Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Anti-Christ Is Anxious

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews' "Messiah", the man whom they believe is God's/Satan's presence on Earth, is desperate to ascend his earthly throne in Jerusalem. He has given the order to begin the Apocalypse. We will soon face worldwide depression and a nuclear world war. The blade is held high in a steady and determined Jewish hand and is about to separate mankind from life.

I publicly predicted these events years ago. Compared to many others, I received very little scorn, because the enemy did not wish to draw attention to what I had to say, knowing that I could prove what I had said and that my predictions would stand the test of time. I instead faced, for the greater part, a tombish wall of silence.

The Jewish Anti-Christ is anxious. He is deliberately making real the prophecies and plans of World Jewry enumerated in the Old Testament, the Talmud, the Cabalistic works, and the Shabbataian Cabalah. This Satan worshiping monster is willing to risk all in order to win all. He is willing to risk his destruction in order to bring about your destruction, in order to wreck, spit upon, and demean God's creation, God's highest creation, the human race. He rejoices when one branch of the human family demeans and attacks another limb on the tree of humanity, for the rot spreads and the withering boughs, crawling with fat parasites, send the venom to the roots, where the end begins. Better let us unite against the common enemy and balance the tree against the storm, which blows from every direction.

Are you also anxious? Do you want to live? Do you want your children to have a future? Do you want the human race to continue? If so, will you risk all, to rescue all, or are you weaker and more wretched than the Devil's own son?

For years, I have contemplated writing a screen play which will depict the events of the crowning of the Anti-Christ. I wish to give voice to his hatred of the Goy, put the Jewish Holy books into his mouth and let humanity hear the words of Death spoken in guttural and gut-wrenching Hebrew and Jiddisch. I want to show the World the future, the babies burning, the old drying into skeletons without food or dignity, the heads of state climbing the steps of the Temple of Satan in Jerusalem, where the Devil's child will judge and behead them and order the mass murder of their Gojisch subjects.

Perhaps, if mankind could see this, witness it if only with his eyes, he would begin to taste the blood which is already pouring from his pierced forehead and hear the screaming in his ears to act which kind Nature has shouted to him from the beginning calling him to fight and to survive. Or will you whimper and crawl in the mud mixed from your own blood, liked a crushed leech eventually drying to dust and forgotten forever, returning to the rot and stinking peat from which he came?

Who will look upon the Sun and wonder where we are going, when we are gone? Who will ask of God why we were so weak and frightened, when the last of us has melted into the past?