Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Curse of Blessing the Jews, the Perverse Jewish Mentality, and the Jewish Plagues Infecting America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Even those Jews who are compelled to admit that Jews are leading the World to ruin, see it as their mission to obfuscate the issue and mislead People to believe that the majority of Jews (read: "the Jews") are themselves victims of this "Conspiracy", that the Talmud is to blame (read: not the Jews and Jewish tradition, not the genocidal and racist Jewish God and not the hate literature known as the Old Testament), and that the Jewish State of Israel is also a victim of the "Talmudists" like the United States. This is deliberate obfuscation meant to paint the Jews as if victims, when they are in fact the obvious aggressors; to misdirect non-Jews from recognizing the fact that the Old Testament is a plan for their extermination; and to unite Israel and the United States as if fighting a common foe when the reality is that Israel is the aggressive enemy of the United States and is slaughtering us.

These propagandists claim that only a small percentage of Jews are involved in the attack and that these known Jews are not really Jews. The Jewish propagandists then prompt us to argue about what to call these Jews, other than the honest and true appellation "Jews", which promotes infighting and distraction in the Anti-Zionist Movement and shields the Jews from view and criticism outside the Anti-Zionist Movement. In addition, these Jews reveal their motives by the fact that their sole concern is the fate of the Jews, not the fate of humanity, and by the fact that they forever try to safeguard the interests of the Jews and not the best interests of humanity, and further by the fact that they see everything through the segregated lens of "what is good for the Jews", not what is good for all of mankind. They guage all things by their impact on the Jews, not humanity, and despite their best efforts to mask it, they reveal their perverse Jewish mentality.

They forever first and foremost defend the Jews, not human beings. It is their sole concern and reveals their perverse Jewish mentality; which is to deny Jewish culpability for Jewish crimes while scapegoating others and painting Jews as if victims of their own crimes, to always promote Jewish solidarity even if it means scapegoating some sects of Jews for crimes of the whole tribe, and to dominate and corrupt the Goyim and have them obey the will of the Jewish People while fighting amongst themselves, which disunity and fighting among the Goys increases the effectiveness of Jewish unity.

The truth is that Israel, the home and representative of the whole Jewish People, is a racist Apartheid nation, which compels segregation and racial discrimination. Israel holds one third of the World's Jewish population, and therefore one third of Jews directly impose racist segregation on their Goy neighbors. One third of Jews alive today live on land which they stole from others by means of terror, political corruption and mass murdering genocide. And what of the other two thirds? The majority of them support the genocide of the Palestinians and the racist and segregationist Jewish State of Israel.

Therefore, the vast majority of Jews are racist segregationists and are very much in line with the "Talmudists" and the ancient Jewish tradition of war on the human race. The vast majority of Jews are therefore enemies of the human race and a danger to their neighbors, whom they constantly attempt to manipulate and control. The majority of Jews alive today see it as their "mission" and their right to manipulate the thoughts of their Goy neighbors to favor Jewish interests and to use the Goys as their slaves. The vast majority of Jews alive today believe they have the right and duty to insist that non-Jews come to think like them and not only tolerate but embrace their perverse, destructive and racist Jewish mentality.

The desire to impose the Noahide Laws on the Goyim lives in the mental processes of most Jews, though most Jews pretend to be oblivious to their own arrogance and poisonous nature. They are so arrogant, in fact, that they cannot conceive that things could be otherwise, that the non-Jews could possibly enjoy the same rights as Jews to be free from hostile and corrupting foreign influence, and to celebrate their own heritage without alien hatred directed at corrupting their self image and self esteem.

The role of the "righteous Gentile" is not to be the Jew's friend, but rather to be the Jew's slave. Friends intermarry and influence one another, which the Jews consider to be homicide and genocide of the Jewish People. They do not want good relations between Jews and non-Jews, which inevitably leads to intermarriage. They want the non-Jews to be the Jews' slaves until such time as the Jews exterminate the non-Jews.

The Jews want to cause the non-Jewish races to befriend each other and integrate, because they believe that miscegenation causes degeneration of the races involved, and that if blacks and whites intermarry their children will inherit the worst traits of both races while losing the best qualities of both races, and that there will be a synergistic effect worsening those worst traits.

Prominent Jews and agents of the Jewish bankers, including Benjamin Disraeli and Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi have expressly stated that the mixture of the races results in subhuman children. Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi stated that the deliberate degeneration of competing races would elevate the Jews to a position of natural leadership, and reduce all other human beings to the diminished status of natural slavery.

To know the Jews, read the Old Testament. When the Jews wanted to segregate from the Egyptians, they took advantage of the Egyptians good nature and stole their wealth. Then the Jews visited plagues on the Egyptians who had blessed the Jews with Egyptian wealth.

The Jews do not want their People to assimilate into the degenerate America which they have deliberately created. The Jews view Gentile good will as the kiss of death, and prefer to kill the Gentiles who are friendly to them, because kind wishes lead to intermarriage and cultural influence and the Jews would rather die as Jews than cease to be Jews, which they view as worse than natural death.

The Jews are therefore stealing the wealth of Americans who are trying to help the Jews, just as they stole the wealth of the Egyptians who sought to help them. The Jews are visiting plagues on our People as they murder and poison our soldiers who are fighting their wars, as they butcher us in their hospitals, as they torture us in their courts, as they corrupt our government and press to turn us against ourselves, and as they blame us for their crimes and make us hated around the World. The Jews visit the plagues of drug abuse, prositution, STD's and pornography on us to destroy our families. They control our schools and curriculum to institute their lies and Judaize our People for ill purposes like the genocide of Muslims. They turn our children to hate our fellow human beings. This is not some new phenomenon or aberrant mutation of the Jewish People caused by the Holocaust the Jewish People caused, but rather the consistent behavior of the Jewish People over the course of 2,500 years which has endured and escalated as the Jews have gained greater wealth and control over the thoughts of the Gentiles.

The Jews want to leave America, so they pour out their hatred on us, steal our wealth and send their plagues against us. Just as they did to the Canaanites, they genocide the Palestinians and poison the World against these defenseless Arabs creating the illusion that Arabs are evil and therefore are to blame for the Jewish hatred and Jewish murder that the Jews send against them. This is not the action of some minuscule minority of Jews, this is the 2,500 year old tradition of the Jews being continued by the 1/3 of World Jewry who live in America and their loyal brothers, another 1/3 of World Jewry living in Israel. As such we see, contrary to the propaganda of the Jews themselves, that 2/3rd's of the World's Jews are actively destroying America and empowering the Jewish supremacist Nation of Israel, and the remaining 1/3 of the World's Jews also give their support for these Jewish crimes against the human race. The Jewish People are ruining and murdering us and in order to save ourselves we must face this enemy and put an end to their aggression against us.

While it is true that most Jews are not familiar with the worst of the inhuman Jewish religious mythologies, do not wish to exterminate the human race and would be appalled to learn that the extermination of the human race is the ultimate goal of Judaism and Jewish leaders, these very same Jews, with their perverse and self-centered Jewish mentality which forever denies Jewish crimes and scapegoats others for the evil of the Jewish People, this ancient menace will bring about the fulfillment of these Jewish prophecies of absolute death if we play along with their games and fail to address the fundamental threat that they pose to us all.