the world to see, and destroy them as directed. Nothing like this has happened.

The United Nations concluded in 1999 that Saddam Hussein had biological weapons sufficient to produce over 25,000 liters of anthrax — enough doses to kill several million people. He hasn't accounted for that material. He's given no evidence that he has destroyed it.

The United Nations concluded that Saddam Hussein had materials sufficient to produce more than 38,000 liters of botulinum toxin — enough to subject millions of people to death by respiratory failure. He hadn't accounted for that material. He's given no evidence that he has destroyed it.

Our intelligence officials estimate that Saddam Hussein had the materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent. In such quantities, these chemical agents could also kill untold thousands. He's not accounted for these materials. He has given no evidence that he has destroyed them.

U.S. intelligence indicates that Saddam Hussein had upwards of 30,000 munitions capable of delivering chemical agents. Inspectors recently turned up 16 of them — despite Iraq's recent declaration denying their existence. Saddam Hussein has not accounted for the remaining 29,984 of these prohibited munitions. He's given no evidence that he has destroyed them.

From three Iraqi defectors we know that Iraq, in the late 1990s, had several mobile biological weapons labs. These are designed to produce germ warfare agents, and can be moved from place to a place to evade inspectors. Saddam Hussein has not disclosed these facilities. He's given no evidence that he has destroyed them.

The International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed in the 1990s that Saddam Hussein had an advanced nuclear weapons development program, had a design for a nuclear weapon and was working on five different methods of enriching uranium for a bomb. The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa. Our intelligence sources tell us that he has attempted to purchase high-strength aluminum tubes suitable for nuclear weapons production. Saddam Hussein has not credibly explained these activities. He clearly has much to hide.

The dictator of Iraq is not disarming. To the contrary; he is deceiving. From intelligence sources we know, for instance, that thousands of Iraqi security personnel are at work hiding documents and materials from the U.N. inspectors, sanitizing inspection sites and monitoring the inspectors themselves. Iraqi officials accompany the inspectors in order to intimidate witnesses.

Iraq is blocking U-2 surveillance flights requested by the United Nations. Iraqi intelligence officers are posing as the scientists inspectors are supposed to interview. Real scientists have been coached by Iraqi officials on what to say. Intelligence sources indicate that Saddam Hussein has ordered that scientists who cooperate with U.N. inspectors in disarming Iraq will be killed, along with their families.

Year after year, Saddam Hussein has gone to elaborate lengths, spent enormous sums, taken great risks to build and keep weapons of mass destruction. But why? The only possible explanation, the only possible use he could have for those weapons, is to dominate, intimidate, or attack.

With nuclear arms or a full arsenal of chemical and biological weapons, Saddam Hussein could resume his ambitions of conquest in the Middle East and create deadly havoc in that region. And this Congress and the America people must recognize another threat. Evidence from intelligence sources, secret communications, and statements by people now in custody reveal that Saddam Hussein aids and protects terrorists, including members of al Qaeda. Secretly, and without fingerprints, he could provide one of his hidden weapons to terrorists, or help them develop their own.

Before September the 11th, many in the world believed that Saddam Hussein could be contained. But chemical agents, lethal viruses and shadowy terrorist networks are not easily contained. Imagine those 19 hijackers with other weapons and other plans — this time armed by Saddam Hussein. It would take one vial, one canister, one crate slipped into this country to bring a day of horror like none we have ever known. We will do everything in our power to make sure that that day never comes. (Applause.)

Some have said we must not act until the threat is imminent. Since when have terrorists and tyrants announced their intentions, politely putting us on notice before they strike? If this threat is permitted to fully and suddenly emerge, all actions, all words, and all recriminations would come too late. Trusting in the sanity and restraint of Saddam Hussein is not a strategy, and it is not an option. (Applause.)

The dictator who is assembling the world's most dangerous weapons has already used them on whole villages — leaving thousands of his own citizens dead, blind, or disfigured. Iraqi refugees tell us how forced confessions are obtained — by torturing children while their parents are made to watch. International human rights groups have catalogued other methods used in the torture chambers of Iraq: electric shock, burning with hot irons, dripping acid on the skin, mutilation with electric drills, cutting out tongues, and rape. If this is not evil, then evil has no meaning. (Applause.)

And tonight I have a message for the brave and oppressed people of Iraq: Your enemy is not surrounding your country — your enemy is ruling your country. (Applause.) And the day he and his regime are removed from power will be the day of your liberation. (Applause.)

The world has waited 12 years for Iraq to disarm. America will not accept a serious and mounting threat to our country, and our friends and our allies. The United States will ask the U.N. Security Council to convene on February the 5th to consider the facts of Iraq's ongoing defiance of the world. Secretary of State Powell will present information and intelligence about Iraqi's legal — Iraq's illegal weapons programs, its attempt to hide those weapons from inspectors, and its links to terrorist groups.

We will consult. But let there be no misunderstanding: If Saddam Hussein does not fully disarm, for the safety of our people and for the peace of the world, we will lead a coalition to disarm him. (Applause.)

Tonight I have a message for the men and women who will keep the peace, members of the American Armed Forces: Many of you are assembling in or near the Middle East, and some crucial hours may lay ahead. In those hours, the success of our cause will depend on you. Your training has prepared you. Your honor will guide you. You believe in America, and America believes in you. (Applause.)

Sending Americans into battle is the most profound decision a President can make. The technologies of war have changed; the risks and suffering of war have not. For the brave Americans who bear the risk, no victory is free from sorrow. This nation fights reluctantly, because we know the cost and we dread the days of mourning that always come.

We seek peace. We strive for peace. And sometimes peace must be defended. A future lived at the mercy of terrible threats is no peace at all. If war is forced upon us, we will fight in a just cause and by just means — sparing, in every way we can, the innocent. And if war is forced upon us, we will fight with the full force and might of the United States military — and we will prevail. (Applause.)

And as we and our coalition partners are doing in Afghanistan, we will bring to the Iraqi people food and medicines and supplies — and freedom. (Applause.)

Many challenges, abroad and at home, have arrived in a single season. In two years, America has gone from a sense of invulnerability to an awareness of peril; from bitter division in small matters to calm unity in great causes. And we go forward with confidence, because this call of history has come to the right country.

Americans are a resolute people who have risen to every test of our time. Adversity has revealed the character of our country, to the world and to ourselves. America is a strong nation, and honorable in the use of our strength. We exercise power without conquest, and we sacrifice for the liberty of strangers.

Americans are a free people, who know that freedom is the right of every person and the future of every nation. The liberty we prize is not America's gift to the world, it is God's gift to humanity. (Applause.)

We Americans have faith in ourselves, but not in ourselves alone. We do not know — we do not claim to know all the ways of Providence, yet we can trust in them, placing our confidence in the loving God behind all of life, and all of history.

May He guide us now. And may God continue to bless the United States of America. (Applause.)"George W. Bush, Forty-Third President of the United State of America, "State of the Union Address", (28 January 2003).

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Syria Still an Israeli Target

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It seems that Iran occupies the attention of the warmongering Zionist press at the moment, but do not be fooled. Israel still has its sights set on attacking Syria.

As the Israelis pull every dirty trick in the book to bring the long suffering Palestinians and Lebanese into civil wars, I would caution the Syrians to be very careful at this time and to not become complacent or lax. It is critical at this time for Arabs to unite and make peace among themselves, without giving in to traitors. It is not an easy thing to do, but it must be done.

If the "Jewish State" can bring Palestine and Lebanon into civil war, they will put pressure on NATO and Turkey to act and become involved in these conflicts. The escalation of conflict will afford the Israelis an opportunity to manufacture a pretext to attack Syria, and they will not need permission to use Saudi or Turkish air space. The Jews will also not need assistance from the United States to attack Syria, and US troops will not be endangered in Iraq, unless Iran were to join the fray, a consummation devoutly wished by the Israelis.

Please be especially careful in what you say and do and talk of peace and peace talks and ask all of Islam to join with you to solve your problems internally in spite of the deliberate provocations of the Americans and Israelis. To the greatest extent possible, take your destiny into your own hands and make it a peaceful one. No one needs permission from the West or Israel to work for peace, justice and stability in the Middle East. Break free from any lingering colonial mentality and for all of those problems for which you have historically turned to the USA, UN, Europe, and Israel for a solution, instead accomplish for yourselves. No one knows your needs and your peoples better than yourselves. Please hold international peace and development conferences among your own Moslem nations and build yourselves a secure future.

Be especially careful that Israeli land proposals not be used to lure you into a war as the result of a "misunderstanding" turned into a "provocation".

Israel's Kvetchfest 2007

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

World Jewry is self destructing in an ugly display of whining, spitting, and. . . worse. Israel is the little brat on the train tugging at his mother's skirt and complaining about all things real and imagined. Israel ceaselessly fits and fumes and people are growing tired of it. The "Jewish State" is crumbling from within and blames the world for its failures, crimes and lies. Israel and its lies are so precious that we aren't even allowed to speak of them. No, delicate Jewish ears cannot bear to hear the truth and are sealed shut beneath the clamping force of a wide open mouth shrilly Kvetching to a world which refuses to acknowledge the obvious truth that the Jews are a master race who have uniquely suffered for the benefit of us all by bringing us to our divinely ordered deaths.

Jewry finally got what it has always sought. It segregated itself from humanity in the horrors it has committed against itself in the Holocaust that has lasted for 2,500 years. It has stolen the wealth of the world. It even stole the land of Palestine. Jews run the governments of the world and control world media. But what good comes of it? With all their power and all the roaring and vomitory intensity of the Israeli voice, what profit has mankind from World Jewry? War, rumors of war and poverty are the deliberate products of racist and supremacist genocidal Jewry.

Those of us familiar with the Jewish religion should not be surprised. When young we read the Hebrew Bible and the stories seemed distant and spoke of an ancient, unenlightened time, a time when brutality and tribalism were the norm. It seemed no more likely that the Jews would carry out the evil designs of their religion of genocide, than that Roman legions would march through the streets of New York City hacking off the heads of newspaper vendors and hot dog hawkers.

But there is a reason why clannish Jews have kept themselves segregated and have clung to their tribal religion for 2,500 years. They have been waiting for science to provide them with the tools their mythical and demonic Jewish God "Hashem" cannot. They have indeed been waiting to become the light of the world, the nuclear fireball that will render life into naught. There is a message, a single note, heard above the discordant tones of Israeli kvetching. The signal is struck, the time is now, the Jews will have their vengeance and all the world will be consumed by the light of the nations burning down cities and storming fields with fire! Let the Jews rule the world though the house of mankind fall! A throne of stubble will have us we, your priests and guides to the grave!

As predictable as it was, it is none the less still tragic. Generation after generation of rabbis rocking and clutching their prayer shawls begging hellish "Hashem" for this day when the Jewish Messiah will punish the nations with a war of ultimate destruction. The centuries of robbing the Gentiles of their wealth and holding back the progress of humanity. All that painful effort in anticipation of the day when Jewry will be able to kill off humanity has brought us at long last to Kvetchfest 2007, which has instead turned into a pathetic anti-climax of screeching cowards pointing crooked inbred fingers at elderly statesmen and whining, "anti-Semite!" If there be any force for good to counter this evil, may it keep their warty thumbs off the nuclear triggers with which they have polluted this beautiful Earth. May mankind arise as a tender flower reaching from the ground that bore us like a hand asking for the sunlight to rescue us from the grave, may mankind rise yet higher and higher above this evil enemy, and catch our hands together in a whirlwind of happy song to sweep away the dust of death and silence the siren call of Israel's Kvetchfest 2007.

And may Israel's sick suicide not be a contagion infecting us all. . . .