Saturday, April 07, 2007


Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I nominate the British Government for an academy award should they provide the script—if they haven't already. I suggest that Richard Simmons play the role of Tony Blair.

It was all very predictable. . . and oh how it will backfire on the British, who, like the Americans, have sold their dignity to Zion (and Hollywood?):

Iran denies British captives mistreated

Debriefed and Scripted?

I hope the British wake up before the Iranians are forced to further embarrass them. Israel is the only nation benefitting from this fiasco.

Zionist Savages Are Destroying America's Image, and America's Soul

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A clear pattern is emerging, which is shaping World public opinion against America and the UK. The Zionists in control of the governments of the Bush and Blair regimes continually push for aggressive war, while Iran strives for peace. The Zionists provoke, revoke, obstruct and inflame, while the Iranians seek civilized, negotiated solutions to the problems which the Zionists deliberately create.

The Zionists are doing terrible damage to the reputation and psyches of Americans and Brits. The Government of Great Britain, once the very symbol of dignity, diplomatic grace and sophistication, refinement and nobility; is lowered to the status of an undignified Zionist puppet parroting the slovenly Judaist "pundits" of the Jewish controlled media. English politics are being Judaized in the worst way, not in the higher scientific sense of rigor and discipline which symbolizes the best of Jewish culture, but in the thuggish, confrontational, aggressive, juvenile and ridiculous sense, the sense in which Zionist organized crime stemming from the brothels and dirty streets of Eastern Europe has "distinguished" itself worldwide.

America, too, is looking ever more like Israel. We see Israeli-style images of American troops kicking in Moslem doors, torturing defenseless Moslems, genociding innocent peoples, mass murdering women and children. American and British media, once the forum for civilized dialogue, now reflect the Judaists' penchant for screaming, screeching, reckless insult and censorship. The Judaists' tabloid journalism, and the Judaists' constant pounding on the drums of war, has infected the minds of America and Great Britain with irrational hatred and unsophisticated, uncivilized behavior. World Jewry is turning us into mindless mass murders, hate mongers, warmongers, and savages without morality, reason or any of the other cultivated virtues of Western Civilization. The Talmudic legacy of cunning, conniving and artful lying are now seen as virtues heavily promoted in the media.

We see the fruits of this rotten tree. America is rapidly declining. Britain is losing its "class". We are becoming Eastern European Jews in the worst sense, and without the charm that once distinguished that People.

The process is reversible. Those of us old enough to remember what it means to be a decent human being must school the young and shield them from the process of dehumanization carried out by the Zionists. We must speak out against the childish and barbaric tactics of the Jewish controlled media and their shameless, lying, psychopathic, uncivilized, divisive and destructive "talking heads", who censor, silence and obstruct civil discourse and who demean and degrade Americans and the British by the example of their trashy vulgarity.

They are deliberately rendering American politics a battle between two flavors of scum so as to leave Americans so disgusted, so revolted, so fearful and so reluctant, that all decent and reasonable Americans shy away from the political process and it becomes by default the domain of the vile Zionist puppets. This is happening by design. The onus is upon the American People to turn away from the Jewish controlled media, to demand that the traitorous Zionists not be allowed to fund political campaigns, and to establish civilized networks for discussing political campaigns and political issues which are immune to the virulent influence of the disgusting Zionist media.

In the News:

Freed Iranian diplomat: "I was kidnapped and tortured by the US"

Report: Freed Iran diplomat says US tortured him

Friday, April 06, 2007

Media Campaign Against Iran Will Likely Backfire with a Revival of the Exposure of Abu Garib Horrors

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The campaign by the media and the British Government to vilify the Iranians, as opposed to celebrating the peaceful and prompt end of the crisis over the famous fifteen, is likely to backfire on the Brits and drive a wedge between Great Britain and America. The prolonged captivity, brutal treatment including rape and murder, which Western powers have inflicted upon innocent Moslems stands in stark contrast to the comparatively benign and brief treatment the Brits received in Iran.

The British are likely to state that the Americans are responsible for the atrocities at Abu Garib and elsewhere. This will create a division between British and Americans. The Americans have already scoffed at the actions of the British Military, thereby distancing Americans from the British. In their haste to vilify the Iranians, the bungling British are only succeeding in digging themselves deeper into a pit of humiliation.

There is a far more mature and civilized way to deal with this situation. The British should celebrate the fact that "all's well that end's well" and take this opportunity to better relations with Iran, instead of gobbling up sour grapes and enduring the gastric torture which is certain to follow. The Moslem World has yet to play its cards in humiliating the British, and things will go badly for the image of the former Empire if they continue to attack Islam without cause.

Of course, this contrived post-de-escalation escalation is exactly what the Jewish controlled media wants to create. The British public should insist that the British Government not fall into the trap which World Jewry is setting for the British and the Iranians.

Don't Let the Media off the Hook for its Collaboration with the Zionist Bush Regime in Ginning up the Iraq War Based on Obvious Lies

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The anti-war internet community should take the media to task for needlessly ginning up a war against Iran, just as the Jewish controlled media worked in fascist lock step with the Zionist Bushkovites to lead America to aggressively and illegally attack Iraq. The Jewish controlled media is the fourth estate of the fifth column of Israel-first infiltrators and traitors who are deliberately destroying America for the benefit of Israel. Do not let it be forgotten that the media played a leading role in pushing Americans to mass murder millions of innocent Iraqis. America is only beginning to pay the cost for this genocidal crime against humanity.

Let it not be forgotten that the Jewish controlled media is the agent of the worst enemy America has ever faced, the Nation of Israel. Their goal is to lead us to attack and mass murder innocent human beings who have done us no harm. The Jewish controlled media is indoctrinating Americans to hate and mass murder innocent human beings. They are robbing us of our youth, our treasure, our humanity, our morality, our sovereignty, our sanity and our future. They are poisoning our gene pool and our environment with depleted uranium and other toxins. They are poisoning our minds with a propaganda campaign meant to dehumanize and vilify innocent Moslems. They are poisoning humanity with perpetual war.

Debriefed and Scripted?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The British are making a mistake with their predictable ingratitude towards the Iranians' humanitarian treatment of the famous fifteen. Has the British Government debriefed and scripted their military personnel and attempted to present a melodrama which would excuse their behavior, their admissions under comparatively light duress? I do not know.

In any event, the bottom line is that the fifteen were not harmed and were fairly promptly allowed to return home. The British should have let it go at that. The situation could have become much worse and the World can breathe a sigh of relief that it did not.

The Marines and Sailors will likely receive generous offers for their stories, and if they play their cards wisely, will end up rich, unless they are barred from profiting from their experiences. It is possible that they made some sort of a deal with the British Government to avoid any possible repercussions for their actions, but it is also possible that they did not, and that such an issue never arose. I do not know. I would guess that the British Government would want there to be a melodrama to vilify the Iranians, given their expressed ingratitude that the crisis ended well and peacefully. The British must be careful in the stories they tell, for the Iranians may have videotaped the entire process.

The Jewish controlled media is deeply disappointed that all ended up well and is trying to perpetuate a crisis which no longer exists. Instead of playing up the positives and promoting better international relations, the Jewish controlled media are trying to foment hatreds and whip up the winds of war. Humanity ought to recognize the open threat that the Jewish controlled media poses to our safety, to international stability, and to our prosperity. It is the Jewish controlled media which is leading us towards war, not Iran.

The Iranians deliberately de-escalated the crisis. The Jewish controlled media is attempting to create new crises.

The Jewish controlled media is a danger to us all. As was the case in the First and Second World Wars, the Jewish controlled media is loudly beating the war drums. If they succeed in creating a Third World War, they will eventually lie and paint the Jews as if victims of the war World Jewry is at this very moment fomenting.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Israeli Subversion of American Politics: Americans and Arabs, as Always, Mere Pawns of the "Jewish State"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Whose interests rule the American Government? With a crew of Zionist traitors holding the reins of power in America, Israel's interests supercede every other consideration for the soulless harlots in Washington. Americans and Arabs better awaken to the fact that the Israelis plan to use Americans and Arabs to mass murder Iranians. Then the Israelis will have the Americans mass murder the Arabs, Sunni as well as Shia, again.

The Sunnis are being lured into a trap. The Israelis want to use the Sunnis to kill off the Shia. This is why the Americans are pretending to want to help the Palestinians. They play the same game everytime they attack a Moslem nation. They destroy Moslem unity against Zionist aggression by falsely promising that a Palestinian solution will soon be found. They always renege on their promises and blame the Palestinians themselves for the Zionist treachery.

If they succeed in destroying Iran, the Israelis will use the American "Christian" Zionists to kill off the Sunnis. Then they will mass murder all Moslems in Jerusalem, and build a Jewish Temple on the site of the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque. World Jewry will only arm their target nations enough to embolden them to engage in war which will weaken them. World Jewry will then destroy their target nations. The Israelis have targeted Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Jordan, etc. for extermination, as well as Iran.

Sunnis must join with Shia to resist the common Israeli enemy that wants to exterminate all Moslems. World Jewry is issuing vile propaganda in the United States meant to dehumanize Moslems. The Judaists have even coined a new smear word, "Islamist", which racist Jews use to degrade Moslems. Moslems must form a united front against this existential threat coming from Israel to kill all Moslems. Americans must rise against the Israeli subversion of our government and media.

Israel is the enemy of humanity. If we begin to fight back, they will be quickly defeated.

Israel is at its weakest and most vulnerable point since its inception. If the Arabs unite with the Iranians and hold a strong and united line for peace and justice, Israel will collapse from within from the damning weight of its unholy hatred of the World. Moslems unite and watch Israel sink into Hell.

In the News:

Israel's Protests Are Said to Stall Gulf Arms Sale

Israel Delaying Major American Arms Sale to Gulf States

Report: Israeli objections delay progress of US weapons offer to Saudis

Use Ahmadinejad's Fame to Maximum Advantage

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Iranians have handled the seizure of 15 Brits who encroached onto Iranian territory, and the resultant diplomatic crisis, very well. It was wise to make a humanitarian gesture to the British and present them with an Easter gift. It was also wise to remind the British that this was a bilateral situation. The Iranians asked for nothing in exchange and skillfully avoided any appearance of hostage taking, much to the chagrin of the Jewish controlled media. I had considered offering all of these strategies as suggestions, but felt that this was the course the Iranians would naturally take and that to publicize these ideas would be counterproductive. One thing the Iranians have done, which is a brilliant move I never even considered, was for Ahmadinejad to pardon the trespassers.

In so doing, Iran demonstrates restraint, compassion, kindness, flexibility, forgiveness, and yet maintains that the Iranians were justified to take action against an international transgression, a transgression which is simply the latest in a series of transgressions. The British People know that they should not be in the region with warships, but they do not want their military personnel to pay for the crimes of their Zionist controlled politicians. The Iranians have peacefully driven a wedge between the British public and the Zionists, and rightly so.

President Ahmadinejad has focused attention on the corruption of the UN and its repeated failure to act in a just and responsible fashion. He has asserted that something must be done to either revise or replace the system. As far as I am aware, Ahmadinejad has not made specific proposals as to how this should be done, or what form international bodies should take. The Iranians have been leaders in the Islamic World and made bold and progressive proposals on how the Moslems ought to unify and take their fate into their own hands. The Iranians have gone further and sought to build coalitions in South America and Africa to cure the neglect and deliberate impediments and attacks Zionist controlled nations have imposed on these continents and their nations. The reaction of the Zionist powers will be slow and stupid. Should the Iranians continue to offer solutions, while the UN and other Zionist controlled bodies offer only obstacles and corruption, the market place of ideas will be dominated by Iran.

I would suggest that the Iranians put Ahmadinejad's fame to work convincing World public opinion that much of human suffering over the last century has resulted from the Zionists and their international organizations. Take an historico-critical approach and document the facts in video documentaries. Then apply commonly accepted standards of human morality and offer just solutions to the problems the Zionists have created. World public opinion will favor this approach, and the Zionists will further alienate themselves as warmongers and troublemakers, while the Iranians will become increasingly seen as a nation under unjust, inhuman and racist attack. People will soon tire of the Zionist vampires crying out for more Moslem blood, and will turn to the positive and progressive solutions offered by the Iranians, most especially so if the Iranians and others succeed in uniting Islam for the cause of peace and prosperity. The contrast between Zionist warmongers and Islamic messengers of peace is becoming increasingly strong, and needs only a multimedia PR campaign to hasten the end of Zionist domination of World public opinion.

Show the carnage and injustice the Zionists have committed. Show what a shameful thing it is to be a racist, warmongering Zionist. Document the Zionist attack on humanity with irrefutable evidence. The truth favors the cause of Islam. Trust in the truth. Share the truth with the World.

Use the power the Jewish controlled media has given President Ahmadinejad. Produce a documentary of his career and interject the facts of Zionist corruption. Westerners are very curious about him. A documentary about him would be widely seen. Once you have the eyes and ears of the West, you can persuade Western minds with the facts.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What the Russians Are Not Saying

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Before the Russian media began reporting that Russian intelligence was aware of a planned attack on Iran, I warned on this blog that this was in fact the case:

What Does Russia Know That We Don't? What Do We Know That the Russians Don't?

We are now confronted with what the Russians are not saying. Though they claim to disapprove of an aggressive attack on Iran, and state that such an attack would be counterproductive for America, the Russians are not threatening to take any action against the aggressors in the event of such an aggressive attack on Iran. This signals a "green light" to America to attack.

Indeed, an American attack will be counterproductive for Americans, but will benefit Israel, and will weaken Russia's largest competitor and "strategic partner", America. It will also send the Islamic World into chaos.

What is the strategy of the "strategic partners"? To destroy America, instigate World War III, and artificially fulfil the Judaists' messianic myths of a "Battle of Armageddon", World government ruled by the Jewish King from Jerusalem and the annihilation of all religions save Judaism.

If there are any Iranians left who believe that Russia is on their side, they are mistaken. Iran should continue to pretend to friendship with Russia and use Russia's ruse for whatever it is worth, but Iranians should never come to depend on Russian support in a war. Russians are selling the Iranians weapons in order to embolden the Iranians to foolishly enter into war. They are not selling the Iranians weapons so that Iranians will defeat the Zionists. They are promoting Goy on Goy destruction and mass murder, which favors Israel.

In the News:

Lavrov against using force in Iran, talks Kosovo, Karabakh

Russia anxious about military action against Iran near its border

U.S. must think twice before striking Iran - Russian brass

After Islam is destroyed, the Zionists will exterminate the Russians.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Zionist Puppet Angela Merkel Exhibits Her Bias

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

David Ben-Gurion admitted in 1956 that the Jews had stolen the Palestinians' land, and that the Palestinians were being made to suffer for Nazi Germany's crimes,

"I don't understand your optimism,' Ben Gurion declared. 'Why should the Arabs make peace? If I was an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country. Sure, God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? Our God is not theirs. We come from Israel, it's true, but two thousand years ago, and what is that to them? There has been antisemitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we have come here and stolen their country. Why should they accept that? They may perhaps forget in one or two generations' time, but for the moment there is no chance. So it's simple: we have to stay strong and maintain a powerful army. Our whole policy is there. Otherwise the Arabs will wipe us out.'"—David Ben-Gurion, quoted in: N. Goldmann, The Jewish Paradox, Grosset & Dunlap, New York, (1978), p. 99.

Black leader Stokely Carmichael stated essentially the same thing at a lecture in George Washington University in 1970. Pro-Israel supporters jeered at him. [See: "Carmichael, in Washington, Terms Arab Struggle Just", The New York Times, (10 April 1970), p. 22.] Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated essentially the same thing as David Ben-Gurion, on 14 December 2005. Many Jews called Ahmadinejad "anti-Semitic" and made his statements a casus belli for annihilating Iran.

President Ahmadinejad stated,

"Today, they have created a myth in the name of Holocaust and consider it to be above God, religion and the prophets, [***] If you committed this big crime, then why should the oppressed Palestinian nation pay the price? This is our proposal: If you committed the crime, then give a part of your own land in Europe, the United States, Canada or Alaska to them so that the Jews can establish their country."—S. Delacourt, "Iranian President Denies Holocaust, Sparks Outrage", The Toronto Star, (15 December 2005), p. A1.

Often when World Jewry collectively attempts to shout someone down, World Jewry is attempting to silence the truth. World Jewry often attempts to make the truth a taboo subject. World Jewry often accuses those who speak the truth of "anti-Semitism".

Angela Merkel, a former East German, is Germany's version of the Zionist puppets George W. Bush and Tony Blair. She is eager to sponsor Israeli interests over those of humanity. Her lickspittle attitude has served her well. A petty and uninsightful politician, she has risen to become Chancellor of Germany, an unlikely event which occurred not long after Merkel defied the will of the German People and promoted America's illegal Zionist aggression against Iraq.

When this trio of Zionist marionettes, Merkel, Bush and Blair, parrot their Zionist agenda in chorus, they pretend that they represent the "voice of the international community". They only represent the voice of International Zionism. With Jewish controlled international finance and the Jewish controlled press behind the Zionist agenda, the Zionists Merkel, Bush and Blair are often able to coerce other nations into abiding the Zionist agenda.

This vulgar and vile corruption is apt to eventually backfire badly on the Jewish bankers who are behind it. For now, the Palestinians pay the price. Merkel gets her face in the newspapers and Germans can pretend to moral superiority by oppressing the Palestinians as they once oppressed the Jews, and again at the instigation of Zionist Jews who dictate their national policies from behind the scenes. Zionist Jews and their German stooges often work together to sponsor the formation of ghettoes, to starve defenseless people, and to promote segregationist national politics.

In the News:

Palestinian officials highly critical of Merkel visit

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April's Foolish: The Tales of Three Blind Mice

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Israel is being destroyed by three Zionist stooges, George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Angela Merkel.

Following the Second World War, one of the many negative legacies of the Bolshevik Zionist Adolf Hitler was the spread of Communism to Eastern Europe and the dissolution of Germany, which Zionist Jews had been planning since before the First World War. At the close of the European war, Germany was divided into occupied zones. Eastern Germany was stolen by the Soviets, who made it into a Soviet-dominated Communist nation.

While West Germany experienced the post-war "Wirtschaftswunder", East Germans became childish, lazy and docile. When Germany reunified, West Germany began to decline. Angela Merkel was an East German.

Angela Merkel scurries around the world promoting Israeli interests, much to the detriment of German and European interests. She is as much of a Zionist stooge as are Bush and Blair. Ironically, these three blind Zionist mice, and the growing list of Zionist lemmings leading the governments of the world, are pushing Israel off the cliff. As has so often happened in the past, the corruption, arrogance, and seemingly incurable animosity of World Jewry towards the Goyim, is bringing the world into escalating wars. As has so often happened in the past, this is likely to result in severe suffering for masses of Jews and the end of the Jewish military occupation of the Land of Palestine.

The Jews have never claimed to be the original inhabitants of the land they today call "Israel", though they have always claimed that the theft of this land was their lease on life. The Jews always stated that they were an aggressive, invasive, and genocidal People, who stole the land and massacred the natives and pushed them off of their native land. Many Jews pride themselves on Jewish consistency and endurance through the ages.

They are taught to rejoice in the destruction of their enemies. Many Jews take pride in, even rejoice in, Jewish suffering. Unfortunately, the friends World Jewry have purchased at the expense of the human race are about to deliver the Jews of the World into the worst wave of anti-Jewish hatred the World has ever seen. This is by Zionist design. In Judaic myth, two-thirds of the Jews must die. The Jews have an ancient eugenics plan. They pass their own through the fires of Hell in order to purify themselves of their weaklings.

The Judaists, the Judases, are preparing a mass cemetery for their brethren. It is called the "Jewish State". Graves have always held a mystic importance to Jews. They are taught that Jewish bones from around the World will one day crawl through the Earth to Jerusalem. If the Zionist stooges World Jewry has placed on the warmongering thrones of Europe and America persist in their genocidal meddling and incompetent bungling, the dry and smoking bones of Israel will have a short trip through to the netherworld.

We can and must prevent this tragedy, if only for the sake of the innocent children—if only for the sake of ourselves.

Ignore This Warning at Your Peril

Chief of Staff Warns Leaders of Palestine's Neighbors

Zionists have new plots for region