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12 April 2008 Interview with Bedros Hajian and George Apelian

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I discuss the ongoing genocide of Middle Eastern Christians and the deliberate subversion of Christianity in the United States of America with Rev. Bedros Hajian and Armenian journalist George Apelian.

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An Eyewitness Account from a Jew of the Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A Jew named Eitan Belkind witnessed the extermination campaign carried out against the Armenian People in the Jewish controlled Ottoman Empire. Belkind implied that the Jewess, Mrs. Biram, acted as a crypto-Jewish agent who pretended to be an Armenian in order to betray the Armenians to their deaths. She had a Turkish surname, which is and was typical of Doenmeh crypto-Jews. Belkind stated that her involvement in the genocide was a carefully guarded "military secret".

Belkind stated,

"In spite of the danger the child got into the tent where the Jewess was. Everyone in the tent was asleep and the woman managed to get unnoticed. She was 25 and very beautiful. She told us her surname was Biram, a typical Turkish name. Her family lived in the Armenian quarter of the city and when they were taking the Armenians, they also took this woman with her husband and child despite all their protests. [***] In the post I found a letter from Haim Khanum in Constantinople (the main city of Turkey), who asked me not to interfere in the case of Mrs. Biram, as she had connections with the killings of the Armenians that was a military secret."

Belkind stated that Jews ran the military hospital of the mass murderers and raped Armenian girls and offered them out for others to rape,

"Der-el-Zor, was a military centre, so it had a military hospital lead by a Jewish doctor Bhor (?) and a Jewish pharmacist called Arto. [***] I was also unable to have sexual relationship with the Armenian girls who were offered me by Doctor Bhor and pharmacist Arto."

These quotations are taken from excerpts published on the website of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute of "That's How It Was", Narrated by Eitan Belkind, member of the NILI, Published by the Ministry of Defense of Israel, (1979), pp. 77-78, 115-116, 118-120, 124, 127.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Christopher Jon Bjerknes

World Jewry has long sought to eliminate all Christian nations from the area of, and surrounding, "Greater Israel". Jews directed Moslems to take Constantinople and make it a hub of Moslem influence in Europe.

Jews preferred Islam to Christianity for several reasons. Moslems believe that, "There is no God but God." In the minds of many Jews, this comes closer to pure monotheism than Christianity, with its Trinity and belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ, though Jews to this day mock the prophet Mohammed to mock what they consider to be Moslem idol worship.

Some say that the Koran is in fact an Arabic translation of the Bible created by a Nazarite Bishop of Jewish descent in order to manufacture an ally for Jacob in Ishmael, against Esau, which is to say, Islam was allegedly created to provide the Jews with an army with which to attack Europe. Europeans, the Romans, destroyed Judah and wrecked the Temple and Jewry has been hell bent on genociding Europe for the two intervening millennia since. Many Jews have expressed their hatred of Christ and of Christians, and the Talmud and Zohar provide a religious foundation for the more ancient Jewish desire to destroy Europe and Europeans.

Many Jews have been, and are, especially loathful towards Roman Catholics. To them, Catholics symbolize Rome, that Rome which destroyed the Jewish nation. Just as in the Kulturkampf, we find Jews today ridiculing Catholics, especially the clergy, and we find crypto-Jewish "Protestants" and other Jews scapegoating Catholics for Jewish sins against the human race. This is hardly a new phenomenon.

Jews, as a racist tribe, also have a sharp hatred of the Armenians, whom they dub the "Amalekites" of the Old Testament. Jewry sought to genocide all Armenians in the Jewish controlled Ottoman Empire. Jewry brought the fledgling Armenian Republic under attack through the Jew Ataturk, then took over the nation and made it a subjected tool of the Jewish Bolshevist "Soviet Union".

I have been warning the Armenian community that World Jewry will not relent and is determined to genocide the Armenians and ruin the Armenian nation, which represents a Christian presence in the neighborhood of "Greater Israel". In an interview with Bedros Hajian, I recently warned the Armenian community that the Azeris would be used to create unrest in the region, with the goals of instigating war with Iran and the destruction of Armenia. My predictions were soon proven correct.

Just as in Turkey, where Jewry created and promulgated the myth of "Pan-Turkism", Jewry has created and promulgated the myth of a "Pan-Azerbaijani" Empire. Jewry is agitating tensions between Armenians, Turks, Iranians and Azeris, yet again pitting Christendom and Islam against one another in the hopes of destroying both in order to leave the Jews standing in all of "Greater Israel".

Armenians face a mortal threat. They are being attacked economically and demographically. Soon they may be attacked territorially. Jewry is manufacturing unnecessary and artificial enemies to attack Armenia, as it has done for thousands of years. Armenia has survived and will survive, if Armenians act to preserve their nation and their heritage.

The most important first step for Armenians to take is to know the cause of things. World Jewry is behind the constant attack on the dignity and lives of the Armenian People. Let this fact be known throughout the World, and it will be far more difficult for World Jewry to exterminate you, as they intend to do.

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Turkey seeks to block Knesset debate on Armenian genocide

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