Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shun the Agents Provocateur!

The Communist Manifesto, plank number 6, states,

"Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State."--Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Communist Manifesto, Bantom Books, New York, (1992), p. 42.

The Jews already largely own and/or control the means of communication, but there are now a slew of agents provocateur who have recently been trying to provoke "patriots" to insane acts of violence. Their crazy message has been tellingly consistent from agent to agent.

These agents of Jewry shame the unemployed and call patriots "cowards". They attack the self-esteem of their intended target, emphasizing his frustrations, then propose the insane notion that he can relieve his stress by murdering people. They talk about how easy it would be for snipers to murder a few dozen persons and reassure the target psycho that this would render him a hero and give meaning to his life, and that it would be successful in transferring the target's alleged cowardice to that of the "enemy", i.e. that murdering a few of the "enemy's" leaders would cause the other "enemy leaders" to run scared.

This is obviously a centrally controlled psychological operation meant to find some psychopath and provoke him to murder, so that the Jews can then shut down our means of communication, and criminalize the Anti-Zionist Movement. It is a false flag operation targeting the reputation of anti-Zionists, and the Jews' goal is to have some idiot illegally harm some person, so that the Jews can then cry foul in the mass media they control and have the Congress they control curtail our fundamental human rights to freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of assembly, etc.

Shun these provoking agents of World Jewry who are advocating violence and murder. Let everyone know that they are the enemies of the Anti-Zionist Movement and that their goal is to shut us down. Stongly condemn all voices calling out for violence and murder.

Note that these agents provocateur are professional defeatists who discourage all political action. They do not want us to use legal and responsible means to defend our rights, nor do they want us to run a legitimate anti-Zionist Presidential candidate.

Instead, as the same Mossad agents do to the Muslims, they are attempting to provoke patriots to violence so that the Anti-Zionist Movement will be discredited in the eyes of the World public and made illegal. Do not be so unwise as the few Muslims who have fallen into this trap. Instead consider the results of previous Mossad false flag terrorism, such as 9/11, and how it has cost us our rights, by design. Join me in condemning all calls for violence!

Sincere Anti-Zionists oppose violence. We are lawful citizens defending our rights through legal means against an Israeli attack on our nation. We are not so stupid as to fall into the trap which the Israelis are setting for us.

Oppose violence! Oppose the agents provocateur! Oppose the Bolshevization of the Anti-Zionist Movement! Promote peace! Promote unity! Promote lawful nonviolent political action!

Paulson's Ploy Part II: When Ben Stein Speaks, I Listen. . . to What World Jewry Is Planning

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I listen to what Ben Stein has to say, not because I like him, not because I believe him to be wise or insightful, not because I agree with what he has to say; but rather because I know that he is a prominent spokesman for World Jewry. I listened when Stein talked about Israel dropping a nuclear bomb on Tehran. I listened when Stein pitched the idea that nationalizing the banks would be fine by him. I heard him say it on some cable news network talking heads program. An internet search netted me the following quotes from Stein,

"The Fed must act decisively to calm these fears by reassuring lenders. This might even take the form of legislation allowing the Fed to buy stock in large banks on a temporary basis. The banks are already largely socialized through federal deposit insurance. To add the prop of government capital infusions is not such a big step."--Ben Stein, "Larry, Curly, Moe and the Economy", The New York Times, (13 January 2008).

"In turn, this led to huge infusions of liquidity into the banks of the world, the semi-nationalization of the banks of the United States and of many other nations to shore them up, thaw credit, and bolster world markets and economies. These were drastic steps for drastic times, all generated by derivatives. Warren Buffett had warned us against them, and he was dead right, as always. Now, these acts should help."--Ben Stein, "Why I'm Still Buying", Yahoo! Finance, (17 October 2008).

The fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto states,

"Centralisation of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly."--Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Communist Manifesto, Bantam Books, New York, (1992), p. 42.

The reason why the Jewish bankers want a monopoly on credit is so that they can control the flow of money, eliminate all Goyish competition, control all spending, and most ominously have the power to drive a nation into a crippling endless depression with the flick of a switch by limiting credit. When a Zionist Jew like Ben Stein talks about nationalizing the banks, Americans with any survival instinct left in them ought to rise up against the idea in peaceful, legal and sophisticated protest.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ezra Pound's Canto XLVI -Versus- Ron Paul's Jewish Gold Buggery

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ezra Pound excoriated the Jewish bankers over the radio on 12 February 1942, when he stated, inter alia,

"Well, as Lord Rothermere said: they are unteachable. I don't know how much more they reckon to drop before they get ready for physic. I have said on this radio before now that along about 1695 or 94 the Bank of England was put together, and in 1750 they shut down on the Pennsylvania colony money, and the system of lending paper money out to the farmers. And in 1776 the natural consequences of that dirty London policy of starvin' and cheatin' became, as they say, more apparent. And a year or two later Johnnie Adams said to the British commander: They were havin' a parley, sez John Adams. 'I don't care what capacity I am received in, receive me in any capacity you like except that of a British subject.' So the first large scale effect of the London cheatin', and money monopoly was the loss of American colonies. The Chinese have a method of countin' cycles of 80 years. I don't know that there is much in it, but it seems to work sometimes. Eighty years, from the bank to the American Revolution. About 80 years from startin' the American government to the great betrayal of 1863. Think it over. And from 63 to the present. OUR rise as a state, thru three or four major, but POSITIVE convulsions, like Jefferson's revolt against Hamilton's dirtiness, the Jackson-VanBuren war for the liberation of the American Treasury. Lincoln's sayin', 'give to this people the greatest blessin' they ever had, their own paper to pay their debt. And then the assassination of Lincoln."--Ezra Pound Canto XLVI, as quoted in V. Sherry, Ezra Pound, Wyndham Lewis, and radical modernism, Oxford University Press, New York, (1993), p. 194.

A recording of Pound reading this canto over the radio "Recorded by the Foreign Broadcast Intelligence Service of the FCC [Federal Communications Commission] on February 12, 1942."-- can be heard here:

The Jews stole Pound's freedom and forced him into an insane asylum. Pound advocated fiat currency, which would deprive the Jews of their system of usury through debt-based money creation and/or the use of gold as money. Wikipedia's article on Pound states,

"Pound advocated an abandonment of the current system of money being created by private bankers. He favored government issued currency[13] with no interest to pay, preventing the need for an income tax and national debt, much like the system used by the Pennsylvania Colony from 1723 to 1764.[citation needed] Pound argued that his views on money aligned with those of Thomas Jefferson, as well as with Benjamin Franklin's Colonial Scrip."--

On the Dangers of the Artificial Fulfilment of Jewish Messianic Prophecies

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A reader of my blog has been kind enough to recommend the following articles for my consideration. I pass along the recommendation to my other readers:

Historian Demands Action on Powerful Doomsday Cults by Henry Makow, Ph.D., September 4, 2008

Petition - Apocalypse NO! Not Another Holocaust!

Before endorsing, or putting my name to such a petition, though, I would have to carefully consider each and every element contained therein and would have to qualify my endorsement. I would prefer a line item veto power, or other means of making a qualified endorsement.

Paulson's Ploy: The Danger of Nationalizing the Banks Under the Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It would be a mistake for us to allow the Jews to nationalize (or internationalize) the banks. If we could break the yoke of Jacob, and institute a system which served the American People, instead of World Jewry, that would be a different matter. We could then prosecute the Jewish banker thieves and mass murderers and recover our wealth, while regulating our money supply and credit under a nationalized system in ways that benefitted the general welfare, perhaps initially in ways similar to those proposed by Gottfried Feder.

However, we currently suffer under Jewish control and the Jews will use nationalized banks to gain centralized power over credit just as they have used the Federal Reserve to gain centralized power over the money supply. Such a system gives the Jews a two pronged fork with which skewer the American, and therefore the World, economies; in that it would enable the Jews to tighten credit to the point where they will have at their disposal the means to drive America, and by extension the World, into a Holodomor Ukrainian type depression that will exceed that nightmare and starve us all to death in a perpetual depression designed to accompany their perpetual Jewish Trotskyite revolution/war on the human race.

Imagine the horrors of a centralized Jewish controlled credit system in which the Jews regulate who obtains credit, at which terms, and for what purposes. Imagine the Jews restricting the money supply while concurrently cutting off credit through a unified centralized nationalized bank and Federal Reserve system. Imagine the Mossad having direct access to our loan applications, business plans, etc. and the intelligence gathering power that this implies. It would lead to a far worse and much longer lasting depression than any of our previous depressions. It would signal our death.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Typical Jewish Tactic: Shimon Peres Attempts to Pit Muslims Against Muslims

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For a very long time now, I have been informing the Muslim community that the Israelis are trying to convince Arabs to fight with Israel against Iranians/Persians. The Jews are promising the Palestinians that if they go along with this plan, that Israel will allow the Palestinians a State. The Jews are lying to the Palestinians.

If the Arabs are mislead into this trap by their Freemasonic and crypto-Jewish leadership, by their billionaire financiers, then after Israel does to Iran what it has done to Iraq and Afghanistan and worse, then after Israel has brought the World into chaos, then Israel will build the Temple of Solomon in place of Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock and Israel will begin to exterminate the Palestinians/Canaanites, then the Lebanese, Jordanians, Syrians, Egyptians, etc.

Fox News reports

"Peres praised the interfaith initiative as 'a major U-turn in Arab life' and suggested that Sunni Saudi Arabia may find common ground with Israel in the face of Shiite Iran, which he accused of harboring 'imperial ambitions' in the Middle East."--"Iran May Have to Abandon Nuclear Program, Israeli President Shimon Peres Says", Fox News, (13 November 2008),,2933,451486,00.html

Iran has responded to the thinly veiled aggressive Israeli threat, which threat is illegal under international law:

Iran accuses Israel of abusing U.N. interfaith meeting

I exposed this evil Jewish plot to pit Muslims against Muslims two years ago and attempted numerous times to expose it on "alternative media" talk shows, but was repeatedly silenced. I wrote about it in my blog, in, among others, the following articles:

Deuteronomy 7:2, Israeli War Policy, December 13, 2006

Jewish Power Is Inciting Genocide Against Iranians and Committing Genocide Against the Palestinians, December 17, 2006

A Lever Long Enough to Move the World and a Fulcrum Upon Which to Set It, December 18, 2006

Israeli Fifth Column, Fourth Estate, Religious Subversion, and Incitements to Illegal Aggressive War and Genocide, December 30, 2006

A Clear Pattern Emerges from the Rubble, January 26, 2007

Sunnis Are Being Set Up to Fall. . . into Their Graves, February 02, 2007

Israel Goes in Search of a Scapegoat: Saudi-Israeli Alliance Is a Recipe for Disaster, February 08, 2007

My experience has been that the majority of the "alternative media" are agents of Israel, and those who appear to be fighting one another are in fact working together to confuse, distract and discourage you.

Why am I the sole voice exposing Ron Paul, Christian Zionist Russophobia and the Israeli plan to pit Arabs against Iranians?

Bedros Hajian Interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes on 18 October 2008

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Bedros Hadrian devoted his program to honoring our friend George Apelian. Bedros and I are determined to carry on with George Apelian's work, and in this spirit we discussed the election, the Israeli subversion of America, and the evil spirit that has descended upon our nation.

The interview:

Bedros Hajian Interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes on 18 October 2008

In the interview I discussed the Old Testament story of Esau and Jacob (Genesis chapters 25-27). There have been Jews from antiquity onwards who have created and promoted "anti-Semitism", because many Jews believe hatred inhibits Jewish assimilation. Jews also boast that they stole the wealth of the Egyptians by taking advantage of Egyptian generosity and kindness and asking to borrow their Egyptian neighbors' gold and silver, then stealing the Egyptians' gold and silver as the Jews departed Egypt. Consider the following quotes:

"The metaphysical law that 'Esav hates Yaakov' guards us against the possibility of assimilation and spiritual self-destruction."--Rabbi Zev Leff, "Bo (Exodus 10:1-13:16) Light Unto the Nations", Outlooks and Insights,

"'The Israelites [also] did as Moses had said. They requested silver and gold articles and clothing from the Egyptians. God made the Egyptians respect the people, and they granted their request. [The Israelites] thus drained Egypt of its wealth.' (Exodus 12:35-36)"--Old Testament quotation as appears in Rabbi Zev Leff, "Bo (Exodus 10:1-13:16) Light Unto the Nations", Outlooks and Insights,

Rest in peace, George. It is an honor and a privilege to know you!Thank you for all you taught me and for all that you did for me. I miss you, friend!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Roger Fredinburg Show on RBN

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I wish I could report my experience speaking to Roger Fredinburg on the Republic Broadcasting Network when I called in to his show on RBN on 12 November 2008, but I cannot because I was kept on hold for over an hour until the program ended while Fredinburg babbled through a string of calls that ended with a caller's provocation that gun owning patriots ought to do something, what that something is was left to the imagination of the listener. Were these calls set up? I cannot say. I can say that I have never before heard such a sequence of embarrassing drivel which would tend to discredit the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Prior to this painful discourse, Fredinburg interviewed Dan Hayden. Hayden predicted that the Third Temple of Solomon would soon be built next to the Dome of the Rock. Hayden endorsed Joel Rosenberg's Russophobia in the form of misidentifying Russia with Gog. Hayden accused Ahmadinejad of calling for a Holocaust, yet it appeared to me that Hayden, like Rosenberg, was calling Russia "Gog", which implies that Russia must be destroyed in a Holocaust.

Hayden failed to inform his audience of Joel Rosenberg's background and biases. Joel Rosenberg is the descendent of Russian Jews who by his accounts left Russia to escape alleged Czarist anti-Semitism. Rosenberg is a former aide to former Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. Given his name and his positions on religious politics, the question prompts itself, is Hayden, too, of Jewish descent?

I was going to ask Roger Fredinburg why he tolerated Russophobia and Islamophobia on his program, in the form of misidentifying Russia and the modern Islamic world of the Middle East with Gog and the Battle of Armageddon, and predicting that we are today approaching or indeed are in the throes of the End Times. Fredinburg worries about anti-Semitism. Is he not concerned by Russophobia and Islamophobia? Is he not concerned that a war with Russia would likely destroy America and the rest of humanity in the process, in addition to genociding hundreds of millions of innocent Russians?

I ask Roger Fredinburg to condemn Russophobia and Islamophobia each and every time he refers to anti-Semitism and each and every time they appear on his program. I ask Roger Fredinburg to denounce any and all provocations to violence whenever anyone on his program states that gun owners ought to do something, without specifying what that something is.

I wrote a blog about Joel C. Rosenberg and his destructive Russophobic mythologies, here:

What's All This Zionist Talk of the Battle of Armageddon? Russia and Iran Be Warned! Zionists Be Damned! April 28, 2007

This article follows:

For centuries, Jewish converts to Christianity have been teaching Gentiles the myth that Russia is the Magog of the Jewish book of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. Jewish converts to Christianity have long propagandized the genocidal myth that Russia will produce the anti-Christ and must be utterly destroyed. These Jewish propagandists fail to mention the fact that according to the Christian book of Revelation 20:6-8 the battle against Gog and Magog is post-Millennial and cannot be identified with Russia for a number of reasons,

"6 Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years. 7 And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, 8 And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea."

The Zionist Scofield Reference Bible has been one major source of this Jewish Zionist myth that Russia must be destroyed in the "Battle of Armageddon". But we have more modern Jewish Christians pushing this Jewish Zionist myth on mainstream media, including one Joel C. Rosenberg, who was an aide to Benjamin Netanyahu and worked with other Israeli Prime Ministers. Rosenberg appeared on Glenn Beck's CNN program, where he stated, imter alia,

"Well, I sort of lived a little schizophrenic life, because professionally, I've been working for former Israeli prime ministers and deputy prime ministers, American political leaders.

But personally, I'm an evangelical Christian from an orthodox Jewish heritage. My family actually escaped out of Russia around 1907 when the czar was trying to wipe out of the all the Jews.

So personally I have had a fascination with what do the Bible prophecies say about the coming of Jesus. And where does Russia fit in? Where does Israel fit in? Where does Iran and these Middle Eastern countries fit in?"Joel Rosenberg as quoted in the transcript of "GLENN BECK: Encore Presentation: Honest Questions about the End of Days",,

It is a fair question to ask if Mr. Rosenberg's perspective on Russia has been colored by his view that, "the czar was trying to wipe out of the all the Jews." One might also wonder if Rosenberg is biased to favor an anti-Iranian and anti-Russian interpretation of the Bible by his close contacts with Israel's chief leaders. Rosenberg stated, among other things,

"Well, Gog is not a name. We're not talking about Fred Gog or Dmitri Gog. This is a title, like a pharaoh or a czar. He's a political meter (ph). He's a tyrant. He's described in Ezekiel Chapter 38 as having an evil plan.

He's in charge of a territory called Magog. When you go and do the historical detective work and discover what does that mean in modern territory, you find that it's Russia. I document that in the book 'Epicenter'. Doctor LaHaye has written about it extensively. And Tim and Jerry wrote about it in their first novel, 'Left Behind'.

So you've got Russia and a Russian dictator. The next country that they're allied with is Persia. Well, until 1935, Persia was the official legal name of Iran.

So you have a Russian-Iranian alliance with another group of Middle Eastern countries, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, a group of others, Sudan. But what's fascinating is, in the 2,500 years since Ezekiel wrote that prophecy, Russia and Iran have never had a military alliance, until now."Joel Rosenberg as quoted in the transcript of "GLENN BECK: Encore Presentation: Honest Questions about the End of Days",,

As Rosenberg has noted, another arch-Zionist, United States Senator and Presidential candidate, John McCain stated in the context of an aggressive American attack on Iran,

"I think we could have Armageddon.."John McCain as quoted in the transcript of "Meet the Press with Tim Russert", Transcript for April 2, MSNBC,

We have an obligation to confront the Zionists with their dangerous mythologies and to warn the Russians and the Iranians that this propaganda war is being waged against them, and threatens their very existence—and ours.

Congressman Paul Broun's Ominous Warning

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On 6 November 2008, I called on everyone to inform the American People that Barack Obama will become a Bolshevik dictator:

Label Obama as a Liar, a Dictator and a Puppet of Israel, November 06, 2008

Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia made a quite similar statement on 10 November 2008:

Congressman: Obama wants Gestapo-like force: GOP rep invokes Nazis, Soviets, but Bush backed Obama's civilian corps idea

A recording of the actual statement:

Georgia Congressman Calls Obama Marxist

Broun elaborated on his remarks, and made a qualified retraction here:

Bedros Hajian Interviewed Asatour Kostanyan and Christopher Jon Bjerknes on 11 October 2008

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Bedros Hajian, Asatour Kostanyan and I had a panel discussion of California Proposition 8, which ultimately passed and which amended the California State Constitution to define marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman. In the conversation, I make reference to the Communist-like nature of various aspects of the situation, and I refer my audience to The Naked Communist by Cleon Skousen as read into the Congressional Record in 1963. Though several of the enumerated Communist aims apply, see especially number 26.

Bedros Hajian Interviewed Asatour Kostanyan and Christopher Jon Bjerknes on 11 October 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A New "Peoplescar": The Implications of Government Equity in the Auto Industry

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I've noticed of late that the same crowd which sold America on the SUV is now pushing for us to develop alternative energy sources and to produce scaled down automobiles. I believe we are being set up for a wartime economy, or I should say, a "World War III" economy.

The Jews are planning for America to attack the Middle East, which will result in oil shortages. They are pushing for domestic oil production as well as alternative fuels.

I expect that should the Government buy equity into the automobile industry, they will use this leverage to create a fascistic wartime production of "Peoplescars" and will scale up the production of military vehicles. They will try to justify the use of public funds by creating the illusion of savings on Government purchases, especially military purchases--the aircraft and airlines industries will be next, but as happened in WW I and Nazi Germany, corruption will be pervasive and the Jews will milk the system and sell our troops substandard equipment. They will also sell our enemies equipment we have developed, produced and paid for.

The new Bolshevik State under Obama will be a wartime economy, and the debt will skyrocket to yet incomprehensible levels. At the same time, the Jews will increase tensions with Venezuela and the Middle East and attempt to devastate their economies while still offering the few remaining American workers a means of private transport.

The American lifestyle is dying. The Jews are now laying the groundwork for the substitute [sub]standard. I note that the media is also preparing us psychologically for the new culture, criticizing us for the old culture of crazy consumption which they created, and playing on the European heritage of our nation to talk us into their new wartime lifestyle.

Ultimately, we must prepare for the wars that will hit our shores, both conventional and nonconventional. The Jews are curtailing our freedom for many reasons, not the least of which is to force us into compliance with the new wartime lifestyle of the totalitarian Bolshevik America to come.

Remember that the neo-Conservatives were born out of the "perpetual war" doctrine of Trotsky. Obama and his handlers are cut from the same prayer shawl cloth and America will continue the perpetual Jewish war on the human race. Those who resist will be sent off to the Lubyanka prisons of America, for which Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prisons were trial balloons. Fight it now, or live and die under it.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Warning About the "Gold Is Money", Ron Paul Revolution, Give Obama a Chance Crowd

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been following the "alternative media" for a few years now. I noticed during the illegal Israeli attack on Lebanon that many talk show hosts and other notable personalities in the "alternative media" failed to seize on the opportunity to crush Zionism that the Jewish war against their Arab neighbors provided. Instead of covering this war as it should have been covered, they staged soap opera infighting, promoted hoax stories about the Pentagon on 9/11, and generally spewed out defeatist and sophistical crap ad nauseam. Callers to these shows noticed the same effect I was noticing and pleaded with the hosts to stop doing what they were doing and address the war.

I was a guest on a few of these programs and noticed that the hosts were not eager to have me expose the treachery of figures like Siniora and other traitors to the Arabs who were financiers tied to World Jewry. They also did not want me to talk about solutions to the problems in the Middle East, nor the Israeli attempts to gin up a civil war among the Palestinians, which I wrote about long before it happened, or the attempts to pit Arabs against the Iranians on the side of the Israelis on the false promise that Israelis would repay the favor by forming a Palestinian State. I also noticed that they did not want me talking about the Jewish genocide of Armenian Christians. Some of these hosts later plagiarized my work in an attempt to steal my thunder, embarrass the Armenian Community, and intimidate the Armenians with the threat of FEMA camps should they continue to expose the Jewish involvement in the Armenian Genocide.

Almost all of these front groups and operatives continually push gold and silver, even those who now plagiarize my criticisms of Ron Paul. They copy my work in order to steal my thunder and mix my arguments with their dung. They continually flip flop on these issues and constantly reinvent themselves so as to create confusion and disgust in the Anti-Zionist Movement.

The most obvious agents of Jewry are those who have consistently promoted the lie that only gold is money, that Ron Paul is our savior, and that we should today give Barack Obama a chance to prove himself. Less obvious are those who plagiarize my work, while attacking me for saying the things they later copy. These chameleons reveal themselves as agents of World Jewry by the distracting fights they stage at crucial points in our struggle against World Jewry, and by their promotion of terrorism and violence, as well as their morphing behavior, as they attempt to infiltrate and discredit group after group in their search for psychopaths who will follow their advice and discredit us all by some stupid act or series of acts. One of these is a mallato, a Mischling, who misrepresents Nazi ideology so as to make it appear that he too can be a Nazi. He also promotes sophistical and historically inaccurate accounts to deny the fact that the Nazis were servants of the Zionist Jews.

Most telling is the quiet in some quarters following the election of Barack Obama, which reminds me of the silence and misinformation during the Lebanon War. Some of these operatives go so far as to ask us to give Obama a chance at a time when we should be doing everything we can to discredit Obama in the eyes of the public.

I attribute their behavior to the fact that the Jews want to make Obama a popular president so that he will win domestic and foreign support for new wars, but also to the fact that these agents of the Jewish gold merchants want Obama to run us deeply into debts which they hope will crash our currency, and which they hope to someday have repaid in gold and all the rest of our assets.

In order for the Jewish usury system to be effective, the Jews need a puppet leader who will run up the debts of the nation. In Europe, the Jewish elite intermarried into the aristocracy to subvert it and bring nations into debt through wars of their making and through extravagant spending on castles and the like, which they financed and into which projects they talked the leaders or into which they forced them.

The Jews have set up Obama to be the stereotypical spend thrift black. In this way, the Jews will increase the debts of America to the breaking point, and then be able to scapegoat blacks for their crimes, relying on stereotypes the Jews promote in their media. The Jewish controlled racists will then have Americans clamoring for attacks on blacks, just as the Jews had them clamor for Ron Paul for President of the United States. The Jews will use blacks and then pit whites against them, as the Jews walk away with all the wealth of America.

Anyone who has been spreading the old Jewish bankers' line that gold is "real money" and/or "sound money" is suspect. Those who are begging us to buy gold and silver and are spreading the lie that these metals are difficult to purchase is also highly suspect. Those who tried to sell us on Ron Paul reach the next level suspicion, one might say a level of high alert. Most obviously tools of the Jewish bankers are those who have been pushing gold as money, Ron Paul and who now back Obama. I believe Obama is their man, and they want him to run us off the cliff into an abyss of debt so endlessly deep that they can completely destroy our financial system and economy with Jewish usury enabled by a Jewish puppet President, and leave us completely at their mercy when it comes time to replace the system.

Juri Lina published a very readable and interesting article entitled "The Fight Against Usury" in The Barnes Review, Volume 10, Number 5, (September/October 2004), pp. 8-15; which elucidates the dangers of the Jewish bankers' gold standard system. Lina has elsewhere described how the Nazis grew the German economy by abandoning the gold standard, for example in his book Architects of Deception at pages 384-386.

We need to take over the audience of the Jewish owned "alternative media", which is trying to trick us into clamoring for a gold standard, and which undermines every anti-Zionist effort we make, and which pushes the Jewish agenda on us as if it were anti-Zionism. Notice how they never get anywhere. It is by design. Notice how at key moments they fail to address key issues and attempt to lead us down the wrong path and try to make us appear as ridiculous as they are. It is by design.

I would very much like to interview Juri Lina and discuss economic and financial issues with him, as well as the role organized Jewry (he tends to call them "Freemasons") played in the rise of Hitler, Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin. If anyone can facilitate correspondence between the two of us, I would be most grateful.