Thursday, October 09, 2008

How Do You Fight a War, When You Have No Money? Jewry Is Setting Up Iran for a Nuclear Holocaust

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As troubling as the economic collapse is--it will consume hundreds of millions, if not billions, of lives--there is another issue of immediate concern to the World. The Presidential and Vice Presidential debates evince that Jewry is planning to incinerate Iran with nuclear bombs, and to draw Russia into a nuclear war.

The Jews and their puppets in Washington and the mass media are vilifying Russians and Iranians and making a show of their fealty and fidelity to Israel. Jewry often manufactures such irrational and needless strife in preparation for a Jewish manufactured war and Jewish manufactured genocides.

Before destroying Russia in the early 20th Century, Jewry vilified the Czar and Russia with falsehoods around the World in the Jewish controlled press. Jewry brought Russia into war and ruined Russia economically.

We see today that Jewry has brought Russia into war and ruined Russia economically. Jewry are vilifying Russia and Russian leaders around the World with falsehoods. We are about to go to war with Russia at the behest of the Jews.

But how can America afford to fight a war with any nation, let alone with Russia, which consumed Napoleon and Hitler? There is today a very inexpensive way to fight wars, one which will cost us everything. When Jewry wanted to end World War Two and start Israel, they dropped atomic bombs on Japan. Today, the Jewish "Messiah" demands that Jewry in America and Russia emigrate to Palestine. As in the past when Meir Kahane tried to start World War Three with the Soviet Union in order to force Jewish emigration to occupied Palestine, Jewry is today trying to instigate World War Three. They suspect that either the American Jewish population or the Russian Jewish population will survive and emigrate. They do not care that large swaths of Jewish straw men will be cut down, as the Zionist Jewish fanatic Israel Zangwill declared long ago, because there will be other Jews to fill their shoes and stamp out the Palestinians, and other Arabs in "Greater Israel".

But how can a nation fight a war without money? The same way that America ended a war without much expense, by incinerating cities and evaporating large civilian populations. But first Jewry must make us afraid that we face a real threat from nuclear attack. America, under Jewish rule, is a callous and bloodthirsty nation. We weep over the falling stock market, but spare no tears for the million we murdered in Iraq. I suspect, though, that we have not yet rotted our souls enough that we will cut down tens millions of innocent people on a whim.

Therefore, I suspect that World Jewry will instigate some nuclear attack in order to condition the American People and the American military to attack defenseless people with cowardly and cost effective nuclear bombs. They wish to finally exterminate the Russian People. Jews are not teaching Christian Zionists to demand a nuclear attack on Russia merely for the joy of spreading their irrational ancient Jewish hatred of the human race, rather Jewry plans to attack Russia with nuclear weapons in the near future.

Consider that fact while lamenting the collapse of the World economy at the hands of International Jewry. Hunger causes desperation and mob behavior. Jews are masters at creating and pitting deranged mobs against one another. They regularly do it on a national and international level.