Saturday, January 26, 2008

Smearing Those Who Tell the Truth, While Ignoring the Facts and Painting Turks and Jews as If Victims of the Armenians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Throughout their history, Jews have often corrupted Gentile nations and empires to favor Jewish interests over the natural interests of Gentile peoples. Jewry often creates and promotes the myth of a common enemy, styling one Gentile nation which Jewry wishes to destroy as if it were the common enemy of the Jews and another third Gentile nation or religion, which Jewry wishes to use as a weapon against the specific Gentile people which Jewry wishes to annihilate. After using one Gentile nation to destroy another, Jewry scapegoats the Gentile nation which it exploited as a weapon for the Jewish crime of destroying the other Gentile nation.

In America, World Jewry spreads the defamatory falsehood that Islam is a common enemy of Christendom and Jewry. This lie has levied a heavy tax on Christian and Moslem lives and treasure. The wars which Jewry have ginned up between Christians and Moslems, and among Christians and Moslems, have enriched Jewish war profiteers and strengthened Israel while concurrently weakening all Gentile nations. Now that Jewry has used the United States to destroy Iraq and Afghanistan, Jews blame Americans for this Jewish crime. In this way, World Jewry has destroyed the American Empire, and with it the World economy, and is in the process of completely destroying Islam. Jewish prophecy calls upon Jewry to ruin all the nations and religions of the World, save Israel, and Jewry is busy doing just that.

In Turkey, where Jewry destroyed the Turkish Empire, brought Turkey into numerous wars, and where Jews have subjugated Moslem Turks, Jews today spread the vicious lie that Armenian Christians are a common enemy to Jews and Moslem Turks. In a mutual exclusion, the myth has evolved into the contradictory accusations that Armenians are supposedly jealous of the Jews and Turks, because these peoples are more powerful and capable than Armenians, but that the Armenians slaughtered countless Turks and Jews, who grossly outnumbered the Armenians and that Armenians today constitute a threat. How the allegedly powerless exercise such enormous power is left a mystery of the lie, to be feared, not pondered.

In yet another smear campaign against me for exposing the proven fact that Jewry was behind the Armenian genocide, "Murat P" has charged me with the supposed offense of exposing the Jewish Doenmeh roots of the leaders of "Young Turk" movement Mustafa Kemal "Ataturk" and Talaat Pasha:

Antisemitismus in Armenien und Verfolgung religiöser Minderheiten. Die Öffentlichkeit schaut weg. Von Murat P

"Murat P" does not question the accuracy of the numerous facts I bring forth to prove this facet of history. In fact, "Murat P" does not touch upon those facts at all, instead opting to dismiss the accuracy of my accounts as if preposterous on their face and needing no rebuttal. "Murat P's" ad hominem attack is an appeal to the ignorant to remain ignorant, and for those in the know to remain silent. It is an effort to render the subject taboo by calling those who report and document the truth, "anti-Semites". It is an effort to mischaracterize the Armenian People as if they were a common enemy of Jews and Turks, and to blame the Armenian victims of the Armenian Genocide for this Jewish crime, while concurrently rewarding the Turks for their participation in this Jewish crime so as to again offer the Turks an incentive to hate and destroy the Armenians and blame the Armenians for the Jewish instigated hatred and genocide.

Turkey is suffering from the Jewish subversion of Turkish and Moslem interests. Israel has trained, financed and equipped the PKK terrorists to attack Turks. Doenmeh Jews in Turkey are attempting to use this Jewish manufactured provocation to lure the Turks into starting another world war. While blaming the Armenians for the Armenian Genocide in Turkey, Jewry uses this shameful denial to attack the reputation of Turks in Europe and America. Jewry lays all the blame for the Armenian Genocide on the Turks and Kurds and smears those who tell the truth about the Jewish involvement in the crime.

Israel is no friend of Moslems and Turks. Jewry's actions pit the World against Turkey and Turkey against the World, in the name of preserving Turkish honor, by blaming Turks for Jewish crimes, and again providing Turks with an incentive to side with Jews who want to continue their attack on Armenian Christians.

There is a real common enemy. The common enemy of Moslem Turks and Christian Armenians is World Jewry. World Jewry ruined the Turkish Empire and genocided the Armenians in the early part of the Twentieth Century. The process is ongoing.

For those interested in the facts which prove that the leaders of the "Young Turks" were Jews, my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians is available as a free pdf file. "Murat P" mocks the notion that Talaat and Ataturk were crypto-Jews, without addressing any of the facts which prove that both men were crypto-Jews. These facts are found in my book and include the testimony of such prominent figures as the well known and highly regarded Zionist Jews Israel Zangwill and Joachim Prinz, the Inspector-General of the Turkish Forces in Armenia and Military Governor of Egyptian Sinai during the First World War Rafael De Nogales, and the Constantinople Correspondent to the Times of London. See also my blog:

A Self-Proclaimed Zionist Jew Attacks the Character of Armenians. December 21, 2007

The following articles published in Zionist newspapers, which were recommended by a reader of my blog, prove the same facts:

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