Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Jews Are Attacking Our Sense of National Pride

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews want to destroy every nation's sense of its own uniqueness and importance, so that the Jews' can dominate the World without meeting with any resistence from authentic nationalists. The Bolshevik Jews promoted Internationalism and mass murdered the nationalistic Ukrainians.

The segregationist-racist Zionist-Jew Theodor Herzl revealed parts of a conversation he had had with segregationist-racist Zionist-Jew Max Nordau:

"Never before had I been in such perfect tune with Nordau. [***] This has nothing to do with religion. He even said that there was no such thing as a Jewish dogma. But we are of one race. [***] 'The Jews,' he says, 'will be compelled by anti-Semitism to destroy among all peoples the idea of a fatherland.' Or, I secretly thought to myself, to create a fatherland of their own."-- T. Herzl, English translation by H. Zohn, R. Patai, Editor, The Complete Diaries of Theodor Herzl, Volume 1, Herzl Press, New York, (1960), p. 196.

The Jews and their megaphones in the "alternative media" are making a calculated attack on our sense of national pride in order to undermine our nation and our national unity--in order to weaken our resistence to their agenda.

The Jews try to paint the Founding Fathers as if Freemasonic agents of the Illuminati, and the United States Constitution as if a roadmap to the "New World Order". Their tripe has deliberately been spread in the Anti-Zionist Movement, together with racist propaganda.

The Jews want us to hate our Government and our history. Our Government and our history bind us a People, a People who ought to fight back as a unified force against the Jewish war on the human race.

The Jews are deliberately destroying the roots of our Volksprinzip in the hopes of destroying us as a People and as a fundamental principle of human freedom. America is especially vulnerable to this type of attack, because our roots as a nation are diverse and do not have a basis in the distant past as a unique ethnicity bound to a specific territory. To undermine our sense of nationhood, all the Jews need do is discredit our Founding Fathers and our system of Government in our own eyes and leave us with nothing to bind us as a People. We in America are our history and our principles rather than an ethnically homogenous ancient People living in the territory inhabited by our distant ancestors.

There is nothing wrong with democracy, and there is nothing wrong with a constitutional republic. I do think there are problems with our Constitution, but our Bill of Rights are a blessing we should separate in our thinking and our actions from the bureaucratic doctrines of the Constitution, and preserve from both changes and from arguments against the flaws in the Constitution.

The problems we face today, despite the lies of the Jews and their mouthpieces, are due to a deliberate Jewish attack on our nation at nearly every level, including our sense of pride and our sense of unity. Our Consitution did not cause the problems we face today, the Jews did. Our paper currency did not cause the problems we face (though it could certainly be improved by the removal of debt), rather, the Jews are destroying our currency by stealing it and overproducing it to finance their wars and destroy our domestic industry and agricultural base--the Jews have deliberately made us a nation of money producers instead of goods producers. Our Founding Fathers did not cause the destruction of our industry and agriculture, rather the Jews did, and one statement of their intentions to destroy our economic structure is found in that pernicious Jewess Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum's book Atlas Shrugged, which has long been promoted by the same agents of the Jews who promoted the gold standard and Ron Paul.

The Jews' preferred method to destroy the heritage of a People is to install a dictator, as they have done since ancient times, when they installed Claudius to favor their interests after murdering Caligula, who placed a statue of himself in the Jewish Temple; as they installed Oliver Cromwell to bring the Jews and their banking scams into England; as they did to the Turkish Empire when they brought in the Jew Ataturk to ruin the Empire in the name of Turkish national pride; as they did to Russia when they installed Trotsky to mass murder the brightest and best Slavs and steal Russian wealth and ship it off to the Jewish bankers; as they did to Germany when they installed Hitler to bring Germany and the World into war in order to found Israel and spread Communism, etc.

We don't need a dictator. We don't need to abandon our democratic principles. We need to counter-attack against the Jewish fifth column and fourth estate of Israel which is destroying our nation.

If we wipe out these traitors, our system of Government will work quite well and can be vastly improved upon without the corrupting Jewish influence leading us down the wrong path. If we fail to wipe out these traitors, no form of Government will serve our best interests.