Friday, October 10, 2008

The Jewish Desire to Exterminate Non-Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Voltaire said of the Jews,

"They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race."--Voltaire as quoted in A.Gould, What Did They Think of The Jews?, Jason Aronson Inc., New Jersey, (1991), p. 90. Gould cites: "Voltaire, Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron, 1771, in The French Enlightenment, p.300"

I have been asked to provide support for my statement in a previous blog,

" not dare doubt the authenticity of the Old Testament, which promises the Jews a Gentiless world of their own. The extermination of the hated Goys is what Jewry are up to and that is what they are about to accomplish if you let them."

I was referring to such Old Testament prophecies and promises as Psalms 2; 72, Isaiah 11:4; 42:1, and Jeremiah 33:15-16, which state that the Jewish King will receive God's support to exterminate the Goyim. Note that I am not referring to Christian interpretations of such passages, but to Jewish beliefs, which are very different from Christianity. The Old Testament frequently states that Jews are the Chosen People and are God's People, and that to follow God is to be a Jew.

The Old Testament frequently states that those who do not follow God, that is those who are not Jews, shall perish forever, for example in Isaiah chapters 65 and 66.

Cabalah and the Talmud did not arise in a vacuum, rather they are Jewish commentaries on the Old Testament, and we must judge what the Old Testament means to Jews by listening to what Jews have written and said about it. The Jews have long known that God will not come down and create the Gentiless "new heavens and a new earth" (Isaiah 65:17). The Jews also hold to the notion that they are the "elect" (Isaiah 65:9), the "Chosen" (Deuteronomy 7:6), and this is most clearly stated in the Jewish books of Enoch, which are apocryphal, but which evince Old Testament genocidal intent. Only the "elect" will survive into the new world the Jews are busy building.

Jews believe that they are God, and therefore must fulfill these messianic prophecies themselves. This is clear in the Cabalah and in such mundane Jewish sources as Moses Hess. This is what I mean when I say, that "is what Jewry are up to and that is what they are about to accomplish if you let them." They have no faith that God will do these promised things for them, and do not doubt that they are God and must do these things for themselves. Do not expect to find logical consistency in Judaism, and please do not fault me for addressing and defining their self-contradictory beliefs.

I close with a quotation from Martin Luther, who recognized the reality that the Jews are out to exterminate the Goyim (the scholars Johannes Buxtorf and Johann Andreas Eisenmenger, among many others, made similar statements). Luther wrote,

"Further, they presume to instruct God and prescribe the manner in which he is to redeem them. For the Jews, these very learned saints, look upon God as a poor cobbler equipped with only a left last for making shoes. This is to say that he is to kill and exterminate all of us Goyim through their Messiah, so that they can lay their hands on the land, the goods, and the government of the whole world. And now a storm breaks over us with curses, defamation, and derision that cannot be expressed with words. They wish that sword and war, distress and every misfortune may overtake us accursed Goyim. They vent their curses on us openly every Saturday in their synagogues and daily in their homes. They teach, urge, and train their children from infancy to remain the bitter, virulent, and wrathful enemies of the Christians."-- M. Luther, Von den Juden und ihren Luegen, Hans Lufft, Wittenberg, (1543); Reprinted, Ludendorffs, Muenchen, (1932); English translation by Martin H. Bertram, "On the Jews and Their Lies", Luther's Works, Volume 47, Fortress Press, Philadelphia, (1971), pp. 123-306, at 264.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

How Do You Fight a War, When You Have No Money? Jewry Is Setting Up Iran for a Nuclear Holocaust

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As troubling as the economic collapse is--it will consume hundreds of millions, if not billions, of lives--there is another issue of immediate concern to the World. The Presidential and Vice Presidential debates evince that Jewry is planning to incinerate Iran with nuclear bombs, and to draw Russia into a nuclear war.

The Jews and their puppets in Washington and the mass media are vilifying Russians and Iranians and making a show of their fealty and fidelity to Israel. Jewry often manufactures such irrational and needless strife in preparation for a Jewish manufactured war and Jewish manufactured genocides.

Before destroying Russia in the early 20th Century, Jewry vilified the Czar and Russia with falsehoods around the World in the Jewish controlled press. Jewry brought Russia into war and ruined Russia economically.

We see today that Jewry has brought Russia into war and ruined Russia economically. Jewry are vilifying Russia and Russian leaders around the World with falsehoods. We are about to go to war with Russia at the behest of the Jews.

But how can America afford to fight a war with any nation, let alone with Russia, which consumed Napoleon and Hitler? There is today a very inexpensive way to fight wars, one which will cost us everything. When Jewry wanted to end World War Two and start Israel, they dropped atomic bombs on Japan. Today, the Jewish "Messiah" demands that Jewry in America and Russia emigrate to Palestine. As in the past when Meir Kahane tried to start World War Three with the Soviet Union in order to force Jewish emigration to occupied Palestine, Jewry is today trying to instigate World War Three. They suspect that either the American Jewish population or the Russian Jewish population will survive and emigrate. They do not care that large swaths of Jewish straw men will be cut down, as the Zionist Jewish fanatic Israel Zangwill declared long ago, because there will be other Jews to fill their shoes and stamp out the Palestinians, and other Arabs in "Greater Israel".

But how can a nation fight a war without money? The same way that America ended a war without much expense, by incinerating cities and evaporating large civilian populations. But first Jewry must make us afraid that we face a real threat from nuclear attack. America, under Jewish rule, is a callous and bloodthirsty nation. We weep over the falling stock market, but spare no tears for the million we murdered in Iraq. I suspect, though, that we have not yet rotted our souls enough that we will cut down tens millions of innocent people on a whim.

Therefore, I suspect that World Jewry will instigate some nuclear attack in order to condition the American People and the American military to attack defenseless people with cowardly and cost effective nuclear bombs. They wish to finally exterminate the Russian People. Jews are not teaching Christian Zionists to demand a nuclear attack on Russia merely for the joy of spreading their irrational ancient Jewish hatred of the human race, rather Jewry plans to attack Russia with nuclear weapons in the near future.

Consider that fact while lamenting the collapse of the World economy at the hands of International Jewry. Hunger causes desperation and mob behavior. Jews are masters at creating and pitting deranged mobs against one another. They regularly do it on a national and international level.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Anti-Christ Is Anxious

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews' "Messiah", the man whom they believe is God's/Satan's presence on Earth, is desperate to ascend his earthly throne in Jerusalem. He has given the order to begin the Apocalypse. We will soon face worldwide depression and a nuclear world war. The blade is held high in a steady and determined Jewish hand and is about to separate mankind from life.

I publicly predicted these events years ago. Compared to many others, I received very little scorn, because the enemy did not wish to draw attention to what I had to say, knowing that I could prove what I had said and that my predictions would stand the test of time. I instead faced, for the greater part, a tombish wall of silence.

The Jewish Anti-Christ is anxious. He is deliberately making real the prophecies and plans of World Jewry enumerated in the Old Testament, the Talmud, the Cabalistic works, and the Shabbataian Cabalah. This Satan worshiping monster is willing to risk all in order to win all. He is willing to risk his destruction in order to bring about your destruction, in order to wreck, spit upon, and demean God's creation, God's highest creation, the human race. He rejoices when one branch of the human family demeans and attacks another limb on the tree of humanity, for the rot spreads and the withering boughs, crawling with fat parasites, send the venom to the roots, where the end begins. Better let us unite against the common enemy and balance the tree against the storm, which blows from every direction.

Are you also anxious? Do you want to live? Do you want your children to have a future? Do you want the human race to continue? If so, will you risk all, to rescue all, or are you weaker and more wretched than the Devil's own son?

For years, I have contemplated writing a screen play which will depict the events of the crowning of the Anti-Christ. I wish to give voice to his hatred of the Goy, put the Jewish Holy books into his mouth and let humanity hear the words of Death spoken in guttural and gut-wrenching Hebrew and Jiddisch. I want to show the World the future, the babies burning, the old drying into skeletons without food or dignity, the heads of state climbing the steps of the Temple of Satan in Jerusalem, where the Devil's child will judge and behead them and order the mass murder of their Gojisch subjects.

Perhaps, if mankind could see this, witness it if only with his eyes, he would begin to taste the blood which is already pouring from his pierced forehead and hear the screaming in his ears to act which kind Nature has shouted to him from the beginning calling him to fight and to survive. Or will you whimper and crawl in the mud mixed from your own blood, liked a crushed leech eventually drying to dust and forgotten forever, returning to the rot and stinking peat from which he came?

Who will look upon the Sun and wonder where we are going, when we are gone? Who will ask of God why we were so weak and frightened, when the last of us has melted into the past?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What Will Become of the Shabbas Goy Intelligentsia of America?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

American academics, writers, politicians, business leaders, etc. have been sponsoring Jewish supremacism in America ever since the influx of Jews into America which took place in escalating waves following the Battle of Waterloo, the Jewish revolutions of 1848 and the blowback from the Jewish assassination of the Czar of Russia from the 1880's through the 1910's. American intellectuals have promoted Jewish interests, including wars, the Jewish robber barons, the Jewish banking systems and Federal Reserve, metaphysical mythologies, the poisoning of the environment, the attacks of the medical community especially on women and the mentally ill, the corrosion of politics and public debate into Jewish shouting matches, etc.

These intellectuals are about to pay the price for their fidelity and fealty to the tribal Jews who have taken over American universities, associations, businesses, government, legal system and the press and mass media. We have historical examples of what happens to the Gentile intellectuals following Jewish revolutions. In Russia and the Ottoman Empire, the Jews summarily executed Gentile intellectuals in the millions, then stole their property and positions. In Germany, the Nazis, under their ultimate Jewish leadership, subverted the German educational system (not an easy task) and imprisoned and murdered fellow socialists who chose not to wear the hooked cross of the NSDAP.

The Gentiles leaders in America are about to be scapegoated for Jewish crimes, and the Jews will trick Americans into mass murdering their brightest and most successful Gentile citizens, to have them replaced by dogmatic and intellectually sterile Jews who will be promoted on the basis of their ethnicity, not merit, as has already happened in America, though the process will become infinitely more brutal and sudden.

Will American Ingenuity Come to the Rescue?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We will be forced to create new methods of funding business. Jewry has consistently promoted speculation as the means of raising capital. There are other means.

Koreans have worked out a method of financing their fellows in which they raise capital in a pool, while concurrently educating their people in specific areas. They then provide each new person with a career as they come of age and encourage their success by patronizing their businesses and professional offices.

Business can also obtain financing through preorder, as opposed to blind speculation. Loans can also be made directly from government as a means of introducing currency into the nation. The opportunity for bias and corruption is high, so the local communities must have oversight over such a system.

My ultimate message is that we need not rely on Jewry to restrict our options to such ridiculous measures as paying Jewry to rob us with "bailouts" to the Jewish bankers. Nor do we need to borrow their gold at interest to use as money. We can take control over own fate and capitalize our own communities without the Jewish middle man, the Jewish front man, or the Jewish tax collector.

The Anti-Zionist Movement Should Protest Wall Street Jewry

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Just as the anti-Zionist Movement has successfully taught the World that Jewry was behind 9/11 and benefitted from it, the Anti-Zionist Movement should protest Wall Street Jewry. There ought to be protestors on Wall Street with signs bearing the Mogen David.

Resist all provocations, bring cameras, follow every law and permit requirement, and wait for the Jews to attack, then remain peaceful and law abiding, and capture everything on video. Do not attempt this unless you can bring many witnesses and have covert people in the crowd to capture what happens on video and carry it away and or broadcast it out from the scene such that the information, the audio and video, cannot be confiscated.

The financial crisis is a Jewish manufactured crisis which will intentionally cause the murder of millions, if not billions, around the globe from starvation, war, and government orchestrated genocide. Let the World know who has done this to us.

We also need videos explaining how Jewry destroyed the World economy and demonstrating how Jews control the highest levels of the American Government. Show how the American Government paid Jewry for the privilege of the rape of America.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Proof that the Russian Government and Media Are Jewish Controlled

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been warning for a long time that Jewry wants to spill more Russian blood and manufacture a Third World War. My predictions are coming true. I also warned the Russians of the danger of the Israelis and their Christian Zionist fifth column in the United States.

I advised the Russians to expose the fact that Christians in America were being corrupted by Jews, many of them the children of Russian Jews who loathe Russia and Russians, to call for a nuclear attack on Russia, which the Jews have taught Christians is the Gog and Magog of the Bible, in direct contradiction to the New Testament. Russians spend a great deal of money on their national defense. They object to the introduction of new weapons systems into Europe. Why do they ignore and fail to act against the single greatest threat to their survival, the Israelis and their Christian Zionist fifth column in the United States? Why do the Russian government and media ignore the Jewish attack on Russia in the Jewish controlled American media?

The answer is simple. Russia, too, suffers from a fifth column of traitorous Jews and their agents in government and media. Just as Jews and Jewish interests in America beat the drums for war against Russia, falsely blaming Russians for Jewish crimes, such as the turmoil in Ossetia; just as Jews in America scapegoat Russians for Jewish crimes and call for the mass murder of Russians, Jews in Russia protect Jewish interests by blinding Russians to the threats eminating from Jews in America and from their slavish and mentally troubled fifth column of Christian Zionists who publicly call for the nuclear annihilation of Russia.

The Jewish media around the World lie and claim that Ahmadinejad of Iran called for the physical annihilation of Israel, why are the Russian government and media silent on the very real threats and calls for war against Russia coming from Jews and Christian Zionists in America? One is forced to conclude that the Russian Government is working for the interests of World Jewry and not the interests of the Russian People. The Christian Zionists are vital to Israel's subversion of American politics and the traitors in Russia will do nothing to comprise Jewry's hold on these American pseudo-Christians, even to save Russia from a nuclear holocaust. Far from it, they are deliberately fueling the fires of unnecessary conflict and blinding the Russian People as to who is their true mortal enemy.

But Russians have a long history of life with Jews, and with the Jewish genocides of Slavs. The common Russian knows that Jewry is behind the present hostilities which are being artificially manufactured. They have yet to learn the danger the Jews' psychotic slaves in America, the Christian Zionists, pose to Russia.

The Russian People should study this threat and expose it. The issue should be raised in the United Nations. The trail will lead straight to the Jewish money and Jewish media power behind Christian Zionism, and to the Israeli Government's acknowledged role in subverting American internal politics through their deluded and murderous corps of Christian Zionists.