Thursday, January 31, 2008

The "Ron Paul Revolution" Post "Super Tuesday"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The mostly Jewish Libertarian goldbuggers who fanatically promote Ron Paul as if he were our savior need a scapegoat for the failure of their campaign. They will likely blame "911 truthers" and "White Nationalists" for Paul's lack of appeal, while ignoring the fact that Paul is a dud as a candidate.

In reality, the wheels came off of the "Ron Paul Revolution" when Paul stabbed his exceptionally loyal base in the back by ridiculing "911 truth" and embracing Martin Luther King, Jr., as his hero, without acknowledging any of the man's shortcomings and without recognizing the fact that King's views were diametrically opposed to Paul's. King had guts and knowingly gave his life for his cause, but he was no angel, and I have heard from blacks in Chicago that he was a corrupt and untrustworthy man.

Paul made an ass of himself when he denied knowledge of the statements made in his name, if not by him. Rather than admitting to Paul's shortcomings, his rabid supporters will likely blame others for the general unwillingness to pretend that Ron Paul is a great man.

If Paul, years ago, had owned up to the criticism of King and defended what if anything was true in it, and repudiated what if anything was racist, and if he had stated that false flag terrorism is a fact of life and that we need to look at 911 and its documented ties to Israel, then Paul's campaign would have taken off. Instead, it floundered. Paul fiddles a pied piper tune, while Rome burns at the hands of racist Jewish extremists. He wastes the money of his base on a gold commercial, when he should be pointing an accusatory finger at Zionist Jewry.

Perhaps, as I suspected back in May of 2007, Paul will run as a spoiler candidate in the general election. His followers will be disappointed on Black Wednesday following Super Tuesday, and will need a boost. An announcement that he will run as an Independent or third party candidate would keep some of the suckers on the hook and prevent his addicts from convulsing in withdrawal.

I suggest we seize on the opportunity presented by this Ron Paul fatigue—this increasing let down—to offer a superior alternative to the Jewish "Ron Paul Revolution". All that accumulated energy will need an outlet and will search for a conduit to channel it towards the real fight. Instead of allowing this spirit to turn to bile, we should fill the need for this conductor to accomplish that for which most of Ron Paul's former followers hope. Idle hands are the devil's workshop. Let's keep those hands busy fighting the good fight and take aim directly at our real enemy. All we need is a candidate who is proud to stand up for our beliefs and eager to directly engage the enemy which is relentlessly attacking us.