Friday, August 17, 2007

Video of Watertown Town Council Meeting

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I suggest that the Moslem-American community pay careful attention to this town council meeting and learn from the Armenian-American community that you do not have endure intimidation. Fight back with cohesive, organized political action and you will win! I also encourage everyone to support Rev. Ted Pike's monumental efforts to preserve our fundamental human rights to free speech.


Dissent Against the ADL's Radical National Stance

Local ADL calls on national office to recognize genocide

Local chapter breaks with ADL position

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jews Are Again Using the Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians as a Weapon With Which to Attack Islam

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I recently presented a seminar on my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians in Glendale, California. I advised my audience that there would be Jews who would exploit the issue of the recognition of the Armenian genocide as an opportunity to attack Islam.

Some Jews are in a quandary to understand why any Jewish leader would hesitate to seize upon this opportunity to attack Turks and Moslems. These Jews evidently do not know the truth, which is that Jews perpetrated the Armenian genocide. These Jews perhaps do not realize that Mossad agents and other Jews perpetrate false flag terrorism against fellow Jews outside the “Jewish State” in nations like Iraq and Turkey in order to scare them into making aliyah to Israel. The Mossad agents of Israel organize groups to terrorize Jews and keep them segregated and afraid, and to create in them a desire to move to racist, apartheid Israel, where they can assist the Israelis in committing genocide against the Palestinians. While defaming Islam, these Jews who seek to seize upon and exploit the mass murder of 1.5 helpless Armenians to further the Jewish agenda to stigmatize Islam and Turks, these Jews make no mention of the racist, genocidal Jewish mythology of the Amalekites, let alone recall the fact that the Jews who murdered millions of Armenians believed that their Jewish God had commanded them to blot out the Armenian "Amalekites".

I should also point out that crypto-Jews dominate Turkish society and absolutely control and lead the Turkish military, which oversees the government with a Stalin-like iron fist. Jews in Turkey prosper, while ethnic Turks struggle in poverty. Many Jews in Turkey hide their immense wealth, in part to avoid taxes and resentment. Many Jews in Turkey hide the fact that they are Jews. This has been going on for centuries.

In the News:

ANDREW G. BOSTOM: The perversity of denying genocide

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Two New Projects

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I am working on two new projects, The Jewish Genocide of Greeks and Assyrian Christians in the Ottoman Empire and The Jewish Genocide of the Russians. I would be very grateful for any recommendations any of you may have for relevant literature I should read on these topics, as well as suggestions for names and events to investigate regarding these subjects.

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Thank you in advance!