Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Anti-Zionist Movement Should Protest Wall Street Jewry

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Just as the anti-Zionist Movement has successfully taught the World that Jewry was behind 9/11 and benefitted from it, the Anti-Zionist Movement should protest Wall Street Jewry. There ought to be protestors on Wall Street with signs bearing the Mogen David.

Resist all provocations, bring cameras, follow every law and permit requirement, and wait for the Jews to attack, then remain peaceful and law abiding, and capture everything on video. Do not attempt this unless you can bring many witnesses and have covert people in the crowd to capture what happens on video and carry it away and or broadcast it out from the scene such that the information, the audio and video, cannot be confiscated.

The financial crisis is a Jewish manufactured crisis which will intentionally cause the murder of millions, if not billions, around the globe from starvation, war, and government orchestrated genocide. Let the World know who has done this to us.

We also need videos explaining how Jewry destroyed the World economy and demonstrating how Jews control the highest levels of the American Government. Show how the American Government paid Jewry for the privilege of the rape of America.