Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Reaction Is What the Jews Want, So Let's Give it to Them, but this Time, Let's Do it Right

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



As I have proven over the years in many places, including my recent blogs:

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Judaism is a declaration of war against the human race.

The Jews want to enslave and then murder all non-Jews. For 2,500 years, the Jews have remained a cohesive People for this express purpose, the enslavement and the extermination of mankind. In America, the Jews steal millions of dollars from each taxpaying American in lost wages, future income, inflation, diminished home values, retirement losses, national debt for Jewish usury, Jewish theft and Jewish wars, etc. Yet the average stupid American, who would put a black man in prison for stealing his empty wallet, praises the Jew who steals his country and millions of dollars from his total wealth. The Jews also dupe the average stupid American into protecting the Jews by insisting that the Jewish religion is immune to criticism.

The Jews have always corrupted governments and peoples to tolerate their Jewish war on the human race, because it is a religious doctrine. When the Jews murdered Caligula and installed their puppet Claudius as Empower of the Roman Empire, they made Claudius issue an edict of "tolerance" which permitted the Jews to carry on their unilateral war on the ancient World without any "reaction" against them. Josephus, in his Antiquities of the Jews, volume 19, chapter 5, sections 2 and 3, published this edict which shielded the Jews from criticism and created a double standard of privilege for the Jews throughout the Roman Empire; in that, Judaism is a declaration of war on the human race and to tolerate Judaism is to surrender to the Jews and accept slavery and death at their hands:

"2. Now about this time there was a sedition between the Jews and the Greeks, at the city of Alexandria; for when Caius was dead, the nation of the Jews, which had been very much mortified under the reign of Caius, and reduced to very great distress by the people of Alexandria, recovered itself, and immediately took up their arms to fight for themselves. So Claudius sent an order to the president of Egypt to quiet that tumult; he also sent an edict, at the requests of king Agrippa and king Herod, both to Alexandria and to Syria, whose contents were as follows: 'Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, high priest, and tribune of the people, ordains thus: Since I am assured that the Jews of Alexandria, called Alexandrians, have been joint inhabitants in the earliest times with the Alexandrians, and have obtained from their kings equal privileges with them, as is evident by the public records that are in their possession, and the edicts themselves; and that after Alexandria had been subjected to our empire by Augustus, their rights and privileges have been preserved by those presidents who have at divers times been sent thither; and that no dispute had been raised about those rights and privileges, even when Aquila was governor of Alexandria; and that when the Jewish ethnarch was dead, Augustus did not prohibit the making such ethnarchs, as willing that all men should be so subject [to the Romans] as to continue in the observation of their own customs, and not be forced to transgress the ancient rules of their own country religion; but that, in the time of Caius, the Alexandrians became insolent towards the Jews that were among them, which Caius, out of his great madness and want of understanding, reduced the nation of the Jews very low, because they would not transgress the religious worship of their country, and call him a god: I will therefore that the nation of the Jews be not deprived of their rights and privileges, on account of the madness of Caius; but that those rights and privileges which they formerly enjoyed be preserved to them, and that they may continue in their own customs. And I charge both parties to take very great care that no troubles may arise after the promulgation of this edict.'

3. And such were the contents of this edict on behalf of the Jews that was sent to Alexandria. But the edict that was sent into the other parts of the habitable earth was this which follows: 'Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, high priest, tribune of the people, chosen consul the second time, ordains thus: Upon the petition of king Agrippa and king Herod, who are persons very dear to me, that I would grant the same rights and privileges should be preserved to the Jews which are in all the Roman empire, which I have granted to those of Alexandria, I very willingly comply therewith; and this grant I make not only for the sake of the petitioners, but as judging those Jews for whom I have been petitioned worthy of such a favor, on account of their fidelity and friendship to the Romans. I think it also very just that no Grecian city should be deprived of such rights and privileges, since they were preserved to them under the great Augustus. It will therefore be fit to permit the Jews, who are in all the world under us, to keep their ancient customs without being hindered so to do. And I do charge them also to use this my kindness to them with moderation, and not to show a contempt of the superstitious observances of other nations, but to keep their own laws only. And I will that this decree of mine be engraven on tables by the magistrates of the cities, and colonies, and municipal places, both those within Italy and those without it, both kings and governors, by the means of the ambassadors, and to have them exposed to the public for full thirty days, in such a place whence it may plainly be read from the ground.'"[italics added]

Since the Jews are waging war against us, and further since their religion is political and embodies a declaration of war against us, condemning us to slavery and death, we must fight back and criticize the disgusting and dangerous Jewish religion, Judaism, from the Torah, to the Bolshevist, Jew. Gabriel Malglaive concluded,

"To deny Jewish ethnicity is an error, to think it can be assimilated is a fault. To consider separately the attitude of the Jews and the Mosaic inspiration is a simple-minded scruple, the explanation of the impotence of the methods employed up to now. . . .

Religion does not and could not have anything condemnable for a state, if it knows how to limit itself to the spiritual realm. But as soon as it disfigures and uses this ideal through a transposition to the material plane, it condemns itself and invites itself to be criticized like any human work. The Jewish religion has done more than transpose its ideal. It has made of a mystical religion a doctrine of material and physical domination. . . .

The Jewish problem will have to be given a Jewish solution."--G. Malglaive, Juif ou Francais, apercus sur la question juive. Preface de M. Xavier Vallat, commissaire general aux questions juives, Paris, (1942); English translation by Edward Noonan, in R. S. Levy, Antisemitism in the Modern World: An Anthology of Texts, D. C. Heath and Company, Toronto, (1991), pp. 226-234, at 234.

Xavier Vallat noted in the preface to Malglaive's book that the Jewish religion is a racist religion and that this political religious racism manifests itself as much in secular Jews as it does in religious Jews,

"The French Revolution, the first, committed the folly of wishing to consider [the Jews] citizens like anyone else, and, little by little, in less than a century and a half, all the other governments committed the same error lest they appear 'reactionary.'

This was to prepare the justification for a modern antisemitism singularly more justified than medieval antisemitism.

Of course, throughout the ages, one could reproach the Jews for constituting a state-within-the-state.

But, from now on, the Jew will everywhere be the citizen of two nations: first, of Israel, the universal nation; then, of the particular nation where he has chosen to temporarily set up his tent.

And he will demand the benefit of this double situation. As a Jew, he is international, that has many advantages. Yet he does not wish to be considered a foreigner in the state where he intends to carry out his activity, for that would represent certain inconveniences; and he will get himself naturalized.

But for him that does not represent a desire to plant his roots somewhere. Only to benefit from the plenitude of the rights of citizenship, wherever he is.

Unlike the Rothschilds, not all Jewish families have representatives in five or six different nations; but all are prepared, following an exodus, to lay claim to the nationality of the country which they encounter, without worrying at all about the one they just left.

And the most curious characteristic of this itinerant race is that it wishes to command wherever it is.

Its dream of universal domination is attached to each of its sons, aware of belonging to a superior race."--X. Vallat's preface to G. Malglaive, Juif ou Francais, apercus sur la question juive. Preface de M. Xavier Vallat, commissaire general aux questions juives, Paris, (1942); English translation by Edward Noonan, in R. S. Levy, Antisemitism in the Modern World: An Anthology of Texts, D. C. Heath and Company, Toronto, (1991), pp. 226-234, at 228.

We cannot separate the Jewish People from their Judaic declaration of war against the human race. The secular Jew is as much a product of the Torah's supremacist racism and hatred of mankind as is the religious Jew. It is not only legitimate to criticize Jews and Judaism, but we must address this open declaration of war in order to prepare ourselves to combat the war against us. It is not only our right to criticize Jews and Judaism, it is not only our duty to criticize Jews and Judaism, it is our only means to survive their aggressive and entirely unprovoked war on us.

The Jews are continually inciting wars against us, and by and through us. We must promote peace. Peace is the greatest enemy of the Jew.

The Jews must not be permitted by our Government to represent any profession, business, personal wealth, government position, etc. beyond their 2% representation of our population; and even then they must identify themselves as Jews and bear a warning of what Jews have done to their host nations in the past. Jews should bear the shame of murdering hundreds of millions of innocent human beings and destroying countless cultures and nations, and our People must be warned against them. The Jews have thoroughly proven their disloyalty to the United States of America and we must protect ourselves from their continuing aggression through our Government. If they choose to remain, let their presence serve to defeat their purpose by serving as a billboard warning of the danger they pose to humanity.

The Jewish State of Israel is waging aggressive and unprovoked war against the United States of America. We must fight back through our Government and declare war on Israel. The American Government must imprison the traitors among us for the duration of the war against Israel, plus 20 additional years. The Jews have proven that they are spies for the enemy and have stolen our secrets and forwarded them to our enemies around the World. The American Government must place surveillance on all Jews in America and break up their spying networks. The American Government must tax the Jews to pay for this burden on us.

The Jewish bankers are our enemy. They steal our wealth, force us into wars and control our businesses, government, press, academic institutions in order to use them against us. The American Government must declare war on the Jewish bankers and consider them, their homes, their assets, etc. targets of opportunity to be destroyed around the World whenever possible. The American Government must recover as much of our stolen wealth as possible and demand reparations from the Jewish bankers.

Our own People must become stronger, healthier and better educated. We must manufacture our own debt free money and inject it into our economy in ways which encourage domestic production, domestic savings and internationally good relations with our fellow human beings. The American Government must declare war on all who speculate with our currency and destroy them immediately with military force.

But we must NOT fall into the Jewish traps laid before us. We must NOT worship gold nor give gold the force of currency. We must not engage in nihilistic Jewish revolution. All revolutions are betrayed, as was our own by the Jewish bankers' agent Alexander Hamilton. If we are to revolt against the Jewish takeover of our nation, we must do so in constructive ways by simply creating what we need, to substitute for that which is working against us. Providing healthy foods, pure air and clean water constitutes a constructive revolt against the Jewish desire to murder us and destroy our genetics. Peace is a constructive revolt against the Jewish desire to bring us into war, death, debt, famine, pestilence and international disrepute. Instituting truly democratic government is a constructive revolt against the Jewish fifth column government we endure today where a 2% traitorous minority population is stealing our wealth and wrecking our nation.