Sunday, October 05, 2008

Proof that the Russian Government and Media Are Jewish Controlled

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been warning for a long time that Jewry wants to spill more Russian blood and manufacture a Third World War. My predictions are coming true. I also warned the Russians of the danger of the Israelis and their Christian Zionist fifth column in the United States.

I advised the Russians to expose the fact that Christians in America were being corrupted by Jews, many of them the children of Russian Jews who loathe Russia and Russians, to call for a nuclear attack on Russia, which the Jews have taught Christians is the Gog and Magog of the Bible, in direct contradiction to the New Testament. Russians spend a great deal of money on their national defense. They object to the introduction of new weapons systems into Europe. Why do they ignore and fail to act against the single greatest threat to their survival, the Israelis and their Christian Zionist fifth column in the United States? Why do the Russian government and media ignore the Jewish attack on Russia in the Jewish controlled American media?

The answer is simple. Russia, too, suffers from a fifth column of traitorous Jews and their agents in government and media. Just as Jews and Jewish interests in America beat the drums for war against Russia, falsely blaming Russians for Jewish crimes, such as the turmoil in Ossetia; just as Jews in America scapegoat Russians for Jewish crimes and call for the mass murder of Russians, Jews in Russia protect Jewish interests by blinding Russians to the threats eminating from Jews in America and from their slavish and mentally troubled fifth column of Christian Zionists who publicly call for the nuclear annihilation of Russia.

The Jewish media around the World lie and claim that Ahmadinejad of Iran called for the physical annihilation of Israel, why are the Russian government and media silent on the very real threats and calls for war against Russia coming from Jews and Christian Zionists in America? One is forced to conclude that the Russian Government is working for the interests of World Jewry and not the interests of the Russian People. The Christian Zionists are vital to Israel's subversion of American politics and the traitors in Russia will do nothing to comprise Jewry's hold on these American pseudo-Christians, even to save Russia from a nuclear holocaust. Far from it, they are deliberately fueling the fires of unnecessary conflict and blinding the Russian People as to who is their true mortal enemy.

But Russians have a long history of life with Jews, and with the Jewish genocides of Slavs. The common Russian knows that Jewry is behind the present hostilities which are being artificially manufactured. They have yet to learn the danger the Jews' psychotic slaves in America, the Christian Zionists, pose to Russia.

The Russian People should study this threat and expose it. The issue should be raised in the United Nations. The trail will lead straight to the Jewish money and Jewish media power behind Christian Zionism, and to the Israeli Government's acknowledged role in subverting American internal politics through their deluded and murderous corps of Christian Zionists.