Saturday, November 29, 2008

How to Spot Agents of Jewry

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The mallato Mischling who claims to be an admirer of Adolf Hitler has taken to advocating the Gold Standard. He is now featured on a tabloid style website, which also promotes gold. This man is associated with habitual smear mongers who promote ridiculous hoaxes which any reasonable person would dismiss as nonsense on their face. Adolf Hitler, himself, as well as his hero Gottfried Feder, warned against the Jews' Gold Standard and spoke of the benefits of fiat currency.

The other members of this crew, who plagiarize my criticisms of their fellows in order to carry on their staged perpetual infighting, are also beginning to deride fiat currency as if it were to blame for the present crisis. In fact, the fiat currency, even with the Jewish usury and overproduction unnecessarily attached to it, has been remarkably resilient and the Jews have had to take extraordinary measures to destroy it.

The Jews and their undue and deliberately destructive influence are the problem, not fiat currency, but you won't learn that from the agents provocateur who would have you believe they are battling against the Jewish bankers. You will also note how frequently some members of this crew apologize for the bankers, in particular for the Rothschilds, and try to deflect our attention away from the Jewish bankers who put Obama in office.

There is an old book available for free on the internet which was published in 1887, which describes the virtues of Greenbacks and the dangers of the Gold Standard. Before buying into the Jews' controlled opposition who advocate the Gold Standard, please read this book:

Sarah E. V. Emery, Seven Financial Conspiracies Which Have Enslaved the American People

The menu on the left side of the webpage contains links to the various chapters of the book as well as other important historic documents.

And always remember that one sure way to spot a controlled opposition agent working for the Jewish bankers is to note when someone criticizes the Jews, then tells you to buy gold and silver and/or advocates the Gold Standard. Of course those who refuse to criticize the Jews and who tell you to buy gold and silver and/or advocate the Gold Standard are also on the Jews' team. Note how these creatures of the night pretend to fight with one another but agree on their love of the Jews' gold and silver. It is like the leaders of the Republican and Democratic Parties who always agree on their love for our enemy, the Jewish State of Israel.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Judaization of American Politics and Universities, the Jewish Controlled Opposition to Jewish Communism, and the Jewish Use of Black Traitors

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewess Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum, a. k. a. Ayn Rand, is perhaps the World's most famous member of the Jewish controlled opposition to Jewish Communism know as "The Trust". She taught the gullible Goyim to become disunited, disloyal, and psychopathically selfish, in the name of "fighting Communism." Of course, the Jewish Communists have a much easier time wrecking a nation of self indulgent, uncooperative and disorganized Goyim, than one in which each citizen bands together with each other citizen for the common good.

But Rosenbaum was by no means the only Jew who came to America to corrupt our society and use it for Zionist/Communist causes. In fact, the influx of Eastern European Jews into America from the early 1880's onwards infused a general Judaization into American life. The Jews began to overwhelm the universities and implemented their tribal loyalties to one another in the awarding of scholarships and appointments in the universities. Harvard openly objected to the infection.

Today, the Christian universities Harvard University and University of Chicago are in fact Jewish universities which train Jews and Shabbas Goys to take over positions of power in America and to ensure that America will always and only take into account "what is good for the Jews". The Jews did not exhibit greater talent or creativity than non-Jews, rather, the Jews took over through corruption and tribalism, and to a large degree destroyed the university system and replaced scholarly thought and discourse with Jewish dogmatism, Jewish mysticism, Zionism, Communism, Freudianism, Einsteinianism, homosexuality, etc. The supposedly "Jewish" innovations in academia are frequently the product of degeneration, plagiarism from Gentiles, or both.

The crypto-Jewess Madeleine "Albright's" father Josef Korbel was another totalitarian Jew who came to America and promoted Jewish Communism and Jewish Zionism in the name of combating Communism. Korbel's students spread war on behalf of Israel in the name of spreading "Democracy", a tactic employed by the Zionist puppet Presidents Woodrow Wilson and FDR long ago.

The foreign Jew Josef Korbel taught his daughter, who became Secretary of State, to corrupt America to favor the interests of Israel, not America. He also taught her to be a genocidal and psychopathic mass murderer who endorsed the genocidal Jewish attack on the Iraqis, in particular the Jewish mass murder of Iraqi children. Josef Korbel also taught the Judaized black traitor Condoleezza Rice, who has likewise endorsed the mass murder of Iraqis for the benefit of the Jews.

NPR reports:

"Josef Korbel may be one of the most influential Americans you've never heard of. He died in 1977, but his legacy lives on in his two most famous students: his daughter, Madeleine Albright, and his star pupil at the University of Denver, Condoleezza Rice."--Guy Raz, "For Albright and Rice, Josef Korbel Is Tie that Binds",, (28 June 2006),

Colin Powell is another Judaized totalitarian, who has put Israel's interests above those of America. Colin Powell--like the Zionist Jew, and former Democrat who endorsed Republican John McCain, Joe Lieberman--left the Republican Party to endorse Barack Obama. Like Obama, Powell was close to the Jewish community and even spoke some Yiddish.

Powell served Jewry well as the Shabbas Goy who twice led Americans into an unprovoked illegal aggressive attack on Iraq. He also served the Jews very well, when he endorsed the Jews' puppet Barack Obama.

Obama's grooming in the Jewish community and the Jewish figures who catapulted Obama into the White House are described in the following article:

Pauline Dubkin Yearwood, OBAMA AND THE JEWS: A look at why some Jews love him and some don't trust him; and at the key role Chicago Jews played in getting him to where he is,, (10/24/2008)

Another Jew who came to America to corrupt America and promote Communism and Zionism in the name of combating Communism, was Leo Strauss. Strauss' philosophy is seen by some as the guiding force behind the Jewish attack on Iraq.

NPR reports:

"[. . .]Leo Strauss, a political philosopher who happened to educate -- among others -- president of the World Bank and former Bush official Paul Wolfowitz, writer Robert Kagan, academic Allan Bloom and journalist William Kristol."--Guy Raz, "A Tale of Two Korbels",, (28 June 2006),


"By some accounts, the U.S. road to Iraq can be traced back to Leo Strauss, a refugee of Nazi Germany who taught political philosophy at the University of Chicago in the 1950s and '60s."--"Talk of the Nation",, (25 October 2004),

It well be good to bear these facts in mind as the crypto-Jews in the Jewish controlled "alternative media" attempt to confuse you by claiming that the British and Brzezinski are to blame for the coming Jewish war on the human race. These crypto-Jews are cut from the same prayer shawl cloth as the crypto-Jews who attempt to scapegoat Catholics for Jewish crimes against the human race.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Barack Obama Is Already Abusing His Office to Gather Intelligence Information for the Mossad

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On the pretext that he is "vetting" candidates, Barack Obama is demanding that those being considered for cabinet posts submit all kinds of information, personal and professional, to Obama for his consideration so that he can decide whether or not they pose the risk of embarrassing him. Obama himself underwent no such scrutiny from the Jewish controlled media when running for office. His Jewish advisors pretend that there should be no potential for accusations of foreign influence as an additional pretext to support Obama's criminal practice, yet the Jews do not object to Obama's having named the disloyal Zionist Jew and former Israeli soldier Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff together with a rat's nest of Jewish financiers whose conflicts of interest are obvious.

Obama is using the Freemasonic model for gathering intelligence for his Jewish handlers. Just as in Freemasonry, candidates must submit all of their secrets to join the club. This not only provides intelligence on the candidate, but also on many other persons with whom the candidate has had dealings, as well as business plans, contacts, interconnections, etc. In addition, this sets a dangerous precedent for the destruction of the 4th Amendment and the loss of privacy.

Our President-Elect is already spying on us for Israel.

And what kind of a litmus test are the Jews who scrutinize these candidates going to apply in the filtering process? Will anyone who has good will towards the Palestinians make it through? What about those who have authentically opposed aggressive war for Israel? Will Obama's Jews continue Bush's Jews' policy of weeding out patriotic Americans from the Judiciary, the Military and the rest of the Government? You can bet that they will. After all, Obama wouldn't want to be embarrassed in front of his Jewish masters and allow anyone into the American Government who put America's best interests first.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Jews Are Openly Stealing from Our Old and Stealing from Our Young and Yet We Do Nothing to Oppose Them

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Have we Americans completely lost our Volksprinzip? Do we so neglect to raise our children with a love of our country and our fellow citizens that we allow the Jews to openly steal trillions of dollars from us and fail to take to Wall Street with a single sign of protest?

Is it alright by us that Jewish bankers corrupt our Government to hand over to them trillions of our dollars, which theft bankrupts our babies, while the same Jews are shorting equities in ways that steal the pensions from our elderly while concurrently killing the value of their homes, thus leaving the old without any means of support and cutting the throats of their grandchildren before their weak and fading eyes?

Have we so lost our sense of ourselves as a common People that we lounge around grazing on potato chips as the Jews rip apart our nation, spit on our heritage and gut our future? Have we so neglected to raise our children with a love of country and fellow citizen that there is not one to be found among us who will run for President in opposition to Israel's puppets?

Where are our millionaires and billionaires who could easily finance opposition to the Jewish criminals who are hanging our children and our elderly from the flagpoles of our forefathers? How can they be so cowardly and hateful of all that gave them all that they are, that they stand idly by as drooling Jews rape our nation? Why do the rich send our children to soldier, murder and die for the Jews, but are themselves too cowardly to even finance an ounce of opposition, let alone stand up for themselves to stand up for our nation and our People? What has become of us?

A Pack of Lies from a Sack of . . . .

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Beware the crypto-Jews in the alternative media who are attempting to scapegoat Zbigniew Brzezinski for the Jewish Bolshevization of the White House and of America. Jews stand high above Brzezinski and if he were ever to contradict their wishes, he would disappear from the public arena. Our Government has been taken over by an Israeli fifth column. They are pursuing a thoroughly Jewish agenda carried out by a cluttered field of Jews and Jewish puppets. The Jewish nature of this attack on the human race is as plain as the nose on Sarkozy's face.

The Freemasons Are About to Make Their Move

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish controlled Freemasons, who mass murdered millions of Armenian Christians, who put Lenin and Trotsky into power to mass murder tens of millions of Slavic Christians, the Freemasons are about to make their move. Freemasons exist to recruit and Judaize members who will destroy governments, ruin religions and mass murder Goyim, especially smart and courageous Goyim so as to weaken competing races and leave the Jews as if "natural leaders".

For example, when the Jews pitted the Russian People against the Russian Government, they blamed the Russian Government for the actions of the Jews to destroy Russia, and then provoked the Russians to destroy themselves and mass murder their leaders and intelligentsia. The Jews next filled nearly all positions of power with Jews and foreigners. The Jews had the chutzpah to next claim that there were not enough educated Russians to fill these positions, after they had mass murdered tens of millions of educated Slavs, specifically targeting the educated and courageous whom they had labeled as "Bourgeoisie" as if it were a crime to be successful in life. The Jews never punished their own for this offense of accumulating wealth.

No, the Jews just mass murdered and plundered their Goyish competition in the name of rescuing them from tyranny. Christian churches burned while Jewish synagogues remained glistening gathering places for Jews to plot more mass murder.

The Freemasons are already whispering with their Jewish colleagues in the media and on the streets that we need a revolution. Whenever anyone proposes reasonable solutions to the problems we face, the Freemasons and Jews pretending to be Joe Everyman speak up to change the subject, ridicule hope and constructive ideas, and promote nihilism and Jewish revolution. They promise you freedom. They will deliver slavery, death, terror, war and starvation.

Of course, the Freemasons are nothing to the Jews but stupid slaves, house negroes, if you will, who coax the other Goys into the slaughterhouse. The stupid Freemasons never seem to learn from history that as they lead the sheep through the gates, a Jew waits inside to put a bullet into the back of the Freemason's head. The Freemasons are the first murdered after they kill the Goy nation, not that that accomplishes much of anything in the way of justice. For that too simply elevates the Jews above all others as the Jewish God commanded in Deuteronomy 7:6.

The Freemasons are about to provoke revolutions around the globe, with a concentrated effort in the Middle East, America and Russia. The Jewish bankers are preparing to "Black Wednesday" the Russians, the way George Soros "Black Wednesday'd" the British. A ruined Rubble will cast disturbing ripples across Eastern Europe and the World, skipping as it eventually sinks.

Mark Anderson Interviews Yves Jaques on 25 November 2008

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Mark Anderson interviewed Yves Jaques and they discussed a financial system called "Social Credit" which would eliminate taxes and offer investment capital to finance production without generating inflation. The system would also eliminate usury from the production of currency.

Social Credit is a viable alternative to both the Jewish controlled Federal Reserve System and the Jewish controlled Ron Paul Revolution. There are perhaps a few bugs in the system which can be easily worked out and which are by no means fatal to the system.

The problems we face today are not due to the paper nature of our currency, but rather to the Jewish nature of our government, press, Federal Reserve, Treasury, and loan capital system. The problem is not that the money is fiat, but rather that the Jews charge interest on its creation, basing it on debt, and that the Jews are openly robbing the taxpayer blind by stealing taxpayer money and charging interest on the debt to create the money, as well as the open theft of the principal of the money. In addition, these rich Jews do not pay a fair portion of the taxes collected to finance the debts they unnecessarily create.

We can have a fiat currency that works quite well if we do not allow the Jews to impose their ancient usury system on its production, if we do not allow the Jews to force us into war, and if we do not allow the Jews to steal trillions of dollars of taxpayer money. The Jews are the problem, not fiat currency.

Lou Dobbs of CNN and his babbling brood of talking heads attribute the theft to "incompetence" while misleading us as to the nature of the problem. This is grossly unfair to the Jews who are stealing our money. They are quite competent cheats and usurers, just as Jews have always been. Judaism instructs the Jews to lie and steal and they are master thieves and always have been master thieves.

The interview:

Mark Anderson Interviews Yves Jaques on 25 November 2008: Hour 1

Mark Anderson Interviews Yves Jaques on 25 November 2008: Hour 2

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jewish Bolshevik Totalitarianism in the Name of "Unity"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On 6 November 2008, I advised people to "Label Obama as a Liar, a Dictator and a Puppet of Israel":

"As the Jews attempt to build a cult of personality around Barack Obama, it is important that from the start we counter their propaganda campaign and tag Obama as the liar, dictator and puppet of Israel that he is.

Obama is a Bolshevik henchman for World Jewry. He will steal away our liberty and destroy our society.

The media refuses to criticize Obama, let alone point out the fact that Barack Obama is a pathological liar and a traitorous puppet tyrant working for the Israelis. However strange it will appear to some at first, given that the Jewish media is trying to make a saint out of Obama, it will become increasingly clear in the near future that Obama is the enemy of the American People, hates us, and will eagerly ruin us. He will quickly show himself to be a tyrant and a warmongering agent of the enemy, Israel.

We must also create distrust of the coming Congress, which will seek to cripple us on behalf of Israel. It is very important that we control the perceptions of the American People, as World Jewry attempts to sell us their deceiful and hateful agents as if our saviors."

Though it perhaps appeared odd on 6 November 2008 for me to write such things about the new feted figure, Barack Obama, it is today clear to all that I was right.

Almost one year ago, on 8 January 2008, I warned that Obama would create a totalitarian Government in the United States of America, and that the one party Government would be a fifth column of Israel, in my article Beating Barack:

"Barack Obama became a Senator under very suspicious circumstances. One could argue that the Democrat and Republican Parties worked together against the interests of their members to place Obama in power, and that he would not have won without this corrupt support. He speaks of "unity" of the two parties, which is his vision of "change".

We can use this as a point of attack by pointing out that Obama, Bloomberg, Lieberman and others are moving us towards totalitarianism. We can show many examples of such "change", the Nazis, the Communists, etc.

Obama is also the darling of the media, including Oprah, an obscenely wealthy woman, and Larry King, a Zionist Jew. This is dangerous to democracy, as the media and State become one.

Obama is a Democrat and the Democrats won many elections on a supposedly anti-war platform, but have not ended the war nor aggressively sought to prosecute the war criminals. If Obama is against war, why is he ignoring the war criminals and the war profiteers? Why is Obama preparing for war against Iran? Why is he sucking up to the Israelis, when it is the Israelis who brought us to attack Iraq and Afghanistan? Surely, we can paint Obama as the dangerous hypocrite that he is.

All the audio-visual material needed to ruin Barack Obama's campaign is readily available. We can show him, and the other One Party / Two Party candidates, offering themselves up to World Jewry and Israel. A true anti-Zionist could raise these issues, which no other candidate will raise. Obama is weak, very weak, as a candidate, but those who lick Israeli spittle will not raise the issues that will defeat Obama. The same is true of John McMadman McCain.

America needs several viable political parties, not the smily faced totalitarianism which the Zionists are creating."

My prediction that Obama would institute totalitarianism in America was correct. Obama has embraced the totalitarian Zionist traitor Joe Lieberman, and Lieberman has given the Kosher stamp to Obama's cabinet picks:

Lieberman: Obama 'about perfect' in Cabinet picks

Obama's totalitarian tendencies are becoming so obvious, that they have generated a controversy involving John Brennan and Robert Gates.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Amazing Links Between Barack Obama and Goldman Sachs

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Political commentators ranging from David Duke to Lou Dobbs have noted the connections of such men as Henry Paulson, Neel Kashkari, Warren Buffet, Robert Rubin, and others to Goldman Sachs, Barack Obama and the banker bailouts. I find that the connections go further back between Obama and Goldman Sachs than the Presidential race and banker bailouts, which theft Obama supported.

For quite some time, I have been writing about the truly bizarre Illinois race to fill Fitzgerald's US Senate seat, which after many twists and turns ultimately resulted in Barack Obama's Senatorial victory. I predicted that Obama had skeletons in his closet and pointed out that there was much to be learned from the Senate race which catapulted Barack Obama to fame and made him the darling of media Jews like Larry King long before he announced that he would run for President, in among others, the following blogs:

Barack Obama's Amazing Good Luck: October 23, 2006

Democrats Debate: April 27, 2007

In Politics, Name Recognition Is Darn Near Everything: June 01, 2007

Barack Obama: By Definition an Israel-Firster: June 02, 2007

Call for a Live Debate: Barack Obama Versus John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt: September 12, 2007

Beating Barack: January 08, 2008

As I noted long ago, the Republicans and Democrats appeared to make a concerted and coordinated effort to put Obama into office. I will now elaborate on the many ties between Obama and Goldman Sachs, his amazing victories against all odds, his financing, the collapse of his rivals' campaigns, etc.

Obama first ran in the Democratic primary of the US Senate seat vacated by Peter Fitzgerald, the son of a wealthy banker, who inexplicably decided not to run for reelection, perhaps to make way for Obama. The front runner in the Democratic primary race was the fabulously wealthy Blair Hull. Hull had a substantial lead over Obama in the polls.

Blair Hull sold his interest in The Hull Group to Goldman, Sachs & Co. in 1999. Hull's campaign fell apart when the press learned that there might be issues involving his former wife in their divorce proceedings which would embarrass Hull. The New York Times reports that,

"Axelrod is known for operating in this gray area, part idealist, part hired muscle. It is difficult to discuss Axelrod in certain circles in Chicago without the matter of the Blair Hull divorce papers coming up. As the 2004 Senate primary neared, it was clear that it was a contest between two people: the millionaire liberal, Hull, who was leading in the polls, and Obama, who had built an impressive grass-roots campaign. About a month before the vote, The Chicago Tribune revealed, near the bottom of a long profile of Hull, that during a divorce proceeding, Hull's second wife filed for an order of protection. In the following few days, the matter erupted into a full-fledged scandal that ended up destroying the Hull campaign and handing Obama an easy primary victory. The Tribune reporter who wrote the original piece later acknowledged in print that the Obama camp had 'worked aggressively behind the scenes' to push the story. But there are those in Chicago who believe that Axelrod had an even more significant role — that he leaked the initial story. They note that before signing on with Obama, Axelrod interviewed with Hull. They also point out that Obama's TV ad campaign started at almost the same time. Axelrod swears up and down that 'we had nothing to do with it' and that the campaign's television ad schedule was long planned. 'An aura grows up around you, and people assume everything emanates from you,' he told Me."--Ben Wallace-Wells, "Obama's Narrator", The New York Times Magazine, (1 April 2007),

David Axelrod is a Zionist Jew. He helped Obama defeat Hillary Clinton, who is now being talked about as Obama's likely pick for Secretary of State. Bill Richardson has been appointed as Obama's Commerce Secretary. It is interesting that both ran against Obama in the Presidential Primary and in effect helped Obama beat John Edwards, and are now going to be in Obama's cabinet. I believe the Jews did not want Hillary to win, because she would make an unpopular and divisive President, and that they wanted a popular President in order to win support for more Jewish wars.

So we find that Obama's competition for the Democratic primary in the Senate race, Blair Hull was taken out of the race by a scandal appearing on the pages of The Chicago Tribune. Blair Hull sold his interest in his company to Goldman Sachs. The scandal involved divorce proceedings. Make note of these facts, because almost exactly the same thing happened with Obama's next competitor, Jack Ryan.

Jack Ryan won the Republican primary for US Senate in Illinois. The Chicago Tribune pushed to gain access to his divorce proceedings, which allegedly contained scandalous information that would ruin Ryan's campaign. Jack Ryan was at one time a partner at Goldman Sachs. He dropped out of the race. Note the parallels between Ryan's rise and demise and the rise and demise of Blair Hull in the Senate race.

When Ryan dropped out of the race, the Republican Party abandoned all of the Illinois candidates for Senate, there were quite a few who petitioned to replace Ryan, and instead flew in the known loser and flake Alan Keyes, an old friend of the Zionist Jew William Kristol, to take Ryan's place as the Republican opposition to Obama. Keyes missed few opportunities to make an ass of himself, and Obama won handily.

In the Presidential primaries, John Edwards lost in a crowded field. Having a crowed field made the black block vote a decisive factor for Obama's win. The press jumped on Edwards and Clinton, but never laid a hand on Obama. They ensured Obama victory, as did the cluttered field. Those who helped Obama defeat Edwards are now receiving cabinet posts.

In the Republican Presidential Primary, the press and Mike Huckabee took out Mitt Romney, the candidate most likely to defeat Obama, and greased the way for John McCain, an old and deranged fool. Huckabee, like William Kristol, now appears on FOX News. William Kristol set up Sarah Palin to run with McCain as his Vice Presidential running mate. Like Kristol's old friend Alan Keyes, Palin promptly and perpetually made an ass of herself, ensuring Obama the victory.

I have only just scratched the surface of the interconnections and parallels between races. For example, Zionist Jew George Soros funded Obama's Senatorial campaign.

Obama's otherwise impossible rise to the Oval Office can only be understood by examining his Senatorial race and his connections to Jewry, in particular to the Jewish financiers who recently richly rewarded themselves at taxpayer expense with Obama's help. Obama is a lying, deceitful puppet of the Jews. He is not qualified to be President, and does not know what to do as President other than what his Jewish advisors tell him to do. He is an actor who pretends to be authoritative and confident, but it is just an act and a script. Alone, he is nothing. In the public realm, he is an actor placed on the stage to read off the Jewish script for our ruin.

The question naturally arises, why did the Jews invest so heavily in Obama and go to such tortuous lengths to get him elected President? I believe it is because they know that he is a psychopath who will push the button on command and start a nuclear Third World War.