Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What Will Become of the Shabbas Goy Intelligentsia of America?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



American academics, writers, politicians, business leaders, etc. have been sponsoring Jewish supremacism in America ever since the influx of Jews into America which took place in escalating waves following the Battle of Waterloo, the Jewish revolutions of 1848 and the blowback from the Jewish assassination of the Czar of Russia from the 1880's through the 1910's. American intellectuals have promoted Jewish interests, including wars, the Jewish robber barons, the Jewish banking systems and Federal Reserve, metaphysical mythologies, the poisoning of the environment, the attacks of the medical community especially on women and the mentally ill, the corrosion of politics and public debate into Jewish shouting matches, etc.

These intellectuals are about to pay the price for their fidelity and fealty to the tribal Jews who have taken over American universities, associations, businesses, government, legal system and the press and mass media. We have historical examples of what happens to the Gentile intellectuals following Jewish revolutions. In Russia and the Ottoman Empire, the Jews summarily executed Gentile intellectuals in the millions, then stole their property and positions. In Germany, the Nazis, under their ultimate Jewish leadership, subverted the German educational system (not an easy task) and imprisoned and murdered fellow socialists who chose not to wear the hooked cross of the NSDAP.

The Gentiles leaders in America are about to be scapegoated for Jewish crimes, and the Jews will trick Americans into mass murdering their brightest and most successful Gentile citizens, to have them replaced by dogmatic and intellectually sterile Jews who will be promoted on the basis of their ethnicity, not merit, as has already happened in America, though the process will become infinitely more brutal and sudden.