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Mark Dankof Interviewed Bedros Hajian

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

With rare candor, Reverends Hajian and Dankof discuss the Jewish role in the Armenian Genocide and the messianic ambitions of Zionist Jewry:

Mark Dankof's program airs on the Republic Broadcasting Network:

Mark Dankof has also interviewed me on the same subjects:

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

Bedros Hajian's fifth televised interview with me to discuss the Armenian Genocide Resolution coming to the internet very soon.

On the Lies Jewry Are Spreading About the Armenian Genocide Resolution

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In order to justify their depravity and scapegoat the Armenians and common Democrats for the organized Jewish campaign to trivialize the Armenian Genocide, for which genocide Jewry is responsible, Jews in the press and Jewish controlled politicians have spread several outrageous and obvious lies. If we had a legitimate press, instead of a Jewish controlled press, and if we had America-first politicians instead of Israel-first politicians, these Jewish lies would have no legs, like the snake which spreads them uncontested in the mass media it owns.

Jews are now spreading the lie that there is a legitimate academic dispute as to whether or not the Armenian Genocide was in fact a genocide. The Jewish controlled media has taken to wrapping quotation marks around the word genocide in Armenian Genocide. Though it had already been established beyond reasonable doubt that the Armenian Genocide was just that, all of the new evidence reinforces that fact.

Jews in the media are spreading the lie that Democrats introduced the Armenian Genocide Resolution knowing that Turkey would seize on this opportunity to raise the issue of the PKK in order to destabilize Iraq, and that Turkey, our key ally, would have no choice when the truth was told but to stab America in the back and as our key ally kick us out of their country. They assert that was done to end the war in Iraq.

The reality is that Nancy Pelosi has worked to continue the Iraq War and spread it to Iran and Syria. Placed into power without opposition or choice as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, she immediately took the option of impeaching the Zionist warmongers George Bush and Dick Cheney off the table, thereby ensuring their ability to continue to subvert American interests for Israeli interests. She has led a crowd of dishonest Democratic leaders who control opposition to the war and do what they can to ensure that it continue to spread, while deceitfully pretending to oppose it. It may well be that these Democrats knew what would be the planned Turkish response and hoped to trigger World War III in this way, but they most certainly were not out to end the Iraq War.

If we had an honest media, instead of a Jewish controlled media, they would point out the known and proven fact that Israel and America have been training the PKK to attack Turkey and Iran, and have done next nothing to end those attacks. It is America and Israel which have deliberately destabilized Iraq and promoted the fighting between the PKK and Turkey.

Yet the Jewish controlled press scapegoats the Armenians and the Democratic Party for this crisis, which Jewry has created with their Communist agents in the PKK and their Doenmeh control over Turkey. Jewry has long been planning to use this manufactured crisis to trigger an expansion of the Jewish war on Islam, as I have been pointing out for years.

Where is the condemnation of Turkey for insisting that America deny the Armenian Genocide? Where is the condemnation of Turkey for threatening alleged American interests? Where is the condemnation of Turkey for contributing to the destabilization of the Middle East over the moral act of telling the truth? Where is the Jewish voice demanding that genocide be recognized and officially condemned? Where is the Jewish outrage that genocide denial is accompanied by threats of additional violence in Turkey? Why is not the Jewish controlled media pointing out that the very reason why the Armenian Genocide must be recognized is to discourage further Turkish violence?

Turkey needs America and Europe far more than we need them. The American cowardice in the face of Turkish threats is as phony as the "opposition" to the war of Zionist snakes like Nancy Pelosi, but as long as we continue to allow the snakes to control every aspect of the debate, we will never be able to untangle them, and they will win by default—which of course means that we will lose.

Much Good Has Come from the Armenian Genocide Resolution

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Compared to a year ago, when few knew of Armenia, let alone of the Armenian Genocide, today the Armenian Genocide receives intensive international attention. That in itself is a major victory.

Even the wiser of the Jews in the media, and their agents in government, are smart enough to acknowledge the genocide they seek to trivialize, lest they face inevitable stigmatization as genocide deniers when the Armenian community recovers from the blow Jewry has just delivered them—from the betrayal of friendships and moral principles—from the blatant Jewish hypocrisy—from the organized Jewish campaign to laud the Turks and defame the Armenians—when the Armenian community recovers its wind after the swift Zionist kick to the groin and begins to expose the liars and hypocrites.

The lessons for the American People in general are clear. The media and the leaders of the Democratic Party are effectively neo-Conservative Jews and their agents, who have only pretended to be anti-war so that they can control the opposition and not only keep the war going, but expand it. The Jewish controlled mass media and the Jewish controlled American Government seize on every opportunity to forward the Israeli war agenda, which is to foment World War III and destroy the Moslem nations of the Middle East.

Though it is forever scapegoating others, the enemy has exposed itself. The snake has struck without warning and mercilessly bitten the Armenians in the back. It is to be expected, given that Jewry attempted to exterminate the Armenians in the Jewish controlled Ottoman Empire. The recent bite in the back was a lesson the Armenians had to learn and will not forget.

I hope the American People, and real Turks, also closely examine the duplicitous scales of the snake, which camouflage the poisoned fangs that sink into all those who have the misfortune to stumble upon it. The serpent, which daily spits lies into our eyes to blind us from the danger, is coiled around us and will soon chew on our souls, as well.

Jews Who Oppose the Armenian Genocide Resolution Give Loud Voice in the Mass Media: Where Is the Armenian Voice?

Column One: Idle talk, reckless talk By CAROLINE GLICK

Diplomatic offensive needed, not offensive diplomacy

Pelosi's Armenian Gambit By Charles Krauthammer

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Some Jews ask themselves whether or not the Armenian Genocide Resolution is good for the Jews:

Fallout looms as genocide resolution moves to House

Balkanizing Turkey: Is It Good for the Jews?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Moslem Turks, truly Moslem Turkey as opposed to the duplicitous genocidal Doenmeh Jews who pretend to be Moslem Turks, better pay attention to how quickly the Jews turned on the Armenians when they deemed it was "good for the Jews" to do so, which Jewish mantra is the sole criterion by which many of them judge and determine their actions. These Jews have no obedience to principles, morality or common decency. Those noble human qualities are merely tools by which they regulate the opinions of the Goys, often with deliberate lies.

Moslem Turks better heed the lesson of the double standards with which Zionist Jewry treat the genocide of European Jewry as compared to their treatment of the Armenian genocide. You may think this plays into your hands, but ultimately it is a sword of Damocles hanging over your heads, and it reveals the nature of your "ally" who considers you subhuman and an offense to God. Your "ally" is your worst enemy and is so vile as to pretend to be your friend so that it can exploit and parasitically consume you.

Zionist Jewry planned, financed and led the destruction of the Armenians—and the destruction and literal Balkanization of the Turkish Empire. Today, they are planning, financing and leading the destruction of the Kurds and Balkanization of Turkey in exactly the same way.

It would be wrong to call them fair weather friends. They are instead a genocidal enemy who sometimes pretends to be a friend. Yesterday, they led the charge to stigmatize Islam and Turkey with The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians. Today, they lead the camp of genocide deniers. Yesterday, Zionist Jewry created the PKK and trained it to attack Turks and Iranians. Today, they are organizing the Turks and Iranians to step into a trap and slaughter the Kurds.

Tomorrow, Zionist Jewry will vilify the Turks and claim that you are genetically prone to mass murder and genocidal aggression. Tomorrow, Zionist Jewry will Balkanize Turkey. Turks, real Turks who are sincerely loyal to Turkey, are Moslems. Turkey's army is today a good tool for killing Moslems. But tomorrow it will pose a potential threat to Jewish messianic ambitions, to the enforcement of the Noahide Laws which proscribe Islam, to the destruction of Al Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock in order to build the Jewish Temple on the site, to the mass executions of Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Egyptians, Saudis, Jordanians, Iraqis—and Turks—who dare to set foot on "Greater Israel".

Enjoy the success Jewry is handing you today, but do not forget that the banquet has been poisoned. The sweet is deadly sour and is already quietly killing you.

Barbara Lerner Compares Armenians to Palestinians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Barbara Lerner, with whom my regular readers are already acquainted—she gave us the term "Genocide Zealots" in her article for the National Review Online, "Judgment Time: Should America recognize an Armenian Genocide?"—has published another article, "History Speaks: The moral case against the Armenian Genocide resolution." In this second article, Lerner likens the Armenians to the Palestinians, claiming that both are good propagandists, but incompetent at governing. It is an interesting comparison, though her conclusions are false and incredibly insulting. Evidently, Ms. Lerner often travels to Israel:

EYELESS IN GAZA: what the terrorists know that we don't by Barbara Lerner

I would say that both Armenians and Palestinians are targets of World Jewry and both have endured the Jewish genocide of their peoples for the Jewish cause of stealing Palestine from its indigenous population. Both are targets of the Jewish media and both endure the vilification of their peoples in the Jewish media. Both Armenians and Palestinians are called "anti-Semites" when they tell the truth about the Jewish genocide of their peoples. Both Armenians and Palestinians are "Amalekites" in the eyes of World Jewry; and, therefore, in the eyes of World Jewry, both Armenians and Palestinians must be exterminated.

Armenians would be wise to observe the comparisons. It is the basis of your modern history, the Armenian Genocide under the Jewish "Young Turks", the deliberate depopulation and economic strangulation of Armenia today, and the current round of defamations being hurled at the Armenians in the Jewish press.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Dangers of Rewarding Genocide and Threats

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

What if Zionist Pelosi, and Murtha, who sometimes pretends to oppose the war in Iraq but always seems to stand in the way of measures to stop it, quash the Armenian genocide resolution; but Turkey unleashes unholy hell on the Kurds anyway? Is not one of the chief reasons for condemning genocide, the prevention of future genocides? Is there not evidence that the failure to condemn and punish genocide leads to a repetition of genocide?

How will the genocide deniers in Congress look if they fail to follow through on the genocide resolution, if and when the Turks, under orders from the Jewish Doenmeh, commit slaughter on the Kurds? The American Congress, which, together with the media, are controlled by Jewry, are empowering and rewarding those who have committed genocide, and encouraging them to repeat their crimes against the human race. The message Congress is sending to the World is that if you commit genocide, the best way to cover up your crime is to pledge to commit further genocide and to throw the World into chaos. The American Congress, controlled by Jewry, is rewarding genocide and encouraging threats of future genocide.

The Jewish controlled press has even added quotation marks to the genocide in the Armenian Genocide. Jews are degrading and mocking the target group of genocide, the Armenians, a group very much still at risk in Turkey and in Armenia. Denial of genocide also encourages genocide. Jews around the World are again providing us with countless examples of how Jewry has always encouraged and perpetrated genocide by defaming and ridiculing target populations and by ginning up wars to provide the theater for their Jewish campaigns of genocidal slaughter.

The Armenians should produce ads showing butchered Armenians and then flash the genocide deniers in Congress on the screen and quote their lies and excuses. Show Turkish leaders denying the genocide, then show the mutilated corpses of Armenian scholars.

Show the genocided Kurds that the Zionists' friend Saddam Hussein attacked. Let the Turks know that they are being set up, as was Saddam and Iraq, for a genocidal attack on them. The Jewish controlled American Government gave Saddam the go ahead to attack Kuwait. Not long after, they hanged Haman Hussein, Kurd killer and invader.

The lesson the Kurds took from this history is that they are a step closer to a nation of Kurdistan, because Saddam slaughtered them. They are baiting you, Turkey, with the same Zionist trap. The Zionists want the oil of Baku and Kirkuk. They also want the corpses of tens of millions more Moslems, including you, Turkey. Take pride for now, if you must, in the American Government's feigned cowardice before your threats. The fall that accompanies that pride will shatter Turkey into several pieces.

TIME's Joe Klein Calls the Armenian Genocide Resolution "idiotic"

Turkey Gobbles Kurdistan?

Defending the Armenian Community

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Armenians can inform the American public with a television campaign and counter the media's campaign to scuttle the Armenian Genocide Resolution in the House of Representatives. Armenian leaders should fund and produce a series of television "commercials" showing the horrors of the Armenian genocide and calling on Americans to pressure their representatives in the Congress to pass H. Res. 106. This will be an effective way of countering the media's assault on the Armenian community.

Politicians will have a far more difficult time voting against the resolution when the American public have been exposed to the horrors of the Armenian genocide and seen images of it. Any politician who votes against the resolution will then have associated him or herself with the genocide and this will provoke an emotional reaction in their constituency, and they will know it. Armenians have to make it unpopular to oppose the genocide resolution, and running a series of "ads" on television, and in print media, condemning Armenian genocide denial, and putting a human face on the genocide, is a good way to do this.

Armenians Need to Inform the American Public With a Television Campaign

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Armenian leaders should step up and fund a series of television "commercials" showing the horrors of the Armenian genocide and calling on Americans to pressure their representatives in the Congress to pass H. Res. 106. This will be an effective way of countering the media's assault on the Armenian community.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Interviewed Rev. Bedros Hajian

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I interviewed Rev. Bedros Hajian about House Resolution 106 recognizing the Armenian genocide, the Turks, the Kurds, Freemasons, Zionists, etc.

October 15, 2007

Full Interview (14 MB)

Hour 1 (7 MB)

Hour 2 (7 MB)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jewry Blame the Armenians and the Democrats for the Zionist Fabricated Crisis

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is amazing (but not surprising) that the Jewish controlled media, especially the supposedly liberal British branch of the Jewish controlled media, are encouraging genocide denial, after savaging David Irving, and are attempting to scapegoat the Armenians and Democrats for the actions of the Doenmeh Jews in Turkey. Jewry had hoped to stigmitize Islam with the label of genocide. Their plans have backfired on them, because it has come out that crypto-Jews were the planners, financiers, and leaders of the Armenian genocide.

Now Jewry seeks to cover up and deny the Armenian genocide, but their plans are backfiring on them, because the issue is receiving far more attention due to their denial, than if they had simply passed the resolution and then shut up. The supposed liberal, anti-war media, which has been so ineffective at stopping the war in Iraq and preventing the planned war on Iran—deliberately so, of course—now complains that the Armenian genocide resolution may provoke Turkey to curtail American efforts to continue the war in Iraq. Odd that, is it not? Jewry attempts to deny that they were behind the war on Iraq, and yet when an opportunity arises to end the war, they complain with bitter disappointment that the war may end, this from many of the same Jews who claim that they had always opposed an attack on Iraq.

In a fallacy of cum hoc ergo propter hoc, Zionist Jews and the media which they control, seek to blame Democrats and Armenians for Turkey's threats and America's prolonged failure to stabilize an Iraq and a Middle East, which America has intentionally destabilized.

Why is it that Turkey so loudly and violently protests genocide recognition? It is because Turkey is ruled by secret Jews who follow the cult of Shabbatai Zevi, Baruchyah Russo and Jacob Frank. They are known as the "Doenmeh". They are descendants of the Jewish "Young Turks" who committed the Armenian genocide, and they seek to hide their guilt, not only because exposure of their crime will harm them, but because it will hurt the cause of Zionism, which is built on the genocide of the Armenians, and it will inhibit the ability of Jews to smear others with the threat of tying them to the Holocaust of European Jewry—because the retort will then be, "What about The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians? Don't we have a right and a duty to protect ourselves from genocidal Jewry?"

If truly Moslem Turks, as opposed to Jews who pretend to be Moslem Turks, ruled Turkey and were genuinely concerned about their honor, and about the Kurdish terrorism which plagues the nation: They would expose the fact that the leadership of the "Young Turks" who committed the Armenian genocide were Jews, thereby honorably acknowledging the truth and properly apportioning blame to the guilty, while rescuing Moslem and Turkish honor. They would demand that Israel stop training Kurds to attack them, thereby beginning to curtail Kurdish aggression, which is being caused in no small part by Israeli Jews who want to destabilize the region and pit Islam against itself. They would pass their own resolutions condemning America for the genocide of the Iraqis, and Israel for the genocide of the Palestinians, thereby reducing the likelihood of further genocides in their neighborhood. They would stop facilitating Jewish American aggression on Moslem Peoples, thereby protecting themselves from the wrath of Christendom which Jewry is fomenting against all of Islam, and from the wrath of Islam against Christendom, which Jewry is concurrently fermenting as they dehumanize Moslems in the media and "Christian" churches they have covertly subverted and dehumanize Christians in Moslem sects they have covertly created and in the Moslem media they own.

Instead of solving the problems they have created and improving the situation, the crypto-Jews in Turkey, the Israelis, World Jewry and the Jewish controlled media seize on every opportunity to raise tensions in the Middle East, polarize American politics, blame the victim Armenians, balkanize Iraq, and provoke World War III. The underlying problems are the denial of crypto-Jews in Turkey of the Armenian genocide their ancestors committed, the terrorism and secessionism of the Kurds, the Jewish genocide of the Palestinians and the Jewish instigated American genocide of the Iraqis. Those are the problems that need to be addressed and resolved. Recognizing the Armenian genocide, and exposing its true Jewish source and causes will go a long way towards solving the other problems Jewry has created for the World. Do not allow them to change the subject, scapegoat their victims, and kill millions more—perhaps billions more—people, in their pursuit of their plan to ruin the human race.

Though they appear to be doing a good job of defeating themselves with their emotional and poorly conceived reactions, it is only because we continue to expose the truth. If the Doenmeh succeed in brainwashing the Moslem Turks to follow a self defeating agenda, we will be forced to alienate Turkey to protect ourselves, which is regrettable, because Turkey is a beautiful nation and the Turkish People do not deserve to suffer for their Jewish leaders. The World will see that the Turks are capable of genocide, if they hammer the Kurds, instead of rooting out the Mossad among the Kurds and pressuring Israel to end its covert aggression against Turkey. Islam will see that Turkey is a willing and stupid slave of Jewry. Tourism and trade will sharply decline. The average Turk will sink deeper into poverty. All this as the blessing of the Jews on the Turks for subverting Turkish interests in favor of Jewish interests.

Ultimately, Turks will have an identity problem they should at last begin to face. They must ask themselves, who are Turks? Armenians, Kurds and others are ancient inhabitants of "Turkey" and the Seljuk Turks disappeared long ago. Turkey is a multi-ethnic country and should celebrate that reality, not seek to genocide its own citizens—and I warn you Turkey, though Jewry wants you to attack the Kurds and wipe them out, they are not doing this to help Moslem Turks.

After you have committed these crimes and obliged Jewry's bloodlust, Jewry will turn completely against you and the Armenian genocide will be exposed in every media outlet they own, and they will make scores of movies blaming Turks for the Armenian genocide, and tying it to what will be called the "Kurdish genocide". Jewish comedians will ridicule you around the world and mock how stupid you are to commit genocide in pursuit of denying genocide. You will be forever stigmatized as if a bloodthirsty race and will suffer as Germany has suffered the loss of its honor. You are being set up to destroy yourselves, just as you were set up a century ago to destroy the Turkish Empire. Jewry is cajoling you to commit a crime against humanity, so that they can pit humanity against you.

They way out is clear. Simply tell the truth and join with the Armenians in exposing The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians.