Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Latest Video from the Timothy McVeigh Team

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A day after my last blog, the agents provocateur are featuring a video likely to appear before Congress in the near future, where it will probably be compared to the Al Qaeda training films and presented as if an example of "Home Grown Terrorism" and "violent radicalization". How many of these clowns are former military, as was McVeigh? Why do their videos mirror CIA manufactured videos of supposed "Moslem terrorists"? Is this by design, so as to offer the government a pretext to take away our rights?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Will There Be a False Flag Attack Meant to Destroy the Anti-Zionist Movement and Breach the First Amendment?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There is a crew of subversive operatives attempting to bring disrepute and ruin upon the anti-Zionist movement. In their attempts to destroy the reputation of others, they have ruined their own credibility. In an effort to recover some of their original following, they have feigned several fights and splits, hoping to lure the gullible into one phoney faction or the other, and to spread chaos across the anti-Zionist movement. Most troubling is the fact that some of those whom they have smeared are inexplicably promoting these operatives, which indicates that there have been long standing relationships, centralization of purpose, cooperation and perhaps partnerships between them.

One of these hoaxsters acts like those rabbis who paint swastikas on the walls of their own synagogues in hopes of attracting sympathy and an audience for their Zionist agenda. He pretends that he is the victim of surveillance and intimidation. His wild stories are unverifiable and childish. Most troubling is the fact that some others are willing to play along with his fantasies.

Unable to win back an audience to these known hoaxsters, a new band of phonies has emerged, which promotes the hoaxes of the original crew, itself a substitute for earlier agents. They are clumsy M-TV wannabees and agents provocateur, who reek of coffee and doughnuts even through a computer monitor, so much do they act like police, agents of the police, or career informers and subversives.

There is a classically Jewish odor to this farce, the gangrenous stink of that branch of the human family which seeks to bring death to all the others. They are supported in their attempts to discredit and jail us by the mainstream Jewish controlled media, which features them as if typical of us, which they are not.

They are shameless self-promoters and self-advertisers. They act like spoiled and rotten children, juvenile decades below their years, and are disgustingly and embarrassingly neurotic, often perverse and frequently vulgar. They promote Jewish causes, such as discrediting the achievements of Wernher von Braun and Arthur Rudolph, in the guise of promoting anti-Zionism. They are habitual smearmongers. They are persistent plagiarists. They promote and cause disunity in the anti-Zionist movement, while claiming they are the only and the original source of the information they parrot from those whom they attack. Theirs is the textbook method of the professional subversive.

I am concerned by their prolonged, and now intensified calls for violence. What can such acts of violence possibly accomplish? Nothing good can come of their incitements to harming others. It is obvious that they are attempting to provoke and/or stage an act of violence which can then be falsely attributed to the anti-Zionist movement in general, and specifically to all those who have foolishly associated themselves with this operation, which I will call "Operation Blowhard" after its most vocal and ridiculous performer. This crew will likely be accused of promoting "Home Grown Terrorism" and of "radicalizing" Americans with anti-Zionism. Their words have already been broadcast on the brass bells, trumpets and whistles of the Jewish controlled mass media thereby sounding a death knell for the anti-Zionist movement.

I, for one, shun them. I speak out against them and their calls for violence and nihilistic Jewish revolution. Let the record show that authentic anti-Zionists shun the agents provocateur calling for violence and revolution, who are obviously working for organized Jewry in a campaign to misrepresent, discredit and eventually to imprison and perhaps even execute sincere members of the anti-Zionist movement, as happened in the Soviet Union where an earlier generation of crypto-Jewish revolutionaries called for violence and revolution as if self-destruction would save the Russian People from the Jewish bankers. Immediately after the Jewish takeover of Russia, perpetrated by crypto-Jews as if a "revolution" by the Russian masses, Jewry began to systematically mass murder all those who stood in their way.

Those who have spoken out against disproportionate and destructive Jewish influence have often been pacificists, including Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Henry Ford and Richard Wagner. Authentic anti-Zionism today is a message of peace and the preservation of American society. Zionism is violence, destruction, racism, wars and revolution. To be an authentic anti-Zionist is to oppose Zionist violence, Zionist destruction, Zionist racism, Zionist wars and Zionist revolution.

Shun those who call for violence. They will only accomplish our destruction, which is their goal. They are aligned with the sources of the Jewish false flag terrorism against which they pretend to rail, so as to set the stage for more of it. They are out to hand the government and the media an excuse to cut off our rights of free speech. They are the modern day Bolsheviks who want us to destroy ourselves and our nation. They are showing us how, by inciting violence and revolution. They are carefully concocted poison. Swallow their line and they will reel you in and with you perhaps the entire anti-Zionist movement.

Our best hope is to lawfully, peacefully and responsibly engage in the political process, which includes the religions, media and academia as well as the government. The professional agents provocateur are calling for violence so that they can discredit us and provide an excuse for the government to take away our rights. It should be obvious that no such acts can accomplish anything good for us, that they will harm innocents, and that they are illegal. Do not fall into their trap or nibble at their poison.

Most tellingly, this crew of phoney anti-Zionists rails against the anti-Zionists imprisoned in Europe for saying things Jewry does not want said, so as to erode their support among authentic anti-Zionists, and in so doing chill and confuse opposition to laws which proscribe anti-Zionist speech. This demonstrates that they are a false flag operation designed by organized Jewry to harm and hinder the anti-Zionist movement and that one of their primary objectives is take away our rights of freedom of expression. Who else would ridicule those imprisoned for exercising their rights of free speech against the interests of organized Jewry? In so doing these operatives are in fact ridiculing free speech and those who exercise that right, while turning those who have common cause with those in prison against them and against their own rights and interests.