Friday, October 26, 2007

Why Is Kasparov Badmouthing Russia Abroad?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I know a somewhat famous man who has met Kasparov. He stated that Kasparov was a half-Jew. Bobby Fischer has, I believe, also stated that Kasparov is at least half-Jewish. I do not know if these beliefs are true.

When I hear Kasparov speak, he is often ridiculing Russia. He calls Russia undemocratic and implies that Putin is a fascist dictator who suppresses opposition with a terror squad state police force. Kasparov reminds me of the men and women from Afghanistan and Iraq, who used to parade themselves in the American media, and who defamed their leaders and their country. America has since laid Iraq and Afghanistan to waste.

In the First World War, German Jews who were initially very pro-German began a vicious smear campaign against Germany when the Zionists struck a deal with England for the Balfour Declaration in exchange for bringing America into the war against Germany. Russian Jews—Jews in general—have been defaming Russia and Russians in the West for centuries. They made the Protestant churches they invented very anti-Russian and called the Czar the "anti-Christ", a trend which continues to this day when crypto-Jewish televangelists on the Zionist payroll call Russia and the Russian People "Gog and Magog" as they wrap themselves in the Israeli flag and trick their parishioners into worshiping Jews and abandoning Jesus Christ and the Gospels.

The regular defamations of the Russian People in the Jewish controlled press is very alarming. It appears that the Khazars will have their revenge on the Russ—and the Americans—and the rest of the human race. The Rothschilds have been waging a personal war on the Russian People for centuries. Will the Russians ever begin to fight back in a sensible way?

The Russian Government should produce documentaries exposing how the Israelis have created a "Christian" Zionist fifth column in America, which they are directing to bring nuclear war against Russia based on the Jewish myth of the "Rapture". The Russian Government should document the Jewish war on the Russian People which has been waged for centuries and which has claimed tens of millions of slavic victims of Jewish genocidal aggression. The Russian media, if there is any, should show Kasparov running around American television telling Americans that Russians are terrible.

It Is Time for Turks and Armenians to Reassess Their Options

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On the face of it, the US Congress has chickened out to turkey, um, Turkey. But what has Turkey gained? A war, international public exposure of the Armenian Genocide, alienation from the US who now knows that Turkey is not a reliable ally, potential civil war and increased sedition, economic losses and losses of good will, the appearance of being a stupid bully who denies genocide and then threatens genocide to cover up genocide, etc.

Armenians are disappointed, and to some unspoken extent, I suspect a little relieved for now, given that the Jewish controlled media and government were blaming them for the war between Turkey and the PKK and the failure of the War on Iraq. But the anger and resentment will grow.

The smart move for the Turks would be to open a new investigation into the Armenian Genocide with an eye towards identifying the true ethnic and religious origins of the so-called "Young Turks". It makes you look bad to deny genocide, even if it makes you think you look powerful by backing down the Congress. However, you should read the press stories very carefully. The Congress is calling this a postponement.

What if they are postponing the resolution until such time as they spring the trap on you and turn on you as quickly and as cruelly as they have recently turned on the Armenians and the Kurds? What then? What if every Jewish controlled media outlet in the World reports that the genocidal Turks, who viciously attacked Kurdish children, who destabilized Iraq just when Bush was about to succeed, who stabbed America in the back, who betrayed NATO alliances, etc. etc. etc. WHO NEED TO BE STOPPED! Well, it should be obvious how Jewry hangs a sword of Damocles over your head until such time as you acknowledge the genocide. You can do that and preserve your honor by merely telling the truth, that the leaders of the "Young Turks" were Jews. You can also solve your problems with the Kurds by informing the World that Israel is fomenting the fight and is behind the PKK. Both problems solved without any bloodshed and without any loss of honor. In fact, you can seize the opportunity to puff up your chest, gloat that you have backed down America for the honor of Turkey and Islam, and that you have mercifully brought about the beginning of the solution of the Kurdish insurrection by proving that it is a Jewish agitation.

Armenians, I again urge you to produce a professional video documentary telling the full truth of The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, which can serve as a basis for rapprochement with Turkey as well as a basis for reparations from Turkey, the Kurds and the Jewish bankers and Israel! Include in this documentary not only the fact that the leaders of the "Young Turks" were Jews, but that Jews are the main force behind Armenian genocide denial and sabotaged the Armenian Genocide Resolution by blaming you for the fight between Turkey and the PKK, which Jewry created and perpetuates. Show the politicians denying genocide and blaming Armenians. Show newspaper ads from Jews insisting upon genocide denial, etc. Emphasize the fact that Turkey and Israel deny the genocide, and that Turkey and Israel insist that the US deny the genocide. You are in a far better position today than yesterday to win your case in the court of public opinion. Jewry has shown its guilt. Turkey has shown its guilt. Now you have the opportunity to capture these images in a striking documentary and show it to the World.

U.S. and Turkey Thwart Armenian Genocide Bill

Sponsors of Armenian genocide resolution back off

US sponsors postpone push for Armenian genocide bill

Vote on Armenian 'genocide' resolution put off

P.S. I left out the PKK because they are an arm of the Mossad and will continue to murder Turks in the hope that Turks will murder Kurds in the hope that the West will murder Turks.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"The 8 Stages of Genocide" and Jewish Laws Which Stereotype Moslems as If Enemies of the State

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Zionist Jewish Congresswoman Jane Harman introduced the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007" in April of this year. It has now passed the House. Harman recently sent a letter to Tom Lantos and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen asking that they not approve the Armenian Genocide Resolution.

Harman aside, World Jewry are working very hard to gin up World War III, which will likely begin as a Western war on Islam instigated by the Jewish controlled press and Jewish controlled politicians. As history has proven, world wars serve as theaters for Jewish genocides of defenseless peoples, including fellow Jews. Once Jewry are successful at instigating World War III, and perhaps even before, it appears from the daily vilification of Moslems in the Jewish controlled media that some Jews wish to genocide the Moslems of America.

This new legislation may well serve them to fulfill several of The 8 Stages of Genocide. It will provide the American Government with a means to officially designate Moslems as if enemies of the State, and therefore prime candidates for genocide. It will open the door to witch hunts by those with a pre-existing hatred of Moslems to target Moslems for investigation and implicate them as if enemies of the State merely by investigating them. It will enable the American Government to dub Moslems a target class for investigation, a target class for genocide.

On its face, this legislation is dangerous to our liberties, but the danger is truly darker and deeper. This legislation is a blueprint for genocide, and I believe it will be used to genocide the Moslems and all who speak up to defend them. It is the new expression of "Democratic Centralism" and Nazi "Ermaechtigungsgesetz" and "Gleichschaltung" laws and will obviously be used to target Moslems. It is worse than mere totalitarianism. It is totalitarianism with an eye towards genocide—and it is a resounding success in the Israel-first US Congress which empowered Zionist George W. Bush to genocide the Iraqi People. It appears the next step will bring genocide closer to home.

Jewish Bolshevik Witch Hunt Laws

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jews were infamous in the Bolshevik Soviet Union for "denouncing" their fellow citizens, often resulting in the deaths of their victims. Today, the same happens in Canada, though the punishments are not yet deadly.

World Jewry is now instituting Jewish designed witch hunt laws in America, which laws obviously intimidate Moslems, who are regularly defamed and dehumanized by Jewish controlled media, Jewish controlled government officials and Jewish organizations. Zionists are openly threatening Moslems with barbed wire fences and concentration camps. The threats gain a reality and the genocide of Moslems grows nearer as American Jewry push through more anti-American legislation designed to proscribe thoughts and speech they wish to extinguish by force, the ultimate force of tyrannical Jewish dominated government.

One of the stages of genocide is to manufacture groups which are defined as a threat to the state and then to look for, or manufacture, reasons meant to justify pre-existing hatreds of those groups. Jews in America have created bureaucracies designed to manufacture evidence of a Moslem conspiracy against Jewry and America, so that they can justify their desire to exterminate Moslems, or at least round them up and deport them from our shores. They have already fomented genocidal wars against Moslems abroad, and their war on Islam has reached our neighborhoods, our schools and our courts. Cowardly and cruel American Jews wish to take away the natural right of Moslems to self defense against these Jewish attacks. Too cowardly to directly confront those they hate, these Jews corrupt the American Government and use it to intimidate, and likely to eventually genocide, the Moslems in America.

When the Jews took over the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire, they exterminated the intelligentsia. The Jews of America are now exterminating our rights to think and to express our thoughts. They are taking away our freedom of thought and expression so that they can eventually take away our lives. Their demonization of Moslems, and of those who speak out against Jewish aggression against us, is one stage on the path to their genocide of us.

Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004

Matthew Shepard Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007

Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007

Israeli Sadism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A friend has tipped me off to the following story of Israeli cruelty, insanity and barbarity. This is what we can expect as World Jewry institutes its messianic objective of World rule and "judgement" (read extermination) of the Goyim:

Zionists enjoy torturing Palestinians

Israel shaken by troops' tales of brutality against Palestinians

The Sadism of the Israeli Occupation

Tales of Brutality Against Palestinians by Israeli Troops Causes Outrage

'Our job was to hit them'

Parallel lives

World Jewry's Blessings on the Kurds for the Kurdish Blessing on the Jews: Mossad Trains While JINSA Jabs

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Kurds are beginning to taste their own blood. It is their reward for siding with Israel against Islam. Now they are starting to feel the hurt Kurds perpetrated on the Armenians at the instigation of the Jewish "Young Turks"—Armenians who were also betrayed by traitors among their own people. Note that American Zionists and the Israeli Government call for the demolition of the PKK, while the Israeli Government trains the PKK it created:

The Kurds, the Turks and the PKK

PM Erdogan to press Olmert to give up supporting Iraqi Kurds

Israelis 'train Kurdish forces'

Ask the Treacherous Israelis, They Created, Finance, Train and Otherwise Support the PKK

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Gates laments the fact that the slaughter of the Kurds will not be effective in crushing the PKK, which America and Israel train to commit terrorist acts against Turkey and Iran, until such time as accurate intelligence is gathered as to their whereabouts:

Gates: More intel needed on Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq

Instead of blaming the Armenians for the Turkish-PKK conflict, the US Government ought to demand that our "ally" (read worst enemy) Israel disclose all of its information related to the PKK, so that this terrorist organization can be disbanded. After all, the PKK is an arm of the Mossad, meant to agitate Israel's second most important "ally" Turkey into starting World War III.

If the Turks truly want to shut down the PKK, instead of working with the Israelis to betray and kill the Kurds, then Turkey should demand that the Israelis open their books and lead the Turks to the PKK, which are an arm of the Mossad. Of course, that would mean that Israel would have to admit to the World public that they are inhuman scum who pretend to be an ally of the Turkish People, while concurrently creating and sponsoring a terrorist organization to attack Turkey and divide Turkish citizens against themselves. Of course, that would mean that Israel would have to openly betray its organization the PKK to certain death at the hands of outraged Turks, but then that was the plan from the beginning!

Yes, Israel, show what a noble ally you are to Turkey and give them your intelligence on the PKK which you created and trained in order to Balkanize Turkey and spark World War III.

More Evidence that World Jewry Deliberately Lies in Order to Foment Wars, Dehumanize Groups and Commit Genocide

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Tzipi Livni has made it clear that the Israelis are well aware that their fear mongering and scare tactics are calculated lies iterated to gin up a war against peaceful Iran:

Livni behind closed doors: Iran nukes pose little threat to Israel

Such lies, meant to mischaracterize Iranians as if an existential threat to Jews, set the stage for the Jewish genocide of Iranians. "Christian" Zionists ought to reconsider their support for the deceitful and murderous nation of Israel. Consider what Jesus stated as quoted in John 8:44-45,

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. "

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Curse of Blessing Israel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

"Christian" Zionists, who, as Rev. Bedros Hajian puts it, heretically worship Jewish nationality, not Jesus Christ—pseudo-Christian Zionists believe that if they bless the modern state of Israel and worship Jews, they will themselves be blessed (Genesis 12:3). History proves otherwise.

America has always blessed the Jew. In return, World Jewry has sent the English to war on us. World Jewry divided our nation against itself, and financed and led both sides in the Civil War. World Jewry financed our worst enemies and dragged us into World War I and World War II, both of which wars World Jewry created. World Jewry financed our enemies of Germany and Imperial Japan. World Jewry created and financed our enemies of Nazi Germany and the Jewish Bolshevik Soviet Union. World Jewry has sold and given our Communist enemies our military secrets, most notably our nuclear secrets. World Jewry has attacked our naval vessel the USS Liberty in hopes of dragging us into war. World Jewry has been caught many times spying on us. Yet, World Jewry considers the United States to be its most important ally!

And who is World Jewry's second most important ally? According to Abe Foxman of the ADL, Israel's most important ally after the US is the nation of Turkey. World Jewry has created, financed and trained the PKK to attack Turkey and bring it into civil war and conflict with other nations. That is how good World Jewry is to its two most important allies!

World Jewry destroyed the Turkish Empire, which offered Jewry sanctuary when Spain expelled the Jews. World Jewry destroyed Germany, which made Jews the economic powerhouse they are today. World Jewry destroyed the Russian Empire in which the majority of Jewry lived. Such are the blessings of the Jews on those who bless them. Such is the curse of siding up with World Jewry. To do so is ultimately to side with your worst enemy against yourself and your own people, as the Kurds and the Turks are now learning as they consume one another at the behest of the Jews whom they have sought to bless.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Closing the Front Door. . . and the Back Door. . . of the Trap

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish controlled PKK are prodding the Turks to strike into Iraq. The Jewish Doenmeh of Turkey are propagandizing the Turks to attack the Kurds.

Real Turks and real Kurds ought to shut the doors to this trap.

Turkey will only worsen matters if it falls into the trap of invading Iraq. Kurds will only suffer if they do not do everything in their power to shut down the PKK and turn in the Mossad and crypto-Jews who run the PKK. The UN must address Israel's perpetual agitations for war in the Middle East. Turkey and the Kurds ought to sue the Israeli warmongers.

Turkey cannot afford a prolonged conflict in mountainous regions as winter approaches. Turkey cannot afford dramatically increased sedition, and outright civil war, on its soil. Kurds, you will not gain Kurdistan by provoking World War III, despite what the Jews have falsely promised you. Azers, you will not take Eastern Armenia, Northern Iran and become a part of a greater Azerbaijan by joining with Turks in war, despite what the Jews have falsely promised you. Armenians, you will not take Western Armenia and Baku when Turkey is Balkanized in the planned war, despite what the Jews have falsely promised you. All you all will receive is ruined cities and corpses piled up to the moon, if you play along with the Jews in hopes of expanded territory and ancient glory.

Instead of killing one another off to profit the Jews, unite and confront your common enemy with peace between you. Build the region into a prosperous and cooperative hub between East and West. Let Israel, instead of you, rot on their scavenger diet. Force the parasite into cannibalism.

Moslems and Christians of the Middle East, you must create new institutions to resolve conflicts between you and promote peace and stability. World Jewry controls the international institutions of the World today, and is using them to destroy you. Save yourselves and keep them out. Stop fighting one another and start helping one another. In this way you will close out your real enemy and help yourselves.

Why Should Armenians Be Blamed for Turkish Attacks on the Kurds, When It Is Jews Who Are Training the PKK to Attack Turkey and the Turks Know It?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Please have a look at the following article:

PM Erdogan to press Olmert to give up supporting Iraqi Kurds

Why is not Erdogan screaming bloody murder to the World over Israel's efforts to pit the Turks and Kurds against one another in order to spark World War III? I have been writing and speaking about this Jewish plan for years:

More Proof that Zionists Are Using the Kurds to Foment WW III

I have also been warning, for years, that World Jewry wants the US to hit Iran with nuclear weapons, and that Jewry want to destroy Russia. I issued these warnings long before today's events began to unfold, before Turkey threatened to invade Iraq, before Sy Hersh wrote about the plan to nuke Iran, before Zionists in the US began to threaten Russia with a missile shield in Europe, etc.

World Jewry is behind this campaign to destroy the human race. We must begin to defend ourselves from our mortal enemy. Their plan is not new. A Hungarian Jew (like Herzl) manufactured the pan-Turkic movement, the rabid Steppenwolf of Turkish racism, which will soon be used to provoke Turkish aggression into Iraq and Armenia, even into Georgia, Russia, and Eastward. The Jewish bankers want the oil of the Caspian region and the oil of Kirkuk. They also want to bury the Russ who buried their Khazar Kingdom.

Jewry have been pitting Turks against Russians for a very long time. Jewry created the Crimean War, the Russo-Turkish War, World War I, the destruction of the Armenian Republic, etc.

The Hungarian Jew Arminius Vambery created the Nazi-like Blut und Boden myth of pan-Turkism even before his fellow Jews created the crypto-Jewish Nazis (see: Jacob M. Landau, Pan-Turkism: From Irredentism to Cooperation, Second Revised and Updated Edition, Indiana University Press, Bloomington and Indianapolis, (1995), p. 2). Just as Jewry created Nazism to destroy Germany in the name of creating a German Empire, by pitting Germany against England and Russia; Jewry earlier created pan-Turkism to destroy the Turkish Empire in the name of creating a pan-Turkic Empire, by pitting Turkey against England and Russia.

Jewry's plans have not changed. They will have "Greater Israel" extending from the Nile to the Euphrates. They will destroy Al Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock in order to build the Jewish Temple in their place. They will Balkanize Turkey and every other Moslem nation in the Middle East, and then begin to exterminate their populations. They will exterminate the Russian People, the Gog and Magog of their fanatical and genocidal Jewish myths.

Having studied Jewry, I was able to predict years ago what is taking place today. I hope that what I foresee for tomorrow does not so accurately follow the success of my former predictions.

We can stop this madness by identifying Israel and Jewry as the source of this war on humanity. We can stop this madness by uniting and confronting the enemy with peace. We can stop this madness by proving their crimes in the courts and taking back our monies, our lands and our souls from the eternal enemy of the human being. But we had better do it now. There will be no second chances.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Turkey Should Put a Bounty Out on Foreign Subversive Agents

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Turkish Government should offer substantial rewards for information leading to the capture of foreign agents, including the Mossad, who are operating to train and agitate the Kurds to attack Turkey. If and when Turkey captures these criminals, or simply gathers enough proof, if it does not have it already, Turkey should sue the Israeli Government and all other involved governments for damages.

In addition, Moslem nations should form an international police force to root out the Mossad and crypto-Jews, and other foreign forces operating to create instability in the Middle East. Merely offering these rewards and creating this policing agency will call international attention to the problem and make it more difficult for these professional murderers to drag us into World War III—the Jewish war on the human race.

The United Nations Should Guard the Turkey-Iraq Border

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I had a feeling that some of the terrorists among the Kurds, together with their Mossad and C. I. A. trainers and advisors, would try to provoke a Turkish incursion into Iraq by murdering Turks. I suspect much more of this will occur. The leaders of World Jewry want WW III and the oil of Kirkuk and Baku. They are promising the Kurds an independent nation if they provoke the next world war, but instead the Kurds will be genocided and the Jewish bankers will take the oil profits of the region and begin to exterminate and transplant the indigenous populations.

The U.N. should intervene and guard the border, while the Turkish Government works with the indigenous Kurdish citizens of Turkey to end the terrorism and address the grievances of the Kurds. It will be a long and difficult process, but making this difficult and frustrating effort is far better than the imminent prospect of World War III, unless you are a racist, supremacist Jew who wants to kill all the Moslems.

We can also expect the Zionists in the American Government and the media to waver on the issue of the Armenian Genocide Resolution so as to agitate Turkey's Doenmehs. The Zionists want war not peace.

In the News:

12 Turkish troops killed in rebel attack