Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Temple of Solomon/Satan to be the Gold Reserve for the World-Wide Jewish Fractional Reserve Bank/Currency

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In the ancient World, including the many cultures of what is today Iraq, the temple served as the mint and the reserve for coin metals. The Jews are planning to use the Temple of Satan, er uh, Solomon, as the reserve house for a World currency. They will create fiat currency in the name of eliminating fiat currency through their scam of fractional reserve banking. The Jews will issue electronic credits backed by nothing and the Jews will lie and claim that these credits are backed by gold and silver stored in the Temple and throughout Jerusalem.

The Jews will claim that their fiat money is "sound money", "real money", and "hard money"; but it will be less than a Federal fiat money, because it will not represent the labor or resources of any nation. Like all things related to Jewish power, it will only represent the illusion of a lie.

The Jewish King will sit upon the holy of holies, the Golden Calf, and pronounce which nations (for the Jews, read "regions"), if any, will temporarily prosper with an increased money supply, and which nations will starve to death through a contracted money supply. This will be one way that the Jewish messiah will pass and execute judgement on the nations.

The Jews want to expose all the World's gold to the marketplace so that they can steal it all and horde it in Jerusalem. The Jews worship gold as their God. Do not step into the Jews' golden trap and do not trust anyone who encourages you to fall in love with the Jews' fools gold. It is a promise backed by nothing but Satan's forked tongue.

As with all things done by the deceitful, and of their nature impotent, Jews; the Jews are trying to trick the Goyim into demanding the gold standard which will be the Goyim's undoing. The Jews are also trying to instigate violent revolutions which will put the Jews in absolute power in the name of defeating the Jews. I am disgusted by the fact that so many fall for these tired old Jewish tricks.