Friday, July 27, 2007

I Am Not the Only Author Who Has Been Attacked for Exposing the Armenian Genocide

Turkish Denial of Armenian Genocide

On the Scapegoating of Ultra-Orthodox Jews for the Zionism of the Rothschilds

There is a very small group of Rothschild apologists who are attempting to deflect attention away from the easily proven fact that the Rothschilds were the motive force behind Zionism from the early 1800's onward. This minute group of Rothschild apologists attempt to scapegoat Ultra-Orthodox Jews for the Zionism of the Rothschilds. In point of fact, prior to the formation of the Nation of Israel, Ultra-Orthodox Jews were the harshest critics of the Rothschilds' Zionism. See for example:

What Lubavitcher Rebbe Schneersohn said about Zionism

Remember when Lubavitch was anti-Zionist?!

It is well known that I have long been a critic of the Lubavitcher movement and of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism, despite false and disingenuous claims to the contrary. However, it is incorrect to attach blame to the Ultra-Orthodox Jews for the Rothschilds' Zionism, which the Ultra-Orthodox Jews vehemently opposed. In addition, history has shown what a danger it is to scapegoat Ultra-Orthodox Jews for what the Jewish bankers have done. The Nazis, who were financed and placed in power by Jewish bankers, persecuted Ultra-Orthodox Jews, while the Zionist Jewish bankers who financed the Nazis mostly sat out the Holocaust in comfort and luxury.

In my books The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians (see for example pages 231 and forward) and The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein, I document the Rothschilds' Zionism and the plan to make a Rothschild King of the Jews seated on a throne in Jerusalem.

This tiny group of Rothschild apologists attack me because my book on the Armenian Genocide is receiving a great deal of attention, as if that were a crime. It is interesting to note that this attack comes at a time when the Armenian community is attempting to gain recognition of the genocide in the U. S. Congress. This tiny group has also attacked Rev. Ted Pike, who has diligently worked for years to safeguard our rights to free speech, and this attack occurred when attempts were made in the Congress to pass "hate crimes" legislation, which Rev. Pike opposed. In addition, this group has attacked Jim Condit, Jr., who is attempting to organize a civil and responsible political movement in America to oppose disproportionate Zionist influence. Their attacks often take the form of a vicious smear campaign.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Collapse of the American Financial System and the Destruction of Islam

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There is a group of Jews out of England, who have converted to Islam, and who are advising the governments of Islamic countries as to how to destroy the American financial system. They talk a hard anti-Zionist line and are helping the Moslems to destroy the American system, and are concurrently bolstering the economies of some Islamic nations. Other Zionists are concurrently selling these nations arms in preparation for war, and are sucking off the wealth which should be invested in infrastructure, agriculture, education and industry in these nations.

To the Americans, these Jews out of England also preach a harsh anti-Zionist line and pit Americans against the American Government, calling out for revolution, which subversion weakens American society. Eventually, the Americans will attack the Islamic nations which are being taught how to destroy the American financial system as an act of self-defense. America will be destroyed in these aggressive wars, as will the Islamic nations which America destroys. If these Zionists succeed in suckering Americans into destroying their own society, they will then have the opportunity to fully Bolshevize America.

Who benefits from all of this orchestrated destruction? The Zionist bankers benefit.

What is needed is active and responsible political organization. For example, we need to help Rev. Ted Pike to preserve our fundamental human rights to free speech. We need to participate in the political process in order to safeguard our nation from, among other attacks, the attacks being made against our economy by our seemingly anti-Zionist friends from abroad who ask us to destroy our own government.

What we as Americans need to do is to partner with the Islamic nations to build each other up. This will require cooperation and organization. Look to those who are making constructive contributions and avoid the destructive subversives like the deadly plague that they are.

Armenian Genocide Resolution in the U. S. Congress

House Resolution 106

Senate Resolution 106

Armenian National Committee of America

Bob Livingston's video on behalf of Turkey

A critical response to Livingston's video

Wikipedia article on Bob Livingston

On the Methods of Subversion

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Here are some of the things subversives will do to destroy an opposition political movement:

Mock the movement with clownish antics in order to make it look ridiculous.

Belittle people by associating with them, then acting insane.

Make preposterous and unsupported claims, thereby discrediting themselves and all who are associated with them.

Threaten those who refuse to discredit themselves, with a smear campaign to discredit them, if they fail to parrot ridiculous and unsupported claims.

Sucker people into breaking the law, or committing slander or libel, and question their sincerity if they fail to do so.

Create disunity, disorganization and paralysis through intimidation, smear tactic, paranoia and by pitting people who are natural allies against one another.

Question the sincerity of those who are successful, and thereby undercut their success by turning those who benefit from their success against them.

Steal the thunder of those at the cutting edge, and then diminish the effectiveness of their message by introducing apologetics, diversions and mistakes into the message.

Belittle whistle blowers as if plants, or traitors, thereby discouraging courageous people from speaking out, and destroying their credibility when they do.

These are just a few of the methods subversives use to prevent a cohesive resistence party from making progress, or even from forming. I may add to this list as time permits, and give a few examples and further explanations.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I am Receiving Flak from a Phony

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There is a character out there presenting himself as an anti-Zionist, who is attacking my reputation as a scholar. He manufactures things to argue against, which he attributes to me, but which I never said. I asked him the following questions, which he read, but did not answer:

"Were you a Cabalistic Jew who converted to Islam?"

"Have you worked with other converts to Islam in the areas of banking?"

How many anti-Zionists would hesitate to answer these straightforward questions?

This man takes issue with my arguments that the Rothschilds ever would be King of the Jews, but he does so by misrepresenting what I have said, and ignoring the voluminous evidence I and others have presented. Instead of celebrating the success of my anti-Zionist work, he raises straw men of his manufacture to knock down in order to attack instead of help.