Monday, December 08, 2008

Civilized Solutions to the Problem of the Jewish Subversion of America and the Israeli War on America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews' puppet Barack Obama is thoroughly Judaizing our Government beyond any previous level in our history. We are about to experience a complete Jewish takeover of our nation.

Let us consider the responses of other nations to Jewish takeovers which destroyed them. First, let us consider Germany and its response to traitorous disloyal Jews who drove the Germans into war, pestilence and famine.

Prior to World War One, the Jews began placing their men in German Government and preparing Communist revolutions. Press Jews pitted Protestants against Catholics to divide the nation, then drove the nation into the WW I.

The Jews then stabbed the Germans in the back and brought America into the war on the side of the British. The Jews also sabotaged the German war effort in many other ways. After the war, the Jews imposed the Versailles Treaty on the Germans. German Jews blamed Germans for the war Jews had caused and insisted that Germans give up land and pay other nations "reparations".

The Jews murdered millions of Germans in the First World War and through famine. They opened the gates to a flood of Eastern European Jews into Berlin, which quickly became a perverse and degenerate city. Jews took over the professions and business of Germany and enjoyed a much higher living standard than Germans, but never did they cease to whine that they were victims of German "anti-Semitism".

The Jews then put Adolf Hitler in power to terrorize Jews and begin the Second World War, which divided Germany into two enemy nations, murdered millions more Germans, kept millions more German men from their wives in the prime of life, etc. But did the Nazis do anything that might be of use to us in fighting back in the Jewish war on the human race?

One of the first measures the Germans took was to outlaw marriages between Germans and Jews. The Zionist Jews celebrated this measure, because they knew it was "good for the Jews". These laws, which the Jews had long wanted, ended assimilation which would have helped cure the Jewish problem. A smarter move to accomplish the same goal of the German would have been to ban all marriages between Jews and Germans, and Jews with other Jews, leaving open only the option of marriages between Jews and non-Europeans. In order to prevent Jews from bearing unassimilated Jewish children, the Germans could then have insisted that the marriages be between Jews and Blacks, or Jews and Orientals, such that the children who were of purely Jewish birth could have been easily spotted and turned over to the State for rearing in order to prevent indoctrination into the racist Jewish spirit. Since the Jews promote the belief that all human races are the same, they should have had no great opposition to this humane measure, as compared to the less humane measures of which they later accused the Germans. If the Jews had cried foul, they then would have been forced to expose themselves as "racists" and hypocrites who were out to destroy the European human being.

The Germans' next counterproductive measure was to segregate the Jews, males first, into concentration camps and allegedly select the fittest Jews for survival, supposedly immediately killing off the old, very young, infirm and genetically defective Jews who were of no use to the Zionists in their formation of a Jewish State in Palestine. If true, this counterproductive practice would have tended to improve the genetic composition of the Jewish People and made them a stronger foe of the German People. It would also have encouraged the reproduction of clever and deceitful Jews who were more likely to survive the process of artificial and natural selection present in labor camps. If the Germans had wanted to weaken the Jews, they would have killed the best Jews immediately and left the defective Jews alive to reproduce and weaken the Jewish People for all subsequent generations. They would first have interned the females to prevent them from bearing Jewish young. After all, this is what the Jews did to the Germans to weaken them for all future generations.

The Germans entered into unnecessary wars, which sent all the nations involved into debt, thus profiting Jewry, and caused the deaths of many of the fittest Germans and limited their reproductive capacity to render and rear children. A better move for the Germans would have been to promote peace and trade and encouraged an increase in the birth rate by paying young German families to reproduce.

There were, however, other measures which the Germans took, which offer more promising prospects for us. It was necessary to identify the Jewish takeover of the Press, Government, educational institutions, professions, banking and business. That is something we should do.

By marking the Jews and concurrently pointing out their minority status as a population and their dominance of positions of influence and power, the Germans exposed the Jews to the World and awakened the German People to the hostile force on their soil. They made it crystal clear, so to speak, that the Jews were exploiting the Germans in their own land.

This is one of the reasons why I recommend that we pass legislation that requires Jews to place warnings and disclaimers in their hate literature. This turns their anti-Gentile propaganda against them and puts it to work for us, because those reading it are then encouraged to view the Jews as a threat instead of embracing their hate literature as if a means to salvation. The more the Jews would publish their hate literature, the more they would spread our message.

Imagine if the press were forced to identify Jewish ownership and post and state disclaimers that iterated the fact that, "Jews have corrupted the Press for centuries and use these organs of forming public opinion to betray and destroy the host nations in which they live." Then, the more the Jews used the Press to spread their corrupting influence, the more it would benefit our countermeasures to rein them in by spreading the word we wish to tell the American People. Imagine if we created a properly administered debt free paper currency and declared that speculation on the currency is an act of war. Imagine if we printed the fact on this money that, "The Jews use gold to enslave the nations of the World." Everytime a Greenback circulated, it would help us to fight back against the Jewish bankers and their lies.

Recall that Jews and crypto-Jews in the "alternative media" often insist that we always utter a disclaimer that not all Jews are involved in the numerous Jewish crimes against the human race which we discuss. Imagine if we used this method and insisted that the Jewish Press always state that , "Only 2% of our population is Jewish, but Jews dominate the Press and Government." Imagine that all textbooks had to identify the fact that Jews have corrupted previous textbooks and have tyrannically dominated America, bringing us into war and debt from the founding days of our nation onward to today. These measures would be productive and would not further empower the Jews.

The Germans put Jews in concentration camps after the Jews declared war on Germany. We are in a slightly different situation, given that Israel is waging a covert war against us and has a powerful fifth column and fourth estate in America. We should declare war on Israel and make it clear to the international community that this is a defensive action. With full due process of law, we should then pass laws criminalizing past crimes which the Jews prevented us from criminalizing through their corruption of our Government, legal profession, and Press. In other words, we must abandon usual ex post facto provisions of the law in the case of Jews, because they have knowingly and willfully prevented the normal and healthy processes of our Government to protect us from their enemy invasion and subversion of our country. Since the Jews have prevented us from passing the laws which we should have passed to protect us from them, we should pass these laws now and prosecute the Jews for their past and present crimes. This should become a new standard of due process of law.

All Jews and other Zionists convicted of supporting Israel's 60 year war against the United States, at any time, should be imprisoned for the duration of war against Israel, plus 20 years. Let "duration plus 20" become a common phrase. Let us interrogate these traitors and follow the leads we acquire to root out the entire network of spies, subversives and other enemy agents.

We should gather genealogical evidence and require all those of Jewish ancestry to identify themselves as Jews when entering the Press, the Church, the Government, educational institutions, or the Professions. This is a reasonable measure given the fact that the Jewish State of Israel is waging war against us and given the Jews' proven history of crypto-Jewish subversion, from Esther onwards to today.