Friday, October 03, 2008

Jewry Stabs America in the Back and Openly Steals 700 Billion Dollars from the American People: A Deliberate Provocation to an American Revolution

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Influential Jews in Germany beat the drums for war in Germany prior to the First World War. Influential Jews in Germany sabotaged Germany during the war. After the war, influential Jews in Germany blamed Germany for the war and demanded that Germany pay for the war. Swarms of Eastern European Jews flooded Germany after the war. Jews in Germany promoted Communist Revolution in Germany and destroyed the Monarchy. After learning that Germany would not succumb to an openly Communist Revolution, Jews in Germany created the controlled opposition of the Nazi Revolution in Germany. Jewry leveled Germany a second time during the Second World War, and divided the nation stealing a large chunk for the Communists.

I believe the Jewish theft of 700 billion dollars is equivalent to the Jewish theft of German assets during and after World War One, and the Jewish theft of Russian assets following the Jewish "Russian" Revolution. In both instances, Jewry provoked a nation to war, then subverted the weakened nation leaving it ripe for revolution, then promoted and led the revolutions Jewry attempted and accomplished.

In the case of Germany, Jews demanded war in the press they controlled. They promised the Kaiser that Germany would profit from the war and that Jewry were behind Germany. During the war, Jewry betrayed Germany to the Zionists and brought American into the war against Germany. Jewry sold Germany substandard weapons and ammunition. Jewry promoted strikes and other subversive actions which weakened Germany during the war. Jewry led Wilson to promise Germany a just end to the war. Then Jewry carried out revolutionary attempts. Then Jewry, including German Jewry, blamed Germany for the war Jewry caused. Jewry led the German People to hate and destroy their own government and society. Then Jewry inflated German money and stole the wealth of the nation. Then Jewry put Hitler in power and burned Europe a second time in the flames of another Gentile Holocaust. Then Jewry promoted internationalism in Germany and destroyed German culture, German tradition, German ethnicity and German religion. Jewry has waged war against Germany's reputation for centuries, and the flagrant attack is ongoing.

In the case of Russia, Jewry promoted pan-Slavism. Jewry defamed the Czar in the international press for centuries. Jewry defamed Russia in the international press of the West for centuries. Jewry brought Russia into war with Japan and financed Japan, while blocking Russian access to the money markets. Jewry promoted and led revolutions. Jewry caused and led crippling strikes. Jewry led the Russian People to hate and destroy their own government and society. Then Jewry mass murdered tens of millions of Christian Slavs. Then Jewry promoted internationalism in Russia and destroyed Russian culture, Russian tradition, Russian ethnicity and Russian religion. Finally, Jewry disbanded the Soviet Union and raped Russian wealth in the name of Capitalism and Democracy. Jewry always promoted alcohol and drug abuse among Slavs and in Asia. Jewry has waged war against Russia's reputation for centuries, and the flagrant attack is ongoing.

These facts prompt the question, how will the Jewish Bolshevization of America proceed. I believe that the Jewish theft of 700 billion dollars through Jews and Jewish puppets in the American Government is a deliberate provocation to the American People to revolt against the Jewish subverted government. Jewry is openly exposing its complete control over the government and media of the United States. They are leading Americans to hate their own government, while blinding them to the fact that it is Jewry which is at fault, not the fundamental system of government we enjoy in America. I believe that Jewry is using the model they used in the Russian Revolution to provoke Americans to destroy their government and nation instead of opposing Jewry. Jewry will first attempt to lead a Communist Revolution in the name of saving American currency, jobs, health care and sovereignty, and instead attempt to destroy American currency, jobs, health care and sovereignty. Jewry is destroying America and frustrating Americans and will soon propose massive strikes and revolution and a gold standard as if their nihilistic prescriptions will heal the disease they have deliberately spread.

Americans are gullible but not so gullible as to miss the lies and hypocrisy in the current election cycle. Americans are gullible and are probably so gullible as to be led into a nihilistic response to the Jewish attack. So Jewry will attempt to provoke Americans to destroy their own nation in the name of saving it. Jewish agents like Ron Paul will step forward like Boris Yeltsin did in Russia, and lead America into ruin in the name of Capitalism. But I believe Ron Paul is another Kerensky who will step aside for a real Trotsky.

I do not think Jewry will succeed in this effort. It will then fall back on the Nazi model. They will have their agents promote an anti-Semitic revolution, which Jewry will covertly control. They will promote segregation and war. They will force Jews to Israel, and like the Jews of Egypt take the gold and silver and gems of the Americans with them.

How can anyone claim surprise? Jewry is doing what it has always done. Jewry is destroying its host body, sucking the last blood out of the corpse and quietly packing its bags for flight to greener pastures, taking care to stuff them with their Goy neighbors' wealth.

Should common Jews resist their evil leaders' designs, they will find an unkind boot in the back ultimately steered by a Jewish leash held in a Jewish hand slipping from the shadows like the serpent descending the tree of knowledge to chase them from the garden.

If the anti-Zionist movement had heeded my advice to capture the Jewish controlled "Ron Paul Revolution", we would today be in the position to educate the American People about our enemy World Jewry and how it is stealing away our wealth, our sovereignty, our dignity, our rights, our decency, and our future. As it stands, the obscenely incompetent presidential candidates who flaunt their Jewish control, control the stage and the script. The Jewish poison works and the Gentiles have yet to learn to swallow the antidote of demanding proportional participation and representation in government, the economy, the press and high finance which would save them from the Jewish threat to enslave them and then exterminate them, which is openly stated in the Jewish Holy books which so many Gentiles revere.

If you do not believe in the authenticity of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, then do not dare doubt the authenticity of the Old Testament, which promises the Jews a Gentiless world of their own. The extermination of the hated Goys is what Jewry are up to and that is what they are about to accomplish if you let them. The death of the American promise of freedom and fairness is a giant step on the path to the death of the human race. World Jewry is racing to bring about the death America. They are openly spitting in your eye and stealing your money in the hopes you will align with their false champions to save you, their Hitlers, their Stalins, their Trotsky's, Maos and Pol Pots. Jewry is weakening us and angering us, so that we will follow their false leader off the edge of a cliff. Instead, we must remain determined to preserve our nation and rid ourselves of the traitors without succumbing to the incitement to destroy ourselves. We can grow our economy quickly if we take control of our own money supply, force organized Jewry to pay us for the wars and economic ruin they have heaped upon us, and we will gain the good will of the World if we begin to fight back against our mortal enemy, the Jewish State of Israel. Trade will prosper in a stable and cooperative World, which pursues justice and the welfare of all of humanity, save those whose religion and mission it is to destroy the World.

For the sake of the preservation of the human race, preserve America by fighting back directly against World Jewry which is attacking America, and leave America standing in the process. We can recover quickly if we act quickly. Do not fall into the Jewish pit of self-destruction, which consumed Egypt, Greece, Rome, England, Spain, Turkey, Russia and Germany.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

On the Sophistry of Ron Paul and the Other Jewish Controlled Gold Bugs

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ron Paul and his fellow Jewish owned Gold Bugs consistently spread several lies in order to dupe the American People into adopting a gold standard money system. Paul lies and states that a fiat money system intrinsically causes inflation, when in fact it can as easily cause deflation. Paul lies and claims that a gold standard prevents inflation by preventing government from spending beyond the limitations of the money supply.

The deliberate lie that a gold standard inhibits overspending is a myth spread by many agents of the Jewish bankers. It is an obvious absurdity on its face, just as the false claim that a credit card holder's ability to pay his or her debts is an absolute bar to overspending. A credit card holder can run up unpayable debts, as can a government. When such overspending creates unpayable debts, all a gold standard accomplishes is increased profits for gold holders and the ability of the Jewish bankers to bleed off more American wealth.

In fact, overspending can result in unpayable debt under a gold standard more easily than under a fiat system. The solution to overspending is political, and going to a gold standard in no way inhibits the government from overspending. Overspending can be stopped under a fiat system or gold standard through legislation and/or political pressure which reins in those who would run us into debt to the Jewish bankers.

Governments operating on a gold standard often run up unpayable debts, often as a result of Jewish instigated wars. Ron Paul would have us enter into such a dilemma by having us adopt a gold standard at a time when we have unpayable debts. Of course, inflation can occur as easily under a gold standard as it does with fiat money. The government need only debase the hard money coinage by decreasing the percent of precious metals in the coins, and/or reducing their weight for a given face value. Should the government, under its Jewish control, elect not to debase a hard money system, while at the same time fighting wars and running up other debts for Jewry, then the taxpayer is required to surrender his wealth to Jewish gold merchants abroad to pay the debts which cannot by paid with extant American coinage, which again results in a wealth transfer to Jewry.

Surely Ron Paul is not so naive, uninformed or stupid as to be unaware of these facts. Surely, he is a willing agent of the Jewish bankers, another Nelson W. Aldrich of another stripe working for criminal Jewish bankers as a controlled opposition leader.

Why Bailout the Jewish Bankers?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish bankers want to transfer more American wealth into Jewish coffers. I predicted long ago that World Jewry would cut back on credit, inflate our currency and destroy our economy while concurrently sabotaging our ability to recover from their deliberate attack. I further predicted that they would seek to institute banker bailouts, instead of prosecuting the criminal bankers. I also predicted that their agents, including Ron Paul, would step forward to propose a gold standard as if a solution to the crimes of the bankers and the Federal Reserve when World Jewry deliberately destroys the banking system and the American dollar.

When the Union faced a financial crisis during the Civil War, which war Jewry created, Lincoln elected to print so-called Greenbacks to pay the expenses Jewry artificially created to bleed America of our wealth. Jewry responded by deliberately debasing the Greenback and manipulating the gold and silver markets. America ought to have responded by waging war on Jewry, but did not and instead ultimately transferred American wealth to Jewry as a consequence to the Jewish manufactured Civil War.

Instead of bleeding ourselves dry paying for Jewish wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with the attendent loss of good will toward our nation, we ought to wage war on World Jewry and its official State, the Jewish State of Israel, which are waging war on us. Instead of bailing out the Jewish bankers through Wall Street, we ought to issue a new generation of Greenbacks while concurrently retiring Federal Reserve Notes, which will help protect the dollar from inflation and which will put the Federal Reserve out of business. The new Greenbacks should circulate in the form of loans made directly from the American Government directly to the American People to be paid back in Federal Reserve Notes, which will then be retired. As Jewry attempts to debase the new Greenbacks, we ought to confiscate their wealth through civil lawsuit and criminal prosecution and by isolating the Jewish State and drying it up economically.

Force World Jewry to make restitution for the World Wars, and then the remainder of the wars and revolutions Jewry has caused and from which Jewry has profited. Defang World Jewry and seek justice for their crimes by jailing their leaders and confiscating their ill-gotten wealth.

The historic record is clear. Jewry attacked Europe and raped its economies and mass murdered its Peoples for centuries. They have repeatedly done the same to America. Jewry caused and profited from the stock market crashes in the Black Fridays of Wall Street in New York, as well as other financial calamities, in 1869, 1873, 1879, 1893, 1907, and 1929; in Prussia in the 1870's; in the Black Friday of Vienna in 1873; and in London after the battle of Waterloo, an event that began the large scale emigration of German Jews to America, which increased after the Jewish-led revolutions of 1848. After Jewry attacked the Germanic Peoples of Europe, Wilhelm Marr, a Jew, coined the term "Anti-Semite". In its article entitled "ANTI-SEMITISM", The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume 1, The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Inc., New York, (1939), pp. 341-409, at 341; states:

"The word was probably first used by Wilhelm Marr, said to have been a converted Jew, in Der Sieg des Judentums ueber das Germanentum, a pamphlet which he published in 1879, the same year in which he founded the Anti-Semitic League; two years later he began publication of Zwanglose antisemitische Hefte."

Had we an authentic anti-Zionist Presidential Candidate, this would be an ideal opportune moment for him or her to demonstrate the Jewish destruction of America and what ought to be done about it.

America has long considered attacks on our economy to be a casus belli. We must now fight back against World Jewry or perish at their hands.