Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.Com Is Decended from Marrano Jews of Spain

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Many of you are probably familiar with the website WhatReallyHappened.Com that links to news articles, blogs and other websites of interest, many of which are highly critical of Zionism, Israel and Jewish organizations. He has in the past graciously linked to some of my blogs, and I received a fair amount of traffic from his generosity, which I would not have otherwise received.

Today, while interviewing guest speakers at the No More Wars for Israel Conference, Mike Rivero told a bit about his family history, noting that he descended from Sephardic Spanish Jews of nobility, who had fought in the Crusades to "get back the old homestead back—that didn't work out", and who were forced to convert to Catholicism under the edicts of Queen Isabella—a conversion which did not take. I had suspected that he might of been of converso ancestry and he has confirmed the fact. His website is perhaps the best source of news stories of interest to anti-Zionists I have yet to find.

That said, I have noticed that his commentary on stories related to the Armenian genocide and Turkey which I have seen, and I have not looked at each and every link he has posted nor read or heard everything he has written or said, are shallow and uninsightful and do not address the issue of the Doenmeh crypto-Jews. Perhaps he has touched upon these issues and I have missed it. Perhaps he is unaware of these issues. Perhaps he disagrees with my position. In any event, it would be interesting hear his take on the Jewish involvement in the Armenian genocide and on the Doenmeh's disproportionate influence in Turkey and around the world.

Two Top Neo-Conservative Zionist Jews Head to Turkey

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Why would the Zionist Bush Administration send two Zionist Jews to Turkey? Are they heading to Turkey to discuss matters with the Zionist crypto-Jews who run Turkey? Eric Edelman was not well liked by the Turkish People. I suggest that my readers investigate the Sibel Edmonds case, with an emphasis on Eric Edelman.

The American Ambassadorship to Turkey has long been considered a "Jewish outpost". Why is that? Why have America's and Turkey's interests so often been subverted for the interests of Jewry? During the Armenian genocide, America's ambassadors to Turkey were Zionist Jews, a comparatively rare commodity at that time. I suggest my readers investigate the book by Henry Morgenthau III, Mostly Morgenthaus: A Family History, Ticknor & Fields, New York, (1991), pp. 98-99, 101-103 and 107.

Armenian Weekly interview with Sibel Edmonds:

Sibel Edmonds wants hearings Pt 1

Sibel Edmonds wants hearings Pt 2

In the News:

U.S. officials head to Turkey over genocide dispute

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Duplicity of the Zionist Traitor George W. Bush

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Israeli puppet George W. Bush promised early in the year 2000 that,

"The Armenians were subjected to a genocidal campaign that defies comprehension and commands all decent people to remember and acknowledge the facts and lessons of an awful crime in a century of bloody crimes against humanity. If elected president, I would ensure that our nation properly recognizes the tragic suffering of the Armenian people."—George W. Bush, while campaigning for President of the United States of America on 19 February 2000, as quoted by Wolf Blitzer, CNN.

While the Armenian Genocide Resolution was before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on 10 October 2007, President Bush used his bully pulpit to demand that Congress not recognize the Armenian genocide. What, other than my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, has changed about the history of the Armenian genocide? Did my book make it more difficult for Jewry to vilify Moslems with the history of the Armenian genocide? Are they troubled that I am exposing their Jewish crimes against the human race?

Don't Whine, Fight Back!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Armenians have shown the world that fighting back against World Jewry works. Israeli interests are not all powerful and can be easily defeated. It is only the myth of their invincibility and their use of smear tactics which keeps them on top. Both are failing them. We have to organize and show courage. We can clean up our political system if only we become more involved in it.

Consider the following report:

"In contrast to past years, when many Jewish organizations lobbied against similar Armenian genocide resolutions, most Jewish groups avoided taking a stance on the issue.

According to one Jewish leader, this was the result 'of the growing Armenian pressure on the Jewish community.' He said the decision of American Jewish organizations not to take a stance would 'absolutely' affect the relationship these groups had with Turkey and could spill over into the Turkish-Israeli relationship."Hilary Leila Krieger and Herb Keinon, "Israel braces as US-Turkey crisis erupts", The Jerusalem Post,, (12 October 2007).

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Poland, Russia and the Ukraine Should Pass Resolutions Recognizing the Jewish Genocides of Slavs

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We now have a memorial to the victims of Communism. Poland, Russia and the Ukraine should pass specific resolutions recognizing the fact that World Jewry under the direction of the Jewish bankers committed a prolonged series of genocides against Slavic peoples.

Iran and Syria Should Pass Resolutions Recognizing the Jewish Genocides of the Armenians, Palestinians and Iraqis

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Islamic countries must protect themselves from Jewish aggression. Call attention to Jewish crimes against the human race. Point out that Syrian Arabs helped to save many Armenians, and the Moslems in general opposed the Jewish led slaughter. Point out how both the Turkish Government and the American Government were subverted by Jewry to be used to commit genocide. Make the resolutions explicit and include references. Make it an honest act without any hint of vindictiveness.

Turkey Should Express Its Opposition to Genocide with a Resolution Recognizing the Jewish Genocide of the Palestinians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Turkey should pass a resolution recognizing the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians. Turkey should pass a resolution recognizing the Jewish instigated American genocide of Iraqis. Turkey should use its brain instead of its brawn and stop facilitating both of these genocides. There is much Turkey can do to end these current genocides and promote peace. Turkey should stop facilitating Jewish wars on the human race.

Turkey Looks Like a Big, Stupid Bully

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Dear Turkey,

You are being set up for World War III in the exact same way that you were set up for the First World War. Jewry controls your government, now as then. Jewry has artificially created an apparent subversive group within your territory, now as then. Jewry is making you appear to be a mindless bloodthirsty nation in the international press they control, now as then.

Soberly consider the parallels. Jewry has planted a subversive revolutionary group on your soil in a subgroup of Kurds, just as they did with Armenians. They have promised these Kurds a nation, if they provoke you to provoke the Third World War and slaughter them, just they did with the Armenians, the First World War and the Armenian genocide. With all your threats and genocide denial, you appear exactly as did the "Red Sultan". You are following the Jewish script to the letter. They are following exactly the same formula which they used to alienate and destroy the Turkish Empire and the Aremnians, to alienate and destroy modern Turkey and the Kurds.

Memo to Turkey: Violence Is the Stupidest Way to Refute a Charge of Genocide

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I appeal to the Turkish People to think rationally about your situation and look to improve it, rather than worsen it. World Jewry has been holding you back and destroying your society, your one-time vast empire, for centuries. They have sought to make you part of the homogenous Goy soup which they are commanded to brew in the Noahide Laws (Sanhedrin 56a-60b). They have sought to steal Palestine from your empire, and destroy the rest of it. They have sought to exterminate the Armenian "Amalekites" who kept your empire alive and thriving. They have sought to take the oil fields under your control. They have sought to rob you of the trade routes between East and West. Ultimately they seek to viciously enslave you and mass murder you. They have deliberately caused two world wars and brought Jewish Bolshevism to your borders and placed you under the yoke of crypto-Jewish dictators. They now plan to issue you the coup de grace and begin World War III.

Your leaders are their citizens, secret members of the tribe. Consider the self-destructive and self-defeating policy they are implementing of responding to a charge of genocide by threatening the genocide of the Kurds. Who benefits from this other than Israel, which has been training the Kurds to attack you, and which wants to spark a third world war through your retaliation against the aggression against you, which Jews are secretly orchestrating. Who will lose? Kurdish and Turkish Moslems will lose. Pan-Islam will lose as South-West Asia and North-East Africa fall into Jewish hands to form "Greater Israel", as the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock are demolished to make room for a Jewish Temple, and as the Jewish Messiah Al-Dajjal is anointed King of the Jews and King of the World.

You are stupidly doing everything World Jewry wants you to do. Even some of those among you who expose the Doenmeh refuse to blame the Doenmeh for the Armenian genocide. These same persons take the Doenmeh dictator Ataturk as the ideal model for "Turkishness". You cannot afford to be this dumb.

Turkey has many opportunities, and through peace and better international relations can prosper, as can the entire Middle East. The heaviest burden of the yoke which Jacob has place around your neck is that it has seemingly cut off the flow of blood to your brain. Find leaders who can think, instead of react with violence to every challenge. Your long term survival depends upon your ability to use your head, instead of your fists.

Your crypto-Jewish leaders have scripted your mindless actions to have you play the role and fulfill the stereotype of stupid and violent Ishmael, so that they will have a pretext to vilify and dehumanize all Moslems, then kill you all. Do not oblige their plans for your destruction. Fight back by being peaceful. Peace is the enemy of World Jewry and the best means to defeat them.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Honorable Way Out for Turkey

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Turkey must do something to curtail Kurdish terrorism. That said, slaughtering Kurds and invading Iraq is not the best response to the Armenian Genocide Resolutions in the US Congress. A far better response is to point out the well documented fact that the "Young Turk" leaders who perpetrated the Armenian genocide were Jews, and these racist Jews committed this crime in order to fulfill Jewish religious mythologies of the theft of Palestine and the annihilation of the "Amalekite" Armenians. These Jews deliberately destroyed the Turkish Empire while mass murdering the Armenians.

Do not allow the Jews to lead you into more self destruction. Clothe yourselves in the truth and it will protect you and flatter your honor.

The Armenians are not your enemy. Your enemy is Israel. Israel, the nation of the Jews, destroyed the Turkish Empire, soiled your good name, and brought you into world war. They want to do the same to you again. Fight your real enemy, Israel, and side with your real allies, Armenia and pan-Islam.

First Hurdle Cleared on the Armenian Genocide Resolution: Next Move Turkey's: Kurdling the Kurds to Cover Up for Jewry

U.S. House Panel Backs Armenian Measure Over Turkish Objections

House Committee Approves Armenian Genocide Resolution

House panel passes Armenian genocide resolution

Opening Statement by Chairman Lantos at markup of H. Res. 106

The Kurds Are Only Just Beginning to Pay the Price for Siding up with Israel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Perhaps it is bad Karma stemming from the aid the Kurds gave the Jewish "Young Turks" when the Kurds assisted Jewry in its campaign to exterminate the Armenians. The Kurds have only begun to taste their own blood. They will soon drown in it. Jewry has no intentions of letting Moslem Kurds or Turks or Azers control the oil of Baku and Kirkuk. Rather, Jewry is exploiting the greed and opportunism of Kurdish leaders to lead the Kurds into beginning their own annihilation. The Kurds would be well advised to break off their ties to Israel and to join with the rest Islam against Zionism and the many genocides that Jews have perpetrated in the Middle East will finally end. If the Kurds continue to partner with an enemy which despises them and which views their very lives as a crime against God, the Kurds will themselves suffer the fate they seek to impose on others and the sword which severs their heads will be held in Jewish hands.

Armenians once thought they could work with Zionist Jews to form an Armenian nation at the expense of a few million Armenian lives sacrificed without permission by treacherous Armenian leaders. Instead, they got the iron boot of Jewish Bolshevism followed by deliberate depopulation and economic strangulation.

The Kurds are scheduled by Jewry for death. Kurdish leaders are dutifully obliging their Israeli masters' orders for the destruction of the Kurdish People based on the false promise that it will ultimately result in the formation of Kurdistan. I predicted these events a long time ago. There has got to be a better way. . .

In the News:

Turkey Escalates Offensive Near Border

Turkey Bombs Positions Of Suspected Kurdish Rebels

A Couple of Questions for the Traitorous Israeli Fifth Column in the White House

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I would like to ask the Zionists in the White House why it is that they call for a nuclear attack on Iran based on unsubstantiated allegations that Iran has intervened in Iraq, but they call Turkey an important strategic ally of the United States when Turkey openly threatens to attack Iraq and Turkey openly threatens the American People, the American Government and the American Military? Why does the US Government allow this open enemy to lobby our Congress? Why does the Bush Administration join Turkey in lobbying the US Congress thereby giving aid and support to Turkey's threats against us?

The Smoking Gun

Congressional vote could trigger Turkey's invasion of Iraq

Where Is the Armenian Government?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The news media are buzzing with details about the fight over the Armenian genocide resolution, H. Res. 106. We hear from Bush, Rice, Fried, Kissinger, Albright, Gul, Erdogan, etc., and we hear from the Armenian Diaspora; but where are the Armenian Government officials at this crucial time? This is the perfect opportunity for them to be heard in support of their people. Why are they not speaking up loudly in defense of Armenian interests? It reminds of the comparative silence in the Lebanese Government as Israel bombed Lebanon into stubble.

In the News:

White House And Turkey Fight Bill On Armenia

White House: Genocide resolution could hurt relations with key ally

Bush Urges Defeat of Genocide Bill

Israel's Fifth Column in America: The Zionist Bush Administration Demands that the House of Representatives Deny the Armenian Genocide

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish controlled Bush Administration has again shamed America with its genocide denial and acquiescence to foreign threats, intimidation and lobbying. The same traitorous administration that sponsors Israel's attempted genocide of the Lebanese and continued genocide of the Palestinians, this administration which has committed genocide against helpless Iraqis at the behest of Israel and which seeks to genocide Iran and Syria in service to Jewry, Bush & Co. demand that the US Congress cower before the crypto-Jews of Turkey and cover up their crimes against the human race, The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians. Why should we be surprised by their hypocrisy and inhumanity, when the raison d'etre of the Bush Administration is to subvert the interests of the United States of America in favor of the will of World Jewry?

In the News:

Rice warns against Armenia bill [Note the harsh bias of this BBC article.]

Rice: Armenian genocide resolution "problematic"

Armenian Resolution: Daniel Fried, Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs

Rice warns Congress not to recognise Armenian 'genocide'

President Gul warns Bush on possible passage of Armenian bill

White House And Turkey Fight Bill On Armenia

House to pass bill on Armenian genocide

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Real Reason for the Turkish Threats Against the PKK, Iraq and American Forces in Iraq

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The crypto-Jews who run Turkey made it all too obvious that their present threats to invade Iraq are meant to quash the Armenian genocide resolution. Note that these threats are made the day before the House Foreign Affairs Committee will hear the issue of House Resolution 106 which recognizes the Armenian genocide. Note further that these threats against the Kurds, Iraqis and Americans were made together with threatening letters to Pelosi and Bush warning them of the consequences of passage of House Resolution 106 recognizing the Armenian genocide. It is all a little too coincidental to escape the attention of a watchful eye.

Note the blatant hypocrisy and double standards of the Zionist warmongers in the Bush regime. In their quest for a pretext to commit genocide on the Iranians, at the behest of Israel and World Jewry, Zionists in the American Government are calling for an American attack on Iran for allegedly interfering in Iraq. Contrast this with the fact that these same Zionists reward the Turks for threatening Iraq and America, by themselves calling on the House of Representatives to NOT pass the Armenian genocide resolution because it might provoke a Turkish attack on Iraq. We must never allow America to be openly threatened without an aggressive response! However, instead appropriately responding to the open Turkish threats of aggressive war, the Jewish fifth column in the White House joins in the chorus of these threats against the American People and the American Military!

Traitors, these Zionists are traitors! But we must not blame the Turkish Moslems, most of whom want only to live in peace. We must point the finger of blame directly at World Jewry and the Doenmeh who continually subvert Turkish and American interests in favor of Israeli warmongering. We must point the finger of blame at the traitorous Bush Administration which has sold out the American People and the American Military to the Jewish warmongers. They disgrace us each day with their treachery and genocidal attacks on innocent people.

This little game which World Jewry is playing with the Turks, Americans, Iraqis and Kurds threatens to draw the World into World War III, and Jewry is playing it simply to cover up the fact that Jewry committed the Armenian genocide. This is the level of selfish inhumanity we face when we fight back against the Jewish war on the human race. Billions might die only so that Jewry can hide its past genocide against Christian Gentiles. Count yourself among the billions at risk.

In the News:

Turkey Warns US on Armenia Genocide Bill

Turkish foreign minister warns of break with U.S., Israel over WWI Armenian massacre

Turkey warns US over genocide law

Turkey's president warns Bush that U.S. bill on Armenia would harm U.S.-Turkey ties

Gül warns Bush over Armenian vote

Turkey warns United States over Armenian vote

Turkey warns US on Armenia genocide bill

Armenians 'massacred 10,000 Jews,' claims report

US Ambassador in Azerbaijan against Adoption of Resolution on Recognition of Armenian Genocide

Daniel Fried: Armenian Genocide Resolution to damage U.S. interests

Further Sabotage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

World Jewry is putting pressure on the US Congress at this time when the Armenian genocide resolution is coming up, by creating a crisis between Turkey and the US. Erdogan and much of the rest of the Turkish government are either crypto-Jews or controlled by crypto-Jews. Secular Turks love their army and see it as a continuation of the legacy of Ataturk—and it is, to the detriment of Turkey and the region.

The Kurdish rebels are also controlled by Jews, more specifically by Israelis. World Jewry can spark World War III at any time by using the Kurds to provoke the Turks. The Kurds will obey the orders of the Mossad, because Jewry has promised the Kurds that after WW III they will be given a large nation of Kurdistan and control the oil of Kirkuk and possibly even Baku. Turkey is run by Jews in both government and private institutions. Turkey will attack any nation at any time at the request of the Jewish bankers, and a large segment of secular Turkey will cheer on their own demise as they did when the Jewish "Young Turks" destroyed the Turkish Empire in the name of Turkish pride.

This threat looms large, but the present brush fire is meant to pressure the US Congress to NOT agitate Turkey at this time by passing House Resolution 106. It is a game meant to give Jews in Congress a pretext for denying the genocide and quashing the resolution before there is even a vote.

In the News:

Turkey says ready to send troops into N.Iraq

U.S. warns against Turkish action in Iraq

Turkey says ready to send troops into N.Iraq

Turkey prepares for cross-border operation into northern Iraq

Turkey prepping for operation into Iraq

U.S. warns against Turkish action in Iraq

Turkey Orders Preparation for Possible Iraq Incursion (Update1)

Turkey considers foray into Iraq

Turkey prepares for raids into Iraq

Turkish PM clears way for Iraq assault

U.S. warns against Turkish action in Iraq

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Turks Are Waking Up, or Are They Being Set Up for a Still Worse Nightmare?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A friend has tipped me off to the following interesting article, which describes the fact that the Turks are waking up to the existence of the Doenmeh crypto-Jews who run, and run down, Turkey:

The Protocols of the Elders of Turkey

It is, however, odd that an anti-Doenmeh would be a devotee of Ataturk, who was himself not only a Doenmeh, but by his own accounts a direct descendant of Shabbatai Zevi. This may be explained by the fact that Ataturk promoted "Turkish Nationalism" in order to trick the Turks into destroying their own vast empire in the name of Turkish pride. This "Turkishness" which Ataturk promoted was crafted by Jewish positivists and is based on the Jewish Noahide Laws and the Jewish Cabalah.

Ataturk's campaign to Turkify Turkey was instead the Judaization of Turkey, the destruction of Turkish culture, Islam and the Turkish Empire. We have a parallel situation in America, where, at the covert instigation of Zionist Jews, "Christian" Zionists violate the most sacred of Christian principles in the name of Christianity, and destroy American democracy in the name of spreading democracy abroad.

Zionist Jews under the employ of the Rothschilds corrupted Turkey with the myth of pan-Turkism in order to sow the seeds of discord in the Ottoman Empire and to pit the Turks against Armenians, Greeks, Assyrian Christians, Arabs, Bulgarians, Serbians, etc. and thereby weaken the Turkish Empire in the name of strengthening it. This began long before the Doenmeh "Young Turks" took over the Turkish Empire, and was part of the Jewish bankers' strategy to take Palestine for the Jews, and the oil of Baku for the Rothschilds.

It may be that loyal and genuine Turks have succumbed to a counterfeit brand of Turkish nationalism promoted by the Jewish "Young Turks", which places them in the same Jewish hands that Russian nationalism in the form of Bolshevism places the most ardently nationalist Russians into Jewish hands, today as in the early 20th Century in both instances. But it is also odd that any anti-Doenmeh would seek to punish anyone who recognizes the Armenian genocide, on the false grounds that it "insults Turkishness". While it is true that it is still largely taboo to point the finger at Jewry for this crime which Jewry committed, one would think that Turks so bold as to take on the Doenmeh would correct the historians who "insult Turkishness" and join forces with them to lay the blame where it belongs, at the doorstep of the Zionist Jews and Doenmeh. Anti-Doenmeh should be challenged for not disclosing the fact that Ataturk was a Doenmeh and that the Doenmeh and Zionist Jews committed the Armenian genocide. If they balk and become emotional and refuse to discuss these facts, or accuse you of being a Zionist agent for pointing to these facts, I would be suspicious of them. If instead they ask for your evidence and discuss these issues in a civil and productive fashion, then the truth will be found for the benefit of all who are honest.

Turks should maintain a secular government, but not infringe on the fundamental human rights of Moslems. They should enter an era of true democracy and not be led by a military dictatorship of Doenmeh Jews and a fourth estate of Jewish media moguls. They should also be careful to promote what is truly in Turkey's best interests.

Whatever are the ultimate motives of those who are exposing the Doenmeh, their campaign will ultimately lead to the truth. The truth is that the "Young Turks" were a Jewish nightmare. The truth is that Ataturk was not the father of the Turks, but the guardian of Judaization. The truth is that Turkey should assume its natural role as a leader in Islam for unification, stability and peace throughout the Middle East. It can accomplish this role by exposing the Doenmeh, Israel and Zionists in general. But it must be careful not to generate an upheaval, which will give the Doenmeh the opportunity for a crack down on the society and the opportunity to execute all those who stand in opposition to the Jewish subversion of Turkish society.

Instead, proceed logically, patiently and strategically. Seek genuine allies, like the Armenians, who have more to revenge against the Doenmeh than even the ethnic Turks who lost their empire and their Turkishness in the name of crypto-Jewish Turkish pride. Be scrupulously faithful to the factual history of the Doenmeh and do not glorify any of their villainous leaders. If you are true to the history, you will save yourselves the horror of repeating it. Beware, the Germans were led into a prolonged nightmare by crypto-Jews who pretended to be anti-Semites so as to lead Germany into self-destruction and to found Israel. Do not let anti-Zionists who do not tell the full truth lead you into a similar pitfall, which may be a trap meant to expand Israel into "Greater Israel" and destroy Islam for all time. The likelihood of any such possibility (and the possibility itself is remote) ever being successful is very low. So encourage anyone and everyone to continue to expose the Doenmeh, but pay especial attention to what is left out, and what is preached as your salvation. Do those who expose these facts talk of peace and prosperity through growth and better international relations, or are they out to constrain Turkey in a tighter grasping fist and deliver it more securely to Jewry in the name of opposing Jewry?

Consider that the Talibani Kurds, Hamas Palestinians, Hezbullah Lebanese, etc. are all products of Jewry meant to throw Islam into internecine war. Use them, instead of being used by them. Promote peace and self-determination for all people.

Keep the wealth of Turkey for Turks and grow that wealth through better international relations. Pass a law that the Doenmeh must declare themselves and provide their family trees.

Rely on facts, not accusations. Get at the truth. The names of these families can be used by researchers around the globe to track down these crypto-Jews and investigate them.

The Doenmeh will themselves create anti-Doenmeh factions to control their opposition, so do not allow divisiveness on this issue, but rather promote openness and civil discourse. Watch out for smear mongers trying to muddy the waters, who recklessly charge anyone and everyone who is successful with being a Doenmeh. One way that the Doenmeh can ensure that their opposition will never have leaders who are not owned by them, and that their opposition will never achieve success, is to charge everyone who is successful at fighting the Doenmeh and reaching the public with the truth, with being a part of the Doenmeh. When everyone who is successful is shot down as if an agent of the enemy, there can never be success. Watch out for subversives who want to control information and people and promote petty infighting. Listen to those who promote honest disagreements and who promote unity and the active exchange of information even among those who disagree. Listen to those who provide solutions to the problems and work to make those solutions a success. Look to those who are looking to build. Watch out for those who tear down and cry out for revolution without first making an honest effort for civilized political action.

Things are about to heat up. The Doenmeh cannot hide. Shine a light on each and every one, and reward those who voluntarily come forward to expose the others. If we do not stop this Shabbataian movement, it may exterminate the human race.



Yalçın Küçük - Musa'nın Çocukları , Caligula ve Refleks

Yalcin Kucuk "Ozallarin Esi Sabateyist Yahudi!"

Yalçın Küçük - Musa'nın Çocukları ,Yasemin Çongar ve Baykal

Sabetay Meşhurlar Dönme Cumhuriyet Atatürk

11th Hour Attempt by Jewry to Sabotage the Armenian Genocide Resolution

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jane Harman, a Zionist Jew who has been investigated for her ties to AIPAC, is making an 11th hour attempt to sabotage the Armenian genocide resolution in the House of Representatives. She has sent a letter to fellow Zionist Jews Tom Lantos, who wants to use NATO to enforce Israeli interests in the Middle East—a key factor to consider when Turkey is involved, and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who has been tied to Scientology, and whose mother was a Jewish convert to Catholicism. What a cast of characters!

All of which prompts the question, why is World Jewry so concerned that there not be widespread recognition of
The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians?