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Who Was Behind the Armenian Genocide?

Armenians Believe That Jews Made Turks and Armenians Hostile

Pawning Off America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

China has a huge investment in American debt and American cash. This prompts the question. Why are they not major players in the banking industry?

China produces a large quantity of stuff. They make money through production. They are not yet masters at making money with money, but they will soon have to learn this simple art.

What can the Chinese do with their dollar holdings and investment in American debt? If they simply start buying stuff with the paper they own, and purchase land, businesses, bonds, stocks, etc. and put that money directly into circulation before it becomes worthless, they will cause inflation and thereby diminish the value of their remaining dollar holdings. Add to that the fact that few things, at least as things stand at the moment, are as liquid as cash. But then it is better to convert dollars into something of value before it is too late, unless a means of protection can be found, such as adjustable rate loans secured with easily seized assets.

Heretofore, the Chinese have missed out on many potential profits to be derived from the cycle of loosely financing America's debt. They have allowed the Jewish bankers to glean these profits. As banks begin to fail, the Chinese will have the opportunity to fill the void that will be created in the credit markets. They will learn to control business cycles and to use them to monopolize markets and gain near total domination of the World's industrial production. By strategically loaning and then forcing foreclosures, they will takeover businesses, trade secrets, and entire industries.

Should the World sink into depression, and should the West and especially America turn to protectionism, the Chinese will lose many of their costumers abroad, but they will learn to ameliorate this condition by promoting consumerism at home, something the Communists have not yet tried, but which would be easy for them to do. From each according to his ability (at the point of a bayonet), to each according to his need—and a Communist government could make the citizens very needy and greedy, if it so chose. The Chinese will also learn how to colonize other nations and themselves profit from the protectionism meant to harm them.

There many reasons why we are still living higher on the hog than the Chinese. For example, China has missed out on the automobile industry and China has missed out on the banking business. China has not learned how to rob the Third World or take advantage of its consumers at home.

I suspect that China will have to learn to enter the banking industry in a substantial way. If we try to counter with protectionism, we risk inflation due to the higher cost of imports and the Chinese will dump our dollars causing more inflation and a precipitous drop in the value of the dollar. If we lower interest rates to ease credit, we again face similar problems and set ourselves up for a doomsday drop in the near future.

I guess that the Chinese will cast out a safety net of loans of their dollar holdings directly to the American People, which will harvest in more of our wealth, earn the Chinese a place in the world of international finance, and afford the Chinese with the opportunity to take advantage of more of the profits to be derived from their trade with us and the use of credit in that trade. They will have to play a more intelligent role in the control of our money supply than simply buying debt without profiting from the many mechanisms of debt.

We have to start fighting back against the Israeli fifth column which is destroying us from within and without, and we have to more equitably distribute wealth to our People. If we could only persuade Americans to take this course of action, we can rescue ourselves, repair the damage Israel has done to us, and emerge stronger than ever before, freed from the yoke Jacob has placed on our neck as we plow our fields for his profit.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jewish Zionist Jane Harman Convenes a Sanhedrin in Congress in Order to Trick Americans into Clamoring for the Loss of Their Liberty

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jane Harman bashed Islam and promoted her witch hunt legislation H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. C-Span caught the spectacle on video:

Use of the Internet by Terrorists

Note that her experts reveal that their goals are to infiltrate and sow the seeds of discord in internet groups they would target. Note also that the claim is made that video rankings are artificially moved up and down to promote certain videos and to suppress the videos they want to suppress. Note further that shills are used to degrade people and points of view they wish to suppress. Note still further that Harman's legislation is already being used to degrade Moslems and to generate fear of Islam, especially when Jews like Adam Gadahn are the spokesmen for the forces she opposes. World Jewry creates terrorism and then proposes the loss of liberty and government intrusion as the solution to terrorism.

On 25 October 2007, I predicted this would happen:

Jewish Bolshevik Witch Hunt Laws

"The 8 Stages of Genocide" and Jewish Laws Which Stereotype Moslems as If Enemies of the State

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion states, in Protocol 1,

"Our government, following the line of peaceful conquest, has the right to substitute for the horrors of war less noticeable and more efficient executions, these being necessary to keep up terror, which induces blind submission. A just but inexorable strictness is the greatest factor of governmental power. We must follow a program of violence and hypocrisy, not only for the sake of profit, but also as a duty and for the sake of victory."

Protocol 3 states,

"The modern constitutional scales will soon tip over, for we have set them inaccurately, thus insuring an unsteady balance for the purpose of wearing out their holder. The Goys thought it had been sufficiently strongly made and hoped that the scales would regain their equilibrium, but the holder—the ruler—is screened from the people by his representatives, who fritter away their time, carried away by their uncontrolled and irresponsible authority. Their power, moreover, has been built up on terrorism spread through the palaces. Unable to reach the hearts of their people, the rulers cannot unite with them to gain strength against the usurpers of power. The visible power of royalty and the blind power of the masses, separated by us, have both lost significance, for separated, they are as helpless as the blind man without a stick.

To induce the lovers of authority to abuse their power, we have placed all the forces in opposition to each other, having developed their liberal tendencies towards independence. We have excited different forms of initiative in that direction; we have armed all the parties; we have made authority the target of all ambitions. We have opened the arenas in different states, where revolts are now occurring, and disorders and bankruptcy will shortly appear everywhere."

Protocol 7 states,

"In short, to sum up our system of shackling the Goy governments of Europe, we will show our power to one of them by assassination and terrorism, and should there be a possibility of all of them rising against us, we will answer them with American, Chinese, or Japanese guns."

Protocol 9 states,

"When we are enthroned we will substitute for the liberal words of our Masonic catchword, 'Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity,' another group of words expressing simply ideas, namely, ‘the right of Liberty, the duty of Equality, the ideal of Fraternity.’ Thus we will speak and. . . we shall have the goat by the horns. . . . De facto, we have already destroyed all governments except our own, although de jure there are still many left. At present, if any of the governments raises a protest against us, it is done only as a matter of form, and at our desire, and by our order, because their anti-Semitism is necessary to enable us to control our smaller brothers. I will not further explain this, as it has already been the object of numerous discussions.

In reality there are no obstacles before us. Our supergovernment exists under such extra-legal conditions that it is common to designate it by an energetic and strong word—a Dictatorship.

I can honestly state that at the present time we are lawmakers; we are the judges and inflict punishment; we execute and pardon; we, as the chief of all our armies, ride the leader's horse. We rule by indomitable will because we hold in our hands the fragments of a once strong party now subject to us. We possess boundless ambition, burning greed for merciless revenge, and bitter hatred.

From us emanates an all-embracing terror. People of all opinions and of all doctrines are in our service; people who desire to restore monarchies, demagogues, socialists, communists, and other utopians. We have had to put all of them to work; every one of them is undermining the last remnant of authority, is trying to overthrow all existing order. All the governments have been tortured by this procedure; they beg for peace, and for the sake of peace are prepared to make any sacrifice, but we will not give them peace until they recognize our international super-government openly and with submission.

The masses have begun to demand the solution of the social problem by means of an international agreement. The division into parties has delivered all of them to us, because in order to conduct a party struggle money is required, and we have it all.

We might fear the union of the intelligent power of the Goys' rulers with the blind power of the masses, but we have taken all measures against such a possibility. Between the two powers we have raised a wall in the form of mutual terror; thus the blind power of the people continues to be our support, and we alone will act as its leader and, naturally, we will direct it towards our goal.


You may say that there will be an armed rising against us if our plans are discovered prematurely; but in anticipation of this we have such a terrorizing manoeuver in the West that even the bravest soul will shudder.

Underground passages will be established by that time in all capitals, from where they can be exploded, together with all their institutions and national documents."

Protocol 11 states,

"Any of these impressions would be detrimental to the prestige of the new constitution. It is necessary for us that, from the first moment of its proclamation, when the people are still dumbfounded by the accomplished revolution and are in a state of terror and surprise, they should realize we are so strong, so invulnerable, and so mighty that we shall in no case pay attention to them, and not only will we ignore their opinions and desires, but be ready to and capable of suppressing at any moment or place any sign of opposition with indisputable authority. We shall want the people to realize, that we have taken at once everything we wanted, and that we shall under no circumstances share our power with them. Then they will close their eyes to everything out of fear and will await further developments.

The Goys are like a flock of sheep—we are wolves.

Do you know what happens to sheep when wolves get into the fold?

They will also close their eyes to everything because we will promise to return to them all their liberties after the enemies of peace have been subjugated and all the parties pacified.

Is it necessary to say how long they would have to wait for the return of their liberties?"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Is Russia's Constitutional Line of Succession Dmitri A. Medvedev's Death Warrant, or His Life Insurance Policy?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In a calm and dignified, if a bit starchy and unanimated address, Putin's nominee for President of Russia, Dmitri A. Medvedev, reciprocated and stated that he would appoint Vladimir Putin as Prime Minister of Russia. It was, after all, the gentlemanly thing to do, was it not?

My understanding, and I may be wrong on this, is that the Russian Constitution contains term limits which prevented Putin from again consecutively running for President, but do they not also prevent Putin from again becoming President? Perhaps not, since by way of appointment to Prime Minister by his slated successor, there is an interruption of his Presidency. This is an important question, for, if I am correct, the Prime Minister of Russia is first in line to become President should Mr. Medvedev fall out of an airplane, or something, or simply resign or be forced out of office.

A really interesting question arises from all of this. What if Putin were, in the event President-to-be Medvedev could not fulfill his likely upcoming term, to claim both the Presidency and the Prime Ministry? Perhaps, Putin would remain as Prime Minister and the next in line of succession would succeed Medvedev as President?

What if Medvedev simply hands off the Presidency to Putin and Putin carries it to the goal line? No, that would be too obvious, I say with tongue in cheek. However, it is noteworthy that Putin chose a comparatively weak personality to succeed him, if only temporarily.

Video: Putin will be my Prime Minister: Medvedev RussiaToday

Speech by Dmitri A. Medvedev (NYT's English Translation)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mockingbirds, When Politicians / Intelligence Officials Write the News Israel's Voice Mysteriously Sounds

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Who challenges the words of politicians, when they themselves write the news? Consider what Jewish Zionist Jane Harman has to say as she spins the news of the National Intelligence Estimate, which report exonerated Iran and vindicated the statements of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

The Limits of Intelligence By PETER HOEKSTRA and JANE HARMAN

Recall that Zionist Harman sponsored the bill H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007.

Recall also that Zionist Harman recently sent a letter to Tom Lantos and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen asking that they not approve the Armenian Genocide Resolution.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

An Address from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and a Report from Rev. Ted Pike

Jewish Bankers Again Target Russia for Revolution

As Jewish bankers again take aim at Russia, we ought to recognize the danger of the situation for the Russian People, and the American People. History teaches us that Jewish leaders are capable of treachery and genocidal murder, the scale of which can only be understood by examining the facts. Many Americans have wondered how the tragedy of the Soviet Union and the Red Terror could possibly have occurred, when the World could so easily have stopped the criminals, so few were they. But the World let the Jews of Russia mass murder and enslave the Russian People and then the other peoples of Eastern Europe.

History is repeating itself. Ask yourself what you and your government, your neighbors, your press, your church. . . what is anyone outside of Russia doing to stop the attack on Russia?

The attempted Russian Revolution of 1905 was widely known at the time to have been the work of Jews, and many Jews took great pride in that fact. For example, The Maccabean of London wrote in an article entitled "A Jewish Revolution" on page 250 in November of 1905,

"The revolution in Russia is a Jewish revolution, a crisis in Jewish history. It is a Jewish revolution because Russia is the home of about half the Jews of the world, and an overturning of its despotic government must have a very important influence on the destinies of the millions living there and on the many thousands who have recently emigrated to other countries. But the revolution in Russia is a Jewish revolution also because Jews are the most active revolutionists in the Tsar's empire."—As quoted in: L. Fry, Waters Flowing Eastward: The War Against the Kingship of Christ, TBR Books, Washington, D. C., (2000), p. 40.

William Eleroy Curtis delivered an address to the National Geographic Society on 14 December 1906, in which he stated, among other things,


Perhaps these reforms are the cause of the present tranquility, because the revolutionary leaders nearly all belong to the Jewish race and the most effective revolutionary agency is the Jewish Bund, which has its headquarters at Bialystok, where the massacre occurred last June. The government has suffered more from that race than from all of its other subjects combined. Whenever a desperate deed is committed it is always done by a Jew, and there is scarcely one loyal member of that race in the entire Empire. The great strike which paralyzed the Empire and compelled the Czar to grant a constitution and a parliament was ordered and managed by a Jew named Krustaleff, president of the workingmen's council, a young man only thirty years old. He was sent to the penitentiary for life, and had not been behind the bars more than three weeks when he organized and conducted a successful strike of the prison employees.

Maxim, who organized and conducted the revolution in the Baltic provinces, is a Jew of marvelous ability. Last fall he came over here lecturing and collecting money to carry on the revolutionary campaign, but for some reason has vanished and nobody seems to know what has become of him.

Gerschunin, the most resourceful leader of the terrorists, who was condemned to life imprisonment in the silver mines on the Mongolian frontier, has recently escaped in a water cask, and is supposed to be in San Francisco. He is a Polish Jew only twenty-seven years old. I might enumerate a hundred other revolutionary leaders and every one of them would be a Jew. Wherever you read of an assassination or of the explosion of a bomb you will notice in the newspaper dispatches that the man was a Jew. The most sensational and dramatic episode that has occurred since the mutinies was on October 27, when, in the very center of Saint Petersburg, at the entrance of Kazan Cathedral, four Jews held up a treasury wagon and captured $270,000. They passed the package to a woman, who instantly vanished, and no trace of her has ever been found; but they were all arrested and were promptly punished. On the 8th of November a few Jewish revolutionaries entered a treasury car near Ragow, in Poland, got $850,000 and disappeared.

Every deed of that kind is done by Jews, and the massacres that have shocked the universe, and occurred so frequently that the name 'pogrom' was invented to describe them, were organized and managed by the exasperated police authorities in retaliation for crimes committed by the Jewish revolutionists."—W. E. Curtis, "The Revolution in Russia", The National Geographic Magazine, Volume 18, Number 5, (May, 1907), pp. 302-316, at 313-314.

In preparation for the 1905 revolution, the Jewish bankers manufactured a war between Russia and Japan. They had long been conducting an economic war against Russia, which weakened the nation. The bankers wanted to further weaken Russia with war in order to make it frail and ripe for revolution, and to drive it deeper into debt and to collapse the economy. Their near absolute control over the international press enabled them to blame the Czar for all of the problems which the Jewish bankers were deliberately causing the Russian People. They pitted the World against Russia, and turned the Russian People against the Russian Government and scapegoated the Czar for Jewish crimes.

The German-Jewish banker Jacob H. Schiff was the most prominent representative of the Rothschild syndicate in its war on the Russian People. Schiff implemented their plan to destroy Russia. The ties between the Rothschilds and Schiffs went back to the Jewish Ghetto in Frankfurt, Germany, where they shared a residence. The Schiffs are still prominent in America.

Russia supported the Union in the American Civil War and subverted the Rothschilds' plan to divide America into two opposing nations which the bankers could perpetually pit against one another, as they had done to the nations of Europe. Czarist Russia was a tested and proven ally of the United States.

Jacob H. Schiff worked against American interests and destroyed America's faithful Civil War ally, Czarist Russia. John Hays Hammond gave testimony to the fact that Jewish bankers had ruined Russia in the Russo-Japanese war, in The New York Times on 18 November 1911, on page 2,

"I, however, convinced them that there was no lack of friendliness toward Russians on the part of Americans, who remembered Russia's friendship to us at the time of our civil war. [***] Mr. Jacob H. Schiff has done more to accentuate the troubles of his co-religionists in Russia than any other one man, because of his boastful statement that the money of Jewish bankers had made it possible for Japan to wage a successful war against Russia."

John Hays Hammond had intimate ties to high finance and close contacts in Russia. [See: J. H. Hammond, The Autobiography of John Hays Hammond; Illustrated with Photographs, In Two Volumes, Farrar & Rinehart, incorporated, New York, (c1935); reprinted: Arno Press, New York, (1974), see especially: Chapter 23, "Russia", pp. 454-478.] The bankers' involvement in the Russo-Japanese war is detailed in the article Takahashi Korekiyo, the Rothschilds and the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1907,

In The New York Times on 24 March 1917 on pages 1-2, George Kennan explained how Jacob Schiff assisted Russia's enemies and how Schiff financed and trained Russian revolutionaries —note that Japan and the Soviet State which Schiff created became virulent enemies of the United States, enemies who came to power under Jacob Schiff's tutelage and financial patronage—note that Jewish bankers created the enemies of the United States and financed their wars against Americans,



Socialists at Carnegie Hall Fail to Make Russian Celebration a Peace Meeting.




Sorry We Cannot Fight with the German People to Overthrow Hohenzollerism.




Relates How Jacob H. Schiff Financed Revolution Propaganda in Czar's Army.


The most violent clash between patriots and pacifists that has occurred in New York City since relations were broken with Germany marked the celebration of the Russian revolution held last night in Carnegie Hall. It was precipitated by Mayor Mitchel, whose declaration that we were about to go to war in behalf of the same kind of democracy that had freed Russia was met with a determined demonstration by pacifists, evidently previously organized, which threatened for a time to break up the meeting.

After the uproar had lasted for fifteen minutes, the Mayor, white with anger, stepped to the edge of the stage and shouted:

'This country is on the verge of war—' A loud chorus of 'No' greeted him, but above the tumult he made his voice heard with: 'And I say to you in the galleries that tonight we are divided into only two classes—Americans and traitors!'

'I hope they put you in the first ranks,' shouted a leader of the pacifists.

'You do me the greatest honor,' replied the Mayor, and the applause which followed, coupled with the ejection of some of the trouble makers, gave the Mayor's supporters the majority.

The meeting started in orderly fashion. The century old fight of Russian revolutionists was pictured in glowing words, matched by the promise of the Russia to be.

On the front of the speaker's stand hung a pair of leg irons, from a Siberian prison. They were unlocked. An authority on Russian affairs, George Kennan, told of how a movement by the Society of the Friends of Russian Freedom, financed by Jacob H. Schiff, had at the time of the Russo-Japanese war spread among 50,000 Russian officers and men in Japanese prison camps the gospel of the Russian revolutionists. 'And,' said Mr. Kennan, 'we know how the army helped the Duma in the bloodless revolution that made the new Russia last week.'

The galleries were largely filled with Socialists, downstairs an admission fee had been charged and the crowd was more orderly until awakened by the protestations of the pacifists.

Mayor Mitchel was introduced by Herbert Parsons, President of the Society of Friends of Russian Freedom, as a 'man of a race that has also struggled for freedom.' There were rumblings of trouble when a few voices in the galleries started to hoot the Mayor.

'We are gathered here,' the Mayor began, 'to celebrate the greatest triumph of democracy since the fall of the Bastile.' There were some cheers. 'America rejoices,' he said. 'How could she do otherwise when she sees power in Russia transferred from the few to the many, and in the country where there seemed the least hope of the cause of democracy triumphing.

'America, the great democracy, is proud tonight because democracy in Russia has supplanted the greatest oligarchy that remained on the face of the earth.' Then the Mayor stepped back and said:

'But I submit we have another reason to be proud. It is now inevitable, so far as human foresight can make a prediction, that the United States is to be projected into this world war and—'

'No! No!' rolled the chorus from the galleries.

There was quiet for an instant. Then the audience downstairs and in the boxes began to rise and a shout of 'Yes! Yes!' answered the galleries.

'The United States is for peace!' a voice from the gallery cried, and the tumult started anew. The ushers escorted some of the leaders of the disturbance out of the arena, and when the Mayor got partial order he said:

'We are to be projected into the war through no fault of ours, but because of conditions which have been thrust upon us—'

'No! No! No!' the galleries started again. Some one shouted an epithet at the Mayor, which brought, even from the galleries, shouts of 'Put him out! Choke him!'

'And when America does enter the contest,' shouted the Mayor, 'it will be to vindicate certain ideas as fundamental as those on which the Republic was builded, and among them will be the cause of democracy throughout the world. Let us be glad that, instead of fighting side by side with autocratic Russia, we shall be fighting side by side with democratic Russia.'

It was at this point that the galleries became so demonstrative that Mr. Mitchel told them they must be Americans or traitors.

'You are for America or you are against her,' he said, and here the Mayor made an indirect reference to the accusations he made against Senator Wagner. 'You are for America or against her, whether in private life or in legislative halls,' he said.

The Mayor then left the hall, followed by shouts of condemnation and of praise.

When the tumult had died down Rabbi S. S. Wise, a worker for world peace but not an extreme pacifist, was introduced.

'I feel it is my duty to say one word in support [hisses] and in reply to the Mayor. I would have this great audience know that I believe the Mayor was right—[This brought shouts of 'No. You're as bad as he is.']

'I am here to talk, and I'm going to talk,' shouted the Rabbi. 'If you don't like what I say, go; I am going to stay. The Mayor is right when he says we are on the verge of war. I pray God it may not come, but if it does the blame will not rest upon us, but upon that German militarism, which may it be given to the German people to overthrow as the Romanoffs have been forever overthrown.

'God knows we want peace. No man has ever fought and stood for peace as has Woodrow Wilson. [Cheers.] I do not believe that war is absolutely inevitable, but I thank God I am a citizen of a republic that has been patient.

'I am for peace, I say, but I would to God it were possible for us to fight side by side with the German people for the overthrow of Hohenzollernism.'

Then the rabbi praised the Russian revolution, but he ran into opposition when he said:

'At the risk of incurring the displeasure of those of you who have such bitter memories I hope that amnesty will be extended to the Czar himself. May God forgive the Czar.' [Shouts of 'No, never!'] 'May God forgive the monarch who never knew what mercy was.'

This was followed by shouts by a man in the gallery.

'I cannot forget,' continued the Rabbi, 'that I am a member and a teacher of a race of which half has lived in the domain of the Czar and as a Jew, I believe that of all the achievements of my people, none has been nobler than that part the sons and daughters of Israel have taken in the great movement which has culminated in the free Russia.'

It was after a review of the struggle of the Russian revolutionists, of whom he has been the leading American writer, that Mr. Kennan told of the work of the Friends of Russian Freedom in the revolution.

He said that during the Japanese-Russian war he was in Tokio, and that he was permitted to make visits among the 12,000 Russian prisoners in Japanese hands at the end of the first year of the war. He told how they had asked him to give them something to read, and he had conceived the idea of putting revolutionary propaganda into the Russian Army.

The Japanese authorities favored it and gave him permission. Later he sent to America for all the Russian revolutionary literature to be had. He said that one day Dr. Nicholas Russell came to him in Tokio, unannounced, and said that he had been sent to help the work.

'The movement was financed by a New York banker you all know and love,' he said, referring to Mr. Schiff, 'and soon we received a ton and a half of Russian revolutionary propaganda. At the end of the war 50,000 Russian officers and men went back to their country ardent revolutionists. The Friends of Russian Freedom had sowed 50,000 seeds of liberty in 100 Russian regiments. I do not know how many of those officers and men were in the Petrograd fortress last week, but we do know what part the army took in the revolution.'

Mr. Parsons then arose and said:

'I will now read a message from White Sulphur Springs sent by the gentleman to whom Mr. Kennan referred.' This was the message:

'Will you say for me to those present at tonight's meeting how deeply I regret my inability to celebrate with the Friends of Russian Freedom the actual reward of what we had hoped and striven for those long years! I do not for a moment feel that if the Russian people have under their present leaders shown such commendable moderation in this moment of crisis they will fail to give Russia proper government and a constitution which shall permanently assure to the Russian people the happiness and prosperity of which a financial autocracy has so long deprived them.


This message from President Wilson was read:

'The American Ambassador in Petrograd, acting under instructions from this Government, formally recognized the new Government of Russia. By this act the United States has expressed its confidence in the success of and its natural sympathy with popular government. WOODROW WILSON'

Vladimir Resnikoff, the blind Russian baritone, sang a number of folk songs and the Symphony Orchestra, directed by Nikolai Sokoloff played Tschaikowsky's Symphony No. 4 in F minor and other selections. Miss Lillian D. Wald delivered a eulogy of Mme. Catherine Breshkovskaya, the Russian revolutionist, who had visited this country and who is now in Siberia, to be brought back at the age of 70 years to see in Petrograd the triumph of the cause for which she worked and suffered.

The following resolution was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That the Mayor of the City of New York be requested to transmit the following cable to Professor Paul N. Milyoukoff, Minister of Foreign Affairs in the new Russian Government:

'Citizens of New York having at the call of the Society of the Friends of Russian Freedom assembled in mass meeting at Carnegie Hall on this 23d day of March, 1917, extend their congratulations to the Russian people upon the success of the revolution in Russia, and express their admiration for those who in the years gone by and those who in recent days have fought so bravely for liberty. They convey their earnest wishes for Russia's complete realization of self-Government, and declare their conviction that it will mean enduring friendship and co-operation between the Governments and peoples of Russia and the United States of America.'

At the close of the meeting the pictures of the revolutionary leaders were shown upon a screen, together with a picture of George Grey Bernard's statue of Lincoln which is to be placed in Petrograd.




Police Disperse Crowd Around Auto
of Orators in Wall Street.

The police stopped a pacifist street meeting in the Wall Street district yesterday afternoon after a big crowd had surrounded the speakers and had begun to dispute with them. Benjamin C. Marsh and other pacifist orators had been telling the crowd that the firm of J. P. Morgan & Co. and other financial interests were engineering a 'go-to-war' movement. Mr. Marsh spoke from an automobile.

'I am engaged in a fight against surrendering the Government to Wall Street,' he said. 'If the privileged class and their wealth were to be conscripted in case of war there would be no possibility of this country becoming involved.'

'What are you going to do about the German submarines?' some one in the crowd asked.

'I consider it more important to fight against special privileges than to engage in a war against poor, beaten Germany,' was the reply.

The crowd became unruly, and a police Lieutenant in charge of reserves made them move on before Mr. Marsh had finished speaking.

Dr. David Starr Jordan spoke against war yesterday at a meeting in Horace Mann Auditorium, Broadway and 120th Street, under the auspices of the Collegiate Anti-Militarism League and the Institute of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Jordan, the Rev. Judah L. Magnes, Morris Hillquit, Arthur Le Soeur, James P. Maurer, and others will speak at a mass meeting of the Emergency Peace Federation in Madison Square Garden tonight. John F. Moors, President of the Boston Associated Charities, yesterday joined the 'unofficial commission' which is trying to find 'a way out' without war."

Rabbi Stephen S. Wise had been a member of the "Anti-Militarism Committee" which was formed to combat the "cult of preparedness" that sought "to stampede the nation". [See: "Starts Open Fight Against Preparedness", The New York Times, (22 December 1915), p. 12.] He had been opposed to any talk of war, until war became a Jewish cause, until American intervention in the war became "good for the Jews", even though it remained very bad for America and humanity.

The New York Times reported on 30 December 1917 on page 4 in an article entitled "KAHN ASKS ARMY OF 6,000,000 MEN":

"Jacob H. Schiff said that it now appeared reasonably sure that, at the end of this war, nationalities formerly subject would be freed and that, among them, Palestine would be restored to the Jews. He said that, although there had been much disagreement among the Jews of the world as to what was desirable for their future, they were now nearing an agreement and were preparing for the restoration of the Jewish State. In this situation he said that it was the duty of Jews to inquire into the reason why the Jewish nation had formerly fallen and been shattered, in order that the new Jewish State would stand. He asserted that their loss of country was originally due to their abandonment of their religion, and that a religious revival was the means of insuring the national future."

The Jewish Communal Register of New York City 1917-1918 wrote of Jacob H. Schiff,

"Schiff, Jacob Henry, was born in 1847, at Frankfort-on-the-Maine, Germany. He received his education in the schools of Frankfort. In 1865 he came to America, where he settled in New York City. Here, he joined the staff of a banking house. In 1873, he returned to Europe where he made connections with some of the chief German banking houses. Upon returning to the United States, he entered the banking firm of Kuhn, Loeb and Company, New York, of which he later became the head. His firm became the financial re-constructors of the Union Pacific Railroad, and since then is strongly interested in American railroads. Mr. Schiff's principle of 'community of interests' among the chief railway combinations led to the formation of the Northern Securities Company, thus suppressing ruinous competition. The firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., floated the large Japanese War loans of 1904-05, thus making possible the Japanese victory over Russia. Mr. Schiff is director of numerous financial companies, among them the Central Trust Company, Western Union Telegraph Company, the National State Bank of New York. He is also vice-president of the New York Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Schiff is widely known for his many philanthropic activities and for his interest in education. Of his numerous philanthropies only a few can be mentioned here. He founded the Chair in Social Economics at Columbia University; he presented the fund and the building for Semitic studies at Harvard, he is chairman of the East Asiatic Section of the Museum of Natural History of New York, which has sent out many expiditions for the study of Eastern history and conditions; he made donations to the various museums of the city, and presented the New York Public Library with a large number of works, dealing with Jewish subjects.

Mr. Schiff is the Jewish philanthropist par excellence. His philanthropies embrace every phase of the Jewish life. He is intensely interested in hospital work and is the president of the Montefiore Home, and a contributor to Mount Sinai Hospital and all other important Jewish hospitals of the city. He is profoundly interested in Jewish education and took a leading part in the reorganization of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America; he is also the founder of the Bureau of Education. In addition Mr. Schiff is trustee of the Baron de Hirsch Fund and the Woodbine Agricultural School. He has provided the building and funds for the Young Men's Hebrew Association of New York City.

Mr. Schiff has always used his wealth and his influence in the best interests of his people. He financed the enemies of autocratic Russia and used his financial influence to keep Russia from the money market of the United States.

When last year, Mr. Schiff celebrated his seventieth birthday, all the factions of Jewry in the United States and elsewhere united in paying tribute to him."The Jewish Communal Register of New York City, 1917-1918, Second Edition, Kehillah, New York, (1919), pp. 1009-1010 (In the First Edition at pp. 1018-1019).

Elinor Slater and Robert Slater wrote in their book Great Jewish Men,

"Schiff also served as a director or advisor for many banks, insurance firms, and other companies. He helped float loans to the American government as well as to foreign countries. The most important was the two-hundred-million-dollar bond issue for Japan at the time of the 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War. Furious with the Russians over their anti-Semitic policies, Schiff called the czarist government 'the enemy of government.' He was pleased to support the Japanese in their war effort. He also encouraged an armed revolt against the Czar. When the Japanese won the war, Schiff was presented with the Second Order of the Treasure, becoming the first foreigner to receive an official medal at the imperial palace.

In 1910 Schiff was one of several Americans who campaigned to revoke a commercial treaty with the Russians over their mistreatment of Russian Jews. Although the Russians sought him out for loans as well, he was steadfast in his refusals to grant them. Schiff made sure that no one else at Kuhn, Loeb underwrote Russian loans either. He did provide financial support for Russian-Jewish self-defense groups. It was only with the fall of the Czar in 1917 that Schiff dropped his opposition to underwriting the Russian government; he provided some support for the Kerensky government. But, angry at the Russians for refusing to honor the passports of American Jews, he successfully campaigned to abrogate the Russian-American Treaty of 1932. [***] During World War I Schiff and some of his American Jewish peers were assailed by the newer generations of Zionist leaning leaders for their indifference to Zionism. Schiff had indeed been a strong foe of Zionism, believing it a secular, nationalistic perversion of the Jewish faith and incompatible with American citizenship. He gave some funds to agricultural projects in Palestine, however, and by 1916 he had shifted his beliefs to be in favor of Zionist efforts, openly supporting the notion of a cultural homeland for Jews in Palestine."—E. Slater and R. Slater, "Jacob Schiff", Great Jewish Men, Jonathan David Publishers, New York, (2003), pp. 274-276, at 275-276.

Schiff sponsored the rabid Zionist Rabbi Judah Magnes. Schiff funded the Russian Revolution and funded the Japanese against the Russians in their war. Schiff obstructed the Russians' access to international financing with which to fight the war, feed the Russian people and maintain the Russian economy. Many were amazed by Japan's ability to defeat mighty Russia.

Schiff initially favored Germany in the First World War. Schiff, like many American Jewish financiers, was born in Germany; and since Germany agreed to work toward the emancipation of Russian Jews and secure Palestine for the Zionists—actions Zionist Israel Zangwill, a British Jew, defended in spirit, while Zangwill concurrently tried to bring America into the war on the side of England. [See:I. Zangwill, "Zangwill Urges Jews to Support Allies", The London Times, (10 September 1914), frontpage; and "Mr. Schiff on Peace", The London Times, (25 November 1914), p. 9; and "The Voice of Jerusalem", The London Times, (2 December 1914), p. 9.]

The New York Times, 22 November 1914, Section 5, page SM4, published a long article about, and an interview with, Jacob Schiff together with a large portrait of the man glorifying him as if a visionary of the war to end all wars; which article was entitled, "JACOB H. SCHIFF POINTS A WAY TO EUROPEAN PEACE; He Sets Forth the Disastrous Results to America That Would Follow the Complete Humiliation of Either Germany or England and Believes We Can Do Much to End This War and with It All War." [See also: "Consequences of the War", The New York Times, (22 November 1914), Section 3, p. 2; and "See Peace Campaign in Mr. Schiff's Talk", The New York Times, (23 November 1914), p. 3.]

The London Times portrayed the The New York Times interview with Schiff as pro-German propaganda on 23 November 1914, on page 8, and note the statement, "their line of attack is to secure a lasting peace", further note Schiff's call for a peace conference, long the ambition of the Zionists for it would provide them with the opportunity to petition for the formation of a "Jewish State" in Palestine:








There are signs that the Germans are again planning to make a bid for American sympathy by peace talk. The New York Times publishes a long interview with Mr. Jacob H. Schiff, one of the leading German-American bankers, and a close friend of the German official representatives in the United States, which shows clearly that their line of attack is to secure a lasting peace.

Mr. Schiff argues that neither the Allies nor Germany should be allowed to score a smashing victory. A complete triumph for the Allies would hand over the world to England and her navies, while 'in the role of world-conqueror Germany would be a world-dictator and would indulge in a domination which would be almost unbearable to almost every other nation.' For the United States a complete British triumph would be especially disastrous. Probably the permanence of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance would saddle upon Americans the burden of a defensive militarism. If Germany won, the Monroe doctrine might, among other things, become a scrap of paper. Both England and Germany are patriotically resolved to fight until exhaustion supervenes. That means for Europe a prolonged period of bloodshed and misery. Hence for humanitarian and selfish reasons alike the United States is interested in ending the conflict. The United States should see whether she could not devise some sort of conference at which the belligerents could talk things over. It might perhaps be managed without an armistice.

I believe it to be not beyond the bounds of possibility that if this course could be brought about a way out of this struggle and carnage might be found, and I know I am not alone in this belief. The situation is unprecedented. . . . The peace must not be temporary. It must mark the ending of all war. . . . Towards this end America may help tremendously, and herein lies, it seems to me, the greatest opportunity ever offered to the American Press. Let the newspapers stop futile philosophizing on the merits and demerits of each case. . . . Let them begin stimulating public opinion in favour of rational adjustment of the points at issue. . . . Have we not the right to insist that the interests of neutral nations should be given some consideration by the nations whose great quarrel is harming us incalculably?

The moderation of Mr. Schiff's brief for Germany, his lamentation over the misery of the war, annotated as it is by accounts of suffering Flanders, his appeal to the humanitarian instinct of the American people, to their sympathy with the under-dog, to say nothing of his other points, all show a considerable advance of the Teutonic grasp of the American point of view since the Bernstorff maneuvers at the end of the summer. Even the New York Times, whose grasp of the basis of the issue, I have often pointed out, is particularly clear-visioned, while it thinks the plea is rather premature, hopes that in a few months, should one side or other score decisively enough to snatch from its enemies the hope of ultimate victory, the proposal of a conference might be opportunely pressed. It also expresses what is undoubtedly the general opinion over here, when it says:—

Whatever aims the belligerents in moments of heat and passion may profess, we here in America do not want to see Germany crushed; none of us want to see England crushed, or France or Russia. We have no wish to see any great people crushed. Such a result of the war would be an almost irreparable disaster, and we should share the loss.

The lessons of the above are fairly obvious. The peace campaign already launched by enterprising journalists, amiable pacifists, financiers worried by heavy German commitments, and by German propagandists, will sooner or later gain inconvenient strength. No pains must be spared to continue to advertise above-board our conception of the fundamental issues. It must be continually made clear that we are fighting against German militarism and not against the German people; that no peace can be lasting until the present German regime is crushed. Nor, judging from comment current here, is it enough simply to proclaim the fact.

Privately, Germans are trying to capitalize what they call the vindictive tone of certain British utterances. They draw attention, for instance, to the indiscriminate abuse of Germans as 'Huns' and of the way in which not only the Prussian contingent but the Bavarians, Wurtemburgers, &c., are bespattered with sneers. If, argue the German propagandists, such things really represent British opinion, how much reliance can be placed on British protestations that Prussian militarism is the only enemy? Does it not rather seem that Great Britain is embarked on a jealous crusade to crush utterly its dangerous rivals in the race for world supremacy?

*Mr. Jacob Henry Schiff, whose views are given above, is a native of Frankfurt-on-Main, where he was educated. He went to the United States in 1865 at the age of 18 and settled in New York. He is a member of the banking firm of Kuhn, Loeb, and Co., of which his son, Mortimer Schiff, is a partner."

Schiff, who was born in Germany, and the other Zionist Jews, turned against Germany, when the Zionists made a deal with Great Britain to bring America into the war on the side of Allies and against Germany, in exchange for the Balfour Declaration, which favored Palestine as a Jewish homeland. They used their control over the press to defame Germany in the American press. They used their control over President Wilson to make it illegal in America to speak out against the war, or to speak on behalf of Germany. These Jews from Germany and Russia, who plundered the wealth of America, had no loyalty to Germany, Russia, or America. Instead, they pitted these nations against one another and brought each under the tyranny of direct and indirect Jewish leadership.

Zionist spokesman Israel Zangwill, who was British but felt no loyalty to Great Britain because his only loyalty was to his fellow Jewish Zionists and their money—Zangwill ran to Schiff's defense. Schiff proposed that the First World War be the war to end all wars, which became an international mantra after the war. The absolute end of all war heralded the Jewish Messianic Era in which the Jews would be "restored" to Palestine, where they would rule the world from Jerusalem. Jewish bankers deliberately created the First World War in order to articially fulfill Jewish Messianic prophecy by staging the "Battle of Armageddon", by creating a World government run by Jews known as "The League of Nations", by "restoring" the Jews to Palestine, by destroying the Empires and Monarchies, by enslaving the Gentiles with Bolshevism, by placing the wealth of the World in Jewish hands, etc. etc. etc. Schiff believed that the First World War fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah 2:1-4, which states,

"1 The word that Isaiah the son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem. 2 And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the LORD's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. 3 And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem. 4 And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more."

The London Times printed a letter from racist Zionist Israel Zangwill, a man who had earlier asserted that the mixture of Jewish genes with Russian Slavic genes resulted in the horrible degradation of the Jewish race. Zangwill's letter was published on 25 November 1914 on page 9,




Sir,—The interview with Mr. Jacob Schiff reported by your Washington Correspondent—the proposal for a permanent peace that shall end not only this war, but war—comes as the one gleam of light in the world's darkness. But why almost extinguish it under the head of 'German Press Campaign'? And why does he speak of Mr. Schiff's 'brief for Germany'? As one associated for many years in philanthropic work with this noblest of millionaires, I should like to testify that, despite his early associations with Germany, he is one of the most patriotic Americans I have ever known. Descended from a long line of Jewish Rabbis and scholars—one of his ancestors was Chief Rabbi of the Great Synagogue, London, in the 18th century—Mr. Jacob Schiff might himself have sat to Lessing for the portrait of 'Nathan der Weise,' and in proposing a conference to end Prussian militarism—and every other—he speaks not as the mouthpiece of Berlin, but with the voice of Jerusalem.

Yours faithfully,

Israel Zangwill

Jewish Territorial Organization, King's-chambers, Portugal-street,

Nov. 23."

Zangwill was indeed familiar with Schiff's "philanthropy". Zangwill mentioned Schiff's involvement in the war between Russia and Japan in 1911,

"[. . .]Mr. Jacob Schiff financing the Japanese war against Russia and building up the American Jewry[.]"—I. Zangwill, The Problem of the Jewish Race, Judean Publishing Company, New York, (1914), on page 14; which was first published as an article, "The Jewish Race", The Independent, Volume 71, Number 3271, (10 August 1911), pp. 288-295, at 292.

Schiff provided approximately $20,000,000.00USD (non-adjusted) for the Russian Revolution. [See: C. Knickerbocker, New York Journal-American, (3 February 1949). A. de Goulevitch, Czarism and Revolution, Omni Publications, Hawthorne, California, (1962), pp. 223-232. W. C. Skousen, The Naked Capitalist: A Review and Commentary on Dr. Carroll Quigley's Book: Tragedy and Hope, a History of the World in Our Time, Reviewer, Salt Lake City, (1971). J. Perloff, The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline, Western Islands, Boston, (1988), p. 39. G. E. Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, American Opinion, Appleton, Wisconsin, (1995). p. 265.]

Jacob Schiff's "philanthropy" ultimately cost the lives of tens of millions of Russians and subjected hundreds of millions more to Jewish repression which has yet to subside. At the time Schiff wrecked Russia, Russia was in the Allied forces opposed to Germany. The Zionist Jewish bankers not only brought America into the war against our interests, they destroyed an ally in that war against Germany, thereby further harming American interests.

The Encyclopaedia Judaica, Volume 14 RED-SL, Encyclopaedia Judaica, Jerusalem, The Macmillan Company, New York, (1971), cols. 960-962, at 961, states,

"Schiff was prominently involved in floating loans to the government at home and to foreign nations, the most spectacular being a bond issue of $200,000,000 for Japan at the time of the Russo-Japanese War in 1904-05. Deeply angered by the anti-Semitic policies of the czarist regime in Russia, he was delighted to support the Japanese war effort. He consistently refused to participate in loans on behalf of Russia, and used his influence to prevent other firms from underwriting Russian loans, while providing financial support for Russian Jewish *self-defense groups. Schiff carried this policy into World War I, relenting only after the fall of czarism in 1917. At that time, he undertook to support the Kerensky government with a substantial loan."

The "anti-Semitic policies of the czarist regime in Russia" were the prohibition of racist Zionism, which the Czar prohibited because the Czar asked the Jews to integrate not segregate. The racism was Jewish, not Russian. The Czar and his predecessors wanted Jews in Russia to become Russian and assimilate. In the minds of the racist Zionists, that was an extermination campaign against the "Jewish race". Yet, these racist Jews used their control over the press to misrepresent the situation and make it appear that the Czar was racist.

The Czar was also confronted with murderous Jewish revolutionaries and Jewish led strikes that crippled the Russian economy and caused the Russian people to suffer and starve. But then, as now, Jews largely controlled the media and so Jews were able to blame the Czar for the wrongs Jews had done, and for the racist segregationism which Jews had insisted upon. In the Jewish media, the Czar became a racist for opposing Jewish racism and an enemy of the Russian People for trying to rescue them from the Jews who were out to destroy the Russian People.

Kerensky immediately emancipated the Jews after the Russian Revolution of 1917, so that Jews could take over the government, educational institutions, the press and other institutions of influence throughout the Russian Empire. Lenin made "anti-Semitism" an offense punishable by death, and thereby shielded all Jews from any criticism or accusation. [See: V. I. Lenin, "Anti-Jewish Pogroms", Collected Works, Volume 29, English translation of the Fourth Russian Edition, Progress Publishers, Moscow, (1972), pp. 252-253. See also: D. Fahey, The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World, Browne and Nolan Limited, London, (1935), p. 251. See also: G. B. Shaw, The Jewish Guardian, (1931). See also: Congress Bulletin, American Jewish Congress, New York, (5 January 1940). See also: The Jewish Voice, (January, 1942). See also: G. Aronson, Soviet Russia and the Jews, American Jewish League against Communism, New York, (1949). See also: J. Stalin, "Anti-Semitism: Reply to an Inquiry of the Jewish News Agency in the United States" (12 January 1931), Works, Volume 13, Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, (1955), p. 30. See also: S. S. Montefiore, Stalin: The Court of the Red Star, Vintage, New York, (2003), pp. 305-306. See also: "Anti-Semitism", Great Soviet Encyclopedia: A Translation of the Third Edition, Volume 2, (1973), pp. 175-177, at 176. See also: "Jews", Great Soviet Encyclopedia: A Translation of the Third Edition, Volume 9, Macmillan, New York, (1975), pp. 292-293, at 293. See also: N. S. Alent'eva, Editor, Tseli i metody voinstvuiushchego sionizma, Izd-vo polit. lit-ry, Moskva, (1971).  Н. С. Алентьева, Редактор, Цели и методы воинствующего сионизма, Издательство Политической Литературы, Москва, (1971).]

Behind this protective shield, Jews then mass murdered educated Gentiles, and elevated Jews into positions of power and influence. Crypto-Jews in the government changed their names to Russian-sounding names. It was a crime punishable by death to reveal their true Jewish identity.

Prominent Jews had long advocated the use of tyrants following revolutions. The Bolshevik Jews Schiff put into power after Kerensky, who had failed to rule with an iron scepter—the Jewish Bolsheviks mass murdered millions of Russian Christians, destroyed Russian Orthodox Churches while leaving synagogues intact, and pillaged, plundered and destroyed Russia for most of the Twentieth Century.

Those many Jews who hated Russians had their revenge. Russian culture was largely destroyed in the process. Irreparable harm was done to the Russian people as a result of the mass murder of their best people and the introduction of carcinogens into their living environment. The famines and unemployment that the Jews blamed on the Czar, so as to cause the unrest which broke out in 1905, were instead due to Schiff and his Jewish financier friends. After Schiff's puppets came to power, they plundered Russia's vast wealth and sent it back to the Jewish financiers, a process which continues to this very day. Such was the nature of Jewish banker Jacob Schiff's "philanthropy".

There are many lessons to be learned from the story of how the Jewish bankers destroyed Russia. They used their control over the press to defame Russia and its leaders. They made Americans anti-Russian. In America, they made it illegal to speak out against the war and imprisoned those who did.

Ominously, we again see the Jewish controlled press defaming Russia and its leaders. We again see Jewish bankers promising and funding revolution. We again see Jews in Russia attempting to stir up disorder and chaos, which they blame on the Government. Was not the Twentieth Century of the slavery of the Slavs revenge enough to satisfy the racist Zionists? Was not the blood of tens of millions of innocent Russians enough to quench the thirst of these vampires, or must they again tear open the throat of Mother Russia and rip out the unborn children from her womb?