Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Libertarianism: The New Neo-Conservatism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

World Jewry gutted the Democratic Party during and after the 2004 elections. I remember Jewish radio show hosts advising Democrats to offer no policies as if that would force the Republicans to ruin themselves by offering policies. These Jewish radio show hosts knew full well that they were sabotaging the Democratic Party and turning voters towards the neo-Conservative Republicans, and I recall that many callers to these programs begged these Jewish radio show hosts to stop sabotaging the Democratic Party, but to no avail.

World Jewry is now offering up two dead parties in the Democrats and Republicans, parties they have murdered in order to make room for two new Zionist parties, perhaps one headed by Bloomberg and the other the Libertarians in whatever clothing they adorn.

Ron Paul wants to enable Israel to attack Iran and Israel's immediate neighbors, knowing that such an attack will draw in the US. Like George W. Bush, FDR and Woodrow Wilson, Ron Paul campaigns on an anti-interventionalist and anti-war platform, but prepares the way for Israel to start World War III, while deceiving Moslems into believing that he is on their side. He wants to cut off all aid to Moslems and to Israel pretending that this will level the playing field, knowing that Israel needs no aid and that the lack of aid will bury the Palestinians and other Arab and Moslem Peoples. Ron Paul wants to eliminate the UN, which has repeatedly condemned Israel, and whose charter makes Israel's aggressive wars and threats of wars illegal. Such is the treacherous face of the new neo-Conservatism.

Paul wants to bring us back to the good old days, to the golden age when private Jewish banks issued their own notes. These notes were privately manufactured fiat money which was based on the fraudulent lie that the Jewish bankers held in reserve gold to back the notes, which they did not. Paul deceptively sells this Medieval fraud to the American People with the lie that the People will control the gold and make their own money. He must know that there is not enough gold in the World to monetize in a way that meets the needs of the economy, and that it will be the bankers who hold what gold there is and who will lie to the public and create fiat money on their computers and printing presses. He wants to return us to the days when the Jewish bankers give out notes supposedly backed by gold held in reserve, which does not exist. . . to the days when World Jewry can privately manufacture fiat money and sell it to the public as if it were the commodity gold. Paul calls this fraud, "freedom".

But this new neo-Conservatism does not stop there, for Paul wants to return us to the days when the Jewish laissez faire Capitalists made serfs of the public on the false premise that it was their right to do so, their "freedom" to do so. There is nothing wrong with Capitalism, but there must be restrictions, or all the wealth flows quickly into the hands of the corrupt. Paul pretends that those whose only motive is profit will be the hidden hand for good and charity. He must know that history proves otherwise. Paul wants to return us to the days when the J. P. Morgans and the Bernard Beruchs and the other Rothschild stooges could suck off the wealth of the nation and ruin the middle class as if it were their right of "freedom" to do so. Recall that they were "free" to form monopolistic cartels which took away market forces. Recall that they were "free" to monopolize the media and control the public mind. Recall that they were "free" to rig the stock, bond and money markets. Capitalism without checks quickly results in a master-slave relationship. It does not create a free state, nor does it promote equality. It is a form of class warfare which arms the wealthy and hobbles the middle class. The rich know this, which is why they protect intellectual property, though in a "free" market there would be no such restrictions on production.

Ron Paul is a servant of the selfish super-rich, the benefactor of the bankers. He wants to take away all government powers so that the rich are free to screw the poor as the rich screwed the poor in the middle ages. He would return us to the serf system in the name of "freeing" us. He would empower the Jewish bankers to destroy our environment, addict us to drugs and selfishness, and rob our wealth, just as they did under Yeltsin who also promoted unrestricted Capitalism. Why do the Russians drink so much vodka today? Because for centuries the Jews were the distillers of vodka and the owners of taverns, and they promoted the poison they themselves would only touch on Purim, and in the Ukraine made it mandatory that the Ukrainians drink whenever passing a Jewish owned tavern. Ron Paul's America would look very much like Yeltsin's Russia with drug addicts and poverty the rule of day. Decadence and decay will predominate. The rich will grow immensely richer as the poor sink into deadly poverty. Paul is a nihilist of social responsibility tearing down all safeguards for the poor and middle class and handing over all power to the super rich.

We need a leader who will build up the middle class, take back our wealth from the bankers and reconstruct the infrastructure of America. We need a leader who shuts down Israeli warmongering, instead of freeing Israel's hand to strike the face of its neighbors. We need a leader who cares about all Americans, including the poor, and who ensures that education to the highest levels is available to all those Americans who will put it to good use.

We have to find a genuine candidate who cares about Americans and America's future. Ron Paul is just the next phase in the Jewish bankers' plan to ruin us and build up Israel at our expense. We need better education, industry and health care in America. Ron Paul's policies are a fiction told by the mega-rich to help them suck off the wealth of the middle class and widen the gap between rich and poor. He is promoting self-destructive selfishness and Israeli aggression in the Middle East, which will most certainly drag in Americans. Paul is brainwashing our youth to believe that the super rich have the middle class and the poor's best interests at heart, that the poor are our enemy and the cause of our problems, and that the Jewish bankers have the right to privately control and manufacture our money.

What will follow the ruin of America? Certainly it will be a form of Communism far worse than the Soviet Union ever was, brought to us courtesy of the new neo-Conservatism.