Saturday, January 05, 2008

John McMadman

John McCain in NH: "The war in Iraq may last 100 Years"

Is the Zionist Media Against Ron Paul?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Many of Ron Paul's supporters pretend that he is a victim of the Zionist media. Contrast this view with the fact that radical Zionist Glenn Beck told Ron Paul, "You had me at hello!"

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck - Complete Interview @ 20:00 minutes

Ron Paul said of radical Zionist Wolf Blitzer, who was enthusiastic about Ron Paul's campaign during the Iowan caucuses, "Wolf Blitzer gives me a fair shake. He interviews me and I think he's a very decent journalist."

Ron Paul on Bill Moyers Journal 2 of 3 @ 7:36 minutes

The other two parts of the interview are posted here:

Ron Paul on Bill Moyers Journal 1/4/08 Part 1

and here:

Ron Paul on Bill Moyers Journal 3 of 3

P.S., if Ron Paul wants to court the independent vote, he will have to challenge Barack Obama, which will also win him more Republican support. As for true anti-Zionists, we have an opportunity to find a candidate who is not a Zionist, but time is running out. We should find someone by March.

The Ron Paul Campaign Is an Endless Commercial for Gold

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Ron Paul campaign is growing stale. As intended, it is an endless commercial for the Zionist Gold Cartel. The campaign is following the model of the classic gold advertisement, "bad times are coming, invest in gold as a hedge against inflation." Their slogan is like the Jewish diamond cartel's slogans and is as transparently a hustle.

Don't get me wrong. Gold is a commodity and has value. It has, at times, proven to be a very good investment, which is why it makes a bad currency due to its deflationary properties which are exploited by the bankers. Please do NOT confuse my arguments against gold as currency as if they were arguments against gold as an investment. They are not. If you want investment advice, I won't give it. How you invest and gamble with your money is your own business, not mine.

The style of Ron Paul's campaign, and Aaron Russo's film, is yet another indicator of who the true forces are behind these shallow fearmongering gold commercials. If you ever listen to gold hustlers, they pitch their product by attempting to create a hysteria in their audience, and then offer up gold as a panacea. That is the gold monger's sales pitch.

Russo and Paul followed the same model, and it is no coincidence, but it is losing its luster as candidates like Barack Obama, John Edwards and Mike Huckabee drag out the threadbare rhetoric of their supposed love for the poor and middle class, which empty talk never fails to win support in hard times. Ron Paul's gold commercial will not be able to compete with their disingenuous talk of health care for all, jobs and more classrooms and teachers.

But the Jewish bankers are deliberately crashing the economy and financial systems of the World. They hope that Ron Paul will plant the seed in the minds of the gullible masses that gold is their salvation. He is their miraculous forecaster, their stooge, their prophet of doom who has all the answers, their commercial.

The Jewish bankers operate like the man who throws nails on the road under his tire repair sign, but the bankers' solutions only make the problems they cause even worse.

Friday, January 04, 2008

More Proof that Ron Paul Is an Anti-Moslem Zionist Propagandist Who Scapegoats the Downtrodden for the Crimes of the Zionists

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In addition to Ron Paul's call for Israel to attack its neighbor nations, crush the Palestinians, and bomb Iran, on Glenn Beck's program, he has been calling for,

"No More Student VISA's from Terrorist Nations." See also:

Ron Paul's Disgraceful Ad

And, for the State Department's list of "terrorist nations", see their website:

State Sponsors of Terrorism

The Glenn Beck interview:

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck - Complete Interview

Ron Paul is a radical Zionist. His policies will not only destroy Islam, they will destroy the US.

Let's dump him, keep the movement his Zionist bosses created, and find a truly anti-Zionist candidate to represent us against the Ron Paul's of this world. Let the Zionists fall into the pit which they have dug for us. That would be poetic justice.

Iowan Gut-Level Politics and What It Means for Us

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Iowans ignored the issues and voted from the heart, not the head. They did this because the media and the candidates collaborated to keep issues out of the debate and instead made the focus feelings, religious beliefs and personality. If we had a real media, and at least one viable candidate with the integrity and fortitude to challenge the others, the embarrassing events of Iowa would not have occurred, at least not on the extended national and international scale that they have.

Nevertheless, we can see on a gut level, that heartland America does not like, or trust, Hillary Clinton or Rudi Guiliani. Mitt Romney cannot buy the love of Christians. Ron Paul's enthusiasm and ability to energize his base do not match the enthusiasm of his base nor the ability of his base to energize themselves. Paul is a bit of a dud, does not believe in himself and/or is not meant to win, but is instead there to serve as the poster boy for the Zionist Gold Cartel.

I don't want to see this alter-media movement perish, rather I would like to see it grow into one that is responsive to the concerns of its anti-Zionist base. Ron Paul needs to do something to energize his base going into New Hampshire, such as changing his stance on 911, announcing his potential short list, or exact pick of a runningmate, giving a dramatic speech, criticizing his opponents, etc. We need to find a better candidate, a genuine candidate, a fighter who can deliver an effective speech.

Iowan Republicans embarrassed the Republican Party by voting for the new and polished Pat Robertson, the huckster Huckabee. Hillary is obnoxious, arrogant and palpably untrustworthy. Obama won on "change". What change is it that Obama proposes, from bad to worse. . . from the frying pan into fire? He is image and not substance. McCain farts dust and what comes out of his mouth is even worse. Romney is as plastic as a credit card. We can beat these clowns if we can find a candidate who will challenge them on the issues of concern to Americans.

We need a man or woman who will not only attack the Federal Reserve, but will go after the criminal cartel that corrupted our government and created the Fed. The names haven't changed. There is no statute of limitations on fraud. We can and should go after these criminals and recover our monies, plus interest, plus punitive damages, plus gold, etc. etc. etc. Huey Long pointed a finger straight at the Jewish bankers, named names, and spoke out for the poor and the middle class. We don't need a Ron Reagan on steroids pushing the selfish laissez faire Milton Friedman come Rothschild garbage of Ron Paul. We need a true populist President, who will make the bankers and war profiteers pay to educate our People, build our infrastructure and provide capital for our industry.

Instead of genociding and hating innocent Moslems, we should point our rifles and bombs at Israel and the Jewish elite and demand REPARATIONS for Jewish crimes against the human race, for the subversion of our government, and for the corruption of our press. This will not only strengthen us, it will weaken them. We must turn the tables on them. Ron Paul is instead stacking the deck in the favor of the mega-rich Jewish laissez faire Capitalist bankers. He cannot win on populist issues, because Ron Paul is not a populist. Like Reagan he serves the interests of the rich, and he does not have the charisma of Reagan. Ron Paul doesn't just want to trickle down on us. He wants to give us the full treatment, including the rich man's shaft and the flush.

But I plead with Ron Paul supporters not to become discouraged. The fact that Paul, who is a dud as a candidate, was able to ride the enthusiasm of his supporters to achieve a 10% showing on the basis of a campaign based on lunacies and glittering generalities, is truly a sign of hope. Imagine what a true populist candidate with a sound strategy to beat the bankers, with an aggressive and self-confident attitude, and with a hopeful populist message that spoke in an honest way to education, health care and jobs, could accomplish. Surely, he or she could win the White House, rather than simply run to spew out the Jewish bankers' propaganda to our gullible and dumbed-down youth. My suggestion to you is to keep the faith and find a candidate who supports you and your beliefs, rather than undermines your future. In the short term, persuade Paul to do something to energize his base going into New Hampshire, other than sell the bankers' gold to the public.

Note that I am using the term "populist" loosely to mean what it means to most people today, and not necessarily what it originally meant in terms of the "Populist Party".

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ron Paul Plunges a Knife into the Back of His Base

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ron Paul has not only stabbed his base in the back, he has done so repeatedly and many of the leaders of the "911 truth movement", the anti-Zionist movement and the "White Nationalist Movement" are silent about his treachery, or, when pressed, apologize for it. Why is that?

You must face the reality that Ron Paul and the Zionist Gold Cartel have duped and used you in order to make Paul's crazy ideas appear popular and now mainstream. Now that you have served your purpose, he is turning on you and you can expect that he will continue to ridicule you as he did during his interview with Glenn Beck:

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck - Complete Interview

What may appear to you to have been a grassroots movement to place Ron Paul and Ludwig von Mises' Jewish supremacist monetary policies into the limelight was instead a carefully orchestrated plan executed in no small part by the Hollywood Zionist Jew Aaron Russo and other agents of the Zionist Gold Cartel. It was, quite literally, a Hollywood production. It appeared to you to be a grassroots movement because it was littered with Zionist Jews who lavished praise on Ron Paul and pretended that he was a supporter of the "911 truth movement", the anti-Zionist movement and even the "White Nationalist Movement". You have been suckered into believing your enemy is your savior.

Zionist Jews have always created a controlled opposition to sponsor their plans. With countless trillions of dollars and control of the World at stake, you can be assured that they have not failed to do so in the case of Ron Paul. If Paul truly opposed the Jewish bankers' plans for the American economy the media would relentlessly ridicule him. Instead, some of the media's most radical Zionists have openly embraced Ron Paul.

Why has not the media slammed Paul as they have slammed Charles Percy, Paul Findley, Cynthia McKinney (and her honest father), etc.? Many of the loyal followers of Paul believe that the media has ignored Paul, but they have not, and there is a huge difference between ignoring and attacking, as you will find out as Paul becomes mainstream and attacks his original base. It is a fact that Ron Paul is opposed to the "911 truth movement", the anti-Zionist movement and the "White Nationalist Movement".

Ron Paul blames the Moslems for terrorism. He wants Israel to attack its immediate neighbors and Iran. He wants to privatize money creation and give back World Jewry the power to privately make international currency out of thin air by means of fractional reserve banking based on false claims of gold reserves which do not exist. He is everything International Jewry could have asked for. He is their creation and his views are so obviously against the best interests of the American People, that World Jewry required a controlled opposition to make his views appear mainstream. And these many dupes bow down before Ron Paul, who says the same things as Joe Lieberman, John McCain, Alan Greenspan, J. P. Morgan, the Rothschilds, etc. If you do not accept what these Zionists say, why do you accept the same message from Ron Paul, who is just another Zionist and is in many respects a far more radical Zionist than many Jewish politicians?

Mass psychology is being used against you. Crypto-Jewish voices in the crowd are raised in support of Ron Paul and it appears that he has broad support and is talking sense, when his apparent support is an artifice and he is setting up America for our demise. These techniques are widely used in politics. Have you ever considered how many of the sign carrying protestors, picketers, and etc. you see in the media are paid, often unemployed, people, party leaders, or government employees? Do you ever wonder where the signs they carry come from? But just watch, it is often the case that Jewish controlled "Revolutions", like the "Ron Paul Revolution", turn harshly on their base as soon as they achieve success.

Consider the fact that the Jewish Bolsheviks slaughtered the Russians after using them to destroy the Russian nation. Consider how they rose to power with promises of "freedom" and economic salvation. I suggest you watch the following interviews with Yuri Bezmenov, where he explains how many "grassroots movements" are manufactured by agents of the government, and how they turn on those who sincerely support them (George Orwell gave similar testimony). I suggest we take advantage of the situation and seize control of the movement which has been created for us and find a leader who actually represents anti-Zionists and will express and defend our issues in the media. Bear in mind that Ron Paul's philosophy was sponsored by exactly the same Jewish bankers who financed Trotsky and Lenin.

Yuri Bezmenov Explains Soviet Strategy for Subversion 1 of 9

Yuri Bezmenov Explains Soviet Strategy for Subversion 2 of 9

Yuri Bezmenov Explains Soviet Strategy for Subversion 3 of 9

Yuri Bezmenov Explains Soviet Strategy for Subversion 4 of 9

Yuri Bezmenov Explains Soviet Strategy for Subversion 5 of 9

Yuri Bezmenov Explains Soviet Strategy for Subversion 6 of 9

Yuri Bezmenov Explains Soviet Strategy for Subversion 7 of 9

Yuri Bezmenov Explains Soviet Strategy for Subversion 8 of 9

Yuri Bezmenov Explains Soviet Strategy for Subversion 9 of 9

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Selected Translations from Coudenhove-Kalergi's German Work PRAKTISCHER IDEALISMUS

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ron Paul's philosophy comes from the Ukrainian/Austrian Jew Ludwig von Mises. Mises was very close to Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, who believed that European gentiles should be led to intermarry with African gentiles so that they would, in Coudenhove-Kalergi's view, be weakened genetically, culturally and politically. Coudenhove-Kalergi asserted that the Jews were a superior race which should rule the World. Some of Coudenhove-Kalergi's seminal work, which was sponsored by the Rothschilds through the Warburgs, has now been translated into English:

English translation of selections of Practical Idealism (Praktischer Idealismus) By Count Richard N. Coudenhove Kalergi - published in Vienna 1925.

Beware of Ron Paul's Interpretation of States' Rights and the Federal Constitution

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When considering the US Constitution as our social contract, we ought to be careful to distinguish between the bureaucratic procedures and rules iterated in it, and the fundamental human rights, and lack thereof, iterated in it. There is a difference between the fundamental right of free speech which exists without the Constitution, and the bureaucratic processes of the government, which would not necessarily exist without the Constitution.

We have to be very careful when paring down the Federal Government and asserting States' rights not to fall into the trap of considering the fundamental rights iterated in the Bill of Rights, which were amendments, to be considered the exclusive province of the Federal Government as they once were. For a very long time, powerful forces denied Americans their fundamental rights under the Bill of Rights in the prosecutions and affairs conducted by the States. It is only comparatively recently that our human rights which are recognized under the Federal Constitution have been imposed on the State governments, and I believe that not all of them have yet been incorporated as natural rights to the States.

It used to be that the States could deny due process of law, jury trial, speedy trial, rights against self incrimination, etc. because these were considered Federal protections alone which did not apply to the States unless the States individually adopted them. If I am not mistaken, to this day, States are considered "separate sovereigns" from the Federal Government for purposes of the "double jeopardy" clause, and you can be prosecuted by the State and the Federal Government for the same offense and cannot successfully assert double jeopardy as a defense.

The economic disparities between the States, and the need to defend the American People from the tyranny and neglect apt to occur in individual States, is a subject for another day.

Libertarianism: The New Neo-Conservatism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

World Jewry gutted the Democratic Party during and after the 2004 elections. I remember Jewish radio show hosts advising Democrats to offer no policies as if that would force the Republicans to ruin themselves by offering policies. These Jewish radio show hosts knew full well that they were sabotaging the Democratic Party and turning voters towards the neo-Conservative Republicans, and I recall that many callers to these programs begged these Jewish radio show hosts to stop sabotaging the Democratic Party, but to no avail.

World Jewry is now offering up two dead parties in the Democrats and Republicans, parties they have murdered in order to make room for two new Zionist parties, perhaps one headed by Bloomberg and the other the Libertarians in whatever clothing they adorn.

Ron Paul wants to enable Israel to attack Iran and Israel's immediate neighbors, knowing that such an attack will draw in the US. Like George W. Bush, FDR and Woodrow Wilson, Ron Paul campaigns on an anti-interventionalist and anti-war platform, but prepares the way for Israel to start World War III, while deceiving Moslems into believing that he is on their side. He wants to cut off all aid to Moslems and to Israel pretending that this will level the playing field, knowing that Israel needs no aid and that the lack of aid will bury the Palestinians and other Arab and Moslem Peoples. Ron Paul wants to eliminate the UN, which has repeatedly condemned Israel, and whose charter makes Israel's aggressive wars and threats of wars illegal. Such is the treacherous face of the new neo-Conservatism.

Paul wants to bring us back to the good old days, to the golden age when private Jewish banks issued their own notes. These notes were privately manufactured fiat money which was based on the fraudulent lie that the Jewish bankers held in reserve gold to back the notes, which they did not. Paul deceptively sells this Medieval fraud to the American People with the lie that the People will control the gold and make their own money. He must know that there is not enough gold in the World to monetize in a way that meets the needs of the economy, and that it will be the bankers who hold what gold there is and who will lie to the public and create fiat money on their computers and printing presses. He wants to return us to the days when the Jewish bankers give out notes supposedly backed by gold held in reserve, which does not exist. . . to the days when World Jewry can privately manufacture fiat money and sell it to the public as if it were the commodity gold. Paul calls this fraud, "freedom".

But this new neo-Conservatism does not stop there, for Paul wants to return us to the days when the Jewish laissez faire Capitalists made serfs of the public on the false premise that it was their right to do so, their "freedom" to do so. There is nothing wrong with Capitalism, but there must be restrictions, or all the wealth flows quickly into the hands of the corrupt. Paul pretends that those whose only motive is profit will be the hidden hand for good and charity. He must know that history proves otherwise. Paul wants to return us to the days when the J. P. Morgans and the Bernard Beruchs and the other Rothschild stooges could suck off the wealth of the nation and ruin the middle class as if it were their right of "freedom" to do so. Recall that they were "free" to form monopolistic cartels which took away market forces. Recall that they were "free" to monopolize the media and control the public mind. Recall that they were "free" to rig the stock, bond and money markets. Capitalism without checks quickly results in a master-slave relationship. It does not create a free state, nor does it promote equality. It is a form of class warfare which arms the wealthy and hobbles the middle class. The rich know this, which is why they protect intellectual property, though in a "free" market there would be no such restrictions on production.

Ron Paul is a servant of the selfish super-rich, the benefactor of the bankers. He wants to take away all government powers so that the rich are free to screw the poor as the rich screwed the poor in the middle ages. He would return us to the serf system in the name of "freeing" us. He would empower the Jewish bankers to destroy our environment, addict us to drugs and selfishness, and rob our wealth, just as they did under Yeltsin who also promoted unrestricted Capitalism. Why do the Russians drink so much vodka today? Because for centuries the Jews were the distillers of vodka and the owners of taverns, and they promoted the poison they themselves would only touch on Purim, and in the Ukraine made it mandatory that the Ukrainians drink whenever passing a Jewish owned tavern. Ron Paul's America would look very much like Yeltsin's Russia with drug addicts and poverty the rule of day. Decadence and decay will predominate. The rich will grow immensely richer as the poor sink into deadly poverty. Paul is a nihilist of social responsibility tearing down all safeguards for the poor and middle class and handing over all power to the super rich.

We need a leader who will build up the middle class, take back our wealth from the bankers and reconstruct the infrastructure of America. We need a leader who shuts down Israeli warmongering, instead of freeing Israel's hand to strike the face of its neighbors. We need a leader who cares about all Americans, including the poor, and who ensures that education to the highest levels is available to all those Americans who will put it to good use.

We have to find a genuine candidate who cares about Americans and America's future. Ron Paul is just the next phase in the Jewish bankers' plan to ruin us and build up Israel at our expense. We need better education, industry and health care in America. Ron Paul's policies are a fiction told by the mega-rich to help them suck off the wealth of the middle class and widen the gap between rich and poor. He is promoting self-destructive selfishness and Israeli aggression in the Middle East, which will most certainly drag in Americans. Paul is brainwashing our youth to believe that the super rich have the middle class and the poor's best interests at heart, that the poor are our enemy and the cause of our problems, and that the Jewish bankers have the right to privately control and manufacture our money.

What will follow the ruin of America? Certainly it will be a form of Communism far worse than the Soviet Union ever was, brought to us courtesy of the new neo-Conservatism.

Where Ron Paul Stands

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Someone has posted the Glenn Beck interview of Ron Paul on Google Video:

Ron Paul on Glenn Beck - Complete Interview

Ron Paul rejects and ridicules the "911 truth movement" and distances himself from it entirely @ 35:38-38:27 min. Glenn Beck states that Saudi Arabia is an evil country and Paul nods in agreement @ 22:30min. Throughout the interview, Paul blames Osama bin Laden for 911, and Moslems for terrorism. He made no mention of false flag terrorism.

Ron Paul wants to enable Israel to bomb Iran and dominate and attack its neighbors. He wants to cut off all US funds to the Middle East to "neutralize" the situation. This would mean that the Palestinians would receive no aid from the US. Paul and Beck agree that the US is holding Israel back from attacking its neighbors and bombing Iran, which they both regret @ 24:00-26min. When Israel attacks, the US will be drawn in and Paul knows this. Paul must know that it is the Congress and not the President who is to declare wars under the Constitution, and that he will then carry out his "duty" to annihilate the peoples which Israel plans to attack. Glenn Beck states that we are holding Israel back from bombing Iran and Ron Paul agreed with Beck and stated that this is his, Paul's, point. Paul states that Israel is subservient to us and that we should respect their sovereignty, meaning in this context that we should allow Israel to attack Iran.

Paul is opposed to having a government safety net for the poor @ 30:45min. In the context of government provided health care and education, Ron Paul stated we should deny people without means these benefits @ 16:40min. Paul equates government provided health care for those without means to stealing from one's neighbors.

Paul would have the US become "energy independent" by drilling oil in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and offshore in the US. Paul makes no mention of conservation @ 28:30min.

Radical Zionist Glenn Beck states that he is attracted to Libertarianism because it calls for a return to the gold standard @ 18:00min.

I warn the Palestinians that Ron Paul's policies spell your death. I warn Moslems in general, and all sane people in the World, that Ron Paul wants to enable Israel to start World War III, and he must know that Israel's aggression will draw in the US. He cares not to guarantee the life of the poor and downtrodden. He pretends that "free markets" guarantee food, health care and education for all, when history has taught us again and again that fully unchecked Capitalism pours all capital into the hands of the Jewish bankers and results in the super rich growing richer, the destruction of the middle class and the degradation and suffering of the poor. Ron Paul is no Huey Long. He is instead cut from the cloth of Rothschild.

The "911 truthers" who support Ron Paul are supporting a man who mocks and ridicules them. The environmentalists who support Ron Paul are supporting a man who places the concerns of the energy moguls above the environment. People of conscience who support Ron Paul are supporting a heartless monster the likes of which gave us slavery, child labor, stock market manipulation, the robber barons, banker manufactured depressions, etc. etc. etc. He is another Yeltsin setting us up for the Jewish bankers to steal our wealth in the name of "Capitalism". He is another Wilson and FDR talking peace, while planning for war. He is another Sen. Nelson Aldrich calling for banking reforms so that he can give the bankers exactly what they want.

Speaking of Wilson, does Ron Paul ever mention the fact that Wilson was blackmailed by the Zionist Jew Louis Brandeis? While pontificating on the causes of the Civil War, does Ron Paul ever talk about the fact that the Rothschilds caused the Civil War and financed both sides against each other and profited off of the destruction for decades afterwards?

Monday, December 31, 2007

Why do the Jewish Bankers Want to Transition from Fiat Currency Issued from Central Banks, to Completely Unregulated and Untaxed Private Gold Banks?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish bankers want to eliminate the Central Banks which are tied to governments and replace those systems with entirely private banks under their complete control. Private banks which have no ties to any government, or union of governments, cannot make their notes legal tender. However, they can trade in commodities as currency, and then create their own fiat money through fractional reserve banking by issuing allegedly gold backed notes and electronic credits.

This is why the Jewish bankers want to bury the central banks and move us towards private gold based currencies. It will enable them to create a World currency which is completely under their control and beyond the control of any government.

In order for their money system to be completely outside the control of Goy governments and the people of the World, International Jewish bankers must addict us to the gold habit. Raw gold is truly international. It can be struck with a private mint mark and traded in every nation on Earth.

Gold can then be used in every nation, and the Jewish bankers can move it from one nation to another nation, cutting back on loans in one place while increasing them in another, building one up country while destroying others; which process will enable the Jewish bankers to accumulate all the property of the World in a short time, and ruin all the nations of the Earth. This is a far more efficient system for them then the central banks which can come under the influence of various governments, and which can be easily replaced by government owned and operated institutions.

Beyond this, the Jewish bankers control most of the gold in one way or another and will reap tremendous profits as they deliberately inflate the fiat currencies and ruin them one after another. Then, to meet the need for credit which cannot be met by raw gold, they will print fiat money and electronic credits and claim that there is gold in their reserves to back this paper and data when there is not, but no one will be allowed to attempt to verify or refute this fiction. That is what Ron Paul refers to as "freedom", the freedom of the Jewish bankers to cheat us and to create monopolies and cartels beyond the reach of any government.

This is why Ron Paul wants to transition us to completely privately owned gold banks. The coins they mint will be universal and entirely under the control of the Jewish bankers with no regulation by governments. It is the Jewish bankers' dream of a completely privately controlled bank which issues all the money of the entire World and regulates the money supply in every district. Paul is giving the bankers what they want in the name of fighting them, and millions of gullible idiots are gleefully cheering him on.

Ron Paul's Ties to Jewish Supremacism and World Government

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ron Paul is closely tied to the late Ludwig von Mises through his ideas and the institute which bears his name. Ludwig von Mises was in turn closely tied to the Jewish supremacist and organizer of World Government, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi promoted the idea of a European Union and a pan-American Union. Rothschild and Warburg sponsored him. Coudenhove-Kalergi also stated that the Jews are a superior race which should lead the World, but that all the other races should be mixed, which according to him would result in the manifestation of the worst traits and the disappearance of the best traits in the Gentile races. Zionist British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli had made similar claims.

Coudenhove-Kalergi wanted the different "races" to mix in intermarriage so that the children of these unions would be inferior to their parents and would lose any sense of cultural and ethnic heritage. He wanted to then substitute a new culture of obedience and servitude among this new degenerated "race", subservience to a ruling Jewish elite. He would have the Jews remain nobly segregated and preserve them as rulers over all others. It is a fact that many of Coudenhove-Kalergi's policies have been instituted. Ron Paul is fronting for these von Misian forces.

Eustace Mullins wrote of Ludwig von Mises and Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi,

"On May 1, 1776, Adam Weishaupt issued further instructions to the Illuminati in Bavaria, 'We labour first of all to draw into our Association all good and learned writers. This we imagine will be the easier obtained, as they must derive an evident advantage from it. Next to such men we seek to gain the masters and secretaries of the Post-Offices in order to facilitate our correspondence.' The Tasso family of Bologna, later Thurn und Taxis, gained control of post offices and intelligence work in Europe and held that power for five centuries. Although these groups surfaced as charitable or fine arts organizations, their goals of anarchy were concealed in all their efforts. In the twentieth century, they culminated in the League of Nations, the United Nations, the communist Party, the Royal Institute of International affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the foundations, and a host of lesser groups. Count Coudenhove-Kalergi's Pan Europe Movement, with its powerful backing by aristocrats and international financiers, was represented in the U.S. by its American branch, founded by Herbert Hoover and Col. House, who were also stumping the U.S. for ratification of the League of Nations. Coundenhove Kalergi mentioned in his autobiogrphy that he had been financed by the Rothschilds and Warburgs, and in the U.S., by Paul Warburg and Bernard Baruch. He was connected with the Thurn und Taxis family. His grandfather, Count Francis Coudenhove-Kalergi, Austrian Ambassador in Paris, had married Marie Kalergi in 1850. She was one of the wealthiest heiresses in Europe, descended from the Byzantine Emperor Nikophor Phikas; in 1300, when Venice was the dominant power in the Mediterranean, Alexios Kalergis had signed the treaty which made Crete a dominion on Venice. A recent premier of Greece, Emmanuel Tsouderos, was a Kalergi.

Melchior Palyi, in 'The Twilight of Gold', reveals the power plays of the World Order in international finance, when he quotes from the Diary of Governor Emile Moreau of the Bank of France. Palyi says, 'In October, 1926, Governor Emile Moreau of the Bank of France sent his closest collaborator to London to explore the intentions of Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England. Pierre Quesnay, then general manager of the Bank of France 1926-30, and Bank for International Settlements 1930-37, brought back a report which was recorded by Moreau : 'Quesnay also gives me interesting views about the ambitions of Montagu Norman and the group of financiers who surround him: Sir Otto Niemeyer, Sir Arthur Salter, Sir Henry Strakosch, Sir Robert Kindersley they are striving to make London the great international financial centre. But those close to Norman state this is not his objective ... he wants more than anything else to witness the setting up of links between the various banks of issue ... The economic and financial organization of the world appears to the Governor of the Bank of England to be the major task of the Twentieth Century. In his view politicians and political institutions are in no fit state to direct with the necessary competence and continuity this task of organization which he would like to see undertaken by central banks, independent at once of governments and of private finance. Hence his campaign in favour of completely autonomous central banks, dominating their own financial markets and deriving their power from common agreement among themselves. They would succeed in taking out of the political realm those problems which are essential for the development and prosperity of the national financial security, distribution of credit, movement of prices. They would thus prevent internal political struggles from harming the wealth and the economic advancement of nations.'

In short, Norman wished to see the imposition of the World Order over the financial affairs of the nations. It was this agreement among the central banks, rather than the front organization, the League of Nations, which became their final instrument of power. Crucial to these arrangements was the monetarist school, the Austrian School of Economics, an outgrowth of the Pan-Europe movement. Margit Herzfeld notes in her biography of Ludwig von Mises that he participated in Count Coudenhove-Kalergi's Pan Europe movement in 1943. He had been brought to the U.S. in 1940 by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation of $2500 a year to work at the Natl. Bureau of Economic Research, which grant was renewed in 1943. Von Mises' pupils, Arthur Burns and Milton Friedman now expound the monetarist theory through a network of supersecret 'conservative' think tanks led by the Mont Pelerin Society. Herzfeld says that von Mises' most famous protege was the Soviet apologist Murray Rothbard."Eustace Mullins, "The Rule of the Order", The World Order: A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism, Chapter Eight.

Paul wants to create private gold banks, which obviously will be international and become the centralized entirely private Jewish controlled World bank Paul's bosses seek to institute as a mechanism of World control. This new Jewish monopoly on banking and gold will give World Jewry even greater control over money and it will be entirely detached from any country's government. This is the ultimate privatization of money creation and money supply which International Jewry has always sought. Even the system described in Carroll Quigley's book does not give World Jewry the power they will obtain under Ron Paul's system, which extant system has already done so much harm to the Third World and the American dollar,

"The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the worlds' central banks which were themselves private corporations. The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralization of world economic control and use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other economic groups."—Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope: A History of The World in Our Time, Macmillan Company, New York, (1966) p. 337.

Ron Paul was heavily promoted by the Hollywood Zionist Jew Aaron Russo, who claimed a close personal friendship with the Rockefeller family and who didn't want us to talk about "Jewish bankers". Paul's ties to leading Zionists and his promotion by gold merchants and prominent figures in the "911 truth movement" who shy away from the proven Zionist Jewish and Israeli connection to 911, has been documented by others.

We most definitely do NOT want this man to be President of the United States of America. We have to find a genuine candidate and abandon Paul's candidacy in favor of an honest campaign.

Pig in a Poke: Mike Huckabee's Weakness on the Issues Goes Unchallenged in the Media

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Mike Huckabee is a salesman, not a leader. Like a used car salesman, he pitches his weaknesses as if they were strengths. Huckabee is weak, very weak, on the issues, issues which will be of increasing concern to Americans in 2008. This is a vulnerability in his campaign which is not being criticized as it should be by the media, who are instead promoting this huckster in Iowa, and affording him the opportunity to try to explain away his deficiencies without contradicting his sophistry.

Have a look at the following interviews in Time

Mike Huckabee: Front Runner Q&A

Since Huckabee has no comprehensive set of policies, he paints this terrible failure as if it were a strength and claims that it makes him a "leader" instead of a "manager". What this shows is that he is a disingenuous con man, and that the media are not doing their job. People on the internet should seize on this opportunity to show both the weakness and hollowness of Huckabee, and the failure of the media to challenge Huckabee.

Huckabee's message is not "vote for me because I have a clear vision for America and here it is", but rather, "trust me, this car is a cream puff. . . Look at the cross on my neck. . . I swear to you this car is a cream puff. Would I lie to you? There's no need to look under the hood. Trust me, I'm smarter than you and have your best interests at heart. Now sign here. . ."

Huckabee is prostituting his religion. He is the televangelist of politicians and reminds me of Jimmy Swaggart, Ted Haggard and John Hagee. He has no real campaign so he hawks the cross and asks for donations.

Is the White House for Sale?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg may run for President as an independent:

Bloomberg Moves Closer to Running for President

It appears that the politicians smell blood. The current list of Republican and Democrat candidates are very weak and the best of bad is still bad. Bloomberg is obscenely wealthy, but are his wealth and media contacts enough to secure him a win? Let's hope not.

Americans are going to be concentrated on issues in 2008. Personality and persona are also always strong factors in an election. A third party candidate with the right issues just might stand a chance.

Third party candidates are notorious as spoilers. If Bloomberg throws his hat in the ring, the base of support needed to win a four way race becomes smaller than that needed to win a three way race. He has serious money and he will pull votes away from both the Democrats and Republicans, no matter who they run.

An anti-Zionist candidate could catch fire if the economy tanks, inflation hits hard, and war spreads. He or she could run on an anti-war, anti-media and anti-big money platform. The issues of jobs, credit, housing, health care and education are bound to be major issues in 2008. A Huey Long type of candidate who points the finger at the source of our woes might also bring out so many new voters to the polling booths, and the same old stale rhetoric from the other candidates might cause so many regular Democrats and Republicans to stay home on election day, that I believe there is a real chance for an anti-Zionist to win, especially if Bloomberg and others clutter the field.

How many anti-Zionists are there in America? How many more will there be come election day? How many disaffected and disgusted Democrats and Republicans will sit out the election, or turn to third party candidates? How many new voters can we register?

Anti-Zionism is beginning to resonate across America. The right conditions for a victory are bound to arise. We need a candidate and we need to organize. We also need to start interviewing genuine, viable, and gutsy candidates and get those interviews all over the internet. If we can do that, then you will see what a timid and shallow creature Ron Paul is by comparison, and perhaps we can draw his support to a real candidate who will fight for us. Paul is succeeding off of the efforts of others, not by way of his talents or charm. If we can hitch that team to someone who can deliver an honest speech telling the American People how we have been attacked and what we need to do about it, then we can win the presidency for our cause, or at the very least make it easier for anti-Zionist politicians to win in the near future.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Blind Stupidity of the Hero Worship of Ron Paul

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Perhaps the most amusing of responses to my arguments that Ron Paul represents the interests of the Jewish bankers has been that from the neo-Nazis who rush to Paul's defense by asserting that Paul represents values consistent with National Socialism and I am just a dumb "K**e" trying to trick the Goyim with the facts. I won't delve into their arguments which so obviously misrepresent the facts and my statements and which so obnoxiously violate fundamental logical principles, that they are false on their face. Forgive me for suspecting that these "neo-Nazi" groups are by and large the product of the FBI and Jewish organizations.

Let me state for the record that I believe National Socialism is also the product of Zionist Jewry [see, for example: Rome and Jerusalem: A Study in Jewish Nationalism by Moses Hess] and I oppose its racism, totalitarianism and warmongering. That said, let's examine the blind and stupid support of the neo-Nazis for Ron Paul, assuming for the sake of argument that it is not a contrived front, but is instead genuine.

Adolf Hitler sought a classless society and was vehemently opposed to laissez faire Capitalism. [See, for example: Triumph des Willens (Triumph Of The Will)] Hitler also asserted that the State had absolute control over property rights and that it was the State's duty and right to ensure the living standards of its citizens. [See, for example: The 25 Points of Hitler's Nazi Party] In addition, Hitler was vehemently opposed to the gold standard. [See, for example: Speech by Chancellor Hitler to the Nazi Party in Munich] Ron Paul, to his credit, is no Nazi, but he is supported by neo-Nazis who embrace him as their candidate without realizing that Paul represents precisely the Jewish capitalistic model against which the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party) supposedly fought. Paul is also supported by the most radical Zionist Jews. These "neo-Nazis" would describe Hitler's beliefs as "K**e liberalism" if they had adequate knowledge of what Hitler actually believed. These same people embrace the Jewish Capitalism against which Hitler spoke.

Neo-Nazis are not the only group to embrace Paul and his policies in direct contradiction to their own Party's platform. Many environmentalists support Paul not realizing, or not caring, that Paul would hand over the care of our environment to international corporations that are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to exploit our resources, steal our wealth, and pollute our world; and Ron Paul would deny the People the right to intervene through our government to stop the destruction and pollution of the environment. [Listen to Dennis Miller's interview of Ron Paul] Ron Paul is setting us up for exploitation by the Jewish bankers, just as Boris Yeltsin set up Russia for the exploitation by Jewish oligarchs, based on the same false premise that the Jewish bankers' laissez faire Capitalism will protect us from exploitation.

World Jewry has made us so fearful of war, that many of us embrace their stooge as if a solution to the problems World Jewry are causing us, a timid and mediocre stooge who has made it clear that he will not confront the source of our problems. Similarly, many members of the "911 truth movement" fanatically support Ron Paul, who openly rejects them.

I attribute the foolish support of the enemy to many factors, the most influential of which are Jewish advertising and the desperation to which World Jewry are driving us through war and impending economic calamity. People who childishly call other people "Sheeple" are themselves playing the game of follow the leader and they are being led right off the cliff.

The Jewish bankers' plans are working well. They needed a populist leader through whom they could infect the mob with false beliefs so that the mob would attack those of us who are warning them of the danger. It is impressive to see how effective these simple strategies and tactics are for controlling the mass psychology of the gullible mob. It is my hope that we can seize control of this movement and place an authentic leader at the head of it. This will require that those who sincerely oppose the Zionists' plans to destroy our lives grow up and exercise sounder judgement.