Friday, March 02, 2007

Top Level Iranian-Saudi Dialogue

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

With luck, President Ahmadinejad will meet with King Abdullah on Saturday for historic talks aimed at achieving regional stability and the advancement of international Islamic interests. Both leaders would be very happy to see The Gulf demilitarized. Both would be very happy to see Iraq stabilized and unified in a just and equitable, and most importantly, peaceful way.

Many issues will be discussed and Ahmadinejad will enthusiastically speak of the wonderful prospects for both nations and for the region if the Saudis and Iranians were to cooperate. The Saudis will agree that there is great potential, but they will suggest that the first step should be to cool off the international situation by cooling uranium enrichment until things stabilize. Indeed, this is not bad advice, but it is not going to happen.

Iran should not at all be discouraged by this natural reaction, and should assure the Saudis that Iran would most happy to negotiate with them to provide them with guarantees that they have nothing to fear from Iran's nuclear program and that the Saudis may wish to profit from it in many ways, but that this issue should not distract from the other important issues of stabilizing the region by stabilizing Iraq and by asserting Moslem unity and Islamic strength, especially in The Gulf. The needs of the Palestinians, Lebanese and Iraqis trump this issue for the moment, and can best be resolved by having the Saudis and Iranians cooperate to bring peace and prosperity to these nations. This cooperation will set the stage for even better things to come and will bring both nations prestige and good will. The Iranians want nothing but friendship with the Saudis and this is the only tree that will bear good fruit in the future.

As stability increases, interest in the Middle East will increase, and tourism and investment capital will flow into the region like never before. If the dark days of Zionist warmongering can be put behind the Moslem Peoples, they can turn their attention to massive and profitable land improvement, waterways, and transportation projects. They can sponsor a new era of trade and tourism. Their political power will grow immensely, as well as their institutions of higher education, industry and agriculture. The Gulf is a beautiful place and Iranians and Saudis can share it and develop it for their mutual benefit and for the benefit of the world.

The really pressing issue at the moment is Iraq and formulating a positive plan to put the Iraqis to work building their nation, building their pride and building their future. If the Iraqis see that the Saudis and Iranians have joined together as Moslem brothers, in no small part to help the Iraqis, this will give the Iraqis great hope and a positive point of departure. In turn, the increased stability that will come to the region when Iraq is a set on a positive course for independence and rejuvenation, will profit the Iranians and the Saudis, and will bring money to the region, which is today scared off by the turbulent conditions. The image of King Abdullah and President Ahmadinejad embracing one another as Moslem brothers can become a powerful positive symbol and the basis for the unification of the Iraqi nation in an atmosphere of brotherhood, cooperation and hope. Let the world press capture this image and tell the world that the Iranians and Saudis are working together to help the Iraqis work together for a better future for all Moslems and for all mankind.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

"Advocacy Kit"?

It would be interesting to see a copy of the "advocacy kit":

"advocacy kit on Iran"

Join Voices to Condemn the Aggressor

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Moslems have a religious duty to join voices against the Zionist aggressor. The Zionists plan to destroy all Moslem nations, and are directly oppressing the Palestinians, and indirectly mass murdering the Iraqis.

Saudis and Iranians could join together to produce films and books advocating for Moslems and for peace. They could document Zionist crimes against Palestinians, Lebanese and Iraqis, as well as illegal Zionist threats against many other Moslem nations, including Saudi Arabia and Iran. Make it clear to the World that the Zionists are the aggressor, and the Moslems are the peaceful victims of illegal Zionist aggression. Also show how the Zionists are destroying the World economy and are planning to unnecessarily throw the World into World War III. The only group which has threatened nuclear attack are the Zionists.

Please, for the sake of peace and the survival of humanity, use your combined might and stand together for the truth against illegal Zionist aggression.


Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ahmadinejad will meet with the Saudis. The Saudis now know that if Iran falls, Israel will expand into "Greater Israel", which means they will steal the nation of Saudi Arabia and make it a part of the territory of the "Jewish State". Israel also revealed its true intentions by desecrating the Al Aqsa Mosque, and by continuing its push to conquer all of Jerusalem.

If Islam were to take control of The Gulf for Moslems and for the indigenous peoples, alone, then the Saudis, Iranians and Islam could incrementally gain control of international finance by "swing vote" and wrest it at long last from World Jewry. The Middle East could at long last fulfill its natural role as the center for international trade between East and West. Russia could at long last become the natural ally of Islam, that it should be.

It has only been by dividing Islam against itself, that World Jewry has held Islam back from fulfilling its economic and political potential in the World. The power of the Zionists is built on an edifice of fiction and fraud. All it would take for Zionism and the power of the Jewish bankers to fall is for a growing number of World leaders to expose criminal Zionism for the attack on humanity that it is. One book by Jimmy Carter has mortally wounded the Zionist regime. When Moslems unite for peace, justice and human brotherhood, Israel will crumble from within for lack of ability to feed off of the blood of their Moslem neighbors.

The security of the Gulf states depends upon their unity and cooperation for peace and progress. They can easily break the colonial yoke by simply asking the West to leave them alone and let them live in peace. Join voices and demand that the Zionist bloodshed stop now!

With peace in the Middle East, vast amounts of investment capital from around the world will flow into the Moslem nations. Trade will grow as never before. India and Pakistan will flower and no one will want to spoil the peace, once they learn that it was the Zionists who were behind the strife from the beginning.

Saudi Arabia has not yet made best use of its financial clout. It could become a political powerhouse and lead the World to a brighter future of peace and prosperity. The Israelis clearly have other plans for their Saudi neighbors.

"La verite est en marche et rien ne l'arretera."—Emile Zola

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

President Ahmadinejad's previous remarks have come as manna from heaven for Israel, serving to unite Jews, vilify Persians, and bolster relations between the US and Israel:

Ahmadinejad, our secret agent in Iran

Peres grateful to Nasrallah, Ahmadinejad

Ahmadinejad good for Jews

But oh how things have suddenly changed! The Iranians have today begun a new blitz with a winning strategy, a strategy Jews have successfully used for thousands of years: Accuse the enemy, "J'Accuse!", "Schrei Gevalt!", "Stop Thief!" Ahmadinejad, like Emil Zola, has shouted in righteous indignation, but Ahmadinejad, unlike Zola, has honestly accused the criminal Zionists.

Ahmadinejad has honestly and accurately pointed the finger of accusation at the warmongering, genocidal Zionists and warned all the world that this evil empire spreading from Zionists in Israel, America and Britain is a dire threat to all of humanity. He has pointed out the obvious fact that all other world leaders are afraid to state; that Israel, the Zionist regime, is evil, anti-Christian and anti-Moslem, and threatens to drag humanity into Hell.

This truthful warning we must support! We must take the offensive against the offensive Israelis and openly and fearlessly accuse them of their crimes. We must unite Moslems with one another and with Christendom against the anti-Moslem, anti-Christian, anti-American Israelis!

In the News:

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Zionist regime, offspring of Britain

Ahmadinejad: Enemies against Muslim states' growing power

President Views Unity Key to Muslim Victory

Ahmadinejad Says US and Israel Responsible For All Wars Today

Iran Supports Efforts to Strengthen Iraq's Security

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Make the Zionists and Oil Sponges Nervous

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Moslem powers can place the Zionists at a disadvantage by calling for audits of all of the transactions that have and are now taking place concerning Iraq. They can also call for complete transparency in the government and the management of the Iraqi nation's oil. That oil belongs to the Iraqi People, and no foreign companies or powers should regulate it or glean off the wealth of Iraq. The issue of reparations for America's illegal war of aggression also gives the Iraqis leverage to regain control over their nation and their wealth.

The various factions of Iraq can unite around these issues. Get the Iraqis to unite and fight the illegal invaders in the courts and the political arena, instead of fighting one another in the streets.

Piecing Together the Iraqi Puzzle

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In preparation for the upcoming conference on stabilizing Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Syria, should each meet with the leaders of the various factions in Iraq and listen to their concerns and suggestions for bringing peace and unity to Iraq. Iran has tremendous leverage with both the Shia and the Kurds, and working with the Saudis and Turks could work out an equitable resolution to the current Zionist manufactured crisis in Iraq. The Saudis hold great influence over the Sunni and have intimate relations with the Israelis and Americans. The Saudis represent a powerful source of influence to secure justice for the Sunni.

Though the Americans and Israelis have created and stoked religious and ethnic tensions through the use of false flag terrorism, the problems the Zionists have created have underlying political and economic roots. Oil is a great concern for all parties. Political influence is a great concern for all parties. However, Iraq has great potential beyond just oil. Iraqis should join forces to make the desert bloom, and learn from the Israeli example on how to manage land and water resources to promote agriculture and tourism. Such projects are a long way off, but they can be used to promote cooperation and mutual respect, as well as a sense of national unity and national pride.

In the near term, the regional powers should work to form a consensus within Iraq of common goals. It would be a large step forward if all parties agreed that the nation should be preserved and that power and profits should be shared and shared alike.

There is a lot of money to be had in rebuilding Iraq. Iraq should take back control of its oil and funnel the profits that oil generates into construction contracts managed and staffed by Iraqis. This will create incentives for stability and an incentive to safeguard the oil. Nationalize the oil and have the revenues find their way back into the economy indirectly through construction contracts, schools, hospitals, transportation systems, etc., such that any party who sabotages the flow of oil and the stability of the nation cuts their own throat and gains nothing.

Iraqis need leadership, hope and employment. Creating business structures to clean up and rebuild Iraq will naturally result in the formation of a leadership structure with a profit motive. As Iraq improves and employment rises, there will be fewer men on the streets, greater pride in the nation and more hope for its future.

The Americans are deliberately undermining the future of Iraq, and are making ungodly profits by doing it, without producing anything of lasting value. Be careful not to destroy Iraq in order to punish the Americans. You will better undermine the plans of the Zionists by making Iraq a prosperous and peaceful united republic.

The local economy in each community is the key to stabilizing Iraq. The "sectarian" conflicts can be resolved by making the hub of the national government little more than a means of promoting local economies, not to the detriment of one another, but to the betterment of one another. In other words, keep the power local and rigidly define the powers of the central government in ways that provide equity to the local communities, but otherwise leave the regulatory powers closer to home, while securing minority rights with rigid federal protections.

Calm Waters

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Moslem States of the region have a common interest in demilitarizing The Gulf. These waters should be a resource for bounty, for facilitating trade, not a bathtub for Zionist warships. Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, etc. all have a vested interest in maintaining regional control over The Gulf for the benefit of the World. It would be wise for these nations to meet and discuss ways to purify and pacify these waters.

This would afford an opportunity for the nations to join together and unite in productive and mutually beneficial ways and to seize control over their own destinies.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Capture the Israelis with Video Cameras

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is far more effective to shoot the IDF with cameras and video cameras, than with bullets. Racist Zionist Meir Kahane long ago called upon the Israelis to ban journalists and cameras from capturing Israeli crimes "on tape". The Israelis have heeded Kahane's advice, and IDF soldiers are instructed to prevent journalists and others from filming Israeli atrocities. When the Jews of Israel began smashing the bones of Palestinian children with large jagged rocks, allegedly to discourage them from throwing stones, it was only video images of these Zionist crimes that put an end to them.

The UN and other international bodies should prosecute any and all Israelis who violate the fundamental rights of those who would video or photograph Israeli crimes, by any means, including, but not limited to: seizing the cameras, obstructing the view of the cameras, or ordering the photographers and videographers to cease filming. The right to film crimes is a fundamental human right. This right to garner evidence of crimes against humanity incorporates the rights of free speech, freedom of expression, human dignity, self defense, freedom of movement, freedom of property, and freedom of the press, among other inalienable fundamental human rights.

Israel should be punished for violating these fundamental human rights. Palestinians should arm themselves with cameras, overtly and covertly, and establish networks to disseminate these images to the world public. These images destroy the reputation of the Israelis, reveal Israeli atrocities, and reveal the pro-Jewish, anti-Goyish bias of the Jewish controlled international press. These images garner sympathy for the Palestinians, show how the Palestinians are oppressed, and inspire the People of the World to take action on behalf of the oppressed Palestinians.

JewishRacism's video page is to be found here:

Gunboat Diplomacy Is a Crime Against Peace

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Zionist Bush Administration has again flouted International Law by sending American carrier battle groups into the Persian Gulf to threaten Iran with war. George W. Bush, whose grandfather paid for the Holocaust of European Jewry, is engaging in illegal gunboat diplomacy and is thereby committing yet another Zionist Crime Against Peace. Iran, Russia, and the American People must demand that this open and illegal American aggression against the peaceful nation of Iran end. We can make it far more difficult for the Zionists to attack Iran, if we can force them to withdraw their advanced forces from the Gulf. Israel will be less bold to attack Iran, if it doesn't have American slave forces in the Gulf to protect it.

Israelis are a cowardly people. They always seek not only a cowardly advantage, but an absolute cowardly advantage. It would be a major advance towards lasting peace if we could remove the advance guard of Zionist aggression from the Gulf. We should also put the criminal aggressors on trial for their crimes against peace.

Video of US Presidential candidate John Edwards being questioned about Israel's nuclear weapons:

Edwards Middle East policy doesn't acknowledge Israeli nukes

Well Done!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Fars News Agency reports today that Iran is making significant progress in gaining allies for peace and prosperity in Latin America. These moves have great potential for the immediate future and could build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships for centuries to come. A union of Catholic Latin America and the Islamic Middle East shows that humanity can function together in peace and harmony.

It would be wonderful if Iran could find many member states of pan-Islam to join them in this joint venture with Latin America. Central and South America have much to offer the Islamic States, as they have much to offer Latin America. It is likely that protectionist measures, which have always unfairly hurt Latin America, will worsen in years to come to create growth in the US and Europe, while slowing growth in Mainland China, and the Southern Asian States and India. Moslem countries like Malaysia and Indonesia could form part of a bridge spanning the globe to include the Middle East and Latin America, which would shield them from protectionist measures. They could form their own banking, currency, and trade structures, which would be independent of the World Bank and the Jewish banking houses and central banks.

It would be a real coup if Moslem unity could join with Latin American unity, one fostering the growth and health of the other. Shia and Sunni could find common ground in Latin American, with its great potential, natural, economic, agricultural, industrial, and as labor. In turn, pan-Islam has at its disposal unbelievable pools of investment capital, of which the US and Europe have forever deprived Latin America. Iran is famous for its institutions of education and Latin America could make great progress in the field of education.

Again, these positive steps could serve as a basis for Iran to cooperate with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia and other Moslem States to secure the long term future of Islam by building a bridge to South and Central America. This could be used to promote Moslem unity, as well as to promote international cooperation between Christendom and Islam. I congratulate Iran on these bold and successful initiatives!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Belligerents Cannot Be Expected to Act Impartially or Fairly Towards Their Enemies

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Iran should object to the fact that the United States carries so much weight in the United Nations and is disproportionately involved in deciding Iran's fate, when the US has expressed its criminal belligerence towards Iran, and has openly tried to bait Iran into a conflict. The United States is presently illegally threatening Iran with imminent attack by maintaining carrier groups in the Persian Gulf, in direct violation of the UN Charter and International Law. In addition, it is a fact that the Israel Lobby has corrupted the Government of the United States of America, and is directing America to wage illegal war against Iran, and according to press reports has been asked to conspire with Israel to provide Israel with air space over which to illegally attack Iran.

Iran has a legal right to fair treatment and due process of law. Iran has a right to exclude belligerents hostile to Iran from determining Iran's fate in the United Nations.

We Must Prevent Holocaust II

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish book of Ezekiel 5:12 states:

"A third part of thee shall die with the pestilence, and with famine shall they be consumed in the midst of thee: and a third part shall fall by the sword round about thee and I will scatter a third part into all the winds, and I will draw out a sword after them."

The Jewish book of Zechariah 13:8, 9 calls on Jews to ensure that two thirds of the extant population of Jews in the world is exterminated:

"8 And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the LORD, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein. 9 And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God."

Frankist Jewish bankers created the first Holocaust, or burnt offering to the Jewish God "Hashem", which took millions of Jews through disease and starvation. Are the Jewish bankers preparing a second Holocaust to take another third of the Jews by killing off all Israeli Jews by way of the sword, and thereby artificially fulfil Jewish prophecy?

Israel is the most corrupt nation on Earth. It is the source of an evil permeating the globe. Israel spreads war and disease. Israel engages in the white slave trade and produces pornography. It is the central hub of the global Jewish maffia. The requirements of the Jewish Talmud in the tractate Sanhedrin 97a have artificially been put in place. Are the Jewish bankers planning to throw the decadent Jews of Israel into the sacrificial fire and knowingly and willfully lop off another third of the Jews? Will there be a rise in anti-Semitism around the world if the bankers succeed in manufacturing another world war? Is this what they want, so as to "draw out a sword after them."

The Frankist Jewish bankers are no friend of the Jewish People, rather they are the deliberate source of Jewish suffering. The Jewish bankers must be stopped, and World War III prevented, for the sake of all, including the Jews.

It is almost as ironic as it is tragic, that the spite of World Jewry towards Islam may well be the means the Frankist Jews use to kill off millions more Jews. The mad and vindictive push of World Jewry towards World War III may intentionally result in Holocaust II. We must prevent this.

Iran Should Draft and Distribute a Brief to Members of the UN

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Iranians should prepare a detailed legal argument citing points and authorities which prove that the UN's actions, under the coercion of Israel and the United States, are illegal. Iranians should not assume that people are aware of all of the issues and arguments involved. Instead, Iranians should present their side in a formal and detailed brief.

The Jewish controlled media gives a very slanted perspective on this crisis. People are in general very ill informed, and are deliberately misinformed in a way that favors Israel and unfairly condemns Iran. It is incumbent upon Iran to rectify that situation to the extent that they can. Iran should also compile a list of the open threats and known plans of Israel and the United States to illegally and aggressively attack Iran. Iran should prove that Israel and the United States are attempting to manufacture a pretext for their long planned illegal attack on Iran. Iran should also make it clear that Israel and the United States are simply using the UN as forum to wage aggressive war on Iran.

Again, it is very important to NOT assume that people are well informed on these issues. They are not, and the information they receive comes from the mass media, which is an extension of the Mossad. There is abundant proof that Israel is taking illegal steps to manufacture a war of aggression against Iran. There is abundant proof that Israel is corrupting the political processes of the United States in order to cause America to illegally and aggressively attack Iran.

Iran can and should, must expose these facts in a detailed report and present it to diplomats, heads of state, religious leaders, etc. around the world. Make it clear that the Israelis' plans also call for the destruction of Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, etc. and that Iran is just one on a long list of states that Israel intends to illegally destroy. Prove to the nations of the world that they have a self interest in defending themselves against illegal Israeli aggression, by calling a halt to this open and prolonged attack on Iran. Most especially emphasize that the Israeli attack is part of a pattern of aggression, and show how it mirrors the attack on Iraq, and is bound to have even worse consequences for the region and the world, and how it will lead to world war. Don't just make assertions, but prove these facts and logical arguments with a detailed analysis.

There are many ways for Iranians to defend themselves from this illegal Israeli aggression. It is very important for Iran to present a detailed legal defense and to distribute it, so that those who would help Iran in its defense will have a powerful resource to use in Iran's defense. Distribute it also to the media, and post it on the web. Such a document would improve not only Iran's legal case, but its international image, and would make it much easier for Iran's allies to unite against Israel.

Iran, you are making an appeal to public opinion against the Israelis, who are promoting an attack against you. Shape the mind of the court and give it arguments to use in your defense, so that those who would come to your defense can do so easily and with a minimum of effort, and will have the facts and arguments they need to defend you. By presenting and framing your arguments in your own words, you will also decrease the likelihood that those who purport to help you will actually hurt you by misrepresenting your actual positions.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Runaway Train to World War III

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On the eve of a Monday meeting in London of five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany to discuss sanctions on Iran, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared that Iran's nuclear program is a runaway train without brakes or a reverse gear. In addition, Iran launched a rocket. What purpose, other than to derail any hopes of a negotiated settlement, could Ahmadinejad's inflexible statements serve?

The Zionist puppet at the other end of the Israeli theater of the absurd, Condoleezza Rice, declared that the US would talk to Iran if Iran complied with Zionist America's will and unconditionally halted its uranium enrichment program. Of course, no party would agree to its opponent's demand for unconditional surrender as a precondition for talks.

So we have an Israeli orchestrated impasse, which is meant to serve as the trigger for the fulfilment of a 2,500 year old Jewish plan to destroy humanity (Ezekiel 38-39). What can we as members of the human race do to stop this campaign by World Jewry to bring about our deaths? Our governments and mass media have been corrupted by Jewish financiers.

The situation is worse than many imagine. "Arab" and "Sunni" leaders, who are in fact Zionist agents, are playing on prejudices to create a rift in Islam, so that Moslems will commit genocide against Moslems, or at the very least cooperate with Israel to destroy Shia Islam. The Saudi crypto-Jews have developed, under Jewish guidance, an especially hostile strain of Islam, which wages war on the Shia, and specifically on Iran. Of course, after the Shia are wiped out, World Jewry will turn on the Sunnia and enlist the aid of Christians to destroy the Sunni, and the Russians.

What can we do to stop this march to world war, when the leadership on all sides of the issue are under the control of Zionist Jews? Zionist Jews have always had a globalist agenda. Jewish prophets, Jewish planners, always called upon the Jews to take over the world and ruin Gentile Peoples. Jews were never great in numbers and alone only posed a threat to the human race to the extent that they were able to control the Goyim and trick them into killing one another. They have always installed their agents as the leaders of the Goyim. Caligula was assassinated so that a puppet of the Jews could replace him. Esther (a fiction) wormed her way into power so that she could genocide the enemies of the Jews.

What do we do? Marxist Jews, posing as "patriots", will tell us to respond to the pressure by overthrowing our leaders and ruining our economies with crippling strikes, refusals to pay taxes, and disasterous economic policies such as the gold standard, or universal currencies. This is how Marxist Jews destroyed the Russian Empire. They will be good to us and share their wonderful advice that the way to end the "corporate elite's" wars is to give up our national sovereignty and submit to world government. Since the Jews are a "light unto the nations" it is only natural that these Jews should rule us. The Marxist Jews will lead us down the same path as the neo-Conservative Zionist Jews. They are the same vampire, the same clown, enticing the Goy cattle to stampede to their end.

The neo-Conservative Jew waves the Red Flag, the "Rothschild", at us for us to charge. The Marxist Jewish clown paints his face and waves his hands, and distracts our attention from the fact that this evil comes from Judah. Both are working together to thrust the Jewish fang, held tightly behind the back of the Hebrew matador, the Jewish vampire who would be our "Messiah", into the heart of humanity.

What do we do? Two good ways to kill a vampire are to expose it to sunlight and to deprive it of blood. We must continue to inform the public that it is Israel who is behind this push to world war. We must deprive World Jewry of wars. Soldiers must refuse to fight illegal wars. Honest persons must ceaselessly confront the traitors in their midsts. Presidential candidates must campaign with the promise to pardon all who combat this evil.

We must not be lead astray by the clowns, who blame us for the bloodlust of the vampire. We must not heed their calls to destroy our own economies and combat ourselves to fight the battle against the forces at the "top", for they are a shield hired by the Jewish bankers to distract our attention from our true enemy. The most powerful and dangerous people in the world are the Frankist Jewish bankers who are designing to destroy humanity.

Drag out this vampire from the cave of its banking vaults. Let the afternoon sun sanitize humanity, while we wipe the paint from the face of the Zionist clowns, who pose as "Marxists" and "Libertarians" and "Liberal Democrats", but who always deflect attention from the fact that it is a demonstrably Jewish elite who are at the top of the headstone of humanity pulling their strings and directing their voices to pit us against ourselves.

Note that Bush and Ahmadinejad are both Zionist stooges who will bring about a victory for Israel and the death of Iran and America. Expose them both as the enemies of humanity. Expose them both as puppets of the Jewish bankers and by tugging on the puppets' strings pull down the vampire from his black throne.

In the News:

Iran's N. Train Has No Brakes