Monday, December 08, 2008

Political Action Is Our Best Defense at the Moment

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I hear the same crypto-Jews who encouraged the Jewish controlled "Ron Paul Revolution" now declaring that we should NOT involve ourselves in Presidential politics, but should instead focus on local politics, as if there were some mutual exclusion between becoming involved in local politics and becomming involved in national politics. These Jews want to prevent our organizing behind an authentic anti-Zionist Presidential candidate and forming a new party to save America from Israel and the Jews.

There is no mutual exclusion between entering local politics and entering national politics. We should do both and one will complement the other. The Jews will, of course, try to infiltrate and destroy our movement by encouraging us to infight and argue over semantics and waste our time and divide ourselves in other ways. There are those of us who have studied Jewish subversive methods long enough to recognize these rats.

We have no more time to waste. We must become political right now, or our nation will be lost to us next year and we will have to fight to create a new country to replace the one which we will have given away to the Jews.

The first rule of self defense is to avoid a physical fight whenever possible and fight with the mind and mouth, first.