Friday, December 05, 2008

America on Trial Before an Israeli Fifth Column Congress: The Nuremberg Trials of the Big Three

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish controlled Congress is humiliating the heads of the American auto industry in order to humiliate American industry in general, and to scapegoat American labor for the Jewish orchestrated destruction of the American economy. Though they wish to scapegoat the Goys, hide the crimes of the Jewish bankers, and humiliate America, the Jews and the Jewish controlled Congress are to blame for the collapse of the auto industry in America.

Jews like Milton Friedman lied to the Goyim and told them that unregulated industry would be reigned in by the wisdom of the marketplace to produce goods and services that best served the interests of the People. The Jewish controlled talking heads then promoted an SUV culture and scoffed at the notion that unnecessarily heavy gas guzzlers would cause the American auto industry to fall apart, as they did in the mid-1970's. Jews in the organized medical profession and Jews in the organized legal profession raised the cost of health care and insurance, while Jewish lobbying groups and a Jewish puppet President took us to unnecessary war for the Jews, and today the Jewish controlled Congress complains about the cost of unionized labor.

Instead of conducting hearings and instituting criminal and civil prosecutions of the Jewish bankers who have destroyed our economy, the Jewish controlled Congress mocks and derides the leaders of our auto industry insisting that they, like Esau, beg for a bowl of porridge in exchange for the birthright of the American worker. The Jews want our attention focused away from their crimes. They want to scapegoat the American worker for the suffering the Jews have deliberately caused the American worker. This, in repayment for the fact that the American worker fights wars for Israel, pays taxes which are forwarded to Israel, provides military and political support for Israel, sits in churches corrupted by Israel and worships the God of the Jews, and obeys an Israeli fifth column Government to reign over him while embracing an Israeli fourth estate that molds his opinions.

Such is the racist, vile and inhuman nature of Jewish "gratitude". As in Genesis 47:25, the Goyim must thank the Jews for enslaving them, but the Jews will never be satisfied until the last Goy is dead. They will then spit on his grave even if he has died trying to help them. It is not enough for the Goy to soldier and slave for the Jew, for the Jew views the Goy as an evil and subhuman threat to his divine genetic purity and the divine order of the universe which exists in every Jew and which will not be complete until the Jews stamp out the last non-Jewish life.

Just as after WW II when the Jews hid the Jewish Zionists' collaboration with the Nazis, and never sought the prosecution of the Jewish bankers who financed the Nazis, and made a hero out of Simon Wiesenthal, the Jews are putting the Goyim on trial for Jewish crimes and humiliating the Goy worker and demanding that he beg for scraps of bread in the poverty they have deliberately visited upon him in his own land. The Jews are deliberately weakening the auto industry so that they can steal it for pennies on the dollar, which dollar they have deliberately already gutted, squeezing the blood out of it so that they can catch it in their Jewish coffers and in their vampire mouths.

We must pay the price for helping the Jews. We suffer the blame and the punishment for their crimes. It is our curse for blessing them.