Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Henry Makow Interviews David Livingstone

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Henry Makow interviewed David Livingstone on 8 June 2008. They discuss the historical influence of Cabalah on Western Civilization.

I would like to discuss the same subject with Mr. Livingstone. I believe that the Greeks, especially the Eleatics, influenced what was to become the Cabalah, and the messianic doctrines that peaked about the time of Christ, and that these ideas were not inherent in Judaism, but evolved among Jews as the product of their appropriation of Greek ideas. I would also like to have a conversation with him regarding the influence of the Cabalah during the time of the Enlightenment. I argue that it was influential in resurrecting the doctrines of Parmenides and greatly influenced the development and misdirection of Physics towards an occult exposition on gravitation, Pantheism and quadri-dimensional "space-time" via Giordono Bruno, Isaac Newton and other Cabalists.

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Horrors of Indifference and of Silence

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been predicting for years that we will face world-wide famine as a result of the wars, debts and instability World Jewry is manufacturing:

Turks and Kurds: September 19, 2006

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What Will the Reign of the Anti-Christ Look Like? The Seventh Year and Shmita: November 22, 2007

The UN is now taking notice of the problem:

UN food summit hammers out plan for world's hungry: June 4, 2008

I have been stating for years that World Jewry are deliberately manufacturing a nuclear World War Three. If we do not act to prevent this war, we will live to breathe in the fire of nuclear explosions. We will live to see our loved ones, the entire human race, die horrific deaths.

Most humans beings care little that billions of our brothers and sisters are in imminent risk of dying by starvation. Inform them that they are about to burn to death, or will die of radiation sickness, and they might, just might, take notice. Produce and distribute videos demonstrating the horrors of nuclear war, and maybe we can awaken Americans to the fact that Barack Obama and John McCain are pledged to murder us in the coming Jewish Third World War.

Our presidential candidates and the Jewish controlled media are ignoring the issues which threaten our very existence, and instead are turning our eyes toward skin tones. Ask the presidential candidates to explain how they plan to teach Americans to survive the nuclear world war, the famine, the fighting on American soil, which these puppets of World Jewry are openly planning to bring to America and to the World. Ask them to state openly the consequences of their actions and what plans they have to save at least a viable remnant of Americans. If Americans realize the pain they are about to bring upon themselves, they just might oppose these warmongers.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

In Answer to Questions Posed to Me Regarding My Views of Ron Paul and His Policies

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have received an anonymous email which poses several questions to me regarding my views of Ron Paul's monetary policies and his ties to Jewish supremacism and world government. I will rephrase those questions I deem to be of interest to my readers and attempt to answer them here on my blog:

1). Why do you, Bjerknes, speak of "Rothschild gold buggery" when the supply of gold will be held in the treasury and by American citizens? What will be the role of the Rothschilds and Warburgs if we eliminate the Fed?

Answer: If America adopts some form of a gold currency, the gold supply will first have to be borrowed or taken by force. I do not find Ron Paul advocating that we take gold by force, but rather that we allow for tax free exchanges of gold so that banks and private citizens can issue money privately, or issue notes which are allegedly backed by gold deposits, which notes can be redeemed on demand for specie payments, which is to say exchanged for gold itself. These notes will likely take the form of electronic credits. Such a system is a return to the old Jewish method of fractional reserve banking, whereby the Jewish bankers will issue credits for gold which does not exist and will charge interest which can never be paid back because the gold did not exist in the first place on the principal of the loan and further because the gold does not exist to pay the interest. This will net the Jewish bankers enormous profits and complete control over the money supply, just as it did in previous times.

Money must circulate. Those who borrow money must pay it back or risk the confiscation of their assets. (See also my answer to question 2) Even if banks and individuals were regulated to prevent fractional reserve banking, and I do not know whether or not Paul calls for such an "intrusion" on the liberty of the Jewish bankers to commit fraud, the American People would be forced to exchange their gold for goods and services. When the gold moves through the Jewish bankers' hands it can be collected, thereby contracting the money supply and destroying the economy. This will cause deadly deflation, as it has done in the past. The Jewish bankers holding the gold then have the opportunity to buy up everything at reduced prices. They also control most of the credit of the nation, and can cut back on loans in collusion with one another, which also destroys the economy and which forces individuals and business to sell off their assets at reduced prices. Gold currency in no wise prevents the "business cycle", but instead places inflation and deflation back under the control of the Jewish bankers.

2). Why does it matter whether or not Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi created the idea of a European Union? Even if he did, this does NOT mean that Ron Paul is calling for a North American Union. Paul stands firmly against globalism and a North American Union, would he "betray his own trusted supporters and policies?"

Answer: Ron Paul wants to globalize the creation and control of money and to completely deregulate business. The effect of his policies is to give the Jewish bankers absolute regional and global control over the money supply, which has been their objective for 2,500 years. The complete deregulation of business will globalize the use of America's resources and the American People, and just as it provided the Jewish bankers the opportunity to steal the wealth of Russia under Boris Yeltsin it will provide them the opportunity to rape America. I am discussing the real effects of Ron Paul's policies and not the often sophistical rhetoric he iterates. The creation of money belongs to the American People by birthright. Offering the Jewish bankers the opportunity to control the money supply through gold is a betrayal of the American People and will further enslave us to Jewish World Government. Even if Ron Paul stood for American sovereignty if elected President of the United States, he would destroy that sovereignty by his policies. America would increase its debts and sell itself off to Jewry through Jewish usury, which works best for Jewry under a gold standard. Jewry wants the American debt to be secured by gold they steal by running up our debts through war and other means, then demanding gold and other hard assets, such as land, in payment of the debts they themselves have deliberately created. This is one major reason why the Jewish bankers want the Fed replaced with gold backed currency. They want to foreclose on the United States and take all of our gold, enslave us in unpayable debts and then demand all of our businesses, land and other property in payment for a debt stated in gold which gold does not exist, thereby forever enslaving us in debt. The depressions World Jewry will cause us will make for fertile ground for Jewish instigated wars and revolutions which hand America over to Jewish World Government just as surely as the World Wars have destroyed the sovereignty of European nations. This is World Jewry's stated objective. Read Coudenhove-Kalergi's own words. Ron Paul's policies come from them and accomplish their goals.

3). You have stated that World Jewry desires autonomous central banks which are not subject to governmental oversight? Does not Ron Paul oppose such a system? How can such a system exist if there are no central banks? How would enabling Congress to print money prevent the creation of such a system?

Answer: Ron Paul's policies would allow the Jewish bankers to issue gold credits for gold which does not exist. They would circulate these credit in the form of loans and in exchange for actual gold deposits, which could then be sent to Jerusalem. Jews are taught in their religious writings that all the gold and other wealth in the World belongs to them. In addition, in order for gold to be used as money, it must circulate and must be used to pay taxes. World Jewry can harvest the gold whenever it passes through their hands. World Jewry can manufacture debts by bringing nations into wars and by having their agents in government and industry destroy the nation's economy. This has happened repeatedly in the past and will happen to America if Ron Paul's policies are ever instituted. It has already happened to America under the Federal Reserve System, and a gold standard would increase Jewry's incentive to foreclose on America, in that World Jewry would then have the ability to maintain the debt forever as secured by gold, and would steal from America every flake of gold dust it could identify.

Allowing the American People to issue their own money through their government allows the American People to regulate the money supply, create growth, maintain relatively stable prices, etc. Since this money is secured by its ability to purchase the goods and services of Americans, by its ability to pay taxes to the American Government, etc. and since Americans themselves control the supply of such money, there is no such incentive or means for World Jewry to steal this currency in full as they could do with gold, and such a currency would be traceable in ways that gold is not. I do not mean to say that World Jewry would give up its quest to steal all the wealth of America and the World, but rather that the system would differ in meaningful ways from a gold standard, ways which would empower us to fight back.

4). You have declared that von Mises and Paul's policies amount to a banker bailout of the present system? In what sense is this so?

Answer: The Jewish bankers have deliberately and unnecessarily run America deeply into debt. In the process, they have accumulated incalculable fortunes. The Jewish bankers have impeded American progress, corrupted our schools to destroy our youth and our future, corrupted our press and our government, murdered our men and women in wars, poisoned our living environment, etc. We have the right, the means and the duty to recover our losses from them as best we can. Rather than going after the Jewish bankers who have ruined us, Ron Paul bails them out by offering them gold in payment of the debts the Jewish bankers have deliberately created for the American People. Rather than taking back the gold and other assets which World Jewry have stolen from America, Paul offers up all of our wealth to the exploitation of unfettered robber baron Jewish Capitalism. I could say much more on this subject but I suspect this will suffice for now.