Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Creepy Noahide Laws Creep into Congress, Again and Again. . .

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In House Joint Resolution 104, the One Hundred Second Congress of the United States of America institutionalized the seven Noahide Laws (one of which bans idolatry such as Christianity, Hinduism, etc. on pain of death by decapitation) when the Congress designated 26 March 1991, "Education Day, U.S.A."

This was not the only instance where the Noahide Laws found their way from the Jewish Talmud in the tractate Sanhedrin, folios 56a-60b, to the American Congress:

Rabbi Shea Harlig at House of Representatives

For another video regarding the Noahide Laws, see:


Abbas Edalat Interviewed by Oscar Dahlston Regarding the Iranian Situation: Very Interesting

Prevent a Military Attack on Iran

Chavez and Ahmadinejad

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On Friday, 16 March 2007, Barbara Walters asked Hugo Chavez about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Israel. Chavez then seemingly mischaracterized Ahmadinejad's stance on the Zionist Regime, and distanced himself from what he, Chavez, asserted was Ahmadinejad's position. Instead of offering any criticism of Israel, Chavez took the opportunity to change the subject to American aggression.

In the News:

ABC Exclusive: Interview With Hugo Chavez

Chavez opposes Ahmadinejad on Israel

Friday, March 16, 2007

Illegal Abuse of the UNSC to Forward Zionist Interests

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The draft resolution of the United Nations Security Council contains a paragraph containing provisions which prove the undue and corrupt influence of the Zionist powers over the Council. The draft resolution states, in the relevant part:

"5. Decides that Iran shall not supply, sell or transfer directly or indirectly from its territory or by its nationals or using its flag vessels or aircraft any arms or related materiel, and that all States shall prohibit the procurement of such items from Iran by their nationals, or using their flag vessels or aircraft, and whether or not originating in the territory of Iran[.]""Text: Draft UN resolution on Iran",,, (16 March 2007).

The press is reporting that this measure is designed to forward Zionist American imperialistic interests in Iraq, and Israeli imperialistic interests in Palestine and Lebanon. Clearly, this represents a Zionist abuse of the UNSC. Clearly, the Zionists have a list of goals they want to accomplish and are abusing the UNSC as forum through which to impose their criminal desires on other nations.

Not only does the UNSC have no jurisdiction over the central issue behind this draft resolution, the Zionist forces behind the draft have exploited the opportunity to illegally presume to regulate the international relations of the sovereign nation of Iran in a way unrelated to the issue at hand, and that violates the rights of Iran and other countries, and which favors Israel and aggressive Zionists in the United States.

It is as if a lonely Israeli sued his Iranian neighbor, without any proof, for desiring to buy the same type of car as the Israeli owns; and then asked the court to demand that the Iranian divorce his wife as damages; and then asked the court to order the Iranian's wife to marry the godforsaken Israeli as restitution.

These provisions of the draft resolution prove that the process is tainted, biased and that the Zionists behind the resolution are simply manufacturing excuses to impose the expansionist, warmongering Zionist agenda on the peaceful and law abiding Islamic Republic of Iran.

The UNSC's Draft Resolution Against Iran: A Fatally Flawed and Contradictory Process Engineered to Fail

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The United Nations Security Council's draft resolution against Iran makes no progress towards a legal settlement of the issues of Iran's rights under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, in that it makes the same irrational and illegal demand as UNSC Resolution 1737, that Iran surrender its rights in order to avoid punishment for exercising its rights. A nation cannot lawfully be punished for exercising its due rights.

The draft resolution does not provide a realistic or fair basis for negotiations and talks, and is, therefore, an instrument of extortion, and not a legitimate attempt to bring about a political resolution to the crisis at hand. The draft resolution unlawfully demands compliance with illegal orders as a precondition to negotiations. This is tantamount to a doctor's insisting that a patient first commit suicide before requesting an antidote to the poison the doctor has injected into the patient as if it were a vaccination. The draft resolution's illegal demands are the same as if a court (which has been bribed, blackmailed and threatened) granted a thief a lien on your house for a hundred thousand dollars to secure the $100,000 in ransom money the thief demanded for your car which he had stolen from you, and then the same court demanded that you pay the ransom money before allowing you to negotiate for the return of your property, and the court concurrently held that you have no right to possess your property and that the thief would keep it in any event. On top of that, the court ordered that if you failed to pay the thief the funds he was extorting from you, the court would impose ever increasing fines on you and garnish your wages and auction off your house.

The stated purpose of the UNSC's draft resolution is in conflict with the unilateral demands it imposes on Iran. The draft resolution states, in the relevant part:

"Emphasising the importance of political and diplomatic efforts to find a negotiated solution guaranteeing that Iran's nuclear programme is exclusively for peaceful purposes, and noting that such a solution would benefit nuclear non-proliferation elsewhere, and welcoming the continuing commitment of China, France, Germany, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States, with the support of the European Union's High Representative to seek a negotiated solution[.]""Text: Draft UN resolution on Iran",,, (16 March 2007).

In direct contradiction to the stated aims of the draft resolution, it states, in the relevant part:

"13. Affirms that it shall review Iran's actions in light of the report referred to in paragraph 12 above, to be submitted within 60 days, and:

that it shall suspend the implementation of measures if and for so long as Iran suspends all enrichment-related and reprocessing activities, including research and development, as verified by the IAEA, to allow for negotiations[.]""Text: Draft UN resolution on Iran",,, (16 March 2007).

The expressed purpose of the resolution runs counter to the process the resolution orders, and as such violates Iran's rights to due process. In contradiction to its stated purpose of promoting a "negotiated solution", the resolution forestalls a negotiated settlement and instead demands compliance with an illegal order and illegally punishes Iran for exercising its lawful rights under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. In addition, the UNSC lacks jurisdiction over the matter and is selectively enforcing its own self-created and illegitimate powers in order to attack an individual nation, which the Zionist powers, who have demonstrably corrupted the UNSC, have openly stated they seek to destroy. This comes as part of a series of UNSC abuses, which have targetted Moslem Peoples specifically, and the Zionists' enemies generally.

Note that Russia and China are parties to this draft resolution, as I predicted would happen some time ago. Iran has handled this well, and not fallen into the trap of isolating itself.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Iranians Should Reframe the Debate

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ahmadinejad's rhetoric is flawed, in that it appears inflexible and aggressive, most especially so when quoted out of context by the Jewish controlled media. Ahmadinejad should make an occasional joke of the fact that the media misquotes him, and say something like, "Now you have all heard me say how I would like to resolve this matter, civilly, peacefully and reasonably, but watch how the media will quote part of what I said before and leave all of this out." Ahmadinejad often makes harsh and true statements, which he follows up with extraordinarily benevolent statements. The media quotes the harsh statements without reference to Ahmadinejad's benevolent statements, and the President has every right, and ought to, call the media to task.

Instead of stating that no sanctions will ever work, which gives the green light to the Israelis to attack Iran on the pretext that there will be no negotiated settlement, Ahmadinejad should state that the process is tainted, illegal and unjust, and is, therefore, unenforceable by all modern human standards of civilized conduct and law.

Perhaps the most important step needed to reframe the debate is to stop speaking of Iran's inability to comply with illegal requests as if they come out of a vacuum. Iran will find few allies if it continues to speak of its defense of its rights under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as if that alone is what is at stake for Islam, and as if this is the first Zionist attack on Islam. Not only do most Moslems not care about Iran's rights under the Treaty, they do not want to see Iran develop nuclear technology.

Iran must make it clear that they are defending their rights and all of Islam from an ongoing and highly destructive campaign by the Zionists to attack all Moslem nations and strip them of their rights, and that this overall campaign to destroy Islam and dehumanize and degrade Moslems must be stopped at some point and Iran is taking a stand now on behalf of all Moslems and all civilized human beings. Ahmadinejad should point out that the Zionists have taken the Palestinians' land. That they have bombed Lebanon and Iraq into ruins. That they have plans to destroy all of Islam. That this current attack on Iran is part of an overall Zionist strategy to destroy Islam one nation at a time, if possible, and in a massive conflagration, if necessary. If Ahmadinejad makes these minor adjustments to his rhetoric, his speeches will no longer play into the Zionists' hands, but will instead put the Zionists on the defensive and unite Moslems in their common struggle for survival.

Ultimately, if the Moslems themselves are not willing to draw a line in the sand and say enough to Zionist aggression on Iran's nuclear issue, then Iran must refocus on the Palestinian issue, which is a far more winnable strategy, and which has a greater chance of uniting Moslems and the rest of the World against Zionist aggression and subversion.

The things Ahmadinejad says about the UN are true and play well to powerless nations, but do not play well with powerful nations. However, if Ahmadinejad's accusations were to be supported by published factual material, and video documentaries, which established the truth of his assertions, then Ahmadinejad would more successfully convince citizens of the powerful nations of the justice and accuracy of his accusations against corrupt international bodies, which only serve the interests of a minority of humanity, to the detriment of most.

Lastly, play down the effect of the sanctions, because they are illegal and the product of corruption; as opposed to challenging the enemy to take harsher steps against Iran. Always propose a civilized and legal method of resolving the crisis.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Modern Jews and the Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians by the Crypto-Jewish "Young Turks"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Modern Jews appear to have a very different attitude towards the genocide of the Armenians, which was perpetrated by crypto-Jewish "Young Turks", than they do towards the genocide of European Jewry.

In the News:

Knesset, in nod to Turkey, opts not to discuss Armenian genocide

Turkish Jews lobby against Armenian resolution

On Whom Will It Backfire?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There are those who hope that Ahmadinejad's upcoming speech before the United Nations Security Council will backfire against Iran. They hope that Ahmadinejad will say things that can be used against the Nation of Iran. In anticipation of this outcome, the Jewish controlled media is hyping the event.

At this point, Iran has very little to lose. It will not exercise its best option, which is to cool the uranium enrichment program and then launch a political offensive against the Zionists who seek to dominate the World.

Perhaps, the Iranians will exercise their next best option and disappoint the Zionist warmongers. Ahmadinejad will take center stage in the World arena, and has the opportunity to lay bare before the World the facts and the law surrounding the illegal aggression against Iran, of which the UN is allowing itself to become a party. This must be done with irrefutable facts and irrefutable logic.

Ahmadinejad's speech should be accompanied by published materials spelling out the facts, and, more importantly, a dramatic video presentation narrated by Ahmadinejad with English subtitles. Iran should make good use all of the notoriety the Jewish controlled media has given Ahmadinejad as a personality, and make it backfire against the Israelis by focusing in on their aggression against their peaceful neighbors.

Also point out the millions dead from sanctions in Iraq and North Korea, millions of innocents. Point out that the UN has become a tool which the US and Britain have used to cut off the lives of helpless people. Point out that the UN is being made into a Maffia, which extorts obedience to illegal demands, demands made by Israel and its subverted states.

The case law for "Malicious Prosecution" and "Vindictive Prosecution" in the United States establishes many good precedents and logical arguments that can be quoted in support of Iran's position (see, for example: U.S. Supreme Court, BLACKLEDGE v. PERRY, 417 U.S. 21 (1974).) It is illegal for a prosecutor to punish a person for exercising his or her rights. The Israelis want to punish Iran for exercising its rights under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The punishment they seek is not only baseless, it is hypocritical, and if it indeed had a basis, which it does not, it would represent selective enforcement and prosecution, in that Israel has covertly and illegally manufactured an arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and the UN takes no action against them.

The Iranians might want to raise the issue of coercion in addition to the issue of illegal American and Israeli aggression. Lawful contracts and legally binding negotiations cannot occur in a climate of coercion and duress, such as exists where the US is threatening Iran with a warships and the threat of "leaving all options on the table" in an historical context in which the US has made such threats to Iraq and then attacked Iraq, creating a reasonable expectation among Iranians that the US is threatening them with attack. Israeli officials have made open threats to attack Iran, and whether it be as a first resort or last resort makes the threat no less of a threat. These illegal threats are direct violations of the UN Charter.

The press is reporting that the US is using intimidation tactics to coerce Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf. This establishes the fact that the nations of the World composing the United Nations are under threat, and the process is therefore tainted and illegal. These threats also violate international law.

In conclusion, Ahmadinejad's speech could go very well for Iran, and in any event Iran stands to lose little if it will not change course on the nuclear issue. I again urge the Iranians to provide supplemental materials to make their case clear and grounded in irrefutable facts and cited legal authority. I again urge the Iranians to produce documentary films documenting and exposing Israeli and Zionist crimes against humanity and their criminal open aggression against Iran. The Lebanese and Palestinians, and other Peoples under threat of imminent attack, should do likewise. The larger the chorus, the further you will be heard above the din of the Jewish controlled mass media.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Iranians, Saudis and Bahrainis are standing up for the human rights of Moslems!

In the News:

Iran Says Israel, U.S. Threaten Mideast

Saudi, Bahrain strongly condemn Israeli gross violations against Palestinians

A good issue for Islamic leaders to raise is the fact that Israel has admitted that its aggressive attack on Lebanon was an act of premeditated mass murder.

Iran and Russia, Beware of Israel!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Note that anyone who challenges Israel, or interferes with the plans of the "Jewish State" is usually roundly and relentlessly criticized in the Jewish controlled international press, and by Jewish controlled World "leaders". Is it not interesting that the press and "leaders" of the World have been largely silent about Russia's and China's supposed resistence to UN sanctions against Iran? This is proof that Russia and China are abiding by the wishes of World Jewry, even when they outwardly appear to be favoring Iran.

The enemies of Iran are taking a two pronged approach. Should the UN fail to impose oppressive sanctions against Iran (perhaps due to World public opinion), then Israel will enlist this "failure" as a pretext to act unilaterally against Iran in "self defense" to prevent "another Holocaust". Under this scenario, Russia and China, by pretending to favor Iran, will instead be favoring Israel.

If Russia and China agree to sanctions, then Israel will cry out that Iran is a "pariah Nation" shunned by all the World, and even America's "enemies" are against Iran and see it is a threat. If Russia and China make false promises to Iran and sell Iran enough weapons to embolden Iran—they cannot sell Iran enough conventional weapons to defend Iran—they serve Israel's interest by suckering Iranians into thinking they might be able to defend the nation. Israel and America will not hesitate to nuke Iran and they have openly threatened to do so, and there is no conventional defense against a barrage of nuclear weapons.

If Russia were a true ally of Iran, they would set up a military training center on top of Natanz replete with large numbers of Russian forces. They would also move submarines and warships into The Persian Gulf. This would prevent an American or Israeli attack on Iran. What does Russia do instead? They use the press of Russia to falsely accuse Iran of aggression against America, when it is America and Israel who are openly threatening peaceful Iran, while they use their diplomats to placate Iranian concerns behind closed doors.

Russia wants out of Bushehr. Russia knows that Iran is about to be aggressively attacked. Russia does not want to be drawn into any conflict between Israel, America and Iran. It does not want to have any vested interests in Iran to defend, nor does it want to be shamed by failing to defend its interests. Russia does not want its people killed by Americans or Israelis.

Ironically, Russia is next on the Zionist hit list after Islam, and by allowing Islam to be destroyed, Russia is severely weakening its own position. Russians, who think they are preventing World War III and the next greatest Depression by setting up Iran for World Jewry, are sadly mistaken. They are instead helping World Jewry to kill off a nation that would help to defend Russia from the coming attack.

The Iranians are wise to demand that the Russian politicians make their private assurances public, but they would be unwise to depend upon them. Excuses are quickly fabricated.

Should President Ahmadinejad Choose to Speak before the United Nations Security Council. . .

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Word is that the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran intends to speak before the United Nations Security Council on behalf of Iran's international rights. This is a smart move and could go very well for Iran.

I would suggest that Iran produce a published brief stating its case, the nature of its claims, the nature of the false claims made against it, the relevant law and precedents, and a documentation of the illegal threats made against Iran by Israel, America and the UK. This will make it much easier for those who would defend Iran from illegal Zionist aggression, to defend Iran as Iran wants to be defended. This will also greatly bolster the impact of President Ahmadinejad's speech and make it more difficult for the Jewish controlled media to distort his words, as they so often do.

I would also suggest showing a video presentation documenting the atrocities Israel, America and the UK have committed against Palestinians, Lebanese and Iraqis in recent years. This video presentation could be made freely available on the internet and would make it abundantly clear to all right minded people that the Zionist Axis of horror is the real threat to peace, and is the aggressor and the criminal regime. If Ahmadinejad's name is attached to the video, hundreds of millions of people around the world will see it.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Vice President Dick Cheney, the Voice of the Traitorous Zionist Fifth Column That Is Destroying America

Vice President Dick Cheney's Address to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee 2007 Policy Conference

Handing Haman the Rope with which to Hang Himself: Ahmadinejad's Head on a Uranium Platter

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is wise to remember when dealing with the Lyin' of Judah, that the cat has four paws, America, Britain, Russia and China. It is also wise to remember that the Lion of Judah and the Lion and the Sun wear the same crown, and it sits upon head of the House of the Red Shield, the bloody drape that Hugo Chavez adorns when he promises to save Latin America from the Imperialists with Marxism. They will be "saved" as Cuba was saved, as Russia was saved, as Cambodia was saved, with millions dead and millions enslaved for generations.

Russia has set up Iran by making Iran empty promises, which emboldened Iranian leadership to openly speak its mind and take an aggressive stance in response to the Zionists' attacks against Iran. The same can be said of China, though Iran was less trusting of China. Russia was the Zionists' "good cop", who manipulated Iran, who handed Iran the rope with which to hang itself. Haman has built his own gallows. Ahmadinejad, who views himself like Elijah, like John the Baptist, will be sacrificed for the Messiah. Russia gained advantage for itself by using Iran to pressure the West.

However, it is wrong to think that the West and the East represent ultimate power. The leaders of both bow down to the Jewish financiers.

The Russians set up Iran and the Iranians dutifully stuck out their necks. Now the Russians are stepping aside to make room for the executioner to do his work. The Russians are taking their position to fall into the grave next in line after the Moslems, and are waving Iran forward.

The Iranians have no real allies. That does not mean that the Iranians have no means to manipulate World politics and World public opinion.

The Israelis are using Iran's uranium enrichment program as a pretext to destroy Iran and instigate World War III and a deep world-wide depression. This is working for them, because almost no other nation on Earth wants to see Iran develop the capacity to manufacture nuclear bombs.

The Iranians could take this weapon away from the Israelis and focus attention instead on Israel's illegal aggression and its illegal nuclear arsenal. But even this would require the cooperation of the Islamic World at large in order to be successful, and the Islamic World has been so long stressed that it takes any opportunity it can to relax, when it should instead seize its rare opportunities to take the offensive against World Zionism.

It is likely that Islam would simply go back to its old habits of silence and confusion if Iran were to suddenly abandon its nuclear ambitions. World Jewry, always aggressive, would continue its attack on Iran using Hamas and Hezbullah, which Israel created, as pretexts to aggressively attack Iran.

Iran cannot fight this fight alone. It has shown enthusiasm, and as of late, flexibility. Islam must save itself by saving Iran.

Bush is raising troop levels in Iraq and Afghanistan in preparation for an Israeli attack on Iran. Iran will be abandoned by almost all World players at the crucial time, and then Israel will attack.

Israel is trying to destabilize the Iranian Government with an old trick the Nazis used against Stalin. The Nazis sent Stalin falsified reports that Soviet leaders were Nazi agents. Stalin promptly executed many of his loyal leaders and did the Nazis' work for them.

Iran must combat the Mossad, as I have been saying for a very long time now, but they must also not become paranoid and do the Mossad's work for the Israelis.

Iran should also not fall into the trap of openly attacking the Russians, who have effectively provoked the Iranians. It would be wiser to give the appearance of friendship with all.

The playground of World politics is populated with the most treacherous and conniving psychopaths humanity and inhumanity can produce. Iran should trust none, and remember that outward appearances mean nothing other than to the World public, where they shape its opinions. Iran does not want to appear completely isolated, and the Russians are daring the Iranians to isolate themselves and add a few more coils of rope to the hangman's noose.

In the News:

Bushehr NPP will not be launched in Sept. - Atomstroyexport - 1

Russia-Iran talks on Bushehr NPP begin in Tehran

Russia warns Iran physical launch of Bushehr plant impossible

Russia not interested in playing anti-U.S. games with Iran - source

Russia's patience wearing thin with ally Iran

Iran abusing ties with Russia

All is not gloom and doom. Iran is doing the right thing by calling for unity and peace. It is time to steady the boat. Iran needs Moslems to use the weight of their numbers as ballast as East and West rock the Middle East.

In the News:

Iraq Needs an Islamic Coalition

Ahmadinejad: World Problems Solved Only Through Dialogue

Iran Ready to Cooperate with EU in Establishing Peace

Iran: Baghdad Conference a 1st step for Future Talks