Saturday, June 09, 2007

Television Interview Covering "The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Rev. Bedros Hajian interviewed me on his television program.

Audio File of the Full Interview (6.5MB)

Video of the Interview

While the interview is in English, the first minute is in Armenian. The discussion is about my book "The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians" and covers: the Turkish Empire, Young Turks, Bolsheviks, the Doenmeh, Emmanuel Carasso, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Shabbatai Zevi, Lev Bronstein a. k. a. "Leon Trotsky", Vladimir Jaboinsky, Alexander Israel Lazarevich Helphand a. k. a. "Parvus", Freemasons, Crypto-Jews, Zionism, World War I, Amalek, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and more.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Maddening Madness in the Republican Presidential Debates: Zionists Are Conditioning Americans to Accept and Expect a Nuclear World War III

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Several Zionist puppets are running for President of the United States of America. In a Zionist puppet show, which was moderated by the rabid Zionist Wolf Blitzer—former Washington correspondent for the Jerusalem Post with purported ties to AIPAC, several of these Zionist Presidential candidates iterated their psychotic delusion that the United States has a right and a duty to aggressively wage nuclear war against Iran if Iran fails to toe the Zionist line. These psychopathic lunatics, these radical Zionists, presume to call the most vile of crimes against humanity, aggressive nuclear war, an "option". Not merely do they falsely presume that this planned criminal act is an "option", which it certainly is not, they demand that the American People consider aggressive nuclear war to be a reasonable approach to foreign policy, for, so they say, only a fool would remove this "option" from the table, for, so they say, only a fool would remove any "option" from the table.

What other "options" are there? Are racist concentration camps "options" for Zionist Americans, as they are for Israelis? Is staged genocide an "option" for Zionist Americans, as it is for Israelis? Must racist mass murder, racist extermination camps, racist torture chambers, racist rape centers, etc. be "options" to these Zionists, which "options" must be "left on the table"?

Before the Zionist media poisoned our minds, we Americans did not consider crimes against humanity to be "options", but Zionist Jews have so polluted our World with their inhuman filth that Americans sit idly by sucking their thumbs while the traitorous agents of Israel call us to nuclear arms against our fellow human beings. We have entered an era of Judaization in which America is kicking down civilians' doors in their own country and terrorizing and murdering defenseless families in their own homes, just as the Israelis do to the Palestinians. America is openly torturing prisoners in our custody, just as the Israelis do. America is openly threatening aggressive nuclear war, just as the Israelis do. America is openly committing all of these crimes against humanity at the behest of the Israelis, who control our political elections through Jewish funding and Jewish media domination.

Though these criminal Zionists running for President should at the very least have been pilloried in the international media and have been tarred and feathered by the American People for proposing crimes against humanity exceeding the scale of Nazi atrocities, the Jewish controlled media numbs the minds of the American public and conditions them to accept and expect, as if inevitable, the descent of humankind into the hell of aggressive nuclear war at the behest of the Israeli puppet masters.

It is not just the genocide of the Iranians these Zionist Jews seek. No, they plan to continue their Khazarian war on the Russ and plan to drag the World into a nuclear attack on Russia. It is not revenge enough on the Russians, that World Jewry mass murdered tens of millions of the best of the Gentile Slavs, and enslaved the rest for the better part of the Twentieth Century. These vampires will not quench their thirst until the blood is gone.

For the sake of all that is wise, just, loving, human and sane, consider the fact that on a Zionist dominated program in which many grown men in positions of authority participated, Ron Paul alone raised a voice of dissent against these warmongering crazies, and the media gives their crimes against humanity, and all life, its Talmudic approval through its silence. Each time these foul calls to nuclear war go largely unchallenged, the American public grows numbed and dumbed. These maniacs utter their Zionist cries for nuclear war, and the American public has been so corrupted by the Judaists, that it passively waits for what it is told is inevitable, the mushroom clouds sprouting from the dung of Zionist controlled American traitors.

Americans are so stupid that they fail to recognize that aggressive nuclear war is a crime against humanity, and is not an "option". Americans are so insane that they fail to see that launching aggressive nuclear war is an act of nuclear war, not the prevention of nuclear war. Americans have been so blinded by Jewish hatred for Islam, that they fail to recognize the illogic of using nuclear war as a means to prevent nuclear war.

Doubt it not, that just as the laws passed which preceded the Zionist traitor George W. Bush's illegal attack on Iraq, enabled by a traitorous Zionist Congress, this maniacal and inhuman rhetoric from Zionist Presidential candidates calling for nuclear war, and the laws which have been passed to enable the President of the United States of America to wage aggressive nuclear war, are the groundwork for such an attack and it will come unless we act now to prevent it. Human life itself is at stake, but these inhuman Zionists seem more concerned that fellow Zionist Libby be pardoned for his crimes, than that the human race survive the Zionists' lust for nuclear war.

These Zionist vampires are the enemies of the human race. They have voiced their intentions. Hear them!

The Zionists begin talk of nuclear war at about 19 minutes into the first segment, and Ron Paul alone speaks out against them at about 4 minutes into the fourth segment:

Republican Presidential Debate Home Page at CNN.COM

Direct Feed of the Debate

After the Zionists have conditioned Americans to accept and expect illegal aggressive nuclear war as if an "option", they will next begin to condition Americans to demand that America attack the World with nuclear weapons.