Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Noble Rot Versus the Rotten Notables: Low Blows from the Scum of the Earth and What We Ought to Do about the Problem of Jewish Hypocrisy

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



I have learned much from observing black Americans. Often, they must be better than whites in order to obtain recognition for their success equal to that of whites. Affirmative action would reverse this injustice, but instead perpetuates it by focusing human beings in circus mirrors which are distorted to lie and turn fat men into thin, and thin men into widening vessels of ridicule.

I say, "Unfair is unwise." You don't fix problems by pretending them away. All people should meet the same standards. If prejudice prevents this, fight the prejudice. If reality prevents this, face the reality and address it in an equitable and fair way. Weakening the strong does not of itself strengthen the weak any more than poisoning the well sweetens the spring.

So what do we do about a tribe of hatemongers who perpetuate their "divine nation" by way of double standards, lies, smears and injustice? What do we do to combat a group of hostile, segregationist, racist Jews who want to destroy the World and rule the ruins, like an obnoxious child who spits in the soup and claims it as his own by befouling it for the rest of us?

If ancient accounts are to be believed, Jews have always demanded "fairness" from governments in order to unlevel the playing field and send the ethereal blessings of injustice floating to the top, to be skimmed off and sipped in triumphal golden cups clutched tightly between the fat thumbs and warty fingers of rich Jews. The rich always demand the "freedom" to exploit the poor. Liars always assert the freedom of speech as if it were an excuse to lie and degrade, while concurrently demanding that those who tell the truth be silenced. Such is the nature of double standards. Advantage to the privileged in order to maintain their privilege. Injustice to the subverted in order to maintain and increase their weakness.

And here we are strapping duct tape on bowed beams, instead of confronting the termites that are eating away the foundations of our strength. We are fighting one another instead of uniting against our common foe.

What trap have we stumbled upon that has severed our will to survive and placed our decapitated and emasculated love of life under a headstone bearing self-destructive platitudes written in Hebrew and Greek? Must we tolerate the intolerant? Must we surrender to the attacker in the name of "liberty, equality and fraternity"? Must we worry and fuss about how best to obey the arbitrary and contrived rules of our enemy and hamstring ourselves with fret over how not to be insulted by career defamers, liars and mass murders; or do we face front and slice down the poisonous slashers who aim at our throats? Do we turn our backs to the ugly and angry snake out of fear of being bitten, or ought we buck and steady double barrels at its hooded head and fell our hammers on the nails of our enemy's coffin, fire the pins and pop the primers, then grind our clean heels into the scaley scum that once spit in our eyes to blind us to the danger of its inevitable bite?

Must we drag one another down so that no one will scramble out of the grave-like pit of Jewish oppression below us, that "us" that we are told is the human race blurred and stewed into an overcooked insipid grey porridge fed to a diluted and deluded convict humanity from a kosher ladle condescendingly cradled in the crooked inbred fingers of untrustworthy Jewish racists who look cross-eyed and neurotic with hatred at the many faces of humanity, as if the variegated children of man were clumps of filth in a sewer which must be flushed away to rot in heaps of hopeless refuse in a faceless mass of pitiless peat bogged down in its own stinking weight of self-contempt?

Contemplating the fate of mankind as it cowers before World Jewry, I am reminded of Eiswein, the finest of desert wines, which is made from select grapes left to rot on the vine after the first frost. Nature patinas the thin green skin of the grape with a "noble rot" which concentrates, sweetens and ferments the once full and ripe fruit—for the benefit of later consumption by connoisseurs, who sip the tingling syrup and dancing spirits concocted from the bent backs of ancient vines, laboring vines who drape gnarled arms over barbed wire fences and suffer the flogging whips and snipping knives, the sniping laughter of their masters, in instinctive hopes of a new spring after the snow and frozen rain have given way to long days of spring sun smiling on the mountain slopes of the Mosel, Saar, Ruwer and the Rhine.

Now is the time of the harvest. The moon is low and large. The cold has wearied the strong and dropped the leaves which gather the light. While the wood rests through the winter, the thieves rot the fruit and age the blood into a special brew, which vampires savor and cherish above the daily table wine which is often diluted with simple water.

Jewry is killing humanity, and the fools who are dying are told that their extermination is a sign of hope, for things must get worse before they will get better, or so they are told by their leaders who work for their enemies. For 2,500 years World Jewry have waited for this frost, which will curdle your skin, and unnaturally cover you with mold as the first phase of the "noble rot". They have waited for the first hard freeze, which will capture your soul and concentrate the humors of your spirit into the rigid and sugar crusted corpse of a rotted raisin. Next they will cut your necks and carelessly catch you in buckets that they will pour into the presses, where your essence will bleed off into oaken kegs, splintery coffins which catch and age the royal nectar of a million struggles of your ancestors, to later be suckled in a tiny glass on the drooling chins of a handful of obscenely wealthy Jews who roll about like the swine they are in the filth of the swollen cess of a billion corpses cut down to build a mound of pitiless festering peat upon which they rest their throne of ingratitude and contempt.

Yes, it may be the last harvest. The unkept and spent soil can offer no more. The sand has risen above the earth and wet with tears it quickly swallows every forward step. The rain falls on lifeless stone and runs to unlit rivers below.

Winner take all, is it, even if "it" is nothing? But is there nothing we can do to save ourselves from the ancient vampires who drag their hatred of the human race with them in boxes chained to their arms and foreheads, an ancient contempt that scrapes the ground and scares up the choking dust that clouds out the sacred sun? Are we too frightened by the sound of the truth to lift our eyes from beneath the satin sheets of our funeral bed and lend our voices to a common chorus of the life-giving song of the truth? Is it safer for us to wander about silently and aimlessly in a field of fellow slaves with our heads down, anonymously looking to death to answer our prayers, than it would be for us to raise our voices and join together and fight the lonely Devil?

Is it justification that others suffer and are weak, that we should suffer and strain to be no threat to our enemy? It is not safer to plow down last year's broken corn than to cower among the sharp stalks and long shadows of the scum of the earth searching for unsown seeds to eat, cower and bend among lifeless sticks which scare not even the cowardly crows? Isn't time for us to till the soil and send the soulless weeds and wriggling worms underground? Then the land, and the day, will be ours.

Until such time as that, we must step over the cowards on the march to the battlefield and we must fight. It is not good that we are falling. We must rather stand and fight!

Stop following those who preach to you the alleged virtues of defeat. When it comes time for the reckoning of their misguidance, you will have lost any means to render justice upon them and will have only yourselves, your stupidity and your gullibility to blame for your destruction, which you passively invited on the "good advice" of your beloved leaders who have told you that by losing you have somehow won.