Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Obama: A Psychological Profile

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Zionist Max Nordau wrote of the psychopathic nature of the ideal Jewish puppet. He stated that the leaders will be psychopaths [M. Nordau, Entartung, C. Duncker, Berlin, (1892-1893); English translation: Degeneration, D. Appleton, New York, (1895); and Der Sinn der Geschichte, C. Duncker, Berlin, (1909); English translation: The Interpretation of History, Willey Book Co., New York, (1910); and The Drones Must Die, G.W. Dillingham Co., New York, (1897); and with M. A. Lewenz, Morals and the Evolution of Man, Lewenz, Funk and Wagnalls Company, New York, (1922). Similar prescriptions appear in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.]

I believe that Barack Obama has a psychopathic personality. I base this conclusion on the ease with which the man lies and his eagerness to deceive those who trust in him and mislead those who trust in him in ways that hurt them. Witness Obama's support of the Jewish banker bailout and conflict of interest with Goldman Sachs.

Barack Obama likes to control others and uses that control to do others harm. In addition, Obama lacks genuine emotions, other than anger and pleasure. He is cold-hearted, arrogant and condescending.

Like most psychopaths, he has learned to disguise his disorder. His lack of normal emotional response he masquerades as if cool headedness. His mendacities are stated in terms meant to mislead his followers into believing that he has their best interests at heart.

Behind this deceitful psychopath prominently stand the Zionist Jews David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel. Obama makes a perfect puppet for World Jewry. He has no conscience. Obama is eager to betray those who believe in him. He is ignorant and inexperienced, which means that he will have to rely on the advice and scripts of his Jewish advisors as heavily as he has relied on the money of his Jewish financiers.

The media at large never challenged the Jews' new puppet. The Republican Party helped Obama win a US Senate seat by parachuting in Bill Kristol's old friend Alan Keyes to run against him. Prior to this terrible betrayal, the primary race in both parties was the most scandalous, tortuous and tumultuous I have ever seen.

It is all too improbable to be the accidents of fate. Witness the power Jews have over our political process. They pick a puppet and behold miracles arise and the puppet wins. Note that lunatic John McCain defeated more able men and then handed over the election to Obama. Though not as bizarre as the Illinois Senate race, we yet again saw events similar to Dean's self-destruction, Kerry's self-destruction, etc., which handed over the election to the Jews' pick for President.

It has often been said that Republicans bring us depressions and Democrats bring us world wars. Obama is another Woodrow Wilson, another FDR and he will bring us another world war, following the depression that the Republican Zionist George Bush has brought us. The Democrats in Congress will obey the ADL and curtail our fundamental rights and Obama will grin and rush to sign away our liberty.

Human nature leads us to join one side or the other when we witness a fight. Hence, many are deceived into following Obama, thinking that he opposes Bush. They fail to realize that both Obama and Bush are puppets of Israel.

The Jews want a popular president in order to have him draw us into war, and they will attempt to win Obama popularity by falsely portraying him as if a great and benevolent man. They will have him give out cash to the country. They will manufacture a cult of personality around him. Then they will start World War III. As I predicted long ago, the Israeli vampires are after Russian blood and Obama and Medvedev are poised to give it to them. Look forward to American cities in flames. That is the future of Obama's benevolence.

Blacks are taxed, are citizens, and have every right to representation. Ironically, blacks voted as a block for Obama both in the primaries and in the final election. They will hurt first and they will hurt the most. Foreign labor will take their jobs. The inner cities will crumble into such severe decay that they will become unlivable sewers. Blacks leaders, under Jewish direction, will subvert their people and prevent them from ever uniting for their common good. Blacks will backstab blacks. Obama is like so many earlier black leaders, the fifth column of the ancient enemies of the blacks, an enemy who believes that the blacks are cursed by God to be the perpetual slaves of the Jews.

The ills which befall the blacks, be they unemployment, ridiculous levels of crime and incarceration, STD's, government jobs without upward mobility, etc., eventually spread to all Americans. I wish I could congratulate them on their success. I wish I could celebrate this new change in America, but I know that it is a change from bad to worse. Jewry is at this very day sealing shut the coffin on America and Obama's lying tongue is their wax.