Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ron Paul Quotes Leon Trotsky to Declare that the Jewish "Ron Paul Revolution" Is "Permanent"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Israel Lazarevich Helphand, a. k. a. "Alexander Parvus", inspired the crypto-Jewish genocidal mass murderer Lev Bronstein, a. k. a. "Leon Trotsky", to adopt a policy of "permanent revolution". This "permanent" Jewish revolution is a continuation of the ancient Jewish war on the human race.

In collusion with the Jew Emmanuel Carasso, "Parvus" profiteered off of the Jewish "Young Turk Revolution" in the grain and arms trade, and worked as a propagandist for World Jewry in the Ottoman Empire, after the Jewish takeover. Jewish Zionist terrorist Zev Jabotinsky also served as a propagandist for World Jewry in the Turkish Empire, after the Jewish takeover. "Parvus" heavily participated in the 1905 and 1917 Jewish "Russian Revolutions". "Parvus" arranged for Lenin and his cohorts to travel from Switzerland to Russia in 1917.

Trotsky's murderous "permanent revolution" which gave us the "Red Terror", became, in the hands of Trotskyite Jews, the Jewish neo-Conservative policy of "permanent regime change" meant to deliberately destabilize the World and continue the permanent Jewish war on humanity to its messianic end, all the messy mess just "birthpangs" we must endure for the sake of the Jewish Utopia to come.

Ron Paul sent a message to his followers, and to the World. I suggest we pay careful attention to it:

"If I may quote Trotsky of all people, this Revolution is permanent. It will not end at the Republican convention. It will not end in November. It will not end until we have won the great battle on which we have embarked."—Ron Paul,

Paul's political philosophy of absolute selfishness hails from the Jewish subversive sent from the Soviet Union to destroy America, Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum, a. k. a. "Ayn Rand". Ron Paul's Rothschild goldbuggery comes from the Jew Ludwig von Mises, who came to America on a grant from the Rothschilds' American associate, Rockefeller. Ludwig von Mises was a close friend of the Jewish supremacist and advocate of global government, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, who was financed by the Rothschilds.

Leon Hadar, who was a correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, and who is a graduate of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, has joined the Ron Paul campaign as a foreign policy advisor.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Why Did the Jewish Communists Threaten Huey Long's Life?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Huey Long opposed American involvement in the First World War. As a lawyer, Long successfully defended a man prosecuted under Zionist President Woodrow Wilson's "Espionage Act". Huey Long eventually emerged as a Presidential candidate, who promised to curtail the corrupt power of the Jewish financiers, and who promised to defeat Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Roosevelt was a darling of Jewish Communists and brought America into another Jewish manufactured world war.

Long pledged to distribute the wealth:


He directly and personally attacked the selfish power of Bernard Baruch and other top Jewish financiers who ran the American Federal Government. Though many of his liberal views mirrored those of the Socialist and Communist Parties, both Jewish controlled parties denounced Long as if a Fascist and smeared him as if he were another Adolf Hitler. They objected to Huey Long's plan to distribute the wealth through the income tax, while maintaining the productive capabilities of Capitalism. They also objected to Long's alleged dictatorial control of the Government of the State of Louisiana.

Jewish Communists have never wanted to help the working class. Quite the contrary, Jewish Communists deliberately do everything they can to destroy society, and with it the working class. They do this in the name of preparing the way for a Communist Utopia, which is in fact a prophesied Jewish Utopia. The Jewish Communists wanted to abolish private property, which is to say, they wanted to place property under the control of the Jews, as was prophesied in the Old Testament.

Huey Long sincerely represented the interests of the working class, while the Jewish Communists sincerely represented the interests of Jewish financiers. If another Huey Long were to come along today, the Kosher conservative Jewish mouthpieces in the Jewish controlled media would call him, or her, a "Communist". In point of fact, these neo-Con Jews are themselves Trotskyite Communists and Communism serves the Jewish bankers, not the working people of the World. The redistribution of wealth has never been the honest goal of the Communists. Their goals are to kill off the best of the Gentiles, steal Gentile wealth and weaken Gentile society to the point where the Jewish minority can dominate the Gentile majority. This is exactly what Jewry did to Eastern Europe and all of Russia.

In 1946, Robert Penn Warren (author of the racist and segregationist essay "The Briar Patch" in Twelve Southerners, I'll Take My Stand: The South and the Agrarian Tradition, New York, London, Harper, (1930); which sought to prevent blacks from entering into competition with whites in the labor markets) posthumously attacked Huey Long in a novel entitled All the King's Men, Harcourt, Brace, New York, (1946). The highly-talented Communist film director of Jewish descent, Robert Rossen, made Warren's book into a movie in 1949. As a "former" member of the Communist Party, Rossen was called before the House of Un-American Activities Committee and eventually told them the names of 57 other Communist Party members. [See: A. Radosh and R. Radosh, Red Star Over Hollywood: The Film Colony's Long Romance with the Left, Encounter Books, San Francisco, (2005).]

Isn't it odd that Communists took such a strong interest in defaming Huey Long, who struggled to help the working class and to redistribute wealth, while at the same time they covered up Joseph Stalin's (Lazar Kaganovich's) many crimes against the working class?

In 1935, Dr. Carl Austin Weiss allegedly shot Huey Long and Long died soon thereafter due to the failure of his doctors to properly treat the gunshot wounds Weiss, and Long's own bodyguards, allegedly had inflicted on him. Immediately after Weiss allegedly shot Long, Long's bodyguards shot Weiss with at least 20 large caliber handgun rounds—perhaps as many as 60 rounds. Weiss was very dead and very quiet. [See: H. B. Deutsch, The Huey Long Murder Case, Doubleday, Garden City, NewYork, (1963). D. Zinman, The Day Huey Long was Shot, September 8, 1935, I. Obolensky, New York, (1963). E. Reed, Requiem for a Kingfish, Award Publications/E. Reed Organization Baton Rouge, Louisiana, (1986). D. H. Ubelaker, "The Remains of Dr. Carl Austin Weiss: Anthropological Analysis", Journal of Forensic Sciences, Volume 41, Number 1,(1996), pp. 60-79.]

It was alleged that Weiss had shot Long because Long had threatened to reveal Weiss' interracial family secrets. If true, it is odd that Weiss believed he could save his family from embarrassment and keep secret facts hidden, by shooting Huey Long, which was certain to embarrass Weiss' family and call attention to his family's secrets. Some believe that Huey Long's own bodyguards shot Long and used Dr. Weiss as a "patsy". [See: H. B. Deutsch, The Huey Long Murder Case, Doubleday, Garden City, NewYork, (1963). D. Zinman, The Day Huey Long was Shot, September 8, 1935, I. Obolensky, New York, (1963).]

The Jewish mafia attempted to murder Henry Ford in 1927. The assassination attempt ended Ford's political ambitions. Ford was also a pacifist who tried to end the First World War. Ford also promoted the interests of the working class.

The murder of Huey Long was equally successful in ending his political ambitions. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a Communist and pathological liar, enjoyed four terms as President of the United States.

Appealing to the Majority, as Opposed to Pandering to Dysfunctional Minorities and the Psychopathic Super-Rich

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Anti-Zionist Party of America (APA) can win elections by becoming the champion of the majority of Americans. The obscenely wealthy complain that they have to pay taxes and many of these greedy and selfish psychopaths pass the tax burden onto the middle class and poor. The rich receive the greatest rewards from the government and the nation, but abrogate their responsibility to pay back into the system. They instead send American jobs abroad and the bills to the middle class.

In my anecdotal experience, the rich are the least generous, and the poor the most generous people. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned from that fact. The poor subvert their own ability to accumulate wealth and make the super-rich, super richer. A healthy society lives off of the fat stored in the middle class and our middle class is growing thinner.

The poor in America live under highly stressful conditions. Many live in squalor among hustlers, corrupt community leaders and are surrounded by drug abuse and crime. In order to relieve their stress, they waste what little monies they have on tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, and seek out expensive entertainments to distract them from their psychological pain. Their time is wasted on acquiring money through crime to obtain addictive drugs, which produce nothing other than ill health and increasing debts. The government which ought to fight to protect them from drugs of this nature, instead profits from the taxes on tobacco and alcohol, and on the criminal justice system. Prison life increases the stress on the poor and creates irreparable psychological damage. Government jobs in the military and police are also highly stressful and often cause psychological harm. The middle class pays the financial costs and the children of the poor pay the social costs as our entire nation declines.

The poor do not save, but instead waste money on drugs, unnecessarily costly clothes and jewelry. They do not own real estate, but instead rent. They pay the highest usury on their debts. All of this prevents them from accumulating wealth and the lack of investment capital dramatically reduces the ability of their communities to grow economically. The poor, for various reasons, do not adequately supervise their children. They promote anti-intellectual attitudes in their children and denigrate those among them who wish to advance through legitimate means.

The middle class suffer from political naivete. Their opinions are created for them by the mass media and the Democratic and Republican parties, which are in the hands of racist organized Jewry. When the middle class begin to organize and demand that the super-rich pay taxes and cease to corrupt the poor, the rich hire mouthpieces to subvert the interests of the middle class and call their organized efforts to improve the nation "Communism". It is exactly the same tactic Jewry uses to stigmatize those who criticize the Jewish war on the human race, by calling them "anti-Semites". In my anecdotal experience, the super-rich always want more money and more power and they despise the rest of humanity. Yet, the middle class in America again and again falls for the financed lies of the mega-wealthy.

The American middle class needs to take control over their own fate. They must insist upon immigration, health care, education, criminal justice and tax reform; but they must not subvert their own interests in the name of profiting the super-rich. In order to be competitive in the World marketplace, American children need politicians who place their interests first, politicians who reduce our debts, who do everything possible to avoid wars—politicians who protect the environment and safety and well being of our people. Our children need parental and community supervision. They need training on how to be successful and healthy. America's wealth is leaking out to Asia, and we need to plug those holes in our system. America's wealth is being squandered on Israeli instigated wars. America's wealth is being spent on foreigners, while our politicians and business leaders are destroying various countries and then importing their poor into our nation. The American middle class loses jobs as they go abroad and to imported labor in America. This process is organized and carried out by the super-rich, and yet the American middle class continues to idolize these hateful and selfish traitors who are destroying America.

The poor need jobs and to improve their culture. That will only happen if the middle class rescues itself from the super-rich traitors who are destroying America and who are working for World Jewry. The super-rich traitors whine that they are the victims of "class warfare". The reality is that they are the victors of class warfare and it is they who wage war on the majority of Americans. The process is similar to the Jewish war on the human race. Jewry complains that everyone is against them, while Jewry wages war on the rest of humanity and keeps them from fighting back by defaming them when they do as if they were "anti-Semites" for defending themselves from Jewish attacks. The mega-rich attack the rest of our citizens, and then defame those who resist as if "Communists", "Socialists" or participants in "class warfare".

Wake up, America, the war is on and the enemy is stealing your wealth and trampling your country. Your options are limited to fighting back, or cowardly, painful and deadly submission. If you do not respect yourselves enough to summon the courage and self-respect needed to champion your own cause, then at least show some respect to your ancestors who gave you what you have, and to your progeny who will exist on what you leave to them. Expect the super-rich internationalists to serve their own international interests and to delight in your demise and the ruin of America. Expect the poor to fall deeper into poverty at the direction of the super-rich. I say to the majority of Americans, save yourselves and the nation as a whole will prosper. Force the super-rich to at least pay for the feed for the sheep they slaughter. Take political action to serve your interests, not those of the mega-wealthy. Demand health care and education and train your children to provide it. Conserve and save and demand that the poor do the same, by creating a system of incentives for them to do so and disincentives against self-destructive culture. Fight back against the super-rich who poison the poor and middle class with false beliefs, drugs and usury. Fight back against the super-rich who send our jobs abroad, destroy other nations, and then import foreign labor to compete against Americans in America. Fight back against organized Jewry and its warmongering and deliberate subversion of our economy, culture and educational system. Stop subverting your own interests for those of the super-rich traitors and the poor. Sponsor the best of our citizens to do their best in our society, and they will lift up the rest. Spend more money on American infrastructure and on training American engineers, teachers and doctors, and less on courts, prisons, wars and foreign citizens.

Let the Anti-Zionist Party of America be a party of the majority, not the psychopathic super-rich and dysfunctional minorities. Let us combat World Jewry which is waging war against us and against America as a mighty, just and prosperous nation. Let us fight back in the class war which the internationalist super-rich are waging against the majority of Americans and against America as a mighty, just and prosperous nation.

There is nothing more profitable for World Jewry and the super-rich than wars for Israel. That is why both Democrats and Republicans are pushing for more war, never-ending war, apocalyptic nuclear war. Let the Anti-Zionist Party of America prevent the death of the human race at the hands of World Jewry, which is aggressively poisoning us, body and soul.