Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Arabs Have Made a Backroom Deal with the Israelis to Destroy Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Wondering why oil is so cheap? The Jews and a few Arab leaders have agreed that now is the time to weaken and then annihilate the Persians. Recall that the Jews and their American puppets had the Arab Saddam Hussein, the Baathist pan-Arab, attack Iran.

As I have been disclosing for years now, the Jews have mislead the Palestinians and Saudis into believing that the Jews will give the Palestinians a State if the Arabs help the Jews to persuade the Americans to help the Israelis to destroy the Persian Shia. Jewish deceit often follows a convoluted path, like Obama's improbable path to the Senate and then White House strewn with the politically fallen bodies of those with links of one kind or another to Goldman Sachs. Obama is a puppet of the Jews and they want him and the Arabs to support an attack on Iran. The Jews have Obama's and the Saudis support.

Though the recent high oil prices helped to finance a build up of arms in Arab nations, the current low oil prices will severely weaken Iran in preparation for an attack. Again, recall that Sunni Arabs have already demonstrated their willingness to mass murder Iranians viz. Saddam Hussein.

It won't do anyone any good, but the Sunni Arabs will be annihilated soon after they help the Jews to murder their Muslim brothers. The Iranians and Shia will weaken the Arabs and the Freemasons and Mossad will spark a series of revolutions in Arab nations, which will further weaken the Arabs. Who will be left standing between the Nile and Euphrates? The Jews. . .