Saturday, November 22, 2008

Expect a Long Depression and a Massive Invasion of Foreign Labor When Jewish Owned Obama Has His Way

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As I predicted, Obama is taking the FDR road to ruin:

Obama Outlines Job Creation Plan

Without a debt free and properly administered currency, Obama's Jewish Socialism can only produce and prolong the coming Depression. What will he do about the illegal foreign labor in America today? What will he do to prevent a rush of foreign labor in the near future? What will he do about the horrific conditions that are about to befall our southern neighbors from Mexico to Chile?

If Obama raises indigenous labor costs with Government jobs and Government subsidized jobs for citizens, he will encourage the exploitation of cheaper foreign labor in the unaided private sector, thereby costing Americans more jobs than they will gain. We will also have to pay the social and political costs of this foreign invasion.

A smarter move would be to export the illegals, and create jobs for Americans and these illegals in foreign countries by developing those nations with American owned businesses and educational institutions. We need to solve several problems at once with each and every step we take, or it will be one small step forward into the abyss.

A New "Peoplescar": The Implications of Government Equity in the Auto Industry: Part 2

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On 11 November 2008, I wrote:

I've noticed of late that the same crowd which sold America on the SUV is now pushing for us to develop alternative energy sources and to produce scaled down automobiles. I believe we are being set up for a wartime economy, or I should say, a "World War III" economy.

The Jews are planning for America to attack the Middle East, which will result in oil shortages. They are pushing for domestic oil production as well as alternative fuels.

I expect that should the Government buy equity into the automobile industry, they will use this leverage to create a fascistic wartime production of "Peoplescars" and will scale up the production of military vehicles. They will try to justify the use of public funds by creating the illusion of savings on Government purchases, especially military purchases--the aircraft and airlines industries will be next, but as happened in WW I and Nazi Germany, corruption will be pervasive and the Jews will milk the system and sell our troops substandard equipment. They will also sell our enemies equipment we have developed, produced and paid for.

The new Bolshevik State under Obama will be a wartime economy, and the debt will skyrocket to yet incomprehensible levels. At the same time, the Jews will increase tensions with Venezuela and the Middle East and attempt to devastate their economies while still offering the few remaining American workers a means of private transport.

The American lifestyle is dying. The Jews are now laying the groundwork for the substitute [sub]standard. I note that the media is also preparing us psychologically for the new culture, criticizing us for the old culture of crazy consumption which they created, and playing on the European heritage of our nation to talk us into their new wartime lifestyle.

Ultimately, we must prepare for the wars that will hit our shores, both conventional and nonconventional. The Jews are curtailing our freedom for many reasons, not the least of which is to force us into compliance with the new wartime lifestyle of the totalitarian Bolshevik America to come.

Remember that the neo-Conservatives were born out of the "perpetual war" doctrine of Trotsky. Obama and his handlers are cut from the same prayer shawl cloth and America will continue the perpetual Jewish war on the human race. Those who resist will be sent off to the Lubyanka prisons of America, for which Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prisons were trial balloons. Fight it now, or live and die under it.

It didn't take long for my predictions to come true:

Obama economic plan aims for 2.5M new jobs by 2011

Others have pointed out that the Jewish bankers gave orders to steal taxpayer money and those orders were immediately filled, but the auto industry could not beg, borrow or steal comparatively small loans. This is one danger of the Jewish controlled loan capital system in America. Only the Jews can tap into it with their vampire fangs. They may temporarily spit some of the blood back in the Goys' faces, but over time, be it months, years, decades or centuries, they steal all the wealth by means of usury and theft and walk away with it all leaving the host a dry corpse.

The Jews are killing the auto industry because they want to kill America and drastically diminish our lifestyle. They also want millions of unemployed workers from the auto industry to serve as cannon fodder foot soldiers in the Jewish instigated wars to come--and in the Soviet style police State about to trample over America.

Government jobs, slave labor for the Goyim, Commissarships for the Jews, are what the Jews want and the unemployed will come to love them as they slack off at work and ruin America. The soldier and the slave are Esau's role in Jewish religious mythology.

The Jews are setting up several options for their complete takeover of the automobile industry. Of necessity, America will soon move towards protectionism. The auto industry may take the lead. However, Americans will not be eager to buy substandard cars unless given no choice. The government will give them no choice but to buy its cars, any color, as long as it's Jewish Red.

The government will pitch this sale as a protectionist measure to balance the trade deficit and increase employment. Look forward to a new generation of Hitler's Volkswagens and the Soviets' Moskvitshes following a ridiculously expensive and wasteful development program funded by the American taxpayer.

The Jewish infected Government is weakening the auto industry, as Jews always weaken their victims before buying them out, as Jacob waited until Esau was starving to steal his birthright, as Joseph starved the Egyptians to make them glad to be slaves.

The Jews have left open several options for their takeover--a bit of revenge on old man Ford. They can immediately change course and buy equity into the present system. They can wait a few months and make Obama a hero by having him ride on a pale horse into Washington and "rescue" the auto industry by buying equity into it. Or, they can replace the auto industry with a militarized communist system when Obama takes office.

The Jews do not completely control public opinion or events, and circumstances will in part dictate their path, but their goal is to dominate and militarize the auto industry and replace our cars.

The automobile industry could rescue itself by proposing its own plan to change the automobile. The new automobile should be very safe and incorporate a race car type of roll cage. It should be family friendly and modular, adaptable to different needs based on the same platform. It should be very efficient.

Again, as the SUV is phased out, it will remain on the roads for some time. The new car must be much lighter and yet be able to sustain an impact with an SUV and still afford the occupants a fair chance at survival.

The automobile industry could take pre-orders on these cars and the Government could help the program along by offering to buy older cars with a new debt free Greenback currency and give tax breaks for the purchase of these new cars through pre-order. At the same time, we could criminally prosecute the bankers who have corrupted our Government and stolen trillions of our dollars. We could jail them and fine them, which would keep them from interfering in the new monetary system. We could demand that they pay their fines in Federal Reserve Notes, which the Government would then retire as we phase out the old Jewish system.

We could demand that Israel pay back the monies it has stolen from us through corruption of our Government. These are but a few of the options available to us, which you will never hear from the Jewish puppets Barack Obama, John McCain or Ron Paul.

It will be easy to fix our system if we put authentic anti-Zionists in power. We need to produce party propaganda and distribute it and let the American People know that there is a way out of this Jewish manufactured mess. Our Jewish controlled competition offers nothing but more disaster. Let us offer the American People a future and they will join us.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Memorial Service in Honor of George Apelian to Be Held 22 November 2008

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There will be a memorial service for my friend George Apelian this Saturday, 22 November 2008, at 11:00 AM at the United Armenian Congregation Church, 3480 Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90068. The services will feature a video presentation about his life and work.

Details are included in the following flyers:



We have lost a great man, but we still have with us forever the unending blessing of our cherished memories of George. Always generous, even in death he has given us this boundless gift. Rest in peace, George, knowing that we carry on your work.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Jews Are Provoking Us to Revolution, Much Like They Did to Russia in 1905 and 1917

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A friend has directed my attention to a YouTube video featuring Naomi Wolf. Listen to the feminist Jew Naomi Wolf self-promote her book with the same fear mongering hype she condemns in others:

Interview - Naomi Wolf - Give Me Liberty

The Jews are provoking us to effectively destroy our country's government in the name of the Founding Fathers of our country, just as the Jews provoked the Russians to destroy their own nation and enslave themselves in the name of patriotism and liberty. Note the thinly veiled old Jewish cry of liberty, equality and fraternity, which has historically resulted in terror and dictatorship. Note the old Jewish cry to effectively seize the government and arrest government officials, which has historically enabled the Jews to scape goat Gentiles and install a new set of Jewish and Jewish controlled criminals into government as if our saviors. Note the old Jewish tactic of recalling "anti-Semitism" as a model for action today, thereby falsely painting Jews as victims, when they are in fact the aggressors. Note the Jewish failure to identify Israel and Jewry as the enemies of the American People, while scape goating "corporations" for the actions of the Israeli fifth column and fourth estate in America.

The Timothy McVeigh team I have written about before, who are in supposed opposition to such Jews as Naomi Wolf, have taken to attempting to infiltrate the Neo-Nazi Movement. There is no need for the FBI to make such a move, because they already represent the majority of card carrying Neo-Nazis.

The goals of the Jewish bankers are obviously to convert every radical group to a Jewish revolutionary mind set, and to provoke some idiot into committing an act of violence in order to provide the Congress and press with a pretext with which to steal away Americans' fundamental rights.

The very few sincere Neo-Nazis in existence are evidently quite ignorant of what Nazism was, and how the Nazis came to power, which leaves them vulnerable to this Jewish mental conditioning against their best interests.

The Nazis did not come to power through a violent revolution. The infamous Beer Hall Putsch was a failure.

The Nazis came to power through organized political action. They won seats in the Reichstag, because they came into money and began to organize politically in a sophisticated campaign, with sophisticated propaganda. The stupid Neo-Nazis, misdirected by Jews and government agents, have never succeeded politically, because they have never raised large sums of money nor made a political appeal to Americans that Americans would find appealing. The stupid Neo-Nazis, misdirected by Jews and government agents, instead threw their money and support behind the Jewish puppet and propagandist Ron Paul, who did manage to receive large sums of money and who was supported through political organization (by the Jewish gold merchants), but who represents everything sincere Nazis opposed politically.

The Nazis opposed the gold standard. The Nazis opposed the Capitalists and the unregulated private control of land and of loan capital. The Nazis took the Capitalists' money, but the intent of sincere Nazis was always to use this money to drive Jewish Capitalism from the European Continent forever.

And there were sincere Nazis, Hitler, Goebbels, Heydrich, Eichmann and other Bolshevik Zionists not among them.

So why did the Nazis, under Hitler's leadership, and through Gottfried Feder's tutelage, oppose the Jews' gold standard; and why did FDR, an agent of Jewish Communism, seize gold for the Jews; if Hitler was working for the Jews, and paper money unencumbered with debt is bad for the Jews?

The Jews wanted a prolonged and devastating Second World War, which would eclipse the carnage and destruction of WW I. There was not nearly enough gold in existence to provide the loan capital needed to finance the war machine required in Germany and America to fund the wartime economies of those nations. So the Jews taught Hitler, through Feder, how to make his own money, how to circulate it, and how to engage in international trade without throwing out all of Germany's growth into the slop bucket of Jewish usury, nor let the Jews intervene in international trade and harvest the wealth of German production as middlemen.

In this way, the Jews, who also poured money directly into Germany, financed Hitler in order to ultimately destroy Germany, and much of Europe, through Jewish manufactured war. They had done the same with their agent Napoleon Bonaparte, who considered himself to be the Jews' messiah, who tried to take Palestine for the Jews, who emancipated the Jews, and who was rewarded by the Jews with prison as punishment for promoting good Gentile-Jewish relations, which led to Jewish assimilation--the Jews most hated enemy.

Had the Jews kept America and Germany on a gold leash, there never would have been the investment capital necessary to build the German and American war machines. That required paper money, so the Jewish bankers taught the Germans how to free themselves from the yoke of the Jewish bankers' gold standard, but their intent was not to have the Germans remain forever free and prosperous, but rather to drive the Germans into their graves through their agent and warmonger Adolf Hitler. The Jews gave Esau a little porridge in exchange for his birthright.

Had the Germans instead poured the new investment capital into education, foreign investment and land improvement projects abroad, which they poured into wartime production and expenses, they could have conquered the World with kindness and in a sustainable way. Alas, the Jews would have attempted to scuttle such attempts and had the Soviets and British attack Germany, but that is the subject of speculation, not history.

We must not fall into the Jewish revolutionary trap. The way to defeat the Jews is not by tearing our country apart and thereby opening the door to a Jewish dictator who promises to "restore order" by ruling with an iron fist, and who will certainly lead us into World War III. No, the way to beat the Jews is to provide Americans with an alternative to the Jews' puppet leaders and the Jews' nihilistic revolutions, to take reasonable and constructive political action, to take control over our money and not to take the Jewish bait of Bolshevik revolution and Jewish gold.

Solzhenitsyn warned against the Jewish revolutionary spirit. He spoke of how stupid the Russians were to destroy themselves in the name of saving themselves.

We can learn a great deal from what the Jews taught the Nazis to build their wartime economy. We can also learn from how the Jews then destroyed Germany. We can eat the fattened swine without swallowing the swill, without falling into the pit of war and revolution.

We are today in a different position from Germany and America in the Second World War. Today, we have stockpiles of nuclear bombs. The Jews' goal is to drive us into a depression so that we will conclude, with their advice, that the nuclear option is our only option to fight wars. That is one of the reasons why the Jews want us on a gold standard. That is one of the reasons why the Jews are driving us into a depression.

We simply won't be able to afford conventional warfare for much longer, and the Jews will cry out through all their controlled venues of the media, government and controlled opposition that we need war and must fight it with nuclear weapons, because we cannot afford conventional war. They will scape goat the "enemy" they have manufactured through false flag terrorism and other means for our economic crisis, which the Jews themselves have deliberately caused, and in this way pit the Goyim against the Goyim in the rush to the Jewish Battle of Armageddon. In this way, the Jews are deliberately manufacturing the coming nuclear war. Note that the Jews created this mythology of absolute destruction 2,500 years ago and incorporated it into Christianity and Islam. The curse is Jewish through and through.

Beware of those who invoke the memory of the Founding Fathers of America as they attempt to provoke a Jewish revolution which will destroy America. Remember that the Devil can quote Scripture for his own ends (Matthew 4:5-6).

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obama Is a Cat-Whipped Wimp

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I watched Obama on 60 Minutes. Obama's wife pushes him around and is openly disrespectful to him in public. Think of how the Jews are going to push Obama around.

Obama has no understanding of the vital and dire issues which face our nation, let alone insights into how to solve the problems we face. He will have to turn to others for his orders, and he will obey. He is incompetent to be President.

Even if Barack Obama were honest, which he is not, he would still have to turn to others for answers to the questions he will face. He is too ignorant, too weak and too stupid to act on his own as President.

It is becoming increasingly obvious why the media never challenged him and why the Jews set him up to win by running idiots against him both in the Senatorial and Presidential races. Obama would have been shown up for the empty and scripted poseur he is had he ever faced aggressive competition. He is an actor, not a leader. He is a puppet, even in his marriage.

More on Ron Paul's Lies and Jewish Propaganda: The Jewish Bankers' Fallacy of the False Dilemma

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ron Paul often lies. Like most Jewish controlled gold bugs, his arguments are based on falsehoods and "false dilemmas".

Beginning at 4 minutes, 57 seconds, into the following YouTube video, Ron Paul proposes the false dilemma that Americans will be forced to choose between his proposal for a private gold standard currency, or an international currency:

Dr. Paul on the Global Financial Summitt [sic]

Paul deliberately seeks to mislead his audience, whom he has provoked into a state of panic, into believing there are no other alternative replacements for our present system than a private gold standard currency, or an international currency, when in fact there are far better alternatives to those two options which he offers.

At other points in his presentation, Paul objects to Nixon's actions in 1971 to remove the international gold backing from our currency. Paul does not state what he would have preferred Nixon have done instead, and ignores the crisis which caused Nixon to take the actions which he did. If Nixon had not taken the action that he did, then the United States of America would have been forced to hand over all of our gold reserves to foreign nations. Evidently Ron Paul would have preferred it if the US had given over all of its gold to other nations and been left without currency of any kind.

Paul also fails to explain how we could have experienced the growth which we experienced since 1971 without the flexibility to increase the money supply a paper money system offers. Had we been on his gold system, our economy would have stagnated and then dived into a deep and unfathomable depression due to the lack of money for credit and growth. In addition the Jews would have had the means to bury us at any time by merely holding gold and cutting off our money supply and credit.

Paul is forced to admit that the present system, even with its choking and unnecessary yoke of debt, has worked well for us, but argues that its present crash was inevitable without addressing the real reasons why the dollar is presently crashing, which is because of Jewish banking and equities corruption, Jewish war, Jewish usury and the Jewish manufactured trade imbalance. The currency system would not be crashing if it were not for these Jewish manufactured crises. Had the currency system been properly maintained and unhitched from Jewish usury, it would be working fabulously. The paper nature of the currency is not at fault, rather the Jewish corruption is at fault, which fact Paul conceals and never addresses, thereby proving himself to be an agent of the Jews.

Paul lies and confuses the Jewish bankers system of debt based paper money with a true fiat system which would carry no debt. Why doesn't Paul call for the prosecution of the Jewish bankers?

The options Ron Paul leaves off the table are telling. We have the option to identify World Jewry as the cause of our problems. We have the option of prosecuting the Jewish bankers and Jewish corrupters and suing them in civil suit. We have the option of removing debt from the issuance of paper currency and the option of retiring currency when necessary to stabilize prices. But instead of addressing these options, Ron Paul lies and after whipping us into a panic offers us but two options, both of which favor his Jewish banker friends.

From whence cometh Ron Paul's Jewish lies and Jewish philosophies? From the Jewess Ayn Rand who was an agent of "The Trust", the controlled Jewish opposition to Communism, and from Ludwig Von Mises and Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, who worked for Rothschild and Warburg and instigated the idea of a European Union, the dilution and ultimate destruction of the Caucasian race, and the promotion of the Jewish race as if the natural masters of the sub-human Goyim. Those are Ron Paul's Jewish roots and he feeds off of them like the poison fruit that he is.

Another example of the same gold bug false dilemma appears in G. Edward Griffin's film The Capitalist Conspiracy: An Inside View of International Banking, starting at 40 minutes, 40 seconds in, where Griffin falsely claims we must choose between a bimetallic currency or a World currency. Like Paul, he confuses a debt-based paper money system with a purely fiat money system, in that Griffin misidentifies the "root of the evil" of our present currency as the notion that our money is created out of nothing, which is, in fact, the strength of the fiat system and the means by which we can grow our economy and eliminate taxes. It is telling that the gold bugs falsely claim that the greatest benefit of a fiat currency is its worst shortcoming.

The true problems with our present system are fractional reserve banking, usury, the debt basis of the currency, and the overproduction of currency to fund the unnecessary debt and the unnecessary Jewish wars, all of which problems are easily solved. Griffin poses the false premise that the same people will control the system if we transfer the powers of the Federal Reserve System to the Federal Government. Obviously, the solution to that problem is to prosecute and sue the Jewish bankers. Those who fail to offer up this obvious solution are suspect.

Griffin does not want us to identify Jewry as the problem they are. He does not want us to recognize that Jewry and Judaism are the source of "the conspiracy" and that in order to solve the problem we must identify the Jews as the problem. Griffin demonstrates that he is an apologist for World Jewry, when at 38 minutes, 15 seconds into his film, Griffin quotes Winston Churchill without mentioning the fact that Churchill was referring directly to "International Jews" as the source of "this world-wide conspiracy". Griffin avoids any mention of the fact that Churchill's words were directed at the danger Jews posed to humanity. Churchill's article from which Griffin surgically removed the word "Jew" when selectively quoting it, appears in full in my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein in chapter 7, at pages 1584-1588.

The fallacies and falsehoods in Paul's and Griffin's statements are so numerous as to make it a highly laborious task to address them all. I hope that those I have here addressed will suffice to defeat the gold bugs' sophistry.

By misdirecting us to but two options which favor the Jewish bankers, the gold bugs prevent us from identifying the real problems and their source, and from proposing the proper solutions. Such is the nature of controlled opposition.