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Two of the Worst Genocidal Mass Murderers in History Were Crypto-Jewish Freemasons Working for the Rothschilds

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is well known that Lev Davidovich Bronstein, a.k.a. "Leon Trotsky" was a Jewish Freemason under the employ of the Rothschilds. What is less well known is that Talaat Pasha was also a Jewish Freemason working for the Rothschilds.

A couple of sources claim that Talaat was a Bulgarian Gypsy. Other sources point out that Talaat was a Doenmeh crypto-Jew from Salonika. On page 52 of my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, there is a reference to "Osman Talaat" as a Doenmeh Freemason. This reference comes from the Constantinople Correspondent of the Times of London, and it originally appeared on 9 August 1911, on page 3 of the Times. On page 223 of my book, there is a reference to Talaat Bey as a Doenmeh from Salonika. This reference comes from an article by Marcelle Tinayre first published in the French newspaper L'Illustration in December of 1923, which was then translated as "Saloniki" and published in The Living Age, Volume 320, Number 4156, (1 March 1924), pp. 417-421. On page 224 of my book, there is yet another reference to Talaat as a Doenmeh of Salonika. The reference is from Rafael De Nogales in his book Four Years Beneath the Crescent.

The Doenmeh sought to conceal their Jewish identity, so it is not surprising that Talaat would circulate false claims as to his anscestry. In addition, many Moslems were raising concerns that the Ottoman Empire had been taken over by Zionist Jews who wanted to take Palestine from the Arabs, and Jerusalem from Islam. This also created an incentive for Talaat to lie about his anscestry. There are many sources in my book which refer generally to the leaders of the Committee of Union and Progress as Jews, but I have not mentioned these, though they are evidence, given that Talaat was such a leader.

On Disloyal "Armenians" Who Chase after Fame and Fortune

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Armenian community is rotten with disloyal Freemasons, crypto-Jews and Socialist-Communist Revolutionaries ready to do the bidding of the Jewish bankers to bring Armenian Christians into conflict with Moslems, and to destroy the Armenian nation through deliberate depopulation and economic strangulation—and eventually through war. Many of the historians who have written about, and produced documentaries covering the Armenian genocide fit into these categories. Others have a personal axe to grind against the Turkish Government. These "historians" largely ignore, and some even attempt to subvert and marginalize, efforts to expose the Jewish and Freemasonic origins of the Armenian genocide. In a forthcoming documentary, I will expose this campaign of silence and the collaboration of Armenian traitors and crypto-Jews with Zionist Jews to pin The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians solely on Moslems, Islam and Germany.

Just as happened when the Armenian genocide began, Armenian traitors and crypto-Jews are helping the Jewish bankers to destroy the Armenian People and the Armenian nation. They are leading Armenians to clamor for their own destruction in the name of Armenian nationalism. Some of these traitors want to profit from the oil of Baku. Others want to fulfil Freemasonic goals, which have become the artificial fulfilment of Jewish messianic prophecy. Still others hate Armenians and want to see them massacred in wars supposedly meant to enrich rich Armenians in the diaspora, but which will only profit Zionist Jews.

It is critical at this time to promote peace and stability in the Middle East. Tell the full truth about the Armenian genocide and seek justice from all of the guilty parties in the interest of peace and stability. Expose all of the criminals. This is a good way to end the continuing genocide of the Armenians, which has its roots in Zionism, Jewish racism and Jewish messianic prophecy.

There are two good books on the Armenian genocide, which I recommend, and which were written by Armenians:



John S. Kirakossian, The Armenian Genocide: The Young Turks Before the Judgment of History, Sphinx Press, Madison, Connecticut, (1992); which was first published as two volumes in Armenian in 1982 and 1983, which were then translated into Russian in 1986, and then into English in 1992.

The Goyim Are Getting Restless

UN summit: Boycott Israel

No More Wars For Israel Conference held this Columbus Day Weekend in Southern California

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chicago Public Radio Interview on Christian Zionists and Israeli Instigators

Apocalypse Now, Please

Rapture Ready: The Unauthorized Christians United for Israel Tour

An Article on the Descending Turkish Military Dictatorship

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The following article is interesting. However, in order to have true democracy and freedom of speech, the Turks will have to wrest the Turkish media from the hands of the Doenmeh and other Zionists, or discredit the Zionist media in the eyes of the public and supplant it with a superior alternative.

Turkey's archaic authoritarian model crumbling

Censorship Allegation

Christopher Jon Bjerknes is reporting that "following appeals from senior government officials" a Turkish television "network decided to shelve the tape" of "Israeli soccer fans cursing the Prophet Muhammad". Why is a television network in Turkey working against the interests of Moslems in Turkey, and against the interests of preserving and disseminating the truth, in the name of maintaining good relations with bigoted, anti-Islam Israel? Why are senior government officials in Israel working against the interests of Christian Armenians, and against the interests of preserving and disseminating the truth, in the name of maintaining the interests of the crypto-Jews who run Turkey? What is the common denominator which dominates Turkish and Israeli politics? Clearly, it is not Islam, or Christianity.

In the News:

Israeli soccer fans filmed cursing Prophet Muhammad

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As of the moment I write this article, John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt's new book The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy has reached an " Sales Rank: #163 in Books". This is huge news, though you wouldn't know it from the glaring lack of mainstream reviews on the page. I suggest that everyone point out the ADL's involvement in the Armenian genocide issue, and Israeli President Shimon Peres' pledge to advocate for Turkey in the US, as support for the thesis of Professors Mearsheimer and Walt, who have courageously stuck out their necks for our country. I have recently blogged on these issues:

Foxman's Folly. Sunday, August 19, 2007

Is Shimon Peres, President of Israel, an Armenian Holocaust Denier? Friday, August 24, 2007

America Is the Blind Slave of Israel. Sunday, August 26, 2007

Take the Zionists to Court for Their Crimes Against Humanity

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is appears that some Lebanese are going to seek damages for the harm the Israelis have done to them:

Hezbollah to file lawsuits against Israel for damage caused in war

I long ago pointed out that Israel's attack on Lebanon was premeditated, and that this fact formed the basis for a cause of action in the courts to sue Israel. Long before Ehud Olmert admitted this fact before the Winograd Commission, I stated publicly in my blog and in the first edition of my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians that the Israelis followed the same model to create a pretext for annihilating Lebanon that they used in Gaza, of having their people invade and using their capture as a pretext for massive and incomprehensibly disproportionate collective violence against their neighbors. See, for example:

Far More Significant than the Downing Street Memo. Friday, March 09, 2007

Olmert Details Criminal Israeli Plan to Wage Illegal Aggressive War on Lebanon: Lebanese Should Sue Israel for Israel's Planned Destruction. Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Zionist League to Wage Illegal War on Lebanon and Syria—in Addition to Iraq and Iran. Thursday, March 22, 2007

Focus Attention on Jewish Crimes Against Humanity by Suing Israel and Jewish Bankers. Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tortuous Interference. Thursday, March 08, 2007

Establish an International Islamic Coalition Court. Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fiscal Policy and the Gold Standard: Beware the Trap. Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Russians, Americans, Germans, Armenians, Turks, etc. each individually, and all collectively, have causes of action against Israel and the Jewish bankers for the war against humanity which they have been waging, which has manufactured two world wars and a coming third, and countless other wars, genocides and vastly destructive revolutions. As I said long ago, the mere act of filing such suits calls international attention to Zionist crimes against the human race.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Silencing Norman G. Finkelstein

DePaul cancels Finkelstein's Course a week before class was to start

Shahan Natalie, the Brains Behind the Execution of Talaat Pasha

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Shahan Natalie planned and organized the successful execution of Talaat Pasha for the crime of committing genocide against the Armenian People. Talaat Pasha was a crypto-Jew from Salonika. Talaat was Minister of the Interior of the Ottoman Empire, a member of the Committee of Union and Progress, and Grand Master of the Grand Orient Masonic Lodge of Constantinople. He issued orders for the complete extermination of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.

Under orders from Shahan Natalie, Soghomon Tehlirian assassinated Talaat Pasha, in Berlin, on 15 March 1921. It appears that Watertown, Massachussetts is a city of destiny. The Wikipedia page for Shahan Natalie states,

"Shahan Natalie died on the morning of April 19, 1983, at his home in Watertown, Massachusetts; he was 99."

Sunday, August 26, 2007

On the Myth That It Is Legal for the Jewish Lobby to Pressure Congress to Commit Crimes Against Humanity

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish lobby and those who fear being called "anti-Semitic" for telling the truth, float the myth that it is legal for these agents of Israel to subvert our democracy and conspire to lead us into crimes against humanity, and other crimes directly against the interests of the American People. It is a pernicious and persistent myth that traitorous Zionist Jews and their hires have the right to steal our wealth, lead us into unnecessary war and ruin our reputation around the World.

Their criminal organizations, which bribe, blackmail and coerce our politicians, do not do so under the cover of law, but under the cover of cowardice and corruption. It is illegal for them to conspire to cause the United States of America to violate international law. It is illegal for them to conspire to steal our national treasure. It is illegal for them to conspire to corrupt our politicians in order to win their support for Israeli crimes against humanity.

The fact that they are successful in their crimes and commit them with seeming impunity, does not mean that they are operating within the law. Rather it means that Americans have been led into collusion with these crimes and are too corrupted and lazy to stand up for the law and for their own rights under the law.

There is no freedom of the press, when the press is owned by a foreign power intent upon corrupting and destroying our country. The principle of a free press is not fulfilled by submitting to a private tyranny.

The system has failed to secure our rights and we do not abandon these rights by securing them against a wealthy disloyal minority which has exploited our naivete and passiveness, and purchased our press. We must shatter the Zionist monopoly of our press, and this can be accomplished with the stroke a pen. The right to free expression is not the right of a disloyal minority to own and manipulate all of the main arteries of public expression. No such right exists in a free society. We have to abandon the childish delusion that only our government can impose tyranny upon us. We have a very private tyrant whose loyalty to his nation calls for him to use and destroy us.

We would not tolerate it if the government took over our press. Why do we tolerate it when a private, disloyal and hostile Zionist cartel has taken over our press? Is it less a destructive tyranny because it is in private hands? We demand a free press to secure our liberty. Liberty is the higher principle and is not achieved by allowing criminals to enslave us through predominant ownership and corruption of our press, which must exist to preserve our liberty if we are to be free. A monopolized press which creates and perpetuates slavery and treason is the enemy of liberty and life.

America Is the Blind Slave of Israel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In order for a slave to free himself from his master, he must first realize his condition of bondage. Americans, open your sleep worn eyes and have a look at how Israeli Jews and their agents in America control "your" US Congress and your daily lives and future:

Israel must get US Jews to back down, Turkey's envoy tells 'Post'

Note that the Turkish Government turns to the Israeli Government, not to the American Government, in order to control the US Congress. And note further that the Israeli President Shimon Peres has pledged to pimp for Turkey and subvert American "democracy" and that he commits this act of war against us as openly, freely and easily as a master whips his slave, and the press in America ignores this attack on our sovereignty and our dignity.

Israel is an unkind master that tears at our moral soul and spills our blood around the world. It steals from our purse and spits in our face. It pledges to make us liars to cover up its crimes, and it enjoins our aid to commit further Jewish genocide against helpless Moslems and Christians.

We must break this yoke from our neck, or lie down in it and wait for the blade to fall, for it is a guillotine of our own making, sharpened by our stupidity and lifted by our greed.

The irony is that Zionist Jews cannot make up their minds as to whether it is "good for the Jews" to cover up their crime of genociding the Armenians, or to scapegoat the Moslems and capitalize on this opportunity to pin a Jewish crime on Islam. They will play their games and watch the winds toss the hollow balloons which they have floated.

We have to act for ourselves and claim our freedom and dignity by acting freely and without fear. Our master is a sick little old man and if we tug ever so slightly at the chains which bind us to him, it is he who will fall and choke on the dust. We are a lion cowering before a yapping miniature mutt. He has bitten our nose and one swipe of our paw will end the noise. Recognize the enemy and tell the Israelis to stay out of our country or we will respond to their war against us.