Friday, December 28, 2007

In Answer to Objections Raised in Support of Ron Paul

A few objections have been raised to my arguments demonstrating that Ron Paul is serving the interests of the Jewish bankers, and that his policies spell disaster for the American Economy and the American People. I shall proceed to answer these objections:

1.) Objection: We need Ron Paul to save us from tyranny.

Answer: This Hollywood hero worship takes away our power as individuals and hands it over to a career politician. Hollywood Zionist Jew Aaron Russo helped create fear of tyranny in order to promote a Ron Paul type of "liberty" candidate. Before and during the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution, Jewry created the fear of the tyranny of monarchy, while Jewry concurrently created economic crises which they deceitfully blamed on the monarchy, pitting the People against the government and offering their stooges as if saviors of the People, angels sent from the Jewish bankers on golden wings who would bring "liberty, equality and fraternity" to the People. They instead brought death and destruction.

The "Ron Paul Revolution" is following the same Jewish cabalistic model for revolution and will produce the same results of wars, dictatorship and the ruin of the intellectual class. Jewish bankers are deliberately ruining our economy. Jewry is exploding our debts with wars and scapegoating the American system as if it were the problem, when they are the problem. Jewry is tossing us onto the two horns of a dilemma, in which we are forced to choose between their warmongers and their goldmongers as candidates for president. Jewry creates the problems, then Jewry offers up their faux "solutions", based not on logic and facts, but rather on emotion and advertising.

This is similar to the Jewish tactic of creating world wars so that the people clamor for peace, then offering up the idea of world government as if a solution to war, viz. WW I & II, the League of Nations and the United Nations. World Jewry creates tyranny and ruinous monetary policy, then offers up Ron Paul as if a solution to tyranny, a supposed solution that nets them a gold standard on the back of the premise of "restoring the Constitutional Republic".

The blind laissez faire Capitalism advocated in this drive for "freedom" will enable the wealthy to grow even wealthier and to drive out the middle class, leaving only subjugated serfs and the super-rich in America. The lack of regulation will also permit massive pollution and exploitation of the environment. Note that Ron Paul supporters are being duped into ignoring the destruction of the living environment of the Earth, in the name of "freedom" and opposition to "World Government". Note that Ron Paul and Aaron Russo did not go after the root cause of our economic problems, which is the Israeli infiltration of our government and press. They instead sought to grant these enemy forces more "freedom" with which to destroy us.

The model World Jewry has used time after time is to deliberately bring a society into pain, then offer up their stooges as if a solution. Note the typically Jewish style of advertisement for Ron Paul, which is meant to create a cult of personality. It is almost circus-like, portraying the mediocre and timid man as if he were a roaring giant who will rescue us all. Note the fanatical mantra that we are doomed if we do not surrender our fate to the allegedly great Ron Paul. Note that all criticism of Paul is met with vicious ad hominem attack, or silence. The Ron Paul promotion and the circumstances in which we find ourselves at the hands of World Jewry, are as I described them long ago in, among many other places, my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein, page 1000 (see also p. 47ff.), where I wrote,

"In 1913, the creation of the Federal Reserve together with the creation of the Federal Income Tax made war an immensely profitable venture. The Jewish bankers had at last a means to tax the American People and heat up the economy and then collapse it in the Great Depression by contracting the money supply, which created a wonderful buying opportunity for them in that it forced others to sell and yet maintained the value of the bankers' money enabling them to buy up whatever they wanted to buy.

It appears that another trap is today being set for the American Public. Americans will be asked to chose between the gold standard as one panacea, or an international currency issuing from a central world bank as another panacea. Either option could ruin the nation. Poseurs serving the interests of the Jewish bankers, bankers who are driven by greed and religious fervor to place all of the wealth of the world in Jewish hands, will step forward and ridicule the bankers and the Federal Reserve and might even scapegoat all Jews including assimilated Jews. These propagandists will be the agents of the bankers themselves and they will offer up the poisoned fruit of the gold standard. Jewish bankers control most of the gold in the world and if America were to adopt the gold standard it would transfer America's wealth into the hands of Jewish bankers. America would lose its sovereignty to the prophesied Jewish world government and ultimately the gold will be melted down and shipped to Jerusalem severely contracting the money supply and destroying all Gentile economies (Genesis 47).

America's gold should be recovered by legal and military means and reparations and damages, as well as the principal and accrued interest stolen from the American economy by Jewish bankers should be recovered. However, the method of securing the lasting value of American money most likely to succeed is for the American Government to issue its own notes and so pay down the debt without accruing more debt. This cannot be done by adopting a gold standard."

2.) Objection: Gold is not used in fractional reserve banking, but fiat currency is created by fractional reserve banking.

Answer: Every society has a need for credit. To meet that need, bankers have long issued bank notes with a promise that these notes are redeemable as specie payments in gold and silver. This increases the money supply and promotes growth. Bankers do not maintain 100% reserves for these loans and note issues, and create fiat money that cannot be redeemed should there be a run on the bank and all the notes be returned for specie payments in gold and sliver.

3.) Objection: Gold is debt free money and fiat currency is debt based.

Answer: Typically, when the Jewish bankers succeed in manipulating a given society into accepting their gold standard monetary model, the nation borrows the gold from the bankers, who in turn loan it to themselves, compounding the money supply with fiat money which everyone pretends is specie money. This gold purchase/loan creates a debt which must be paid in gold and is not debt free. It also accrues interest, the money with which to pay must be created through the fiat of fractional reserve, or with additional borrowing, or some combination of the two.

Government issued fiat currency, on the other hand, can be created without creating debt. It does not have to be paid back to anyone, and can be created and retired at any time so as to maintain growth and stable price levels, if those are sound objectives of the nation at any given time. Fiat money is not "just paper" unless and until it is made so through recklessness, corruption, or both. American fiat money can have value as legal tender and as an instrument with which to purchase the goods and services of Americans. A title on a house is not "just a piece of paper" and money which can be used as legal tender and which has value as a means to purchase American goods, services and property is not "just a piece of paper".

Our dollar is losing value not because it is "just a piece of paper", but rather because of Jewish wars and economic policies. Gold currency would not cure these problems, and paper currency is not to blame for them, though both can be used to facilitate the destruction when Jewry so desires it. The international Jewish lust for destruction must be confronted in order to solve the problems we face. Gold as currency will only give Jewry a further means for exploitation.

4.) Objection: Gold and silver have a stable value, while fiat currency is inflationary and manipulated.

In the last few decades, gold values have fluctuated from about 850 dollars an once to about 250 dollars. Many of Paul's advocates object that this change in value is due to manipulation and collusion; but, if true, this proves that gold prices can be manipulated, and that gold is not a stable means of regulating price levels. In fact, gold can be taken away from a nation, or poured into a nation, greatly affecting the price levels of any nation that bases its currency on gold. In addition, gold and silver values fluctuate relative to one another.

Paul advocates often assert that Nixon created the present crisis by refusing specie payments on US dollars. What would they prefer, that all of the gold of the US be syphoned off to other nations and that we be left without currency and in debts which we had no currency with which to pay? This is a proven danger of gold based systems as I demonstrated recently in my blog Ron Paul, Friend or Foe? Part 2. Consider the turmoil the bankers can cause in a gold standard system by simply cutting back on loans, foreclosing, shipping gold out of the country, and creating runs on the banks. For example, The Chicago Tribune reported on 27 February 1867 on page 2,

"The Rothschilds of Rome.

[Rome Correspondence of the London News.]

Who, whether he has set foot in the Eternal City or no, has not heard of the Torlonias—the Rothschilds of Rome? In the course of last summer, when the monetary crisis here was at its height, Don Alessandro Torlonia—the acting head of the house—won extraordinary popularity by writing a letter to the Pope, in which he offered to buy up the unconvertible Government paper, and substituting a metal currency in its place, providing that the existing managers of the Roman Bank, with Cardinal Antonelli's brother at their head, were sent about their business, and the direction confided to himself. At that time it was quite impossible to get notes converted into coin at any price for the simple reason that there was no coin in the bank. Even now, when things have improved somewhat, it is with the utmost difficulty that you can get change for a scudi note, even at shops in the Corso, and there is not a hotel keeper or a tradesman in Rome who would even look at a five scudi note if you were sufficiently ignorant of the state of things here to present it in payment in the expectation of getting any change out. Of the small pieces of silver, which you obtain with no little difficulty, many are so worn and thin that they seem in a sort of transition state between sliver and paper, and have long since lost all trace of any image or superscription whatever.

So rolling in wealth is Don Alessandro Torlonia that his riches are admitted to be literally untold, and only this much is known certain, that everything in Rome worth having, except the Pope and St. Peter's, already belongs to him. No wonder then that at the Vatican Don Alessandro should be looked upon as a hardly less dangerous character than Victor Emanuel himself, and that the insulting offer which he made last summer to buy up the Holy Father, and add him so his possessions, should have been decidedly rejected, though it had not entailed the removal of an Antonelli from a lucrative place. On his first appearance in public after making the above mentioned patriotic offer, Don Alessandro received such an ovation as has not been witnessed in Rome since those of which Pius IX. was himself the object, when he gave the first impulse to the Italian Revolution in 1846. This Don Alessandro is the same Torlonia who risked his whole fortune on the gigantic enterprise of draining the Fucine Lake, the issue of which struggle with nature was so long doubtful that it became a common saying in Rome, 'Either Torlonia will drain the Fucine Lake, or the Fucine will drain Torlonia.' In the end, however, Torlonia got the better of the lake, and redeemed about one hundred thousand acres of land for cultivation. Over what was a few years ago a barren waste of waters, flourishing crops may now be seen waving every harvest time, and with last year's produce Don Alessandro had a scheme of feeding the now almost starving Roman people by selling them bread of his own baking at a reduced rate. Such, at least, was the account of the story given me by a patriotic and exceedingly liberal Roman, who made a severe case against the Government out of the stoppage of Torlonia’s extensive bread baking-by-machinery works, which threw some two hundred workmen out of employment just a fortnight ago. I am bound, however, to add that, on proceeding to the spot and making inquiries, I learned quite a different version of the affair, entirely exculpating the Government from any direct interference in the matter. Only this much is certain, that the works are stopped, and that the Roman people stand little chance, at present, of getting their bread at reduced rates."

5.) Objection: Since the Jews control the media, why would they need Ron Paul and a populist movement to institute a gold currency system?

Answer: Not all Zionists and media people are aware of the Jewish bankers' plans. In fact, very few are and many others, if made aware of them, might well oppose them. Servants of the Jewish bankers instead have been taught how to think and act. They act reflexively based on this training. They must, therefore, be subtly and often deceptively made to support people they otherwise would reflexively demonize. In addition, they control all sides of the debate, including the media stars of the anti-Paul crowd, so they can withdraw mainstream criticism of Paul if they so desire, and so that they can control Paul by hanging the threat of Jewish media attack over his head. They have done this with Bush and 911. They control the "911" truth movement and turn up the heat on Bush when they want to pressure him. But they also pull back when he obeys. They also have the means to make a press martyr of Paul by attacking him in the media, or reserve him as one of their players as events unfold in the World economy.

A means is always necessary to accomplish a result. Whether the Jews use their control over the media, or their control of Ron Paul, or combine these forces, they are still exercising their control through a means under their control. The important facts to consider are that they must use an instrument, and they call the tune.

There is, however, a specific reason why they use Ron Paul and the gold merchants who support him. The reason is that many people know that a gold currency system would be a disaster for the United States, and is a gateway to a worldwide currency, which would enable private interests to control the money supply of every individual district on Earth, and thereby demand absolute obedience and have the means to create genocides of famine. The Jewish bankers require a populist movement and the stupid blind force of the mob in order to lead the lemmings off the cliff, and in order to pit the People against those who know the facts and who will try to inform the People of the dangers of World Jewry's plans.

The gold idea will not save us. How will we get the gold to use as currency without borrowing it at interest? How will we pay back the loan on this gold without giving up the principle of the loan, which is the gold we require for a money supply, plus the interest on the borrowed gold, which interest does not exist as money, but which must be borrowed in order to pay back the initial loan plus interest? How will we pay off the national debt without sending our gold overseas and contracting our money supply into a depression?

Would you take out a loan to buy a loaf of bread that required you to pay back that debt with that same loaf of bread, plus another loaf of bread as interest? What could be gained through such a loan? You have not the benefit of the bread, and have accrued an obligation to instead provide another with a loaf of bread, which extra loaf of bread you must borrow with the promise to pay back it plus yet another. . . No one would knowingly do this.

Why should we borrow gold from the Jewish bankers in order to have money, when we will have to pay back that same gold, plus more gold as interest, in order to pay back the loan? Why should we do this when we, as a sovereign People, have the right to make our own debt free money through our government at minimal expense?

Why does Ron Paul want to again deliver us into the hands of the Jewish bankers as if doing so were a solution to the problems which the Jewish bankers have already deliberately caused us? There will be many economists and others who will explain the inanity of the proposal for using gold for money. Jewry must pit the mob against those who are warning them of the dangers of the gold standard, without revealing the fact that Paul is working in the bankers' interests. They do this by pumping up Paul as if he were a comic book superhero, who is above criticism.

I do not hear Ron Paul calling for the prosecution of the Jewish bankers. I do not hear Ron Paul demanding that we take back from the bankers what they have stolen from us. In this respect, he serves as the controlled opposition to the bankers and effectively shields them from prosecution.

In order to maintain control and exercise influence, the Jewish bankers have to put on a show. These bankers are few in number and are widely disliked. Their best means for controlling and destroying a nation is to have the citizens of that nation control and destroy one another. The Jewish bankers have often created "controlled opposition" political parties and financed stooges who criticize the bankers themselves. The Communists have always been a controlled opposition to the Jewish bankers, and the Communists' funding, training, support, etc. has always come from the Jewish bankers themselves. Communism is a trap which lures the nations into slavery on the false promises of "freedom" and "economic reform". What is the Libertarian Party?

The Jewish bankers destroyed Russia by duping the Russian People into destroying themselves with bogus promises of "freedom" and "economic reform". The Jews then maintained their control over Russian Slavs by encouraging people to turn in their family members, friends, neighbors, etc. to the Cheka, NKVD, and then the KGB. The Jewish bankers used their puppets to syphon off the wealth of Russia, while these same puppets pretended to the Russian People that they were in opposition to the "Capitalist bankers".

Note that George Bush ran on a platform opposed to "nation building" and American intervention overseas. Then Bush started two wars and destroyed two nations. Paul openly avows that he is running on George W. Bush's campaign platform. It is a gallows for America. We have a known enemy in World Jewry and have to confront it directly and unapologetically. Slogans accomplish nothing other than the slavery of the electorate to a cult of personality.

6.) Objection: If the Jewish Bankers Control the Federal Reserve and the American Government, why do they need Ron Paul to replace the Fed and change government policy in their favor?

Answer: One must understand how the Jewish bankers control the American Government and the American People. The objection, here posed as a question, presumes the false premise that control is magical and requires no intermediary means. For example, one could ask, based on the tacit premise in this objection, "If a driver controls a car, why does he need an engine in the car? If the driver really controlled the car, then the car would not need an engine, only a driver!" Obviously, the driver controls the car through the use of the engine.

The Jewish bankers control the government and the American People by use of stooges and dupes in the government and controlled agents in the media. They also control the government and the American People by creating and promoting propaganda which dupes the People into a false understanding of the issues.

For example, when the Jews wanted to overthrow Russia, they created revolutionary propaganda and distributed it to Russian prisoners of war in the Russo-Japanese War. They thereby made the Russian People clamor for the destruction of their own society and created networks of soldiers and officers who would blindly do the Jews' bidding because they had been led into false beliefs.

This is what the Libertarian Party, Hollywood Zionist Jews including Aaron Russo, and the gold merchants' information and communication networks, have done for the Jews in relation to the gold standard. When the Jews wanted to destroy Russia, they used the press to smear the Czar. They used their agents to cause crippling and unjust strikes, which caused the economy to collapse. They cut off Russia's access to money markets. They brought Russia into war.

The Jewish bankers are presently doing the same to the US. Ron Paul is there to make us clamor for the gold and silver which will bury us as a sovereign nation, in the name of defending our sovereignty. Bear in mind that the Jewish bankers could not seize control over Russia without their stooges Lenin and Trotsky. The Jewish bankers cannot make us clamor for gold and silver without their stooges in the gold trade and characters like Ron Paul. They need a means by which to exert control. They need a means by which to dupe the American People into instituting their plans. Ron Paul is one of the means. Without any means, the Jewish bankers would be powerless; but that does not mean that they are powerless. They are men of means.

Ron Paul will not cause the downfall of the Fed. The Fed is about to fail because the Jewish bankers have deliberately created a crisis, and the Federal Reserve will need to be replaced. Ron Paul is there to provide one of the bankers' preferred methods of replacing the Fed, just as Nelson Aldrich was there to provide the bankers' solution when the bankers created the crisis of 1907. They do not need Ron Paul to cause the Fed to fail, but rather as a stooge to forward their agenda and manufacture in the public a clamor for the very things the bankers want to have happen, but which are not in the public's interest.

Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh Sr. was very aware of the fact that the bankers had deliberately caused the panic in 1907 in order to make the public clamor for banking reforms, banking reforms the bankers would draft which would give them complete control over the money supply and wipe out the lower level, but numerous, competing banks,

"When the Aldrich-Vreeland Emergency Currency Bill was sprung on the House in its finished draft and ready for action to be taken, the debate was limited to three hours and Banker Vreeland placed in charge. It took so long for copies of the bill to be gotten that many members were unable to secure a copy until within a few minutes of the time to vote. No member who wished to present the people's side of the case was given sufficient time to enable him to properly analyze the bill. I asked for time and was told that if I would vote for the bill it would be given me, but not otherwise. Others were treated in the same way.

Accordingly, on June 30, 1908, the Money Trust won the first fight and the Aldrich-Vreeland Emergency Law was placed on the statute books. Thus the first precedent was established for the people's guarantee of the rich man's watered securities, by making them a basis on which to issue currency. It was the entering wedge. We had already guaranteed the rich men's money, and now, by this act, the way was opened, and it was intended that we should guarantee their watered stocks and bonds. Of course, they were too keen to attempt to complete, in a single act, such an enormous steal as it would have been if they had included all they hoped ultimately to secure. They knew that they would be caught at it if they did, and so it was planned that the whole thing should be done by a succession of acts. The first three have taken place.

Act No. 1 was the manufacture, between 1896 and 1907, through stock gambling, speculation and other devious methods and devices, of tens of billions of watered stocks, bonds, and securities.

Act No. 2 was the panic of 1907, by which those not favorable to the Money Trust could be squeezed out of business and the people frightened into demanding changes in the banking and currency laws which the Money Trust would frame.

The Act No. 3 was the passage of the Aldrich-Vreeland Emergency Currency Bill, by which the Money Trust interests should have the privilege of securing from the Government currency on their watered bonds and securities. But while the act contained no authority to change the form of the bank notes, the U. S. Treasurer (in some way that I have been unable to find a reason for) implied authority and changed the form of bank notes which were issued for the banks on government bonds. These notes had hitherto had printed on them, 'This note is secured by bonds of the United States.' He changed it to read as follows: 'This note is secured by bonds of the United States or other securities.' 'Or other securities' is the addition that was secured by special interests. The infinite care the Money Trust exercises in regard to important detail work is easily seen in this piece of management. By that change it was enabled to have the form of the money issued in its favor on watered bonds and securities, the same as bank notes secured on government bonds, and, as a result, the people do not know whether they get one or the other. None of the $500,000,000 printed and lying in the U. S. Treasury ready to float on watered bonds and securities has yet (April, 1913) been used. But it is there, maintained at a public charge, as a guarantee to the Money Trust that it may use it in case it crowds speculation beyond the point of its control. The banks may take it to prevent their own failures, but there is not even so much as a suggestion that it may be used to help keep the industries of the people in a state of prosperity.

The main thing, however, that the Money Trust accomplished as a result of the passing of this act was the appointment of the National Monetary Commission, the membership of which was chiefly made up of bankers, their agents and attorneys, who have generally been educated in favor of, and to have a community interest with, the Money Trust. The National Monetary Commission was placed in charge of the same Senator Nelson W. Aldrich and Congressman Edward B. Vreeland, who respectively had charge in the Senate and House during the passage of the act creating it.

The act authorized this commission to spend money without stint or account. It spent over $300,000 in order to learn how to form a plan by which to create a greater money trust, and it afterwards recommended Congress to give this proposed trust a fifty-year charter by means of which it could rob and plunder all humanity. A bill for that purpose was introduced by members of the Monetary Commission, and its passage planned to be the fourth and final act of the campaign to completely enslave the people.

The fourth act, however, is in process of incubation only, and it is hoped that by this time we realize the danger that all of us are in, for it is the final proposed legislation which, if it succeeds, will place us in the complete control of the moneyed interests. History records nothing so dramatic in design, nor so skillfully manipulated, as this attempt to create the National Reserve Association,—otherwise called the Aldrich plan,—and no fact nor occurrence contemplated for the gaining of selfish ends is recorded in the world's records which equals the beguiling methods of this colossal undertaking. Men, women, and children have been equally unconscious of how stealthily this greatest of all giant octopuses,—a greater Money Trust,—is reaching out its tentacles in its efforts to bind all humanity in perpetual servitude to the greedy will of this monster.

I was in Congress when the Panic of 1907 occurred, but I had previously familiarized myself with many of the ways of high financiers. As a result of what I discovered in that study, I set about to expose the Money Trust, the world's greatest financial giant. I knew that I could not succeed unless I could bring public sentiment to my aid. I had to secure that or fail. The Money Trust had laid its plans long before and was already executing them. It was then, and still is, training the people themselves to demand the enactment of the Aldrich Bill or a bill similar in effect. Hundreds of thousands of dollars had already been spent and millions were reserved to be used in the attempt to bring about a condition of public mind that would cause demand of the passage of the bill. If no other methods succeeded, it was planned to bring on a violent panic and to rush the bill through during the distress which would result from the panic. It was figured that the people would demand new banking and currency laws; that it would be impossible for them to get a definitely practical plan before Congress when they were in an excited state and that, as a result, the Aldrich plan would slip safely through. It was designed to pass that bill in the fall of 1911 or 1912."—C. A. Lindbergh, Banking and Currency and The Money Trust, National Capital Press, Washington, D.C., (1913), pp. 92-98.

It is inevitable that people will be angry with the bankers as the American economy collapses under the weight of the crises the bankers have caused. That is what they want. In order to control the process of replacing the Fed, the bankers require an agent who pretends to oppose the bankers, an agent who will trick the People into demanding the "reforms" the bankers want to institute, or they need a dupe. If they had someone who openly worked for the bankers, no one would trust that person. Given that control of the World and countless trillions of dollars are at stake, you can be certain that the Jewish bankers have such a stooge or dupe, and who better fits the mold than Ron Paul, a Congressman who has been petitioning for the replacement of the Fed for some time?

Consider how mass psychology works. The Jewish bankers want us to go on some kind of gold standard. Obviously, they will try to convince us that this is in our best interests even though it is not. Just as they had agents and dupes who promoted Communism as a sound system beyond their influence, they will have agents and dupes who promote the myth that gold is "sound money" beyond their influence.

You wouldn't look to tobacco companies for advice on the negative effects of tobacco use. Why you look to gold merchants and Hollywood Jews for advice on the benefits and dangers of the gold standard?

The use of Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party as controlled opposition to the bankers is very much like the use of false flag terrorism. When World Jewry wants the US to attack another nation against the interests of the US, Jews perpetrate a false flag attack so that the American People demand that their politicians act against those whom Jewry want to attack. They then have their most trusted stooges wave the flag, talk about "freedom" and demand the war that Jewry wants.

When World Jewry wants the US to change the banking system in a way that benefits them, they crash the economy with a manufactured crisis. They then have their most trusted stooges wave the flag, talk about "freedom" and demand the banking system that Jewry wants.

7.) Objection: Ron Paul is fighting against the Zionists and the Zionist do not want to see him elected President of the United States.


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