Saturday, June 07, 2008

Agents Provocateur Versus Our Fundamental Rights

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There is a group of agents provocateur who have viciously attacked free speech advocate Rev. Ted Pike at crucial junctures in our political struggle to defend our liberty from the Zionist lobby. This same group defamed David Irving and Ernst Zuendel as they languished in prison in Europe for alleged "thought crimes". This group has been featured on main stream media as an example of the dangers of "hate speech".

While they promote themselves as defenders of liberty, their actions and their statements have the opposite effect. By their fruits you know them for what they are, and bitter and rotten fruit they bear.

World Jewry has for years been corrupting Palestinians to engage in violence which profits the Israelis by providing them with a pretext to attack Palestinians. It appears that these agents provocateur are setting up Americans to destroy their own interests in the same manner as the Jews of Israel set up the Palestinians for attack. These Jews then use their media control to defame the Palestinians around the World, and to discredit anti-Zionists through the use of their agents provocateur who pose as if real anti-Zionists and call for violence and attempt to incite some lunatic to commit an act of violence.

In her book Israel's Sacred Terrorism, Livia Rokach reproduced an excerpt from a 26 May 1955 entry in Moshe Sharett's, the second Prime Minister of Israel's personal diary, which recounts his impressions of Moshe Dayan's plans to provoke the Arabs to respond by first attacking them, then stealing their land when they sought to defend themselves,

"The conclusions from Dayan's words are clear: This State has no international obligations, no economic problems, the question of peace is nonexistent. . . . It must calculate its steps narrow-mindedly and live on its sword. It must see the sword as the main, if not the only, instrument with which to keep its morale high and to retain its moral tension. Toward this end it may, no--it must--invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the method of provocation-and-revenge. . . . And above all--let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries, so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space. (Such a slip of the tongue: Ben Gurion himself said that it would be worth while to pay an Arab a million pounds to start a war.) (26 May 1955, 1021)"-- L. Rokach, Israel's Sacred Terrorism, Third Edition, AAUG Press, Belmont Massachusetts, p. 41.

World Jewry has turned the American Government against the American People. Just as they did to the Russian People before the Jewish "Russian Revolutions" of 1905 and 1917, World Jewry are now employing their agents provocateur in an attempt to turn some psychotic American against the American Government and/or some Jew and incite some dupe to violence, which will provide the Zionist lobbyists with a pretext to pass their "hate crimes" legislation during the reign of our next traitorous Zionist President, who will enjoy the company of a treacherous Zionist Congress. All they lack is some event which they can publicize to turn off the spigot of free speech and dry up human liberty in America. Our false anti-Zionists are attempting to manufacture such an event.

I hope that we fare better than the poor Palestinians and learn from their example to not fall into these Jewish traps.

I suspect that after the coming election "hate crimes" laws will be a major priority for the Jewish Lobby. This will forward their warmongering agenda. Just as Zionist Woodrow Wilson and the First World War gave us the "Espionage Act", the "Sabotage Act" and the "Sedition Act" which proscribed certain forms of free speech, our next radical Zionist President will champion the elimination of our rights in order to "save us from ourselves" as World Jewry launches its Third World War.

We failed to field a legitimate anti-Zionist presidential candidate. We will pay a heavy price for our failure in the months and years to come. It is our duty and our only hope to offer the American People authentic solutions to our Zionist problems. As we do this, we will have to fend off the phoney agents provocateur as they attempt to discredit and jail us.

We are at the doorstep of WW III, or I should say, we are standing in the shadow of the grave stone of the human race. Speak now or forever rest in peace. Guard our liberty in a dignified and civil manner, and speak out against the war plans of our next President, that wretched puppet of our mortal enemy, the "Jewish State" of Israel, which would rule a World of ruins, for them better to be first in Hell than live among the accursed Goyim, than to live at all, and they have openly threatened to murder us all if we do not submit to their messianic nightmare.

We have failed to field a Presidential candidate. We will soon surely and sorely regret this failure. We must not fail to keep our rights and prevent the coming nuclear war, the famine, the economic collapse, the rampant disease, which Jewry has planned for us for the past 2,500 years.

Who Is Rupert?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There is a Jewish man, a Jewish banker in fact, who goes by a Moslem name, the Moslem name Mohammed, and who criticizes the Shabbataians and other crypto-Jews, but who does not disclose his Jewish roots when doing so. He speaks of how unthinkably reprehensible and duplicitous is the behavior of the crypto-Jew who puts on Moslem garb to lead Moslems astray. He states that he cannot imagine how such folk live with themselves and manage their phoney existence.

This man claims to be an ardent anti-Zionist, yet he is a Jewish banker who travels freely in the circle of Jewish bankers and is well connected and well informed. Odd that Zionist Jewish bankers would befriend and trust a Moslem convert who rails against Zionist Jewish bankers.

This man is a student of the Cabalah, and evidently studied it before receiving a "belly full of the Talmud". The study of the Zohar and Lurian Cabalah before a certain age and without prior training in the Talmud is forbidden to Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Jews, though it is common practice among Shabbataian crypto-Jews--some of whom adopt Moslem names and practices.

Will Rupert come forward and describe his Jewish roots, his lineage and his family's connection to banking? Will he tell us how he became a Jewish banker, a student of the Cabalah, and why he rails against Zionism while traveling in ardently Zionist circles? Why is promoting Jewish Nihilism and revolution, in the name of fighting Jewish power?

Let us have a little disclosure, Rupert.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Beware the Agents Provocateur Who Plagiarize My Work

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There is a group of operatives who often mimic my statements and insights in an effort to steal my thunder, and win themselves a brief whiff of the cool air of credibility, so that they can then destroy my peaceful and civilly responsible message and sucker some fool and/or psychopath into committing an act of violence which will serve as justification for the further erosion of our liberties. This group of subversive actors stages fights and minor protests. They have been featured in mainstream media as examples of potentially violent and subversive racists. It is their role to provide just such false examples of the "danger" of free speech and free assemblage.

They are carefully crafted poison for our movement. They are constantly trying to create infighting and other distractions with their scripted soap opera spats. While they attempt to provoke others to violence, they themselves take no action other than carefully staged events which accomplish nothing, but which will be used by the government as evidence that our fundamental human rights "must be denied" for the sake of the security of the State and domestic tranquillity.

They are classic agents provocateur who pop up from nowhere, and they should be avoided and shunned at all costs. Please do NOT ever think that I am involved with them, no matter how often they parrot my work. Though they have repeatedly solicited my assistance, I have consistently shunned them.

In the name of supposedly fighting the laws which diminish our freedom, it appears that they are in search of a Reichstag fire type of event, or series of events, so that they can offer the legislature and police the opportunity to further clamp down on our ability to express ourselves within the confines of normal civil process, and institute Hitlerian Ermächtigungsgesetz and Gleichschaltung style laws which will silence us. They have always discouraged civil protest, while encouraging gullible fools to make themselves known to the police. The ADL and other Zionist organizations have thoroughly trained the police to monitor "hate groups". It appears that these subversives want to encourage persons who oppose Zionism to make themselves known to the authorities on the bogus pretext that anti-Zionists can win over the police to the cause. At the same time, they encourage criminal violence. They have also encouraged their naive audience to spy on one another and record their private conversations in classic Bolshevist Cheka/NKVD/KGB/Stasi fashion.

They have feigned splits and fits, but do not mistake the fact that they are still working as part of one operation to contain and destroy the anti-Zionist movement and to provide the government with a pretext to take away our rights. Though they identify some of the difficulties in our economy, it appears that they do so in such a way as to eliminate, or at least reduce, any competition to the main Jewish bankers who control the upper echelons of power.

This has happened everytime the Rothschilds have caused market collapses and depressions, which always seem to benefit them and consolidate their power and control. Note that they are led in this effort by a Jewish banker from England, a sometime Rothschild apologist who is schooled in the Cabalah, who has adopted a Moslem name and Islamic practices, and who does not generally disclose his Jewish roots which plunge below the surface like the tail of a Cabalistic snake.

Their behavior occurred during the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Nazi Revolution, etc. Their goal is to promote violence and chaos, and undermine civilized, responsible, mature and educated anti-Zionist movements. They wear this childish and comical stink of the Jewish revolutionary, and all honest persons should develop a natural revulsion to it and to them.

Note that those who publicly encourage crime, and/or publicly feign crime, are often cops, or paid agents of the police, local, state and/or federal. One "tell" is their lack of education, many mistakes, inability to properly pronounce words and names, and the childish, phoney nature of their general approach. Another "tell" is the fact that they are rather stupid, but wish to appear sophisticated and intelligent, and must therefore plagiarize the work of others. When isolated, without a guest to sponge off of, or parrot, their ignorance and stupidity glow with the slimy fingerprints of an intelligence operative. Speak to them in private and they will pick your brain for phrases and insights to repeat as if their own. They are phonies and their pretense reveals itself in everything they do, and don't do.