Sunday, July 06, 2008

On Controlled Opposition in the Current Presidential Election and in the Anti-Zionist Movement

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews have long owned both major political parties in America. The Chicago Daily Tribune reported an accusation on 3 February 1873 on page 2, that the Rothschilds had gained control over a political party in order to sabotage it and secure victory for their candidate,

"In a paper on Federalism, read before the Liberal Club last night by Mr. Delmar, the following remarkable passage made some sensation: 'The people have tacitly committed their entire interests and fortunes to the keeping of two political parties, whose leaders and managers, instead of Congress, as was intended, sway their destinies. It is charged that, knowing this, the Rothschilds, through their American agent, obtained control of one of these parties in the general election of 1868, and threw it into confusion by abandoning its Presidential candidate on the eve of election, so as to afford victory to its opponent, whose financial views more nearly accorded with the interests of that great house.'"

In the 1870's, Major Osman Bey wrote that,

"As a proof of this latter assertion, we need only recall the fact that a Jew by the name of August Belmont (an agent of Rothschild and represented to be an illegitimate offspring of his Dynasty) has for a number of years been the chairman of the National Committee of a political party, and by his shrewd management has always succeeded in leading that party to defeat. It is susceptible of proof that the financial policy of the opposing party was the one under which his business was most prosperous. Why then should he desire a change?"Major Osman Bey, English translation by F. W. Mathias, The Conquest of the World by the Jews, an Historical and Ethnical Essay, Part 19, St. Louis, (1878).

Henry Morgenthau reported that in 1919 the Zionist Jews in Poland used unscrupulous tactics to subvert Polish democracy and attain Jewish control over the Polish Government,

"They admitted that their fifty-six could sway legislation only in case of close divisions among the other parties. It became clear that their hope must be to encourage such divisions."— H. Morgenthau, "The Jews in Poland", The World's Work, Volume 43, Number 5, (April, 1922), pp. 617-630, at 624.

One of the crew of subversive Nihilists who often try to steal my thunder in the anti-Zionist movement, decries Ron Paul on the same grounds as I did before him, but then iterates the same Jewish Ayn Rand dogma that psychopathic selfishness is good for the individual and for society, and that the Goyim should not practice charity. This clown preaches the Jewish dogma of the "Elect" and the Uebermensch, which appeared in the Zionist Reformation against Catholicism, and which has been a staple of Jewish racism from at least the time of the Torah, the Prophets, and the Book of Enoch. He describes a Utopia in which those who disagree with him are jailed or otherwise done away with. He sounds in some ways very much like a mixture of messianic Jewish religious dogma, Marx and Adam Smith, iterating the same destructive Jewish Ayn Rand dogma as Ron Paul, while parroting my criticisms of Paul. This man promotes disunity and suspicion in the anti-Zionist movement, which is an old Jewish and more recent CIA tactic to undermine the opposition by joining it and destroying it from within.

The election was rigged before it began to offer us the non-choice of one of three Zionist puppet presidential candidates, John McCain, Barrack Obama or Ron Paul. The subversives in the anti-Zionist movement now call for nihilistic Jewish destruction, Jewish revolution and absolute rule by the "Elect". They are attempting to steer the anti-Zionists into adopting ancient Zionist plans for a Jewish Utopia, under the guise of opposing Zionism, just as the Germans were tricked into creating the Jewish State of Israel under the guise of opposing Jewry.