Saturday, May 12, 2007

Jewish-Dominated Politics in America: Who Says There Is No Jewish Lobby?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Rev. Ted Pike has called it right yet again. The police state is expanding its powers, and who is behind the continuous erosion of our fundamental liberties?

In the News:

Jewish Groups Set To Fight Veto of Hate-Crimes Bill

Note well the last paragraph. The author of this article in The Jewish Daily Forward is Nathan Guttman. Is this the same Nathan Guttman who appears in the following Al Jazeera news story on AIPAC?

What is AIPAC

Is Mr. Guttman an American, or an Israeli, or does he have some other nationality?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Sarkozy, Bollore and Rothschild

France : Vincent Bolloré, capitaine d'industrie

French entrepreneur Vincent Bolloré and his media interests

Sarkozy's 'friend' did win state deals

Another Violation of International Law to Add to the Articles of Impeachment Against Dick Cheney

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In violation of the United Nations Charter, Article 2, Section 4, Dick Cheney openly threatened the Islamic Republic of Iran with the use of force,

"With two carrier strike groups in the Gulf, we're sending clear messages to friends and adversaries alike. We'll keep the sea lanes open. [. . .] We'll stand with others to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons and dominating this region[.]"United States Vice President Dick Cheney, as quoted by Graham Bowley, "On Carrier in Gulf, Cheney Issues Warning to Iran", The New York Times,, (11 May 2007); and Tom Raum, "Cheney Warns Iran Sea Lanes Must Be Open", The Associated Press,,, (11 May 2007).

Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich needs our support to prosecute this criminal and put an end to the Zionist neo-Conservatives' plans to destroy Iran and America, and instigate a Third World War, World-wide famine and economic collapse. Please visit his websites, which publish and justify the Articles of Impeachment Against Dick Cheney, at:

From Israel with Love

An Open Letter to the Parents of Rachel Corrie

Yet Again, the Israeli Government Seeks to Interfere in Internal American Politics and Pit Christians Against Moslems

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

America's mortal enemy Israel, the segregationist and genocidal "Jewish State", openly seeks to subvert the American political process and to use Christians as a weapon against their enemies. Israel, which sends its spies to steal our precious secrets, Israel, which has attacked our Navy and slaughtered our sailors, Israel, which has pimped our politicians and controls our media, Israel seeks to turn our loving Christians into Israeli mercenaries, against the best interests of the American People. Israel is the worst enemy America has ever faced. Those who side with Israel, side with the enemy. The Jewish Talmud demands that Jews chop off the heads of Christians and it teaches Jews that Jesus is the son of a whore, and that Jesus was a sorcerer, who is now boiling in excrement in hell.

In the News:

MK Erdan: Let's boost Evangelical ties

Rabbis protest joint Jewish-Arab event

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Will a Radical Lifelong Zionist Replace Tony Blair?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The People of Great Britain should be alert to the fact that an ultra-Zionist may become your next Prime Minister. Many believe that Gordon Brown is slated to replace Blair. As recently as 25 April 2007, Brown stated before the Board of Deputies of British Jews, inter alia,

"First, let me tell you how I came to become so close to the Jewish community. I have told some of you before how my upbringing in a small town of Kirkcaldy, Fife brought me in contact from my earliest days, I remember, with the people of Israel. It was because my Father — a Church of Scotland Minister — chaired the church Israel committee, and used to travel at least twice a year to Israel. I grew up from the 1950’s in Scotland surrounded by stories, books and, if you remember back to that time, I was shown on old projector slides all the great sites of Israel And I grew up impressed and motivated by the struggles the sacrifices and, yes, the great achievement of the ancient dream of the Jewish nation becoming reality in the modern state of Israel. [***] That conviction is why I remain a life-long friend and supporter of Israel. [***] But I speak on behalf of the British Government, and when Tony Blair and I say Israel will always have our support, we mean it. Britain will be a true and constant friend — in good times and bad and we will never compromise our relationship to political expediency."The Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP, speaking at the President's Dinner of the Board of Deputies of British Jews on 25 April 2007, The Board of Deputies of British Jews,\stories\2007-04-30gb.jsp.

Clearly, it is not in Great Britain's best interest to have such an ardent Zionist as Prime Minister. Brown openly avows undying support for a nation which is dragging down the good name and economy of the UK. Brown inextricably ties the UK to Israel, which nation last summer launched an unprovoked, illegal, aggressive and barbaric attack on Lebanon. Tzipi Livni is the daughter of Eitan Livni, who was an Irgun member, and who has been associated with the Irgun King David Hotel bombing attack on the British.

One cannot have absolute loyalty to two nations. Loyalty to Israel is demonstrably loyalty to a racist, apartheid regime, which was founded on terrorism directed at, among others, the British, and which aggressively attacks its neighboring countries.

Changing of the Zionist Guard in Europe?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Germany is led by the ultra Zionist lackey ever ready to lick up Israel's spittle, former Communist Angela Merkel. However, Germans are fond of the slogan "Nie Wieder!" and never again wish to be used to fight World Jewry's wars against humanity.

England has lost its ruling Queen. Tony Blair is stepping down. It is very telling that the Iranian capture of encroaching British forces was not used as a pretext for a British attack on Iran—the British have lost their taste for Zionist wars. There have been illegitimate prosecutions of Moslems on falsely alleged charges of terrorism, which would make it more difficult for the Zionists to win British favor for war with a false flag attack. The Zionists know, and knew, that Great Britain was not ripe for another illegal aggressive war against innocent Moslem nations.

France is being primed to become the new Zionist force against Islam in Europe. France assisted Israel in the development of Israel's nuclear arsenal. France committed numerous atrocities against Algerians. France has long had a strong Communist element. France led America into Vietnam, which weakened America and drew America's attention away from Israel's crimes of aggression. France betrayed Lebanon, and Syria, when Israel aggressively and barbarically attacked Lebanon last summer. Can we expect a "terrorist" attack in France with fabricated Iranian earmarks?

In the News:

Is Sarkozy Europe's New Blair?

British Prime Minister Tony Blair Announces His Resignation

U.K. Jews: Blair was 'friend and ally'

Ron Paul, Friend or Foe?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ron Paul presents himself as a dissenting voice presumably representing America's founding values, but is he in fact, wittingly or unwittingly, a pawn of the Zionist Jewish bankers? Is Ron Paul a new Senator Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich, who will flip the bankers' coin in their game of corrosive inflation followed by destructive deflation?

Paul receives the golden seal of approval from gold merchants and Israel-first Zionist Jews posing as if "Christian American patriots". On the other hand, Paul, to his credit, opposes Zionist inspired American aggression against Moslem nations in the Middle East, but can this noble stance be exploited to peel away votes from more viable candidates? Could Ron Paul be used as a spoiler candidate, and then as a voice in Congress for banking "reforms" which will profit the Jewish bankers who control the World's gold? Elections often swing on a handful of votes.

Jewish bankers have traditionally hired, or duped, Shabbas Goys to demand banking reforms, after the Jewish bankers have deliberately created the conditions for an economic crash. This provides the Jewish bankers with an opportunity to institute the policies they seek to employ to further rob nations of their wealth. Before creating the Federal Reserve in 1913, the Jewish bankers first rocked the financial world with numerous scams meant to destroy the American economy, so as to leave Americans clamoring for reforms, and the Jewish bankers had ready "reforms" which would rob the American People and fatten the Jewish bankers.

It appears that history is repeating itself as the Jewish bankers plan for a replacement of the Federal Reserve System with a new system that will again prevent the American People from issuing their own currency, and which will greatly enrich the already unimaginably wealthy Jewish banking families who already control the majority of the wealth of the World, and who have sought absolute control over the money supply of the World for 2,500 years. The Jewish bankers want to seal the coffin on America and have taken many steps to weaken to us.

Do not blindly follow, nor dismiss, Ron Paul. Carefully examine his candidacy in the broader context of the election of both parties' candidates. Consider how he might be used to swing these elections, and test him to see if he is dogmatic, or open minded, in his disastrous plan to push America into a ruinous "Gold Standard", a plan that would only profit the Jewish bankers when they sell us back the gold which they have stolen from us, and secure the debts they have led America into and on which they intend to collect by land, or by gold. Test Paul and see if he will identify the fact that the Jewish bankers who created the Federal Reserve were Zionist Jews led by the Rothschilds, who sought to become Kings of the Jews and by extension Kings of the human race. Is he really fighting the Jewish bankers, or merely creating opportunities for them to change the system to their liking and to our detriment? Is he an anti-Zionist, or controlled opposition?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Nicolas Sarkozy Buddy-Buddy with Bibi Netanyahu: Mrs. Cecilia Sarkozy (also Jewish) Insists She Has no French Blood

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The news is rife with reports of Nicolas Sarkozy's intimate ties to Judaists and to the "Jewish State". He, himself, is Jewish, and was very close to his Sephardic Jewish grandfather, who left Salonika to become a Catholic convert. Salonika is noteworthy for producing crypto-Jews whose families infiltrate other nations' governments.

In the News:

Sarkozy's Election: A 'Great Thing for Israel-France Relations'

Cecilia Sarkozy: a French first lady of Jewish-Spanish ancestry

John Stadtmiller praises Sarkozy beginning 33 minutes 58 seconds into the program (audio file)

Israel pleased with new French president

Israeli may join Sarkozy's cabinet

Sarkozy pledges Israel support

Jewish support for Sarkozy reflects stand on anti-Semitism

Christian Bashing in the Zionist Controlled "Alternative" Media

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Crypto-Jews, posing as if evangelical Christians, are viciously attacking Catholic Christians in the "alternative" media. This programming is largely controlled by Zionist Jews, who wish to defame Jesus and destroy the Christian faith.

These deceitful propagandists, afraid to openly state their views, instead slither along pretending to be Christians, so that they can destroy Christianity by pitting Protestants against Catholics, and coaxing unaware, and/or greedy, Christian dupes to join these Jews in defaming Christian churches. These crypto-Jews often exhibit typical Zionist behaviors, such as practicing censorship. Their fundamental lack of honor and their inability to follow normal human standards of courage and fairness prompts them to seek an unfair and undignified advantage behind which these cowards can hide and from which these gutless mice can lie and spew out their hatred against Jesus and against Christians.

I warn Protestants, and other Christian churches, that these Zionist Jews intend to utterly destroy all forms of the Christian faith. They are using you to attack Catholics, so that they can weaken Christianity in general. They will not stop at the Catholic Church. Their religious books expressly demand that Jews behead all Christians (Sanhedrin 56-60).

The Jews posing as if they were Christians in the "alternative" media today are part of a long process by which World Jewry has been undermining the Christian faith. In the Kulturkampf, Jewish propagandists viciously attacked the Catholic Church and ridiculed Catholic Priests and the Pope. Their goal was turn Christianity against itself. They artificially created deep hatreds which made it easier for World Jewry to instigate World War I. The tensions between Germany and France were largely the product of the war Jews created between German Protestants and French Catholics. This is one reason why the Dreyfus Affair occurred. French Catholics grew weary of the defamations German Jews hurled at them, and at Jesus Christ.

When these crypto-Jews ridicule the Jesuits, the nonexistent "Black Pope", the Pope, the Vatican, Catholic Priests, etc., what they are really doing is slandering Jesus and defaming all Christians. They want all people to attack, and to laugh at, Christians. This produces the psychological atmosphere Judaists need to eliminate all religions other than Judaism. It also satisfies their vindictive lust and affords them with the opportunity to scapegoat Christians for Jewish crimes against humanity.

It was easier for Judaists to defame Jesus and end Christianity in countries they absolutely controlled. In the Soviet Union, Jews persecuted Christian clergy, turned Christian churches into pig barns, or filled the churches with Christians and burned them to the ground. Judaists are seizing ever greater control over America. Their campaign to undermine Catholicism and to scapegoat Catholics for Jewish crimes, is part of a larger strategy to destroy American culture, and the American nation.

I urge my readers to react to this Judaist attack on the Christian faith and to see beyond any inter-Christian bias they may have against Catholics. Do not allow Judaists to use your bias as a tool with which to destroy Christianity in general. I suggest you confront Christian bashing crypto-Jews in the Zionist controlled "alternative" media, and demand that they stop defaming Christianity with their lies. Expect that these cowards will continue their Zionist habits of censorship, but do not let that dissuade you. Expose them at every opportunity and show that they are gutless propagandists unwilling to debate. This will make it more difficult for these vicious propagandists to destroy Christianity, because their dupes will start to catch on to what the Jesus hating Judaists are doing. Protestants will come to realize that the crypto-Jews in the Zionist controlled "alternative" media will openly attack Protestants next (they are already defaming them indirectly by defaming Catholic Christians and by implication all Christians), if Protestants allow themselves to be used to attack Catholics. Judaists in the Zionist controlled mainstream media are already openly attacking Protestants. All of these Judaist are working together in order to erase Christianity from the World. They are not your friends and they do not mean you well.

Jesus Is Not Welcome in Israel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

"Christian" Zionists, your dollars and your self-destructive support for Zionist puppets in American politics are all welcome in Israel, but your Jesus Christ is verboten.

In the News (Bibi Netanyahu weighs in):

Chief Rabbinate Nixes Christian-Jewish Conference

Monday, May 07, 2007

Beware of Obscurantists in the Zionist Controlled "Alternative" Media

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There are numerous obscurantists operating the Zionist controlled "alternative" media, who attempt to obfuscate the central Zionist role in the worst crimes humanity has endured. There are Communist Jews, who pretend to defend the interests of the Arab World, while undermining those Arab interests and scapegoating America and faceless "corporations" for demonstrably Jewish crimes. There are also phony "Protestant Christians", who are in fact Zionist Jews who scapegoat the Catholic Church for demonstrably Jewish Crimes.

Lying by Omission

Zionist obscruantists will defame the Catholic Church and minimize the crimes of the Zionists by saying something juvenile and untrue, such as, "I don't care if it's the Zionists or the Vatican which is at the top of the New World Order pyramid. They're all evil Illuminati luciferian devil worshippers." Zionist obscruantists will follow this falsehood with a glittering generality that appeals to the stupid as if it were a logical reason for ignoring the demonstrated fact that the Zionists are the cause of the worst problems America faces today, "I just want my country to be the way it was!" The irrationality of the non sequitur Zionist obscruantists express in such "arguments" is to be found in the fact that telling the truth about the Zionists does not prevent our taking America back from Zionist subversives, but rather it is crucial that we identify the demonstrated fact that the Zionist are the source of the problems, because in so doing we confront and combat the true demonstrated enemy which is attacking us, and this is the only way that we can take our country back from the Zionists.

Zionist obscurantists lie by omission when they discount, or ignore, or aggressively suppress the fact that the Zionists are to blame for America's worst problems, and the greatest crimes against humanity that have ever been committed. Zionist obscurantists are so vile as to attempt to justify their lies by omission in the name of preventing divisiveness, when in fact they are dividing the victims of Jewish crimes from the truth, which truth can save these same victims from further Jewish crimes in the future. When Zionist obscurantists tell you not to discuss Zionism because all people should work together to fight the "luciferian controllers", tell them to stop lying by omission and tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Ask them if murderers should go free because there are other murderers out there, and how it is that we supposedly protect ourselves from future murders by ignoring the identity of past murderers and let those murderers roam free and take charge of our society, merely because there are other murderers? Ask them how we are supposedly going to battle the demonstrated enemy, when, on their "good advice", we refuse to name and combat it directly?

Minimizers and Scapegoaters

Zionist obscurantists love to scapegoat Catholics for Jewish crimes. This has been going on for a very long time. Nero's Jewish wife Poppaea burned Rome. She scapegoated the Christians for this Jewish crime. In another among countless examples to be found in history, Jews were behind the Reformation, which made the ludicrous claim that the Pope is the anti-Christ, when in fact the New Testament (New Covenant) identifies Jewry as the anti-Christ. While eager to lie and blame some non-existent "Black Pope" and Jesuits for Jewish crimes, modern Zionist obscurantists suddenly become generalists and minimizers when the facts point to leading Jews as the criminals committing the crimes at issue. Suddenly, when the facts are brought to the fore, the ethnicity of the criminal is not important and it is racist to mention it, despite the fact that the criminal openly commits his or her crime out of tribal loyalty to the Jews and does so in name of Jewry. Zionist obscurantists will try to convince their dupes that it is divisive to tell the truth, that by honestly identifying the Jewish criminal and his or her openly Jewish motives, one plays into the hands of the "luciferian controllers". The truth becomes the enemy in the hands of these Zionist liars posing as Protestant Christians. Of course there is nothing divisive about catching the crooks and prosecuting them. There is nothing racist about identifying the criminals' racist Zionist motives. Self preservation does not preclude self preservation, and we can only preserve ourselves by honestly identifying the criminals and their motives, and combating them.

Zionist obscurantists often attempt to let criminal Jews off the hook by spuriously claiming that criminal Jews are not "real Jews". Zionist obscruantists quote the New Testament (New Covenant) book of Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 as if these passages refer to Ashkenazi Jews who are not "real Jews", and based on this false premise they then erroneously conclude that no Jews are to blame even when known Jews commit heinous crimes against humanity in the name of Jewry and in order to forward Jewish interests. The fact is that most of the human beings calling themselves "Jews" today are Ashkenazi Jews, and most of the Zionist obscurantists who put out this absurd propaganda are themselves Ashkenazi Jewish poseurs imposturing as evangelical Christians.

John of Patmos wrote the book of Revelation many centuries before the Ashkenazim evolved and he had no knowledge of them. When John of Patmos wrote the words which he put in Jesus' mouth in verses 2:9 and 3:9, he had no knowledge of Ashkenazi or Frankist Jews, but was instead inspired by Jesus' rejection of the Jews who as a nation rejected and murdered Jesus and the Jewish prophets.

The Sephardim supply many of the worst Zionist criminals, including bloodlines among the Jewish bankers, and the Salonika Jews who committed genocide against the "Young Turks". It makes no difference whether or not today's Ashkenazim and/or the Frankist Jews are blood descendants of the "Tribe of Judah", they are the vast majority of today's Jews and the criminals among them are often Jewish criminals committing crimes meant to forward Jewish interests in general.

Subverting Political Movements and Undermining Whistleblowers

Zionist obscurantists desperately search for any means to shoot down the credibility of whistleblowers so that those who should benefit from their story instead turn against them and the value of their knowledge is lost, or becomes counterproductive. Zionist obscurantists will attempt to paint the whistleblower as a coward and thereby avoid the truth the whistleblower reveals with such irrelevant personal attacks as, "why didn't they speak up when they had the chance?" In order to subvert a political movement, Zionist obscurantists will change the subject at issue to an issue of contention, so that no coalition can form on the relevant issue.

No Hope of Defeating Zionists Without Political Maturity and Savvy

Americans are notoriously naive and gullible. One of the reasons why foreigners have long sought to emigrate to America is the fact that Americans fall easy prey to trickery. Corrupt groups have an easy time exploiting the good will and naivete of the general American public. No corrupt group has so taken advantage of Americans' good nature as Zionist Jews, who have cursed America with perpetual war and perpetual debt. Americans must grow up and become politically sophisticated, or we will suffer the fate of the Roman Empire, the Spanish Empire, the French Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, the Turkish Empire, the Russian Empire, the German Empire, Imperial Japan, etc. Jewry has always taken great pride in their genocide and destruction of civilizations. Judaism teaches that only the Jews can rule and only Jewish culture and Jewish People can survive into the Messianic Era. Zionists, Jewish and their Christian dupes, take great pride in ruining America. It is only the welfare of the Nation of the Jews which concerns them.