Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Will American Ingenuity Come to the Rescue?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



We will be forced to create new methods of funding business. Jewry has consistently promoted speculation as the means of raising capital. There are other means.

Koreans have worked out a method of financing their fellows in which they raise capital in a pool, while concurrently educating their people in specific areas. They then provide each new person with a career as they come of age and encourage their success by patronizing their businesses and professional offices.

Business can also obtain financing through preorder, as opposed to blind speculation. Loans can also be made directly from government as a means of introducing currency into the nation. The opportunity for bias and corruption is high, so the local communities must have oversight over such a system.

My ultimate message is that we need not rely on Jewry to restrict our options to such ridiculous measures as paying Jewry to rob us with "bailouts" to the Jewish bankers. Nor do we need to borrow their gold at interest to use as money. We can take control over own fate and capitalize our own communities without the Jewish middle man, the Jewish front man, or the Jewish tax collector.